Angela’s Picks: The Striped side of summer-Maxmara Sfilata collection Angela珍选:今夏条纹之魅-Maxmara航海时尚系列

The simple black and white, strips and dots have made its way this summer in our closets. The Maxmara Summer Sfilata collection is distinctive and unique that will be sure to catch your eye this summer. 简单的黑与白、条纹和星星点点,今年夏天爱美的心就这样简简单单为俘获。这个夏天,Maxmara航海时尚系列是那么与众不同而标新立异,一定会吸引您的眼球。 052 600x400 247 The Sfilata collection has many stripes and maritime themed symbols. It has light coasts, sailor dresses, and modern-cut bomber jackets that matches with all colours and any attitude. 这个航海系列设计亮点便是条纹和航海主题符号。阳光海岸轻便外套、水手服,以及时尚裁剪的飞行员夹克,这些系列与任何颜色、任何姿态的搭配都相当匹配。 8887251861534 320 323 All the details are in the right order. Gold metal decorative buttons on a striped marina wrap coat makes you feel like you are the captain of the ocean. 所有的细节都很精准到位。航海符号的黄金金属纽扣设计在条纹大衣上,让你顿感一副船长之势。 876 351 040 This collection is perfect for breeze filled Vancouver summer. It has many ideal outfits for summer activities and sceneries to keep you looking chic and fabulous. 这个系列正如一阵清新的微风荡漾在美丽的温哥华夏天,是您在多姿多彩的夏季活动中最为理想的时尚搭配,让您看上去更为别致,更为出色。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Wide Cropped Pants 阔腿短版裤

The new wide leg pants are the season favorite this year, if there ever a tricky trend, the new wide leg cropped trousers are it. They’re cropped and voluminous!! Looks great on the runway but could be intimidating to wear them in real life. How do you wrap your head around this new trend and make them work for you? 阔腿裤是今季的时尚大热,没有比最新的短版阔腿裤更巧妙的潮流了。这种裤子半长设计,且裤腿宽松!不仅在T台上看起来有型有款, 在日常生活中也非常好穿。您该怎样尝试这种新款式,演绎出自己的时尚风格呢? Pants 02 wide-leg-pants-600x600 My friend Rachel from Maxmara  gave me a few good points from Vogue.com on how to wear and look fabulous in wide leg trousers.......“The new pant length is kicky, short, and totally stylish: Here’s how to wear it” 我的朋友,来自Maxmara 的Rachel就给了我一些有关如何将阔腿裤穿出时髦高级感的好建议……“这种短版阔脚裤非常时尚,教您几招如何穿出品位的穿搭要领。” Pants 01 1. Hem, if necessary: “The crop should be intentional-looking,” says Connor, and it should hit at the skinniest part of your ankle for the most flattering silhouette. 1. 下摆,如果必要:“裤脚要有国际范儿”Connor说,而且长度应该在脚踝最细处,这样才能体现出最松散的轮廓。 Pants 03 2. A good heel does wonders—the season’s blocky mid-heels, especially—“They allow for a severe shoe if you want but also look adorable with a sneaker,” notes Connor, and the pant works with everything from flats and pumps to brogues. 2. 一双有跟的鞋子会带来惊喜—尤其今季流行的中高粗跟鞋—“你能挑战有跟的鞋子来搭配阔腿裤,当然运动鞋也不错,”Connor这样评价到,从平底芭蕾鞋、到高跟鞋、到布洛克鞋,没有什么是这种裤子配不了的。 Pants 06 Pants 04 3. Show off your boots! A tall fitted ankle boot creates a beautiful silhouette, and if the pants are looser-fitting you can even wear them with a knee-high pair. Also, notes Connor, worry no more about that “usual awkward ‘can I tuck these jeans into my boots without making my legs look twice as large’—the dilemma is solved.” 3. 秀一下你的靴子!一双高筒修腿的靴子能打造漂亮的腿部线条,如果裤子足够宽松,你甚至能穿上及膝靴。此外,Connor还说,你不用忧心“‘把牛仔裤塞到裤腿里,让腿部显得粗了一倍,这样的尴尬难题解决了。” Pants 05 4. Keep your proportions balanced. “A shorter pant can look a little Steve Urkel with a baggy sweater,” says Connor, “try a cropped or fitted jacket.” 4. 注意身材比例。“短版的裤子若配上宽松的上衣会让你看上去像武大郎,”Connor说,“所以还是短版或修身的夹克为好。” mmexport1457292199887 Have fun with it. The new pant is really the best way to enjoy “any of fall’s yummy textures,” says Connor, from tweeds and suedes to corduroy, denim, and velvet, and, as she notes, “It can go from work to cocktail, too.” 尽情享受配搭阔腿裤的乐趣吧。“这种裤子也能让你最好地尝试各种秋冬面料,毛呢、麂皮、灯芯绒、牛仔布、天鹅绒等等, 而且无论工作还是派对都驾驭得了。”Connor补充道。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

