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TCT top posts of the year & Happy New Year《茶非茶》2017排行榜&恭祝大家新年快乐!

Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018! Looking back to all the amazing things happened this year, I am grateful for all your support and trust on TCT and Visas Group, making this another successful year.


Here are our top 10 posts that were most popular this year:

1.  The world without Canada - Happy Canada 150! 倘若世界没有了加拿大 - 150岁生日快乐! – June 30, 2017

2.  You’ll be a perfect party host in no time! 您绝对是当之无愧的派对女王了! – April 05, 2017

3.  One57 has redefined Luxury New York Living. One57重新定义了纽约的奢侈生活 – October 13, 2017

4.  Viva VCG Night 喝彩“汇加之夜” – June 06, 2017

5.  Be creative with your Thanksgiving meal 创意满满的感恩节大餐 – October 09, 2017

6.  No Art, No life 静心安放您无处不在的艺术生命 – July 14, 2017

7.  Wine-infused coffee is newly a TCT hipster《茶非茶》时髦小资新风靡-红酒咖啡 – March 15, 2017

8.  Women has a hands of Aces 女人必须握有一手好牌 – July 24, 2017

9.  [Breaking EB -5 News] – make the best out of this situation [EB-5惊天新闻] – 头等大事,把握当下良机 – January 13, 2017

10.  Canada’s beauty must make you have to emigrate to live 加拿大的魅力让您无法抗拒移居来此 – May 22, 2017

To put an end to something old, we have to start something new. For the New Year, we are going to introduce and bring you to our new identity – TCT and Co. – Our global concierge provides unique benefits and opportunities for investments in the arts, real estate and well-being.

为了杜绝旧事,我们必须开始新的事物。为了迎接新年,我们将向您推出我们《茶非茶》的全新身份 - TCT and Co. - 一个能在艺术、房产和健康管理投资,全面为您提供独家资源和机会的全球网络平台。

New are the hopes and aspirations, new are the resolutions, new are the spirits and new is the year! Here’s wishing that you be embraced with a glorious one and meet all your future endeavors with victory and triumph. Let’s say a proper farewell to 2017 and make 2018 a year to remember! We wish you all Merry Christmas 2017 and Prosperous New Year 2018!


A Heart-warming story: The Nutcracker《胡桃夹子》一个温暖人心的故事

Under the leadership of Miss Goh, The Nutcracker returns for its 9th year of spectacular magic and fun for the whole family in the Christmas holiday season.

Goh女士带着胡桃夹子》 班底在第九个年头回归,在圣诞假期为全家人带来精彩的魔法和欢乐。

Lloyd Chen, Chan Hon Goh, Angela Bi

“It’s one of the ballets that I believe needs to hold true to a sense of tradition. I wanted to build something that people would have a memorable attachment to through the years.” – Chan Hon Goh

“我相信这是一出真正秉承了传统精神的芭蕾舞剧,我想要借此为人们营造长年难忘的情感依托。” – Chan Hon Goh

The performance had this wonderful layering effect in ability and style, which gave a textured quality to performance that ran throughout the evening. It features luxuriant costumes, outstanding sets, passionate dancing and dramatic action scenes.


On top of the incredible dancing, I was thrilled to see Jacqueline Robbins who played a very animated and fun Grandmother with her humorous dancing.

除了超凡的舞蹈表现,最让我为之一振的还是看到了杰奎琳·罗宾斯(Jacqueline Robbins),她用幽默的舞姿扮演了一位非常活泼有趣的祖母,让角色活灵活现。

A magician, a drag queen, Russian folk dancers and ballroom couples elevate the show, featuring a variety of talent and making this production truly unique.


With the cast of over 200 performers and the beautiful sounds of Tchaikovsky's music, I was constantly stimulated throughout the performance. I am cheering for Goh Ballet and Miss Chan Hon Goh for this wonderful evening at The Centre.

随着柴可夫斯基的美妙乐声传来,欣赏着超过200名演职员的精彩表演,我全情沉浸在表演中无法自拔。我为Goh 芭蕾 Chan Hon Goh女士喝彩,感谢他们在The Centre带来如此难忘的一夜。

Photo Credit: Lyall Zhang

Escape to paradise for the holidays – Antigua 逃到度假天堂 – 安提瓜

Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you are planning for an office party, Christmas shopping, or extravagant Christmas dinners, Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Antigua and Barbuda is another amazing escape option and experience!


