Chinese New Year


A bit of China in Chinese New Year 舌尖上的中国年味

To celebrate Chinese New Year, I went to Guangzhou to explore little bit of China. I visited Wisca restaurant- one of restaurants of Michelin Shanghai list. This was one of the best meals I’ve have.   值此中国新年,我来到花城广州,探访舌尖上的中国年味。 “惠食佳”餐厅 米其林上海上榜饭店之一,便是地道的广东美味。 With that in mind, Here is my  best wishes and gratitude, respect, or admiration to salute to all those who are hardworking even during the New Year festivities and to those who ate, drank has been keeping passion and love to all delicacies !  
I often shuttle around, and the dedication to enjoy great food reduced with the pressure of life and work. That makes me more believe in the  philosophy of  being happy being and living in the present, and to never resist  the temptation of fine foods.   经常穿梭各地,对美食的执着,减少了生活和工作的压力,更体会到活在当下,美食在前的快感。
World integration, catering globalization! HAKKASAN  in London, Shanghai, San Francisco ; JEAN GEORGES in New York, Vancouver and Shanghai, all these are my top restaurants that fulfill your day.  For me, they are just like LV and PRADA, you never go wrong, but you need to pay more.  I prefer to explore more unique taste of local culinary specialties and these restaurants know how to do just that.   世界一体化,餐饮全球化!曾在伦敦、上海、旧金山去过HAKKASAN餐厅,以及上海、纽约及温哥华的JEAN GEORGES餐厅, 对我来说,这些餐厅就像LV 和PRADA,你永远不会选错,但当然你也需要支付更多。我更喜欢在不同的城市寻找当地饮食文化的特色和美味。 With many years of experience of  living in Guangdong, it let me have a profound understanding of the Chinese food culture. In my opinion, French cuisine equals to Chinese Cantonese cuisine, that is made from superior materials with exquisite technology skills; Italian cuisine equals to  Chinese Sichuan cuisine, that is rich flavor, but simple and easy to understand; German cuisine, is just Chinese Shandong cuisine, that is not much to show off. 多年前在广东生活的经历,让我对中华美食文化有了深刻的了解。在我看来,法国菜对等中国的粤菜,用料上乘,工艺精湛;意大利菜对等中国的川菜,味道浓郁,简明易懂;德国菜对等鲁菜,乏善可陈。 After waiting for 2 hours, finally, I got seated in at restaurant and recalled such a delicious taste and memories of many years ago.  Food and beauty deserve to wait patiently; good opportunities and projects in right time won't no longer come once missed! In the New Year, as your days are abundantly blessed, trust us to provide the right opportunities at the right time. Please don't miss the last chance of EB5 immigrating to USA, and our privilege of Antigua passport citizenship program.We are always right here with sufficient responsibility, energy and experience to serve you . 等候了2个小时,终于一尝多年前记忆中的美食。美食美人值得耐心等候,好时机好项目,错过不再来!新的一年,因着您的支持和信任,我们将一如既往地在世界的不同城市,充沛足够的责任、能量和专业经验,在新的一年里更好地为您服务。最后一次涨价前EB5移民美国,以及我们汇加特权的安提瓜护照项目,请抓住机遇不能再错过。
Tasting delicious foods,  perceiving  life flavor. To know more profits and be more familiar to select. 

Don’t get bound, get everything! Happy Chinese New year of Rooster ! 不受束缚,收获满满!新春快乐,鸡祥如意!

