Enchanted elf in summer Whistler 夏日惠斯勒的魔法小精灵

Who can resist fine wine, food and beautiful scenery? C'est la vie!


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Welcome to beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. TCT team are honored to hosting you at the Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar in whistler “Enchanted elf  in summer Whistler”  - Best of nearby Fields, pastures and pristine Waters.

欢迎来到加拿大卑诗省美丽的的惠斯勒。《茶非茶》团队-您的私人管家,荣幸为您准备夏日惠斯勒的迷人魔力,带您领略“夏日惠斯勒魔法小精灵”-Araxi餐馆生蚝酒吧- 最棒的田野、牧场和纯净的水源。 The culinary cornerstone in the heart of Whistler Village, Araxi enjoys a long held international reputation for excellence in food, wine and hospitality. In 2017, the restaurant received accolades from both local and national presses - Vancouver Magazine’s Best Whistler Restaurant, Where Magazine’s Best Formal Whistler Restaurant, and Top 100 Best Restaurants in Canada.

作为惠斯勒中心地带的厨艺支柱,Araxi因其食物、酒水和服务的上乘而誉满世界。2017年,餐馆收到了来自本地和全加拿大媒体的赞誉 – 温哥华杂志之“最佳惠斯勒餐馆”,Where杂志“惠斯勒最佳正餐餐馆”,以及加拿大顶尖100家餐厅。 Food-食物 The philosophy at Araxi is defined by a commitment to quality – and the promise of the excellence of select local ingredients, creative flavours, aromas and textures delivered to each of guests.

Araxi的理念是质量为上 – 保证精挑细选当地优质有机食材,配上创意的调味,把最好的香味和口感呈现给每一位食客。 Chef-主厨 One of the country’s leading chefs, cookbook author and “farm-to-table” pioneer,  James Walt, his impressive culinary career spans across several of British Columbia’s leading restaurants including a four-year tenure at Sooke Harbour House and as opening chef to sister restaurant Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver. James was also Executive Chef to the Canadian Embassy in Rome, Italy; an experience that helped shape the way he cooks today.

James Walt头顶诸多光环:加拿大头牌厨师、撰有烹饪手册,也是“农场至餐桌”的倡导人。他金光闪闪的厨师生涯遍布了卑诗省多家知名餐厅,包括在Sooke Harbour餐馆担任开业主厨4年的经历,以及在姐妹餐馆温哥华Blue Water从业的经历。James也是加拿大驻意大利罗马大使馆的行政总厨;所有这些履历都帮助塑造了他今天的烹饪成就。 Wine-酒水 With a focus on value and diversity, Araxi's wines are sourced both locally and from around the world. Our collection is now comprised of over 11,000 bottles, with over 1,000 different labels – and widely regarded as one of the best selections in the province.

注重品质和多样性,Araxi的酒水既采自本地,也有从世界各地搜罗而得。餐厅目前藏有逾11,000瓶美酒,有超过1,000种不同的酒标 – 被认为是全省最棒的酒藏。

All wines are stored in temperature-controlled cabinets – with many on display in the Bar and in our private wine room. The wine list is updated daily, with a broad selection of dessert wine, port, and grappa.

所有的酒品都储藏在温控柜内 – 其中诸多摆在吧台,还有一些藏在私人酒室。酒单每天更新,甜品酒、波特酒、格拉帕酒,应有尽有。 Longtable Dinner series 长桌晚餐会 British Columbia’s most unique, compelling and ambitious al fresco dining experiences – the Araxi Longtable Dinner Series – will continue in 2017. Mark your calendar for August 20th for the 7th Annual Araxi Longtable Dinner.

经由精心筹划,卑诗省最独一无二、不可抗拒的露天餐饮体验 – Araxi长桌晚餐 – 在2017年仍然继续。空出8月20号这天,来参加第七届Araxi年度长桌晚餐吧。 Nestled under Mount Currie at the picturesque North Arm Farm in Pemberton BC, guests will enjoy a cocktail reception and a four-course, family-style menu crafted by Executive Chef James Walt. Sommelier Samantha Rahn selects the best of wine pairings from British Columbia’s top producers with service orchestrated by renowned Restaurant Director Neil Henderson.

坐落在卑诗省Pemberton风景如画的North Arm农场,在Currie山的怀抱下,宾客们可以加入到鸡尾酒会,并享用到由James Walt作为行政总厨创作的四道家庭式菜单。还挑选了来自卑诗省顶级酿造商的上好美酒来与美食相映,在知名餐厅总监Neil Henderson的管理下,服务也井井有条。 THE 2017 ARAXI LONGTABLE DINNER IS SOLD OUT!

