Christmas 圣诞


TCT top posts of the year & Happy New Year《茶非茶》2017排行榜&恭祝大家新年快乐!

Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018! Looking back to all the amazing things happened this year, I am grateful for all your support and trust on TCT and Visas Group, making this another successful year.


Here are our top 10 posts that were most popular this year:

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3.  One57 has redefined Luxury New York Living. One57重新定义了纽约的奢侈生活 – October 13, 2017

4.  Viva VCG Night 喝彩“汇加之夜” – June 06, 2017

5.  Be creative with your Thanksgiving meal 创意满满的感恩节大餐 – October 09, 2017

6.  No Art, No life 静心安放您无处不在的艺术生命 – July 14, 2017

7.  Wine-infused coffee is newly a TCT hipster《茶非茶》时髦小资新风靡-红酒咖啡 – March 15, 2017

8.  Women has a hands of Aces 女人必须握有一手好牌 – July 24, 2017

9.  [Breaking EB -5 News] – make the best out of this situation [EB-5惊天新闻] – 头等大事,把握当下良机 – January 13, 2017

10.  Canada’s beauty must make you have to emigrate to live 加拿大的魅力让您无法抗拒移居来此 – May 22, 2017

To put an end to something old, we have to start something new. For the New Year, we are going to introduce and bring you to our new identity – TCT and Co. – Our global concierge provides unique benefits and opportunities for investments in the arts, real estate and well-being.

为了杜绝旧事,我们必须开始新的事物。为了迎接新年,我们将向您推出我们《茶非茶》的全新身份 - TCT and Co. - 一个能在艺术、房产和健康管理投资,全面为您提供独家资源和机会的全球网络平台。

New are the hopes and aspirations, new are the resolutions, new are the spirits and new is the year! Here’s wishing that you be embraced with a glorious one and meet all your future endeavors with victory and triumph. Let’s say a proper farewell to 2017 and make 2018 a year to remember! We wish you all Merry Christmas 2017 and Prosperous New Year 2018!


A Heart-warming story: The Nutcracker《胡桃夹子》一个温暖人心的故事

Under the leadership of Miss Goh, The Nutcracker returns for its 9th year of spectacular magic and fun for the whole family in the Christmas holiday season.

Goh女士带着胡桃夹子》 班底在第九个年头回归,在圣诞假期为全家人带来精彩的魔法和欢乐。

Lloyd Chen, Chan Hon Goh, Angela Bi

“It’s one of the ballets that I believe needs to hold true to a sense of tradition. I wanted to build something that people would have a memorable attachment to through the years.” – Chan Hon Goh

“我相信这是一出真正秉承了传统精神的芭蕾舞剧,我想要借此为人们营造长年难忘的情感依托。” – Chan Hon Goh

The performance had this wonderful layering effect in ability and style, which gave a textured quality to performance that ran throughout the evening. It features luxuriant costumes, outstanding sets, passionate dancing and dramatic action scenes.


On top of the incredible dancing, I was thrilled to see Jacqueline Robbins who played a very animated and fun Grandmother with her humorous dancing.

除了超凡的舞蹈表现,最让我为之一振的还是看到了杰奎琳·罗宾斯(Jacqueline Robbins),她用幽默的舞姿扮演了一位非常活泼有趣的祖母,让角色活灵活现。

A magician, a drag queen, Russian folk dancers and ballroom couples elevate the show, featuring a variety of talent and making this production truly unique.


With the cast of over 200 performers and the beautiful sounds of Tchaikovsky's music, I was constantly stimulated throughout the performance. I am cheering for Goh Ballet and Miss Chan Hon Goh for this wonderful evening at The Centre.

随着柴可夫斯基的美妙乐声传来,欣赏着超过200名演职员的精彩表演,我全情沉浸在表演中无法自拔。我为Goh 芭蕾 Chan Hon Goh女士喝彩,感谢他们在The Centre带来如此难忘的一夜。

Photo Credit: Lyall Zhang

Escape to paradise for the holidays – Antigua 逃到度假天堂 – 安提瓜

Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you are planning for an office party, Christmas shopping, or extravagant Christmas dinners, Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Antigua and Barbuda is another amazing escape option and experience!


It’s hard to believe, but the pictures are real. Antigua is a pristine island of soft, white-sand beaches, dark turquoise waters and never-ending sunshine. Even in winter, the temperatures are in the mid-20s (°C) and that's as cold as it gets.

这些照片漂亮得让人难以置信。安提瓜是一片有着细软白沙滩的珍贵原始海滩,在这里碧波荡漾,阳光遍布。即便在冬天,也是常年保持在 20多度,最冷也不过如此了。

Antigua is the sailing capital of the West Indies, and during Christmas boats from all over the world are seen at English Harbour.