This Chinese New Year, I want to wish you a great Lunar new year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! With my best wishes, I hope it is filled with new attitude and new opportunities in the new year! I know that you will have a prospective new year of rooster! Don't get bound, get everything! Outside of the comfort zone is where the magic happens! 农历新年,我们衷心祝福您和您家人新年快乐!恭喜发财!也祝愿您们在新的一年里充满新朝气和新机遇!在自己给自己绑住的舒适区之外,便是魔法奇迹发生的地方!不受束缚,收获满满! 新春快乐,鸡祥如意! chinese-new-year-2017-year-of-the-rooster shanghai-16 Every accomplishment starts with a decision to move forward and take action. On this new year, please take a chance and embrace new opportunities with new minds. Try to be a rainbow in someone's clouds. 每一个成就都始于一个前进的决心和行动。新一年,赋予自己新的思路,把握时机拥抱新机遇,成为给别人带来快乐和幸福的一道亮丽彩虹。 865434072294756549 I hope you find your power of influence and the power to upgrade in your life beyond your comfort zone. A better new life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 我也希望您有足够大的影响力和勇气,去努力收获更美好的生活,超越目前所谓给自己的舒适区。一个更美好的新生活始于舒适区的尽头。 464739976606831691 Welcome you to join us together being brave enough to uproot your comfort zone  and begin the challenging journey of building a new life in a new city. The only failure happens if you don’t try, so please don't leave regrets to yourself in a new year.
Year after year,  we are here for accompanying you!
年复一年,让我们常伴您左右,为您效劳! angela-signature2-a-moved-out-1
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Chinese new Year-The biggest celebration on earth 中国年 – 全球最大的节日庆典