It’s hard to believe, but the pictures are real. Antigua is a pristine island of soft, white-sand beaches, dark turquoise waters and never-ending sunshine. Even in winter, the temperatures are in the mid-20s (°C) and that's as cold as it gets.

这些照片漂亮得让人难以置信。安提瓜是一片有着细软白沙滩的珍贵原始海滩,在这里碧波荡漾,阳光遍布。即便在冬天,也是常年保持在 20多度,最冷也不过如此了。

Antigua is the sailing capital of the West Indies, and during Christmas boats from all over the world are seen at English Harbour.


English Harbour, Antigua
Port of St.Johns Cruise, Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda offer many of the familiar UK traditions, such as Christmas carolers and homemade Christmas dinner, with the benefit of an idyllic warm and sunny setting and some attractive Antiguan customs, including barbeques on the beach, live steel band music, and the delicious Caribbean sorrel fruit drink.


On Christmas Day, everyone is welcomed to the Annual Christmas Day Champagne Party at Nelson's Dockyard, organized by the Hourglass Foundation. It’s a must do for visitors.

在圣诞节当天,所有人都可以到Nelson's Dockyard来参加由Hourglass基金组织的年度圣诞香槟派对,游客们绝对不容错过。

Nelson's Dockyard - Caribban Christmas via Pinterest
Nelson's Dockyard - Caribban Christmas

The Dockyard has lots of activities for the kids, and live entertainment is provided by calypso, soca and reggae bands. There are also masqueraded characters on stilts called Dancing Jumble or Jumpa-Ben who perform Kwuya or Stilt Dance to the music of drums and wind pipes.

Dockyard还有很多适合孩子们的活动,以及calypso, soca 和reggae 乐队带来的现场音乐。您还能看到踩着高跷由真人扮演的Dancing Jumble 或 Jumpa-Ben,他们伴着鼓声和风笛声表演Kwuya也就是高跷舞

Image: Rich Polanco
Image: Rich Polanco

You may also see The Highlanders, which are part of Antigua's Scottish heritage. They perform the Highland Fling dance dressed in a kilt, wire masks and cowhide whips, which are based on a Scottish military costume.

您还能看到高地人,这也是安提瓜苏格兰传统的遗风。他们将身穿以苏格兰军装为原型的苏格兰裙,戴着面具和牛皮鞭表演Highland Fling舞蹈。

Santa Claus in Antigua Guatemala, Image: Rich Polanco

On Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, the whole island celebrates with the traditional custom of going house to house bringing gifts, along with food and drinks.


Image: Rich Polanco

If you plan to spend the entire holiday season on the island, put the annual Nelson’s Pursuit Race yacht race on your calendar. It is held at the Antigua Yacht Club, and takes place on New Year’s Eve. Up to 40 or more yachts take part in the race, and afterwards you can enjoy fireworks conducted by the National Parks at the Dockyard.

倘若您打算在岛上度过整个假期,请把一年一度的 Nelson’s Pursuit Race 游艇赛排上日程。这一活动每年新年前夕在安提瓜游艇俱乐部举办。超过40艘游艇会参加,之后您能在Dockyard欣赏到由National Parks策划的烟花表演。

by Visas Group

The whole island emanates a party spirit to celebrate this festive season. To enjoy your ultimate global living, obtaining an Antigua Passport will solve all the problem and it might be the fastest citizenship and passport immigrating program.


Source: www.travel2thecaribbeanblog.com/2012/12/christmas-in-antigua-and-barbuda.html

Magical Places in Vancouver to See Christmas Lights 温哥华欣赏圣诞彩灯的奇幻好去处

It’s the most beautiful time of the year, lights fill the streets, spreading so much cheer. The holidays are a time when twinkling lights brighten up our world. The city is aglow and it feels like magic is in the air.


Capilano Suspension Bridge with Christmas Lights. North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Though Enchant will not be returning for the 2017 Christmas season, there’s a bigger and better new light display in town, Glow, and other top Christmas Lights in Vancouver attractions.