English Harbour, Antigua
Port of St.Johns Cruise, Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda offer many of the familiar UK traditions, such as Christmas carolers and homemade Christmas dinner, with the benefit of an idyllic warm and sunny setting and some attractive Antiguan customs, including barbeques on the beach, live steel band music, and the delicious Caribbean sorrel fruit drink.


On Christmas Day, everyone is welcomed to the Annual Christmas Day Champagne Party at Nelson's Dockyard, organized by the Hourglass Foundation. It’s a must do for visitors.

在圣诞节当天,所有人都可以到Nelson's Dockyard来参加由Hourglass基金组织的年度圣诞香槟派对,游客们绝对不容错过。

Nelson's Dockyard - Caribban Christmas via Pinterest
Nelson's Dockyard - Caribban Christmas

The Dockyard has lots of activities for the kids, and live entertainment is provided by calypso, soca and reggae bands. There are also masqueraded characters on stilts called Dancing Jumble or Jumpa-Ben who perform Kwuya or Stilt Dance to the music of drums and wind pipes.

Dockyard还有很多适合孩子们的活动,以及calypso, soca 和reggae 乐队带来的现场音乐。您还能看到踩着高跷由真人扮演的Dancing Jumble 或 Jumpa-Ben,他们伴着鼓声和风笛声表演Kwuya也就是高跷舞

Image: Rich Polanco
Image: Rich Polanco

You may also see The Highlanders, which are part of Antigua's Scottish heritage. They perform the Highland Fling dance dressed in a kilt, wire masks and cowhide whips, which are based on a Scottish military costume.

您还能看到高地人,这也是安提瓜苏格兰传统的遗风。他们将身穿以苏格兰军装为原型的苏格兰裙,戴着面具和牛皮鞭表演Highland Fling舞蹈。

Santa Claus in Antigua Guatemala, Image: Rich Polanco

On Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, the whole island celebrates with the traditional custom of going house to house bringing gifts, along with food and drinks.


Image: Rich Polanco

If you plan to spend the entire holiday season on the island, put the annual Nelson’s Pursuit Race yacht race on your calendar. It is held at the Antigua Yacht Club, and takes place on New Year’s Eve. Up to 40 or more yachts take part in the race, and afterwards you can enjoy fireworks conducted by the National Parks at the Dockyard.

倘若您打算在岛上度过整个假期,请把一年一度的 Nelson’s Pursuit Race 游艇赛排上日程。这一活动每年新年前夕在安提瓜游艇俱乐部举办。超过40艘游艇会参加,之后您能在Dockyard欣赏到由National Parks策划的烟花表演。

by Visas Group

The whole island emanates a party spirit to celebrate this festive season. To enjoy your ultimate global living, obtaining an Antigua Passport will solve all the problem and it might be the fastest citizenship and passport immigrating program.


Source: www.travel2thecaribbeanblog.com/2012/12/christmas-in-antigua-and-barbuda.html

Visas Group as a performance sponsor for The Nutcracker 汇加倾力支持《胡桃夹子》演出

We are thrilled to see and delighted to support The Nutcracker again this year, celebrating all the wonder of the season with the talented and creative crew, onstage and backstage.


Returning for its 9th holiday season, prestigious local dance organization Goh Ballet presents The Nutcracker at The Centre. Since premiering in 2009, the production of this masterpiece has given tens of thousands of audience members the opportunity to be swept away by this world-famous Christmas story.

第九个圣诞季回归演出,声名远扬的本地舞蹈团Goh芭蕾将在The Centre为我们呈现《胡桃夹子》。自2009年首演至今,它的到来为数以万计的观众朋友带来了难得的机会,让他们能值此佳节为这一世界知名圣诞故事着迷。

Image: Got Ballet - The Nutcracker

This year’s production features Principal Dancers Jerome Tisserand and Elizabeth Murphy from the Pacific Northwest Ballet, who will perform as the Cavalier Prince and the Sugarplum Fairy, respectively, alongside more than two hundred local and international talents.

今年舞剧将由来自西北太平洋舞团 Jerome Tisserand 和 Elizabeth Murphy 领衔分别扮演Cavalier王子和糖梅仙子,还有超过两百多名本土及国际舞蹈达人倾力加入。

Elizabeth Murphy and Jerome Tisserand, Principal Dancers of the Pacific Northwest Ballet, image: Got Ballet - The Nutcracker
Elizabeth Murphy and Jerome Tisserand, Principal Dancers of the Pacific Northwest Ballet, image: Got Ballet - The Nutcracker

The cast will dance to choreography by Emmy award winning dance visionary, Anna-Marie Holmes, as well as musical accompaniment by the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, which will be performing Tchaikovsky’s iconic Nutcracker Suite, under the musical direction of Conductor Leslie Dala.