I really enjoy the new popular BBC documentary Chinese New Year: the Biggest Celebration on Earth which exploring New Year celebrations in China. In fact Chinese New Year is one of the biggest events on the planet and every year a sixth of the world’s population travels home to celebrate with their families. 我真的非常喜欢BBC新出纪录片中国年:全球最大的庆典,这部片子剖析了中国这一传统新年欢庆活动。事实上,春节乃世界上规模最大的活动之一,每年此时,相当于全球约六分之一的人口会赶回家里和家人们共度佳节。 234 Chinese-new-year-635073 As a global citizen, you might miss some of your own hometown traditional lunar New Year celebration because you are away from home. However doesn’t matter where you are there will be a Chinese New Year celebration. 作为世界公民,远离家乡,您可能会牵挂起自己家乡传统的新春年味。然而,无论您身在何方,如今都能加入到这一盛大的节庆之中。 897 Want to strut your homesick in the Chinese new year where ever you are? Living overseas or travelling doesn't have to mean forgoing the festivities. Here are some interesting  places where you can celebrate Lunar New Year in your own way from CNN report published in Jan 2017. 想在异地他国的新春表达下您的思乡之情?旅居海外或人在旅途中的人,不代表着就要错失节日的欢乐。根据CNN在2017年1月发布的一份报道,您也能以自己的方式在下面这些有趣的地方欢度自己的中国年。 amazing-chinese-new-year-fact --Sha Tin Racecourse, Hong Kong Not just for professional punters, Sha Tin's Chinese New Year race is a family-friendly activity. January 30, free entry for tourists; first race at 12:30 p.m.; Sha Tin Racecourse, Sha Tin, Hong Kong --香港沙田马场 即便您不是资深赌徒也没关系,沙田马场的开年跑马赛是适合全家人的活动。 1月30日,游客免票入场;首赛开场于下午12:30; 香港沙田 170112220252-lny-hong-kong-chinese-new-year-race-exlarge-169 -Allas Sea Pool, Helsinki What better way to usher in the Year of the Rooster than a deep cleansing spa and sauna? Allas Sea Pool is a public Finnish sauna complex offering an amazing view of Helsinki. You can take a dip in one of the sea-facing pools before enjoying a steaming sauna session indoors. Allas Sea Pool, Katajanokanlaituri 2, Helsinki 00160 Finland --赫尔辛基阿拉斯海水泳池 还有什么比做一个深度清洁的水疗和桑拿来迎接农历鸡年的更好方式了?阿拉斯海水泳池是一个对公众开放的芬兰桑拿会馆,在馆内能欣赏到赫尔辛基迷人的景色。您可以任选一个面向大海的泳池,沉浸其中,随后再充分享受一下室内的蒸汽桑拿。 阿拉斯海水泳池, Katajanokanlaituri 2, Helsinki 00160 Finland 161107163625-finnish-sauna-allas-sea-pool-045-exlarge-169 --Awakenings Eindhoven, The Netherlands Now in its eighth year, Awakenings Eindhoven has all the techno essentials; a warehouse, an urban location and one of the world's best techno line-ups. January 28, Awakenings Eindhoven, Klokgebouw Eindhoven, The Netherlands; ticket costs €42, or $45 --荷兰埃因霍温Awakenings 音乐节 时值第八个年头,Awakenings 音乐节具备了一切电子音乐元素;厂房,坐落在市区,还有世界顶尖的电音阵容。 1月28日 Awakenings Eindhoven, Klokgebouw Eindhoven, The Netherlands;票价42欧或45美元 awakenings-festival-eindhoven -Los Glaciares, Patagonia, Argentina Boost your stamina this Lunar New Year. Stamina strengthening can be achieved by trekking the stunning Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina's Patagonia.The park is famous for its dramatic landscapes, including 47 large glaciers and three big lakes. January and February lie in the warmer summer months and are considered the ideal time to visit. --阿根廷巴塔哥尼亚冰川国家公园 这个新年提升下坚毅的品格吧。在阿根廷巴塔哥尼亚,到鬼斧神工的冰川国家公园里跋山涉水,您就能给自己的毅力一次历练。公园的自然景观让人叹为观止,您能在此欣赏到47大冰川和三个大型的湖泊组成的奇景。 一月和二月为当地温暖的夏季,是观光的理想时间。 170112220012-lny-argentina-patagonia-exlarge-169 --Chinatown, San Francisco A series of events are lined up for the 15-day festival, including a parade featuring more than a 100 floats and assorted performances including a 28-foot-long Golden Dragon float. San Francisco's 2017's Chinese New Year Parade takes place on February 11, at 5:15 p.m., starting from the corner of 2nd and Market Streets --旧金山中国城 在15天的假期里排满了一系列的活动,包括有100辆花车参与的大游行以及丰富多样的表演节目,其中还有28英尺长由金狮装点的彩车。 旧金山2017新春大游行2月11日下午5:15开始于2nd and Market Streets 街口 banner --Disney California Adventure Park/Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles Apart from dressing their characters for the festival, both parks are bringing in new characters during Lunar New Year -- Po and Tigress (from Kung Fu Panda) for Universal Studios and Mulan and Mushu for Disney. Disney California Adventure Park, 1313 Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, California Universal Studios Hollywood, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California --洛杉矶迪斯尼加州冒险乐园/好莱坞环球影城 除了往常的节日卡通角色,这两个游乐园都在农历新年里加入了新人物 –环球影城里熊猫阿宝和娇虎(来自功夫熊猫),迪斯尼有花木兰和木须。 迪斯尼加州冒险乐园, 1313 Harbor Blvd. 加利福尼亚阿纳海姆 好莱坞环球影城, 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California images0HGMBCWW --Around the city, Sydney Many of the city's iconic landmarks including the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Town Hall will be illuminated bright red during the festival. --悉尼,环市游 这座城市的很多标志性建筑像悉尼歌剧院、海港大桥以及市政厅都将在农历中国新年被点亮,焕发节日红红火火的喜庆色彩。 Chinese_new_year16 --Central London, London London claims to throw the biggest Chinese New Year party outside Asia. The day begins with a colorful Chinese parade that winds its way through the streets of the downtown West End district, followed by stage performances in Trafalgar Square. There are traditional dance troupes, acrobats, dragon and flying lion dances, opera and martial arts acts. And the celebration will ends with a fireworks spectacular. --伦敦中区 伦敦宣城今年将举办亚洲范围之外规模最大的中国年派对。 盛大的派对由色彩缤纷的中国巡游拉开大幕,游行队伍将蜿蜒穿过西区中心街道,随后在特拉法加广场将有舞台节目。涵盖了传统舞蹈、杂技、舞龙舞狮、戏剧和功夫表演。最后以壮观的烟火秀收尾。 londons-chinese-new-year1 --Quang Ba Flower Market, Hanoi, Vietnam One essential must-have for Vietnam's Lunar New Year, the most eye-catching bouquets (usually peach blossom or ochna integerrima, the bright yellow blossom favored during Tet) amid the whirr and screech of the city's ubiquitous motorcycles, all transporting bright bunches of flowers on their pillions. --越南河内Quang Ba鲜花市场 对于越南的农历新年来说,鲜花总是必不可少的(通常为桃花或金莲木,在Tet明黄色的花团总是受人欢迎)。在河内,摩托车呼啸着穿行而过,后座上无一例外地都会载上漂亮的花束,成为大街小巷一道赏心悦目的流动风景。
Ships at Saigon Flower Market at Tet, Vietnam
Ships at Saigon Flower Market at Tet, Vietnam
--Maggie Choo's, Bangkok Travelling in Bangkok, Maggie Choo's, a 1930s Shanghai-themed bar in the heart of Bangkok, is a great way to celebrate the Spring Festival in style. Maggie Choo's, 320 Silom Road Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand --曼谷Maggie Choo's酒吧 如果来到曼谷,不要错过了Maggie Choo's这家位于市中心的1930年代老上海主题风情酒吧,您可以在此别具型格地欢度农历新年佳节。 Maggie Choo's, 320 Silom Road Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand images699LRPW2 angela-signature2-a-moved-out-1