尽管 Enchant不会在2017圣诞季回归,今年镇上会有更大更精彩的新灯光表演Glow,此外在温哥华各大景点也会有其他很棒的圣诞灯光秀。

Image: Glow Christmas Light Garden and Market

Glow Christmas at Langley’s Milner Village Garden Centre

(Nov. 24, 2017 – Dec. 30, 2018)

We will be getting 103,000 square ft. of beautiful Christmas lights, with over 500,000 twinkling bulbs and Christmas spirit that's overflowing. Glow Christmas Light Gardens & Market is bringing the holiday magic to the Fraser Valley. This massive indoor Christmas event will feature 4 Christmas-themed light gardens and a stunning 210 ft. long musical light tunnel, and a huge Christmas market with food, beverages, and local pop-up shops.

此次表演占地 103,000平方英尺,用到了超过500,000个灯泡,让圣诞气息在空气中流淌闪烁。Glow 圣诞灯光节日集市将节日的魔幻氛围带到菲莎河谷。这一大型室内圣诞活动涵盖了4个圣诞主题的灯光花园,面积有210平方英尺之大。此外,游客还能游览长长的音乐灯光隧道,大型圣诞集市上也将提供美食、饮品和当地特色的临时商铺。

Image: Glow Christmas Light Garden and Market
Image: Glow Christmas Light Garden and Market

Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge

(Nov. 23, 2017 – Jan. 6, 2018)

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park celebrates the winter holidays by decking out its major adrenaline-pumping attractions. The suspension bridge, Treetops Adventure, Cliffwalk, the rainforest and Canyon are transformed into a world of festive lights and visual enchantment.

卡皮拉诺吊桥公园为了庆祝这个冬天的节日,特别在主要的景观上装上了彩灯。吊桥、Treetops Adventure、Cliffwalk和雨林和Canyon焕然一新,摇身变为喜庆的灯光世界,为您带来视觉盛宴。

Canyon Lights, Image: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
Canyon Lights, Image: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
Canyon Lights, Image: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Bright Nights at Stanley Park

(Nov. 30, 2017 – Jan. 6, 2018)

Every December, Stanley Park's famous miniature train transforms into the Christmas train and takes riders on a journey through a magical forest full of twinkling lights and fantastic Christmas displays. Along with the train ride, Bright Nights includes a chance to visit Santa and see the Parade of Trees.


Bright Nights at Stanley Park, Image: B.C. Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund
Bright Nights at Stanley Park, Image: B.C. Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund

Festival of Lights at VanDusen Botanical Garden

(Dec. 1, 2017 – Jan. 7, 2018)

Arguably the most famous display of Vancouver Christmas lights, the incredibly dense and elaborate Festival of Lights transforms the gorgeous VanDusen Botanical Garden into a winter wonderland. Millions of colorful lights are strewn around flower beds, trees, shrubs, and decorations, combining to create an awesome spectacle.


Festival of Lights, Image: VanDusen Botanical Garden
Festival of Lights, Image: VanDusen Botanical Garden

Coquitlam’s Lights at Lafarge Winter Lights

(Nov. 25, 2017 – Jan. 21, 2018)

Wander around the water’s edge of Lafarge Lake for some fun this winter with the lights. At Lafarge Lake, located about 18 miles east of downtown Vancouver, visitors can tour 100,000 twinkling lights at this magical outdoor display. You can hop on SkyTrain's new Evergreen Extension and get off at the Lafarge Lake Douglas Sky Train Station to reach the lights easily.

流连于Lafarge湖畔的水边,享受冬日灯光效果的乐趣吧。Lafarge湖,位于温哥华市中心以东18英里处,游客们可在这一神奇的户外展示中欣赏到100,000闪烁的彩灯。坐上SkyTrain最新的延伸线,并在Lafarge Lake Douglas Sky站下车,就能方便地到达所在地。

Image: The City of Coquitlam
Image: The City of Coquitlam
Image: The City of Coquitlam

Vancouver Parade of Carol Ships

(Throughout December)

One of the most uniquely Vancouver Christmas lights displays takes place on the water (naturally). Carol Ships, decked out with elaborate Christmas lights, parade through Vancouver's waterways in nightly processions. To go aboard the Carol Ships costs money, but it's free to watch the spectacle at any of the shoreside Carol Ship events


The popular Parade of Carol Ships with more than 50 boats decorated with over 100,000 lights. Image: Mark Van Manen / VANCOUVER SUN

Vancouver Santa Claus Parade is coming to town 温哥华圣诞大游行進城了

It is the time of the year again; Santa Claus is coming to town. The 14th annual Vancouver Santa Claus Parade was held in downtown Vancouver on Sunday December 3rd, bringing wonder and joy to everyone.