The attitude of collars & cuffs & tassel 领饰、袖套、流苏的时尚态度

The little details from MaxMara's winter collection is catching my eye: the collars, cuffs, and tassels. I find that these subtle details enhance the clothes and making it have more impact. I sign the attitude of these tiny and delicacy subtleties. MaxMara冬季系列的小设计非常吸引我的眼球:领子、袖套、流苏。我发觉这些巧妙的小细节能大大提升衣服的质感,让它们更具特色。这些精巧别致的细微之处悄然显示着一种时尚态度。 tassels 03 tassels 12 tassels 02 _DSC8954 No matter what clothing item it is, adding a detail like a collar on a shirt, cuffs on a jacket, tassel on the shoes, or lace that surrounds the edge of handbag, it makes the item unforgettable. 无论衣服本身的款式如何,加上这样的小细节,譬如在T恤圆领口配上彩色领子、夹克外套袖口边镶上吊坠,鞋子上装配流苏,或围绕包包的边缘镶上饰边,就能让原本普通的单品令人过目不忘。 tassels 05 tassels 06 tassels 04 tassels 07 Those little but refine detail design brings a sweet memory. As a Chinese and a special Shanghais, you must remember the fake collars during the time of recession that made people look a little formal while wearing a suit but couldn't afford a dress shirt. 这些小巧精美的细微设计在不知不觉中带给我一丝有趣的回忆。作为一名华裔、特别是土生土长的上海人,您一定还记得那些在经济不景气时代,人们普遍戴假领子的风气吧。假领子能让便装看起来更为正式,也节约了用料而省去那些花费的负担。 tassels 10 tassels 11 They were smart and cute, weren't' they! Nowadays people have used their intelligence to the extreme. We've become more smart and innovative with our clothing like the loose down jackets with tassel belts and cuffs on the sleeves that highlight female's body. 好可爱聪明的假领子设计!如今,人们可谓将他们的聪明才智发挥到了极致。我们在服装的设计上也更为新颖有创意,像这样宽松的羽绒夹克,配上有流苏的腰带和袖口,从而突出了女性曼妙的曲线。 _DSC8949 _DSC8947 Or just simple straight cuts on the edges of the formal dress that is so unique. 又或是晚礼服边缘加上简洁的直线蕾丝剪裁, 真的是非常独特。 _DSC9047 Whether it is the inexpensive fake collar or the fashionable detail, I appreciate all the ways to make little things to go from basic to stylish. 无论是经济实惠的假领子,还是其他那些时尚精致的细节,我欣赏所有能把小物件从基本款变得别有腔调的方式。 tassels 08 _DSC9001 With all these smart winter designs who are not only to keep people warm but stylish by making tiny edges extremely exquisite.  I am so appreciated that is not only a clever mean but also is more a distinctive attitude. 所有这些冬天的巧妙设计,让原本平淡无奇的边边角角都显得精美无比,穿上这样的衣服不仅保暖而且有型有款。这样的妙心思是一种讨巧的方式,更彰显了一种独特的时尚态度。   angela-signature  