Our Time for celebration 我们的时刻

We all know Vancouver is a multicultural city, however Chinese culture is a huge influence in this city. I was so surprised that my daughter’s school perform a Chinese song for the Chinese New Year at their event. My daughter was so pour to help and teach her classmates to sing the song, although she is  not really versed to sing in Chinese. 众所周知,温哥华是个多文化汇聚的城市,然而,中国文化对这座城市发挥了举足轻重的影响。令我很惊讶的是,我女儿的学校就在春节联欢会上教孩子们唱中国歌。我女儿自然很骄傲,做起了小老师,帮着教唱,尽管她的中文也不说的怎么样。 Celebration 02 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7126 IMG_7127 During our Chinese New Year festival, The Chinese theater musical “Mulan” is touring West Canada from Vancouver to Victoria and Nanaimo . The story of “Mulan” is a classic Chinese story known around the world. The theatrical musical combines the Chinese cultural values of love, justice, loyalty and filial duty into on epic story. 在新春佳节里,中国传统戏剧“木兰”在西加拿大巡回上演,从温哥华一直到维多利亚和纳奈莫。“木兰”这一中国古代经典故事早就在世界范围传颂。这出戏剧将爱、公正、忠诚和孝道这些中国文化价值结合到了这一传世故事中。 mmexport1455652894606 I had a chance to see the sneak peak preview of the “Mulan” drum percussion performance at a Fashion boutique on Chinese New Year shopping night and It was amazing! I really appreciate how our culture embraces each other. 我有机会在中国新年时尚购物之夜一睹“木兰”中的击鼓表演,演出棒极了!我很感慨在温哥华我们中华文化竟然能如此和谐地相互吸纳包容。 mmexport1455652484875 mmexport1455392505593 Celebration 04 One my friends even told me every year her daughter’s elementary school will organize with the Chinese parents to provide 5000 dumplings as hot lunch for their Chinese New Year school event. 我的一位朋友甚至还告诉我,每年她女儿所在的小学都会组织与中国家长一起制作5000个饺子作为整个学校的午餐,为他们的节日校园活动助兴。 Celebration 03 _DSC2076 The world  embraces Chinese culture and keeps a close eye on China. Let’s celebrate our wonderful global citizen life. 如今全球都在拥抱中国文化,都在密切地关注中国的发展。让我们共同欢庆我们精彩的世界公民生活。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Angela’s pick: Chinese New Year Praying Destination-Whistler & Happy Chinese New Year! 中国新年登高祈福目的地-Whistler 恭祝大家猴年大吉!

