A triumph of collaboration 合作的成就

If you haven’t heard, stalwart NYC skate brand Supreme and heritage French luxury house Louis Vuitton have recently unveiled their FW17 collaboration at Paris Fashion Week. There are a lot of conversation and debate on the collaboration, what is it means for both high fashion and streetwear…is a triumph or nail in the coffin? 拥有众多粉丝的纽约滑板品牌Supreme和历史悠久的法国奢侈品牌Louis Vuitton近日在巴黎时装周上揭开了17年秋冬的强强合作系列。这次联名设计自然成了时尚界热议的话题,高端奢侈品和街头品牌的携作究竟意味着什么……是奔向成功还是走向坟墓?   Many are calling it one of the most important pairings in fashion history, a union between two of the most iconic names in the world that represents the ultimate wall-breaker within the realms of street and luxury. 很多人把此次合作称为时尚史上最重要的联袂之一,是全球最具代表性的两个迥然不同的鼎鼎大牌的结合,象征着街头时尚和奢华王国之间的最终壁垒被打破了。   I like collaboration because create harmony and common goals. Getting collaboration right promises tremendous benefits. All I see collaborative effort is solution, after solution. If "I"replaced by "We" "illness" will become "wellness". 我喜欢这样的合作,和谐再造,共创目标。良好的合作昭示着巨大利益的可能。我在品牌间共同的努力中看到了一个又一个的解决方案和后续方案。有句英文特别有意思:如果"I"(我)替换成"We"(我们),那么"illness"(疾患)就会得到"wellness"(健康)。   The collaboration of our EB-5 program and  Antigua is a effective and efficient solution. It provides world class top education and family legacy. A valuable global citizenship and security for your wealthy. 我们EB-5项目和安提瓜项目的结合就是实际高效解决方案的最佳例证。它既能为您提供世界顶级教育环境,也能为您的资产及家族的传承保驾护航。让您享有世界公民身份和财富安全保障两不误。