Of Heaven and Earth Gala 天使在人间

I joined  The Vancouver Art Gallery luxury gala at the Four Season Hotel with my friends. 我受邀和朋友们一起参加了温哥华美术馆假座四季酒店,举办的盛大豪华开幕酒会。 Gala 03 Gala 06 As they celebrated amazing summer exhibition, "Of Heaven and Earth”. This was a honouring ceremony for five hundred years of Italian paintings from Glasgow Museums. 此次命题为“天与地”的夏季展,非常惊艳,我们一起来庆祝即将展出的惊人展品,那些来自格拉斯哥博物馆珍藏的500年前的意大利画作。 Gala 02 The room was filled with beautiful people and European atmosphere with Steinway piano, which is filled with history of its own, amazing four-course meal, and fabulous fashion show by MaxMara, Hosted by Global TV's Sophie Lui. 晚会充满了优雅复古的欧洲气氛,伴着施坦威钢琴的优美旋律,见证了伟大历史恒久美丽的传说。 晚会由Global TV 的 Sophie Lui 主持, 神奇美味的四道宴会菜,经典MaxMara时装秀,无不透澈着奢华典雅的欧洲历史斑斓印记。 IMG_1566 Gala 07 Gala 04 As you know I appreciate art and culture and this was truly the perfect evening filled with everything I love. This exhibition was to provide the public to experience the historic Italian paintings from the late 14th century to the late 19th century. These art pieces are what have made Italian creativity worldly renown. 我非常喜爱和欣赏艺术和文化,在这完美的夜晚充满了一切我所喜爱的事物。本次展览将为公众提供一个珍贵的机会,去体验从14世纪后期到19世纪末期的历史悠久的意大利绘画。这些艺术作品让意大利获得了蜚声国际的名声。 11401583_1526911004197964_1833728709071958588_n During this evening, everything was in art format. Food, prepared by celebrity chef Umberto Menghi , Milan style runway show, and piano played by Trevor Hoffmann. From beginning to the end, you could feel the essence of Italian culture. 晚会的一切都沉浸在艺术形式和氛围中。名厨Umberto Menghi 精心准备的高级料理,米兰风情的时装秀,Trevor Hoffmann演绎的优美钢琴,从开始到结束,让你完全可以感受到意大利文化的精髓。 Gala 08 Gala 08 Gala 09 If this evening were to describe such beautiful exhibition, I recommend that everyone goes to check it out at Vancouver Art Gallery. Of Heaven and Earth is held until October 4th and truly this event was heaven on earth. 如果用这个豪华经典的开幕式晚宴来形容和代表此次展览的话,我极力建议大家去看看在温哥华美术馆举办的“天与地”美术展览。这个展览将一直到10月4日,我相信你会看到一个天使在人间的美丽意境。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

A shinning expanse of color 鲜活色彩闪耀无限

I have always been attracted to a pure solid dark colour, like navy blue, royal blue, or black. I always find it that those colours are safe and classic. But perhaps, these colours can be boring. I do see myself asking if I need to add more colour into my closet. 我总是不自觉地被纯净的深色调吸引,像海军蓝、皇家蓝、或黑色。我觉得像这样的颜色搭配起来即安全又经典。但是可能这些颜色会显得单调了点。让我有时候不禁纳闷是否该给衣橱增添点新鲜的色彩。 DSC_6710-3119972796-O DSC_5929-3119957299-O One time, I went to a Max Mara's party and it was filled with beautiful colours. I think since then, I’ve been inspired to explore more and to try various colours that are bright and exciting. A shinning expanse of color is just approaching to me. 有一次,我出席Max Mara的派对活动,映入眼帘的是满目五彩缤纷。自那以后,我就开始尝试更多更丰富的颜色,明快又愉悦舒心。一大波耀眼的色彩正在袭来。 Summer color 08 DSC_6520-3119971774-O DSC_6582-3119972250-O DSC_6565-3119972005-O Even if you like black, adding simple texture like polka dots, adds little bit of excitement, does it not? 即使您钟情于黑色,不如增添一些简单的图案像波尔卡圆点,这样一下子就活力迸发了,不是么? Summer 06 DSC_6695-3119972613-O DSC_6441-3119971151-O Besides clothing, I think selecting the right accessories that match the colours is also important. 除了衣服,我觉得挑选合适的配饰来巧搭色调也是很重要的。 DSC_5867-3119955854-O DSC_6278-3119969238-O DSC_6500-3119971396-O The colours doesn’t necessarily have to match but having bright colours as accessories definitely jazz up our wardrobe. 颜色不一定要完全匹配,只要有鲜亮的配饰搭配一样能使我们的衣橱跳脱起来。 DSC_6525-3119971883-O Summer color 05 Summer color 04 col7-3119974900-O This summer, take a risk, and have some fun, and add some colour into your closet. 今夏,不妨冒险玩味一试,往您的衣橱里大胆注入鲜活色彩。 DSC_6355-3119970417-O DSC_6732-3119973638-O   angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Global Style 国际风范