曾获Emmy奖的 Anna-Marie Holmes 将为此剧编舞,温哥华歌剧交响乐团为演出配乐,Leslie Dala担当指挥,演奏柴可夫斯基的代表作《胡桃夹子》组曲。

Image: Got Ballet - The Nutcracker
Image: Got Ballet - The Nutcracker
Image: Got Ballet - The Nutcracker

Unlike other storytelling mediums, the ballet has very few words. We decide what we want to believe and watch it play out, a feast to all our visual and aural faculties except those mechanical turns by which we process words.


Like the holidays, the nuance, the execution, and the final result are open to our interpretation. The Nutcracker is a must-see piece of our holiday culture, from which there is a lot to learn. Come join us at the theatre on Friday, December 15th to enjoy the season and joyous holiday spirit!


Vancouver Santa Claus Parade is coming to town 温哥华圣诞大游行進城了

It is the time of the year again; Santa Claus is coming to town. The 14th annual Vancouver Santa Claus Parade was held in downtown Vancouver on Sunday December 3rd, bringing wonder and joy to everyone.


Hundreds of thousands watched the Santa Claus parade in Vancouver, B.C., December. Credit: ARLEN REDEKOP / PNG

The parade is the largest Christmas parade celebrated in Western Canada and is a free, family-fun event. It also doubles as a food and fundraising event for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society and the CKNW Orphans’ Fund, making it a great event to kick off the holiday season!



Each year, the parade features marching bands, dance troupes, festive floats and community groups, with about 60 floats, 2,700 participants, 300 volunteers on the streets of downtown Vancouver, entertaining over 300,000 spectators to get a chance to spot Santa.



This is one of the most significant traditional activities in Vancouver, sharing the joy of Christmas with hundreds of thousands of spectators and bringing a warm ambience to Chinese immigrants.


Source: vancouversun.com/news/local-news/santa-claus-comes-to-town-delights-vancouver-crowds

We wish every Christmas gift box shows the most blessing wishes to you all 愿每一个圣诞礼盒都能给您献上最诚挚的祝福

It is important to enjoy the little things in life as there will come a day you’ll look back and realize those were what mattered.  We wish every Christmas gift box shows the most blessing wishes to you!





Today I will bring you  the most exciting gift box that is our A Club unlimited, an elite concierge program for you and your wonderful global citizenship lifestyle.  Join our A club for exclusive access to rare experiences and privileges, this personal concierge serves only for you. 




With every growth that VCG and TCT Vancouver makes, we are grateful for every effort that our team has made and everyone who shared their trust and support with us. We are always moving forward because of you.




The best gift for Christmas is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. We are a family and we are together moving forward. Wish everyone a happy Christmas and holidays!



Keep calm and get your HOHOHO on!Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 平安幸福开启欢乐模式吧! 圣诞快乐!新年快乐!

Christmas is just around the corner and as I listen to 103.5FM Vancouver’s Christmas radio, I can feel the holiday spirit. The holiday season is finally here! Keep calm and get your HOHOHO on! 圣诞就在眼前啦,当我聆听温哥华圣诞电台103.5FM时,我感受到浓浓的圣诞气息,温暖环抱着每个人。假期终于大驾光临!平安幸福,准备好开启欢乐模式吧!祝大家圣诞快乐! xmas _dsc3178-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac _dsc3170-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways on how we can make our lives better for those around us. 假日季饱含了每个人太多的祝福和感恩,我们也都在寻找更好的途径和方式能让我们身边、我们爱的人生活过得更好。 _dsc3783-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac _dsc5901-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac _dsc5903-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac _dsc3964-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac My family and I are together to enjoy a fabulous ballet to experience this wonderful season and to also share our gratitude for everyone’s trust and support. 我和我的家人、我的朋友们一道欣赏了一场精美绝伦的芭蕾演出,这样美妙的节日体验也让我们一起分享了彼此之间的关怀、信任、支持和感恩。 _dsc5915-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac _dsc5998-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac %e6%9c%aa%e6%a0%87%e9%a2%98-1 What is your family’s plan and destination for the coming new  year? Remember, we are always here to be your help! 在即将到来的新的一年,您和您的家人又有什么更好的计划?更好的目的地?而我们,随时在您左右给与您无微不至的关怀和帮助! angela-signature2-a-moved-out-1  

Angela’s pick: Nutcracker-Vancouver annual classic ballet masterpiece Angela珍选:《胡桃夹子》-温哥华年度经典芭蕾之作

“The Nutcracker is a gift that can keep on giving year after year.” For eight years, Goh Ballet’s The Nutcracker has quickly become a not-to be- missed holiday tradition for thousands of families from across the Lower Mainland.