2017 ARAXI 长桌晚餐会已告售罄!

Encountering your Happiness 遇见您的幸福

Just couple of days ago, the Vancouver media was filled with the headline news about David and Victoria Beckham and their “beautiful” ski trip in Whistler. A-list celebrity around the world come to enjoy the same amazing view and snow that you do. Perhaps you will meet them and say “hello”. What an amazing encounter would that be! 就在几天前,温哥华各大媒体都是有关于维多利亚·贝克汉姆全家在惠斯勒“美丽”滑雪之旅的头条新闻。 世界如此大咖和您一样,享受着同一座雪山,也许您滑雪时会偶遇他们,然后说声“您们好!" 这是多么惊喜的偶遇!
You would also be standing on the top of the peak surrounded by a breathtaking view. What a wonderful global life this is. There’s a certain kind of happiness you feel when you feel like a superstar and when wind blows through your hair gently. This kind of luxury can only be achieved if you are willing to do so.
您也会站在峰顶,欣赏世界上最美的风景, 那是您全球公民的美好生活。其实,有那么一种幸福很简单,站在山峰之巅,当微风轻轻吹起您的发梢,那时刻您当自己就是超级巨星般的荣耀吧,只要也只有您自己够勇敢,勇于追求更美好的生活,就能享受和达到如此幸福的境界。
Whistler is a winter paradise, and it has attracted the likes of David and Victoria Beckham for a family vacation. One of those that created Whistler is Replay resorts developer who is the master of resorts builder. Replay creates places that the marketplace thinks of first and likes it best, and Replay is the asset manager and resort operator and responsible for year round operations of lodging, food and beverage, group conferences and weddings, recreation, events and entertainment, as well as real estate development.
惠斯勒是冬天的度假天堂,它吸引了无数像贝克汉姆的家庭级别的世界名人前来假期。 其中一个创建惠斯勒度假村的开发商就是我们安提瓜项目的合作伙伴-Replay, 他是顶级度假村开发的大师级团队。Replay着重挑选最好的地点,创建最好的度假村,也是度假村资产整合和开发的管理者,以及整个度假村整体全盘营运的经营者。
We are honored to co-operate with Replay to develop our British commonwealth passport project-Antigua Half Moon Bay Resort.Antigua is an iconic Caribbean island of sugar-sand beaches surrounded by
turquoise waters, remarkably accessible from major cities in Europe, Canada, and the US. A yachting and sailing playground for the world’s most privileged, Antigua is famous for celebrity homes.The Half Moon Bay will be a resort where nature, culture, andadventure thrive.
我们很荣幸与Replay合作开发我们的英联邦护照项目 - 安提瓜半月湾度假村。 安提瓜岛有着世界一流白沙滩,绿松石般的清澈海水水域,从欧洲、加拿大和美国的主要城市均可以直航到达。 安提瓜的游艇赛事和航道为举世瞩目,享有超级特权的荣耀。安提瓜当之无愧是世界顶级名人的度假屋目的地。半月湾将是一个世界顶级度假胜地,集自然、文化、冒险、及全球名人顶级旅游为一体的兴盛旅游终极目的地。
Half Moon Bay is tucked into the quiet southeast coast, where cooling winds moderate the climate even on the warmest days. Our 132 acres and more than 3,200 feet of beachfront are situated next door to a 27-acre national park. Plans for the new Half Moon Bay include a luxury branded five-star hotel on the beach, along with oceanfront and hillside villas, cottages, and estate lots. This destination will fill visitors and homeowners with joy, and Antiguans with pride. Why don’t you become part of this A-list celebrity life?!
半月湾位于安静的东南海岸,那里常年暖风温和。我们的132英亩和超过3200英尺的私人海滩比邻一个27英亩的国家公园。半月湾的计划包括一个豪华品牌的五星级酒店直面大海,以及海滨和山坡上的别墅,小木屋和庄园。 这里将吸引无数度假客人,以及度假屋的旺销,您将是投资和护照双赢的全球公民。
There is an old Chinese saying, “No time like the present, a day to chance rather than to choose.” So why don’t you call us now and join our exclusive "A - club" to become part of this A-list celebrity life?