Recently, we hosted “Global Citizens, Global Life” event, which captures the culture of living the life as a global citizen and embracing all of the cultures. At the event, we invited a worldly recognized fashion brand, MaxMara, to showcase their collection to inspire our immigration clients. 近日,我们举办了“世界公民,无界生活”的盛会。该活动意在擎领身为世界公民海纳多样文化的生活风尚。会上,我们还力邀世界级时装品牌MaxMara上演系列大秀,为我们的移民客人们注入新的灵感源泉。 SHE_1428 As MaxMara lined up their beautiful collection, our clients were mesmerized by the collection that would capture their own global style. 伴随模特一一登场展现出MaxMara的漂亮成衣,客人们无不为如此抓住国际范儿精髓的设计而大为惊叹。 MaxMara image 02 MaxMara is a luxury Italian Fashion line that was founded in 1951. This historic fashion brand has over 2000 stores in 90 countries. Over the years, MaxMara has become a worldly renowned fashion brand that showcases elegance and simplicity. This brand would perfectly capture our immigration clients that attended “Global Citizens, Global Life”. MaxMara是始建于1951年的奢华意大利时装产业。这一历史悠久的品牌目前在全世界90个国家拥有超过2000家门店。经年累月,MaxMara已成为了优雅和简约的时尚代名词,并且享誉国际。可以说品牌极好地把握了前来参加“世界公民,无界生活”活动移民客户的身份。 MaxMara image 03 To own your Global style, it is important to be inspired by all the things that capture who you are and what you stand for. Ultimately, that will be what your style is. Fashion is a statement. It is your way to express yourself. 要形成自己的国际风范,当然要在那些能代表您及您立场的事物中感受熏陶,渐渐地,专属您自己的风格就会呼之欲出。时尚即宣言,是您表达自己的一种方式。 SHE_1774 SHE_1786 Even with makeup, it is important to play with different colours to highlight your features and capture your global style. 即便略施粉黛,巧妙地玩转不同色彩,从而凸显个人特征,捕捉自我风格也是很重要的。 SHE_1779 SHE_1784SHE_1770 By having MaxMara share their collection, I wanted our clients to embrace that and be inspired by the outfits, clothes, and the models. 通过MaxMara的时装秀,我希望我们的客人们能从服饰和模特的演绎中有所获益、有所启迪。 SHE_2016 During the Fashion show, MaxMara representative shared how the North Italian brand grasps elegant ladies and prides themselves in clean lines, quality fabrics, and craftsmanship. 在走秀中,MaxMara的佳丽们向我们展示了这个来自意大利北部的品牌是如何用简洁的线条、质感的面料和超凡的手工吸引了大批优雅的女士并使她们倍添自信的。 MaxMara Image 04 1. Black Cashmere Coat with Fox Hood, Black Angora Sweater, BrocadePpant 2. Camel Hair Belted Coat with Hood, Brocade Dress 3. 'S Collection Leopard Pony Hair Coat 1. 黑色狐狸领羊绒大衣、黑色安哥拉毛衣、锦缎长裤 2. 骆驼毛连帽细带大衣,锦缎连衣裙 3. 'S系列豹纹马毛大衣 MaxMara image 05 4. Slate Blue Shawl Collar Coat, Printed Silk/Cotton Dress 5. Navy Blue Mink Coat, Black Angora Sweater, Black Stretch Pant 6. 'S Collection Fur Hood Leopard Coat, Black Turtleneck, Black Stretch Pant 4. 灰蓝色青果领大衣、印花丝绵连衣裙 5. 海军蓝貂皮大衣、黑色安哥拉毛衣、黑色弹力长裤 6. 'S系列毛皮领马毛大衣,黑色高领衫,黑色弹力长裤 MaxMara image 06 7. Slate Blue Wool/Angora Jacket, Silk Print Scarf, Black Wool Pant 8. Curly Lamb Coat, Taupe Stretch Pant 9. White Jewel Pocket Coat, White Jewel Collar Sweater, Herringbone Stretch Pant 7. 灰蓝色羊毛/安哥拉毛夹克、丝质印花围巾、黑色羊毛长裤 8. 山羊毛大衣、灰褐色弹力长裤 9.白色口袋镶饰大衣、白色领边镶饰毛衣、人字纹弹力长裤 What a lovely event this was! Wishing you an inspiration to capture your global style and beauty. 多么美妙的活动! 愿您收获灵感把握住属于自己的国际风范和美丽, angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Colour and MaxMara 玩转色彩

