James Walt


Enchanted elf in summer Whistler 夏日惠斯勒的魔法小精灵

Who can resist fine wine, food and beautiful scenery? C'est la vie!


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Welcome to beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. TCT team are honored to hosting you at the Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar in whistler “Enchanted elf  in summer Whistler”  - Best of nearby Fields, pastures and pristine Waters.

欢迎来到加拿大卑诗省美丽的的惠斯勒。《茶非茶》团队-您的私人管家,荣幸为您准备夏日惠斯勒的迷人魔力,带您领略“夏日惠斯勒魔法小精灵”-Araxi餐馆生蚝酒吧- 最棒的田野、牧场和纯净的水源。 The culinary cornerstone in the heart of Whistler Village, Araxi enjoys a long held international reputation for excellence in food, wine and hospitality. In 2017, the restaurant received accolades from both local and national presses - Vancouver Magazine’s Best Whistler Restaurant, Where Magazine’s Best Formal Whistler Restaurant, and Top 100 Best Restaurants in Canada.

作为惠斯勒中心地带的厨艺支柱,Araxi因其食物、酒水和服务的上乘而誉满世界。2017年,餐馆收到了来自本地和全加拿大媒体的赞誉 – 温哥华杂志之“最佳惠斯勒餐馆”,Where杂志“惠斯勒最佳正餐餐馆”,以及加拿大顶尖100家餐厅。 Food-食物 The philosophy at Araxi is defined by a commitment to quality – and the promise of the excellence of select local ingredients, creative flavours, aromas and textures delivered to each of guests.

Araxi的理念是质量为上 – 保证精挑细选当地优质有机食材,配上创意的调味,把最好的香味和口感呈现给每一位食客。 Chef-主厨 One of the country’s leading chefs, cookbook author and “farm-to-table” pioneer,  James Walt, his impressive culinary career spans across several of British Columbia’s leading restaurants including a four-year tenure at Sooke Harbour House and as opening chef to sister restaurant Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver. James was also Executive Chef to the Canadian Embassy in Rome, Italy; an experience that helped shape the way he cooks today.

James Walt头顶诸多光环:加拿大头牌厨师、撰有烹饪手册,也是“农场至餐桌”的倡导人。他金光闪闪的厨师生涯遍布了卑诗省多家知名餐厅,包括在Sooke Harbour餐馆担任开业主厨4年的经历,以及在姐妹餐馆温哥华Blue Water从业的经历。James也是加拿大驻意大利罗马大使馆的行政总厨;所有这些履历都帮助塑造了他今天的烹饪成就。 Wine-酒水 With a focus on value and diversity, Araxi's wines are sourced both locally and from around the world. Our collection is now comprised of over 11,000 bottles, with over 1,000 different labels – and widely regarded as one of the best selections in the province.

注重品质和多样性,Araxi的酒水既采自本地,也有从世界各地搜罗而得。餐厅目前藏有逾11,000瓶美酒,有超过1,000种不同的酒标 – 被认为是全省最棒的酒藏。

All wines are stored in temperature-controlled cabinets – with many on display in the Bar and in our private wine room. The wine list is updated daily, with a broad selection of dessert wine, port, and grappa.

所有的酒品都储藏在温控柜内 – 其中诸多摆在吧台,还有一些藏在私人酒室。酒单每天更新,甜品酒、波特酒、格拉帕酒,应有尽有。 Longtable Dinner series 长桌晚餐会 British Columbia’s most unique, compelling and ambitious al fresco dining experiences – the Araxi Longtable Dinner Series – will continue in 2017. Mark your calendar for August 20th for the 7th Annual Araxi Longtable Dinner.

经由精心筹划,卑诗省最独一无二、不可抗拒的露天餐饮体验 – Araxi长桌晚餐 – 在2017年仍然继续。空出8月20号这天,来参加第七届Araxi年度长桌晚餐吧。 Nestled under Mount Currie at the picturesque North Arm Farm in Pemberton BC, guests will enjoy a cocktail reception and a four-course, family-style menu crafted by Executive Chef James Walt. Sommelier Samantha Rahn selects the best of wine pairings from British Columbia’s top producers with service orchestrated by renowned Restaurant Director Neil Henderson.

坐落在卑诗省Pemberton风景如画的North Arm农场,在Currie山的怀抱下,宾客们可以加入到鸡尾酒会,并享用到由James Walt作为行政总厨创作的四道家庭式菜单。还挑选了来自卑诗省顶级酿造商的上好美酒来与美食相映,在知名餐厅总监Neil Henderson的管理下,服务也井井有条。 THE 2017 ARAXI LONGTABLE DINNER IS SOLD OUT!

2017 ARAXI 长桌晚餐会已告售罄!