Hundreds of thousands watched the Santa Claus parade in Vancouver, B.C., December. Credit: ARLEN REDEKOP / PNG

The parade is the largest Christmas parade celebrated in Western Canada and is a free, family-fun event. It also doubles as a food and fundraising event for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society and the CKNW Orphans’ Fund, making it a great event to kick off the holiday season!



Each year, the parade features marching bands, dance troupes, festive floats and community groups, with about 60 floats, 2,700 participants, 300 volunteers on the streets of downtown Vancouver, entertaining over 300,000 spectators to get a chance to spot Santa.



This is one of the most significant traditional activities in Vancouver, sharing the joy of Christmas with hundreds of thousands of spectators and bringing a warm ambience to Chinese immigrants.


Source: vancouversun.com/news/local-news/santa-claus-comes-to-town-delights-vancouver-crowds

Royal Collection at the Vancouver Art Gallery 温哥华美术馆英国皇家收藏展

Portrait of the Artist: An Exhibition from the Royal Collection just opened last month; it is the first ever exhibition to focus on images of artists from the Royal Collection outside of UK, helping to mark Canada’s 150th birthday.


Johann Michael Wittmer, Raphael's First Sketch of the 'Madonna della Sedia', 1853, Oil on canvas
Photo: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2017
Artemisia Gentileschi, Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting (La Pittura), c. 1638–39, Oil on canvas
Photo: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2017

The acclaimed exhibition is from one of the most important art collections in the world, which first debuted at The Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace in 2016. Now it’s coming exclusively to Vancouver and running through to February 4, 2018, presented by kind permission of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


Royal Collection at Vancouver Art Gallery, Photo: Yuan Lu, 2017
Royal Collection at Vancouver Art Gallery, Photo: Yuan Lu, 2017

This exhibition will give you a new appreciation for art through the centuries. It showcases self-portraits by world-renowned figures, such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Peter Paul Rubens, Artemisia Gentileschi, Lucian Freud and David Hockney, and representations of artists by their friends and pupils, including the most reliable surviving likeness of Leonardo da Vinci by his student, Francesco Melzi.

展览会让您在几个世纪的作品,徜徉中对艺术有全新的领悟。您能看到鼎鼎大名画家的自画像,像 伦勃朗•凡•莱因,彼得•保羅•魯本斯,阿尔泰米西娅•真蒂莱斯基,盧西安•弗洛伊德 以及 大卫•霍克尼,也有由艺术家的朋友和学生完成的肖像,包括 列奥纳多芬奇 学生 弗朗切斯科•梅尔齐 呈现给我们,和大师生前相似度极高的作品。

Royal Collection at Vancouver Art Gallery, Photo: Yuan Lu, 2017

Portrait of the Artist presents a remarkable group of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and works of art spanning six centuries from the Royal Collection. These works highlight both the enormous richness of the Royal Collection and the complex and deep relationship that the British monarchy has had with artists,” – Kathleen S. Bartels, director of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

《艺术家的肖像》一展用油画、素描、印刷品、摄影作品和其他艺术形式,向我们展示了皇家收藏,跨度长达六个世纪。这些作品不但让皇家藏品熠熠生辉,也体现了英国皇室与艺术家源远流长的深厚关系。” – Kathleen S. Bartels,温哥华美术馆主管。

Royal Collection at Vancouver Art Gallery, Photo: Yuan Lu, 2017
Royal Collection at Vancouver Art Gallery, Photo: Yuan Lu, 2017
Royal Collection at Vancouver Art Gallery, Photo: Yuan Lu, 2017

Encompassing over 80 works, the exhibition is a rich survey of how artists have seen themselves and the role of the artist within society.