Angela’s pick: Chinese New Year Praying Destination-Whistler & Happy Chinese New Year! 中国新年登高祈福目的地-Whistler 恭祝大家猴年大吉!

We have a family tradition in our family during Chinese New Year. We climb high as we believe this is good luck as we move to higher place to see far ahead of the prosperous year ahead. Herewith my wishes to your prospective Monkey year! 在我家,中国新年都有这样的家庭传统。我们会登高远眺,因为登到高处就能够遥望到已然将 的丰收新年,这在我们看来是一种吉祥如意的好兆头。在此我恭祝大家猴年大吉! Whistler 01 cq5dam.web.637.358 This year, my family selected Whistler as our New Year praying destination. My partner of Antigua Investing program is Replay Resorts who are the visionaries of resorts developing expert. I’ll go over what the Replay Resorts experience is like. 今年,我和我的家人选择Whistler作为我们的新年祈福之地。我们安提瓜投资项目的合作方Replay Resorts恰巧是度假村开发的梦想家。乘此度假之际,我这就去感受下Replay Resorts传授给我的耳闻目染的真切体验。 4 Whistler 02 Whistler is annual winner of Best Ski Resort in North America for 2016 and 2014. They are also the winner of Best Ski Destination in 2015, 2013’s World’ Greatest Ski Resorts, and 2012 Best Hotels and Resorts of the Americas. It is the greatest luxury winter vacation destination. Whistler是2016和2014北美年度最佳滑雪度假村的得主。此外,他们也在2015、2013、2012年将最佳滑雪胜地、世界最佳滑雪度假村、美洲最佳酒店及度假村的奖项收入囊中。所以Whistler是您选择度过冬季假期的奢华目的地。 whistler-blackcomb-ski-resort 3 Located in the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia, two hours north of Vancouver, Whistler is Canada’s favourite year-round destination. There’s two majestic gold courses, unbeatable shopping, restaurants, and bars, accommodation to suit every budget, hiking trails, spas, and the best mountain bike park in the world. This place is a pure indulgence for everyone. 坐落在英属哥伦比亚景色宜人的Coast山脉,温哥华向北两小时车程,Whistler是加拿大人喜爱的全年休暇地。这里有两座非凡的高尔夫球场,无可比拟的购物场所,还有酒店、酒吧、适合各种消费需要的住宿,徒步小道,水疗,以及全球最棒的山地自行车公园。这里绝对可以让每个人各得其乐沉浸其中。 1 ADIP116421 Whistler 03 With many people’s expectation and to meet everyone in my family’s needs, Whistler is the perfect match. We are surrounded by beautiful nature, and you can ski all day and sit by the fireplace all night. Whistler is a true magical combination of snow and fire. 这里可以满足全家人的需要,Whistler是万众期待的完美的地方。身处美丽的自然景色中,白天您可以尽情滑雪,晚上则能坐在火炉边度过良宵。Whistler奇妙地将白雪和炽焰神奇地结合在了一起。 8 Whistler 04 And from then on, I dream about the Antigua resort program where another perfect destination awaits: a place where you can sail around the ocean and into your own backyard. 现在,我开始憧憬起我们的安提瓜项目,那里一定会是处完美的度假胜地:想象那种扬帆起航、徜徉无尽大海之时,又日落西时收帆返家、静静驶向自家后院港湾的美秒体验。 Whistler 05 7 I have no doubt in my mind that Replay Resorts will capture the magic of ocean and sailing in Antigua as they captured Whistler’s spirit of snow and fireplace. How exciting! 我能确信无疑,Replay Resorts能牢牢把握住安提瓜汪洋和航海的魔力,正如Whistler抓住了白雪和炉火的精髓。多么叫人激动啊! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Sea to Sky Gondola Lookout 海天缆车瞭望