I've had so much fun at MaxMara lately. 最近我在MaxMara获得了很多乐趣。 col9-3110049866-O The candy colours of the season are so vivid and joyful. 今季的糖果色缤纷亮眼且趣味盎然。 col10-3110049881-O col1-3110049746-O The new handbags really complete an outfit. 这些新款的手提包着实能让一套装扮臻于完美。 col3-3110049740-O I love the idea of taking a bold print and mixing it with solids. 将大胆的印花和纯正的色块结合在一起,正是我喜欢的理念。 col2-3110049752-O Wishing you fun with colours and patterns! 愿您也能从丰富的色彩和样式中尽享欢乐! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Grand Opening – MaxMara 盛大开幕 – MaxMara

I attended this grand opening event for the south Granville street MaxMara location in Vancouver. It was an invite only event with drinks and appies, live music and models doing a fashion show to present the collection. 我参加了坐落于温哥华南格兰湖街Maxmara门店的盛大开幕仪式。这是一场非对外活动,主办方为受邀前来的嘉宾提供了饮品及开胃品,现场乐声动感,还可以欣赏到模特身着当季成衣上演的时装秀。 Grand-Opening---MaxMara-col Grand-Opening---MaxMara-DSC_6764-3119974245-O The pink lemonade was refreshing and the salmon hors d'oeuvres were delicious. 这种粉色的柠檬水沁人心脾,搭配的三文鱼小食也极其美味。 Grand-Opening---MaxMara-DSC_6050-3119960811-O Grand-Opening---MaxMara-DSC_6352-3119970184-O These ladies really show how elegant the MaxMara look can be. 这些女士们很好地诠释了MaxMara的优雅迷人。 Grand-Opening---MaxMara-col2-3119974468-O Grand-Opening---MaxMara-DSC_5907-3119956576-O I love the candy colours of this season. 我喜欢今季糖果色的斑斓。 Grand-Opening---MaxMara-DSC_6026-3119960259-O There was a special room for Wedding dresses. These were all unique pieces made in Italy and each special dress was covered after we took these pictures. 这是一间特设来展示婚纱的房间。所有礼服均为意大利制作的孤品,在我们拍下这些照片后就被定购一空。 Grand-Opening---MaxMara-DSC_5836-3119955902-O Grand-Opening---MaxMaraDSC_5876-3119956117-O Do you have a favourite boutique or line of clothes? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. 您有什么中意的时装或系列?敬请在评论中告诉我们。 Grand-Opening---MaxMara-DSC_5929-3119957299-O Wishing you a colourful gathering with friends, 愿您和朋友们也有这般多彩的小聚, angela-signature2-a-moved-out