Royal Collection at Vancouver Art Gallery, Photo: Yuan Lu, 2017
Royal Collection at Vancouver Art Gallery, Photo: Yuan Lu, 2017
Royal Collection at Vancouver Art Gallery, Photo: Yuan Lu, 2017
Royal Collection at Vancouver Art Gallery, Photo: Yuan Lu, 2017

In this rare occasion, you should visit the Vancouver Art Gallery to check out these extraordinary artworks for yourself!


Source: www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/the_exhibitions/exhibit_portraitoftheartist.html

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Arrives in Shanghai 维密大秀登陆上海

It’s the time of the year again and everyone is anticipating the first Victoria Secret Show in Asia. VS is tapping into its growing Chinese market and staging the event in Shanghai at the Mercedez-Benz Arena.


Models for 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gather for a group photo, Photo Credit: CGTN

The Victoria’s Secret models and Angels was hitting the runway in Shanghai recently on November 20. It will air on the CBS broadcast on November 28 at 10pm EST, including pink-carpet interviews, model profiles and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show, as well as the runway presentation of brand-new winged creations, lingerie and the much-anticipated collaboration with Balmain.


Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

There are 55 models from 20 countries in the VS Fashion Show this year, including newly joined 7 Chinese models: Liu Wen, Ming Xi, Sui He, Xiaowen Ju, Estelle Chen, Xin Xie and Yi Wang, modelling 88 runway looks with 38 pairs of wings.


Liu Wen, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Ming Xi, Sui He, Xiaowen Ju, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Estelle Chen, Xin Xie and Yi Wang, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

The show was divided into 6 themed sections and punctuated with performances by Harry Styles, Miguel, Jane Zhang and Leslie Odom Junior.

全场分为六大主题板块,并邀请大牌明星Harry Styles, Miguel, Jane ZhangLeslie Odom Junior前来助阵。

Bella Hadid and Harry Styles, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Singer Jane Zhang, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

This year, the brand opened with the “Punk Angel” group, featuring looks by Balmain. Creative director Olivier Rousteing channeled a rocker spirit, showing studded, plaid, and embellished ensembles worn with Victoria’s Secret x Balmain underwear.

今年品牌以《朋克天使》展开,重点展示了Balmain的联名系列,品牌创意总监Olivier Rousteing传承了摇滚精神,为我们展现了维密x Balmain内衣结合的铆钉、格纹、装饰标志等元素。

Candice Swanepoel, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Martha Hunt and Stella Maxwell, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Leomie Anderson and Liu Wen, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

Followed by a “Goddesses” section, models was channeling Greco-Roman deities with gold laurel wreaths and ornate gold-leaf wings.


Bella Hadid, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Blanca Padilla, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

The VS Pink section was themed “Millennial Nation” and was followed by the colorful “Winter’s Tale” group. The “Porcelain Angel” collection echoed the blue-and-white designs of Ming dynasty vases, and the show closed with a multicultural “Nomadic Angels” section that touched on traditions from cultures around the world.


Amilna Estevao, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Adriana Lima, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Josephine Skriver, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Blanca Padilla, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Leomie Anderson, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Martha Hunt, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

Other highlights from the show include the return of Candice Swanepoel and Karlie Kloss, and rumors of the retirement of Alessandra Ambrosio.

其他亮点还包括Candice SwanepoelKarlie Kloss的回归,以及Alessandra Ambrosio的退休谣言。

Candice Swanepoel, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Alessandra Ambrosio, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

Lastly, Lais Ribeiro was chosen as the wearer of the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, which is seen as incredibly prestigious among the Angels. She wore this year’s $2 million Mouwad design, which is handset with diamonds, yellow sapphires and blue topaz in 18-karat gold.

最后,Lais Ribeiro被选为维密梦幻内衣的佩戴者,将在天使中享有盛名。她穿戴了今年价值2百万美元,由珠宝商Mouwad设计,手工镶嵌的钻石,黄宝石还有蓝色托帕石,被镶到18克拉的纯金内衣上。

Lais Ribeiro, Credit: Victoria's Secret
Lais Ribeiro, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

VS Fashion Show had gathered the world’s most sexy and the most representative of the Angels, as well as world-renowned top singer guests, with beautiful and extraordinary runway looks, creating a spectacular audio-visual feast.


Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Elsa Hosk, Josephine Skriver, Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt, Liu Wen and Ming Xi, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
The models are joined by singers Leslie Odom Jr and Harry Styles for the finale, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

Source: https://www.vogue.com/article/victorias-secret-fashion-show-2017-runway-recap

Prepare your house for Halloween 准备好您的房子迎接万圣节

Every autumn, as the leaves begin to change color, and the cool fall breezes begin to blow, I immediately start to think about Halloween. Halloween has been the longstanding favorite holiday worldwide. It is the perfect time to be creative – and “creepy”.


Through the years, I’ve haunted my own house in every possible way. This year I will be celebrating in Shanghai . I’ve gathered some easy guide to decorate your home for Halloween!


Decorate your front porch. Your front porch will be the portal to all of the creepy things inside your home, so it should be as scary as possible to lure your unsuspecting guests inside your house of horrors. Here are some great ways to add some Halloween spice to your front porch:


  • Use the stairs leading to your porch to create some great visual impact for your Halloween display and incorporate different shapes and sizes of planters and pumpkins.
  • Add some cobwebs and spiders
  • Make some spooky friends
  • A bucket of dead white flowers and painted white pumpkins
  • Scatter some tree branches on the ground.
  • 在走上门廊的台阶上进行创作,让来宾们在门口就感受到视觉冲击,可以选用不同形状和大小的花篮和南瓜。
  • 装饰一些蜘蛛网和蜘蛛。
  • 做几个幽灵朋友。
  • 放一桶白色的花束和涂成白色的南瓜。
  • 在地上撒些枯树枝。

Decorate your front door and windows. The door and window are the eyes and mouth of your home's Halloween soul. Adding just a few ghoulish touches to your front door and windows will make your house look haunted.

装饰您的前门和窗户。 如果把您家比作万圣节的鬼怪,那么门窗就如同他的眼睛和嘴。只要加上点睛之笔,就能让您的房子看起来真的像栋鬼屋。

  • Attach cobwebs across the windows and dangle plastic spiders
  • Hang a wreath covered in bats on the front door
  • Splatter some fake blood on your front door
  • 在窗户上添些蜘蛛网,再吊几个塑料蜘蛛。
  • 在前门悬挂一个花环,上面布满蝙蝠。
  • 在门上撒上假的鲜血。

Make your furniture look Halloween-ready. There are a few small but effective tricks to make your home look abandoned, creepy, and ready for Halloween.

让您的家具也看上去有万圣节的气氛。 有一些方便易行又有效的小技巧,能让您的家看上去像无人居住的荒宅,处处散发出恐怖的气息,符合万圣节的情景。

  • Cover your couches and chairs with white sheets. Pick the oldest sheets you have to make it look like your home hasn't been used for years. Brownie points if the sheets have some natural-looking holes in them.
  • Cover your tables with tattered black tablecloths. Take an old black sheet and cut ragged edges all over it.
  • Drape your bookshelves in cobwebs
  • Strategically place a few fake skulls to spice up drab pieces of furniture.
  • 把您的沙发椅和椅子用白床单罩上。挑最旧的床单,好让您的房间看起来久未居住。如果床单上正好有几个很自然的洞那就更好了。
  • 在桌上铺上破旧的黑桌布。拿一块黑色的旧床单,四周剪出毛边就好。
  • 书架上挂上蜘蛛网。
  • 放些假骷髅让死气沉沉的家具更阴森恐怖。

Light up your home. Your lights will help set the eerie ambiance for your home, so you should make the most of the lights you have while keeping the house looking fairly dim, so that something spooky could pop up at any time. If it's too bright in your home, you won't have enough room for mystery.