I had an amazing ride up this brand new Gondola in Squamish, which is near Whistler, just north of Vancouver, Canada. You can see some Gondola ride pictures here. At the top, there is a beautiful building where you can eat, and off the back of this building is an enormous deck where you can take in the scenery. 在Squamish,靠近Whistler,也就是加拿大温哥华北边一点的地方,我搭乘了全新的海天缆车,享受了一次奇妙的上山体验。您可以在这里浏览到缆车上行时拍的一些照片。在山顶,还坐落着一栋美观的建筑,供您在这边垫垫饥,房子的后面设有宽敞的游步甲板,是饱赏美景的绝佳之地。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-look-out-163 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-look-out-102 As you look down, the waters of Howe Sound flow on the left between the mountains that surround this fjord, and towards the town of Squamish on the right. 从这里俯瞰,左边Howe Sound瀑布从环峡湾的山峦中穿流而下,右边则是Squamish小镇的所在,视域开阔一览无遗。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-look-out-162 The rounded back of the Chief hides the famous climbing cliffs you can see from the Sea to Sky highway below. Chief悬崖圆润的背侧遮挡了著名的攀岩峭壁,倘若您由海天公路上来就能看得到。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-look-out-161 To the left of this amazing deck with it's rugged thick beams, there's a suspension bridge that leads to the foresty paths. 甲板的左边接壤了一段崎岖厚实的梁木,一座悬索桥跨越两岸引我们通往林间小径。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-look-out-188 Once we were across the bridge, we could look back at the beautiful patio we'd come from. 过了桥,回首就能看到我们刚刚走过的漂亮的游廊。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-look-out-186 The forest paths lead around the property, are wide and easy to walk on. I would not recommend high heels for this trip though! 😉 围绕建筑的绿荫小径宽阔易行。然而穿高跟鞋可不要轻易尝试哟!;) Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-look-out-111 You really are nestled right in the wilderness. We heard and saw grouse, the birds that Grouse Mountain were named after, and eagles are a normal sight to see up here in the clouds. 现在,您真的是置身于山野之中了。我们可以瞧见松鸡,听它们啼鸣,野雉山也因此得名,翱翔于苍穹云雾间的老鹰更寻常不过了。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-look-out-145 As we came around the circuit of paths and back out to another view point, it was quite an experience to step out onto this smaller deck. A bit like standing on the end of a diving board at the edge of the world! 先前我们缘这些盘旋小道兜兜转转,当来到另一观景点,踏上这些更为狭窄的甲板时,那又是一番别样的体验。这种感觉好似脚踩跳水板的边沿探身世界的尽头! Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-look-out-155 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-look-out-156 It's really special to be so close to true wilderness, and this brand new Gondola lifts us up to set foot right into it. 能如此亲近自然,实为难能可贵。真有幸能乘坐新开不久的缆车上山深入其中。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-189 Next time I come, I'll bring the kids and have lunch in the Sea to Sky Gondola restaurant. 下次有机会,我会带上孩子们到海天缆车餐馆享用午餐。 Wishing you a new adventure! 愿您有新奇的探险! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Sea to Sky Gondola Ride 海天缆车上行

Squamish BC is north of Vancouver on the Sea to Sky Highway, a long ribbon of road that hugs the rocky cliffs where the mountains come down to meet the ocean. The views and lookouts on this 45 min drive are truly breathtaking. They don’t hold a candle to the vistas that you can experience from inside the brand new Sea to Sky Gondola. It opens today May 14th, 2014. 卑诗省的Squamish位于温哥华以北,由海天公路可达,公路如一条缎带环抱着嶙峋的崖壁,这里的群山俯冲直至海面。一路45分钟车程,沿途的近景远影美得令人窒息。即便如此,也不能堪比乘坐海天缆车所能体验的壮阔绮丽。这一全新的缆车服务,自今天即2014年5月14日起对外开放。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-85 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-89 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-127 I was a bit nervous of the height, but the view quickly caught my attention as we rose up in our own 8 person car. 我虽略微有些恐高,然而伴着专属我们的8人车厢逐渐上升,窗外的美景立刻吸引了我的注意力。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-192 As I watched the waters of Howe Sound recede below, Shannon Falls was on my left, and on my right the famous cliffs of The Chief, a world-class climbing destination. 目送Howe Sound的水面在身后退却,Shannon瀑布立刻展现在我的左首,而我右边是著名的The Chief悬崖,一个世界级的攀岩胜地。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-210 It's incredible to see the mountains across the water as well, and how thick and green the forest is here. 看到山峦迭出凌驾于水域之上,层林披覆这般浓郁苍翠,此情此景如梦似幻。 Sea-to-Sky-Gondola-203 This 10 min ride up the side of the mountains was epic and well worth the drive. The views from the top were another awe inspiring experience that I'll post about next week. 10分钟上行所能见证的恢弘景色管保您不虚此行。而从山顶鸟瞰则又是一番别样的心动经历,这我会在下周的博文中介绍给您。 Wishing you a breathtaking moment or two this week, 愿您这周也能体会到激动人心的时刻, angela-signature2-a-moved-out