We have a family tradition in our family during Chinese New Year. We climb high as we believe this is good luck as we move to higher place to see far ahead of the prosperous year ahead. Herewith my wishes to your prospective Monkey year! 在我家,中国新年都有这样的家庭传统。我们会登高远眺,因为登到高处就能够遥望到已然将 的丰收新年,这在我们看来是一种吉祥如意的好兆头。在此我恭祝大家猴年大吉! Whistler 01 cq5dam.web.637.358 This year, my family selected Whistler as our New Year praying destination. My partner of Antigua Investing program is Replay Resorts who are the visionaries of resorts developing expert. I’ll go over what the Replay Resorts experience is like. 今年,我和我的家人选择Whistler作为我们的新年祈福之地。我们安提瓜投资项目的合作方Replay Resorts恰巧是度假村开发的梦想家。乘此度假之际,我这就去感受下Replay Resorts传授给我的耳闻目染的真切体验。 4 Whistler 02 Whistler is annual winner of Best Ski Resort in North America for 2016 and 2014. They are also the winner of Best Ski Destination in 2015, 2013’s World’ Greatest Ski Resorts, and 2012 Best Hotels and Resorts of the Americas. It is the greatest luxury winter vacation destination. Whistler是2016和2014北美年度最佳滑雪度假村的得主。此外,他们也在2015、2013、2012年将最佳滑雪胜地、世界最佳滑雪度假村、美洲最佳酒店及度假村的奖项收入囊中。所以Whistler是您选择度过冬季假期的奢华目的地。 whistler-blackcomb-ski-resort 3 Located in the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia, two hours north of Vancouver, Whistler is Canada’s favourite year-round destination. There’s two majestic gold courses, unbeatable shopping, restaurants, and bars, accommodation to suit every budget, hiking trails, spas, and the best mountain bike park in the world. This place is a pure indulgence for everyone. 坐落在英属哥伦比亚景色宜人的Coast山脉,温哥华向北两小时车程,Whistler是加拿大人喜爱的全年休暇地。这里有两座非凡的高尔夫球场,无可比拟的购物场所,还有酒店、酒吧、适合各种消费需要的住宿,徒步小道,水疗,以及全球最棒的山地自行车公园。这里绝对可以让每个人各得其乐沉浸其中。 1 ADIP116421 Whistler 03 With many people’s expectation and to meet everyone in my family’s needs, Whistler is the perfect match. We are surrounded by beautiful nature, and you can ski all day and sit by the fireplace all night. Whistler is a true magical combination of snow and fire. 这里可以满足全家人的需要,Whistler是万众期待的完美的地方。身处美丽的自然景色中,白天您可以尽情滑雪,晚上则能坐在火炉边度过良宵。Whistler奇妙地将白雪和炽焰神奇地结合在了一起。 8 Whistler 04 And from then on, I dream about the Antigua resort program where another perfect destination awaits: a place where you can sail around the ocean and into your own backyard. 现在,我开始憧憬起我们的安提瓜项目,那里一定会是处完美的度假胜地:想象那种扬帆起航、徜徉无尽大海之时,又日落西时收帆返家、静静驶向自家后院港湾的美秒体验。 Whistler 05 7 I have no doubt in my mind that Replay Resorts will capture the magic of ocean and sailing in Antigua as they captured Whistler’s spirit of snow and fireplace. How exciting! 我能确信无疑,Replay Resorts能牢牢把握住安提瓜汪洋和航海的魔力,正如Whistler抓住了白雪和炉火的精髓。多么叫人激动啊! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