  • Tape plastic bats to the inside of the shade of an ordinary lamp. When you light the lamp, the bats will stick out.
  • Light some white candles with "blood" dripping down them. Simply put some white candles over a towel or paper towel, and light a red candle over them until you've dripped enough wax over it to make it look like fake blood is oozing down the sides.
  • Light a few orange paper lanterns and drape them all over the house.
  • Carve a spooky face, a silhouette, or another spooky design on a pumpkin and light the inside.
  • 在普通灯具内的暗处贴上塑料蝙蝠。这样打开灯,蝙蝠的黑影就会跳出来了。
  • 点几支滴“血”的白蜡烛。只要把几支蜡烛放在毛巾或纸巾上,再在上面点一支红蜡烛,这样红色的蜡油就会滴下来漏在白蜡烛上,看上去仿佛鲜血留了下来。
  • 点几个桔色的纸灯笼,在房子四周挂起来。
  • 在南瓜上刻出鬼脸、剪影或其他可怕的图案,在里面点亮。

Play up the pumpkins. Halloween would not be the same without pumpkins.

强调南瓜。 没有南瓜,万圣节就不像样了。

  • Hang some pumpkin balloons. Scatter them on the floor or hang them from the ceiling.
  • Take some pumpkins and paint them black, silver, or cover them in glitter. Arrange them in the corners of your home.
  • Open up a pumpkin and use it to hold potpourri.
  • 挂上南瓜气球。把它们散落在地板上,或从天花板悬下。
  • 把南瓜涂成黑色、银色,或裹上金属纸,装点房间的各个角落。
  • 挖开南瓜,里面放上干花。

Have spooky walls. Your walls can do a lot to make your home look even more spooky. Just adding a few things to the paintings and walls you already have will make your haunted home come alive.


  • Draw creepy eyes on your mirrors, so people will get scared when you look into them.
  • Cover your paintings with fake blood. Just make sure you put it over paintings that are framed behind glass and that it washes off.
  • There are a bunch Halloween wall decals options for fun decorations. It can be cute or ghoulish.
  • 在镜子上画上诡异的眼睛,当人对着镜子看的时候就会觉得毛骨悚然。
  • 在您的装饰画上抹上假血。确保您的画有玻璃装裱过,这样血迹可以被洗掉。
  • 有很多万圣节墙贴可以选择。 它可以是可爱的或可怕的。

Cover your home with creepy surprises. Make the ordinary extraordinary by adding a few additional touches to complete your home's Halloween look.

在您家里加上惊吓元素。 添加一些元素让您的万圣节装扮更加完美,让原本平平无奇的家变得与众不同。

  • Place an old birdcage on the floor. Scatter some fake rats on the bottom.
  • Set up a bouquet of nice white roses, and then cover them with little fake black ants, spiders, and caterpillars.
  • Make a bat garland out of black construction paper and drape it all over your home.
  • 在地板上放一个旧鸟笼。笼子里扔几只假老鼠。
  • 放一束白玫瑰,上面爬满假黑蚁、蜘蛛、蜈蚣。
  • 用黑纸做一个蝙蝠环,在家里四处挂上。

Choose the ones that work for you, and remember, it’s your own creativity that’s puts the “spooky” in Halloween. Show your love of Halloween this year with freaky flair!


Beautiful fabrics can inspire your entire decorating ideas. 美丽的面料可以激发您整个装饰设计灵感

Fabrics are some of the most important elements as you make your decorating plans. They can set the mood and influence the way you feel.


Looking at fabrics can be a dizzying affair. Whether you’re outfitting a new outdoor collection, bringing a vintage side chair back to life, or looking for dramatic drapes to frame your windows, these fabrics will take your project to new and exciting heights. Check out our picks from the latest collections.


Bauhaus Prints 包豪斯印花

The geometric patterns of the year are blocky and bold but can be used to complement classic touches, as seen in the Parisian apartment of designer Laura Gonzalez.

今年的几何花样图案大块且色彩醒目,正好和古典的调调互补,就像我们在设计师Laura Gonzalez的巴黎公寓里看到的那样。

Modern Moiré 现代Moiré

The silk fabric with rippled texture may seem old-fashioned, but the applications, like covering a modern chair and plain wall in Schumacher's Incomparable moire, are absolutely fresh.


Sophisticated Stripes 优雅条纹

Far from your typical sailor stripe, these patterns bring energy to a space without overpowering. Designer Miles Redd proved its worth by using an awning stripe fabric to outfit the outdoor dining pavilion of a Bahamas vacation home.