“《胡桃夹子》年复一年给您带来圣诞的馈赠。” 八年来,观看Goh芭蕾的《胡桃夹子》剧目已迅速成为了大温低陆平原地区数以千计家庭不容错过的节日传统。





I strongly recommend this classic ballet masterpiece to you. Executive Producer, Miss Chan Hon Goh is my good friend and the great teacher for my daughter who is the mouse in the performance for two years. Miss Goh is the former Prima Ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada and the artistic staging of Emmy-award winning choreographer Anna-Marie Holmes.

我强烈向您推荐这出芭蕾经典之作。该剧的执行制作人Chan Hon Goh女士是我个人的好友,也是我女儿很棒的舞蹈老师,我的宝贝女儿连续两年在该剧中扮演小老鼠的角色,今年则扮演了士兵和天使两个角色。Goh女士是加拿大国家芭蕾舞团前首席舞者,也为艾美奖最佳编舞得主Anna-Marie Holmes做过艺术舞美指导。






Under the leadership of Miss Goh, The Nutcracker returns for its eighth year of spectacular magic and fun for the whole family in the Christmas holiday season.



Explore what’s changing your life 探索改变你生活的事物

Since I came back to my Vancouver home, I’m been reminiscing the times I enjoyed at the Miami beach Art Basel where I was blessed with  UBS Planet Art VIP tour. 一回到我在温哥华的家中,我久久不能淡忘那些在迈阿密海滩度过的美妙时光,我在那里应邀参加了由UBS银行的组织的迈阿密巴塞尔艺术展的星球VIP导览团。 4i0a3714 4i0a3723 I appreciated very much of the theme of planet art and how all humans are the same living in this planet where we can share and enjoy beautiful things like art and the influence this has had on our lives. 我非常欣赏这个UBS的星球艺术展的主题,我们人类都是这一星球孕育出的同等生命,我们可以分享并享受一切像艺术这样美好的事物,感悟艺术加之于我们的生活的精髓。 4i0a3701 4i0a3740 Someone has once told me that “Art is the only way to travel without leaving home". I really enjoy this intimate and beloved feeling that Art brings by embracing me with peace, love and inspiration. 我曾听人说过“艺术是唯一能让我们足不出户就云游四方的途径”。我着实享受艺术所带来的亲密无间而被爱围绕的感觉,艺术让我心平气和,触动我爱和灵感的迸发。 4i0a3748 I long to share this spirit of art with my friends and clients in this holiday season. This Christmas we are the performance sponsor of " Nutcracker". So let's celebrate the wonderful life just at our hometown with this Vancouver classic annual Christmas ballet show. I am exciting to see you all tonight at the theater. 我期盼着在这个假日季和朋友及客户们分享艺术脉动的气息。这个圣诞,我们就赞助了“胡桃夹子”的演出。让我们共同在家乡以这样一出经典的年度圣诞芭蕾来欢庆精彩的生活。我很高兴今晚能在剧院见到你们。 nutcracker life-2-1024x614 I wish the great success of  the show of "Nutcracker". 预祝“胡桃夹子”演出大获成功。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out-1

The retail bonanza – Black Friday 零售旺季 – 黑色星期五

American Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday of November and the following Friday is an infamous shopping day called Black Friday. it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. 每年11月的第四个周四是美国的感恩节。而第二天就是传说中的黑五血拼日。从这一天起圣诞购物季就拉开了序幕。不管怎么样, 您都会被这气氛和节奏所感染吧。或者加入我们《茶非茶》The A Club 吧! bl1 LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 28: People walk past a shopfront on Oxford Street advertising 'Black Friday' discounts on November 28, 2014 in London, England. Originating in the USA as a sales day that following the Thanksgiving holiday, 'Black Friday' is becoming an increasingly popular shopping day in the UK. (Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images) b This is the biggest sale day next to boxing day. Almost all stores come out with Doorbuster Sales with early bird special....the stores offer 30-80% discount and as this is before Christmas, this is the perfect day for Christmas shopping. 在黑五这天,能享受到仅次于节礼日的最大折扣。几乎所有店家会推出早鸟特惠商品以至于一开门营业顾客就把店口围得水泄不通……折扣力度通常在2-7折不等,因为此时正值圣诞前,也让黑五成为了圣诞购物季前最佳的采买时机。 17747-b5f665d092a9d666b8830ba3f87c61a2 4000 These are some of stores that are offering biggest promotions that are not to be missed: 下面告诉您一些商店,他们的最大折扣绝对不容错过:
  1. Holt Renfrew 60% off 4折
  2. Nordstrom 60-80% off 2-4折
  3. Kate Spade 75% off 2.5折
  4. Amazon 50-80% off 2-5折
untitled timthumb_php_ dsc_7357-3110063876-o 11255293_1576154839303022_1600212429_n untitled Check out these amazing promotions that are being offered and treat yourself and the loved ones best gifts this season! 去看看这些很棒的促销吧,为自己和家人挑几样温馨的礼物! angela-signature2-a-moved-out