完全不同您所熟知的典型海军条纹,这种纹样给空间带来生机,又不会喧宾夺主。设计师Miles Redd就证明它有多好用,他拿雨棚条纹材料来打造露天用餐小洋亭,给巴哈马度假小屋添上点睛一笔。

Sunny Side 阳光面

Call it color therapy. Decorating with shades of yellow can bring instant optimism to a space while remaining luxe, as seen in the sunny living room of Jimmie Johnson's New York home.

也称之为色彩疗法。用大面积的黄色来作为居家装饰,能瞬间带来乐观的态度,看上去也足够奢华大气,当您看到Jimmie Johnson在纽约家里的阳光明媚的起居室就能立刻明白了。

Haute Pink 高级粉红

Bright pink is certainly an unexpected choice for upholstery. But when contrasted with rich neutral tones like the stone-gray walls that set the backdrop for seating covered in Cowtan & Tout's Kazan fabric, the result is less precious and more punchy.

亮粉红用在室内装潢上肯定让人意外。但只要大规模使用中性色,和这样的石灰色墙面刚好形成反差,再在前面放上一把用来自Cowtan & Tout的Kazan面料包裹的座椅,又能给人以又不矫饰又不失鲜明个性的感觉。

Lifestyles of the Rich and Richer 天际线上的生活

New York City has long been considered the playground of America's millionaires and billionaires. And they have flocked to the legendary buildings around Central Park.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

432 Park Avenue (between 56th and 57th Streets), designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly, is another billionaire-attracting building and the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.

432 Park Avenue(就在56街和57街之间)由乌拉圭建筑师Rafael Viñoly设计,它当之无愧是吸引亿万富翁入住的大楼,也是西半球最高的住宅大厦。

DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

This extraordinary 96 story tower will rise 1,396 feet and redefine the Manhattan skyline. All windows measure an expansive 10 feet by 10 feet, flooding residences with abundant natural light and spectacular views of Central Park, the Hudson and East Rivers, Atlantic Ocean, and many iconic Manhattan buildings and avenues.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

Residents will enjoy 30,000 square feet of amenities, including a lounge, private restaurant, outdoor garden for dining and events, 75-foot indoor swimming pool, fitness center and spa with sauna, steam, and massage rooms, library, billiards room, screening / performance venue, conference room, children’s playroom and yoga studio. In-suite dining and room service, concierge, 24-hour doorman, onsite parking garage and valet services will be provided by the building’s staff.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

Most buyers of super luxury apartments want to keep their privacy. 432 Park Ave. has an exclusive restaurant that is open only to residents and their guests.

多数选择超豪华公寓的买家,都想要保障他们的私密性。432 Park Ave.就设有专属餐厅,只对住客和他们的宾客开放。

Scott Sozmen, left, with the chef Shaun Hergatt.

Michelin-Starred Chef Shaun Hergatt, formerly of now-closed Manhattan eatery Juni, is hired to run this unnamed restaurant, which is designed by world-renowned hospitality-design firm Bentel & Bentel and will occupy the whole of the 12th floor of the skyscraper.

米其林星级大厨Shaun Hergatt,身为现已歇业的曼哈顿餐馆Juni的主厨,目前受聘于这家不对外挂名的餐厅,由世界知名酒店设计公司Bentel & Bentel设计的,在这栋摩天大楼里独占12层全层。

DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

Mr. Hergatt’s partner in the venture, and in Mind the Gap Hospitality, is Scott Sozmen, who worked at Per Se and Jean-Georges. Michael Scaffidi, the head sommelier at Jean-Georges Restaurant, will be in charge of the beverage program.

Hergatt先生的合伙人还有Scott Sozmen,他是Mind the Gap Hospitality的成员Scott Sozmen,在Per Se和Jean-Georges都有过掌勺的经历。Michael Scaffidi,Jean-Georges餐厅的侍酒主管,也会参与餐厅饮品的管理工作。

DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

If you have been dining there more often, the restaurant will have a computer database of each resident's dietary restrictions and preferences. Among the extras residents can purchase are climate-controlled wine cellars and staff apartments. The living lifestyle elevates with all these exclusive and world-class amenities.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

You shall understand. Once you’ve seen the best of the world and there is really someone who is living the life you dreamed of and you know you deserve better, you will be more assured and work much harder regardless.


So why not EB-5? Be a New Yorker, buy the properties, and enjoy the food!