A joyful shopping journey for Chinese new year 春节愉快采购之旅

I love Vancouver. Living here has been absolutely wonderful. We have clean air and food! It’s amazing and has absolutely no difficulties living in Canada even when you don’t speak English. 我喜欢温哥华。住在这里别提有多精彩了。这里有清新的空气和洁净的食物!即便您一点也不会讲英语,生活在加拿大也不会遇到丝毫困难。 Chinese shopping 07 Chinese shopping 06 As Vancouver embraces multicultural events, Chinese New Year is a huge celebration here in Vancouver as well. 温哥华吸纳了世界多元文化,所以中国新年在温哥华始终上演着一场大狂欢。 Chinese shopping 02 Chinese shopping 03 Like every other year, I always to go the Chinese Shopping centre, Yaohan, to purchase the items for the coming Chinese New Year. There is Osaka Supermarket and T&T which will provide you with anything and everything you are looking for. 每年的这个时候,我都会去华人购物中心,八佰伴,为接下来的新春佳节采购年货。在大阪超市T&T大统华 ,您几能买齐任何您想要的东西。 Chinese shopping 20 The store is filled with traditional New Year decoration and the atmosphere is filled with celebration. This shopping has been a real joyful experience. 各种新年传统饰品在这里应有尽有,空气中洋溢着浓浓的喜庆年味,让购物都成为一种过年的愉悦而激动的体验。 Chinese shopping 04 Firstly, I bought lots of snacks that were specifically for Chinese New Year. I was so excited that I even found my hometown desert. 一进来,我就买了很多春节特色小吃,看到货架上陈列着自己家乡的甜点,我感到无比兴奋。 Chinese shopping 21 You can find delicious Hong Kong style chicken and BBQ pork! 您还能在此找到美味的港式烧鸡和烧腊! Chinese shopping 22 Even I found local sockeye salmon sushi, wild lobster, the famous king crab, and other seafood and meats! 此外,也不乏本地三文鱼寿司、野生龙虾、有名的帝王蟹,以及其他各类海鲜和肉类! Chinese shopping 05 Chinese shopping 08 Chinese shopping 11 They were top of the quality and freshest food you could find. 这些生鲜品质绝佳,您打着灯笼都找不到如此新鲜的食材。 Chinese shopping 14 Chinese shopping 16 Chinese shopping 13 In Canada, not only do we have access to traditional Chinese products but you have an advantage of using many ingredients from other countries too! 在加拿大,您不仅能采办到传统中国商品,就连其他国家出产的原料都能一网打尽,满足您的各式需求。 Chinese shopping 15 DSC09608 (2) Chinese shopping 19 Chinese shopping 18 Chinese shopping 12 With so much option for food, this year is going to be the best Chinese New Year yet! 有了如此丰富的食品选择,今年的春节还不会是最好的一个么! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Chinese New Year – Chinese Red 中国年 – 中国红

Happy Chinese New Year! With the Chinese New Year coming soon, I am so excited to decorate my home with red atmosphere. Decorating and celebrating Chinese New Year reduces my homesickness and gives me a magic feeling that I have travelled to China in matter of seconds! 给您拜年了!春节快乐!伴着春节的节奏已经临近,我已按捺不住激动之情把自己的家也装点得红红火火。给我家换上节日盛装来欢庆佳节稍稍缓解了我的思乡之情,让我有种瞬息之间穿越回中国的感觉! Chinese Red 04 Chinese Red 05 Chinese Red 02 As a Chinese descendent, I cannot resist the temptation of Chinese red. I’ve been buying a lot of New Year celebration accessories. 作为华裔移民,我始终抵挡不住对中国红的热爱。我已添置了不少新年装饰品。 Chinese Red 12 My home has been painted with Chinese New Year decorations and I am eager to get started on the celebrations! 春节将至,我想也应景地张灯结彩起来,我都迫不及待投入到节日的欢天喜地了! Chinese Red 11 It is a must to have “Goat” strap and “Golden Mandarin” as that is a typical New Year trademark in Vancouver for those from Hong Kong. 羊年挂饰和金桔盆栽也是必不可少的,对于来自香港的移民来说,这些都是温哥华新春佳节的标志。 Chinese Red 09 Chinese Red 03 Chinese Red 06 This New Year, I wish for nothing but to become a complete global citizen and share this amazing tradition. 这个新年,我只有一个愿望,希望能完完全全地融入全球生活,做一个地地道道的全球公民,分享令人激动的文化传统。 Chinese Red 07 With the new Chinese gowns, even the trees become more attractive! 换上了中式新装,连这些绿色植物也格外动人! _DSC9285 _DSC9292 How are you decorating your places? 您打算怎样装扮您的空间呢? Wishing you an amazing celebration of the New Year! 愿您度过一个别样精彩的新年! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

The fundamental principle of classical Feng Shui 传统风水的基本原理

I met with Marlyna Los, the Feng Shui Master to discover more about Feng Shui and to understand the fundamental classical Feng Shui concepts during her visit with my friend. Marlyna Los是一名风水大师。在她拜访我朋友时,我结识了她,并对风水学说有了更进一步的探知,了解了传统风水的一些基本要义。 Feng Shui2 08 Feng Shui is a worldly known Chinese philosophy system that connects the surrounding environment and the influence it has on daily life. She explained the concept of energy, harmony and balance of classical Feng Shui, which includes Qi, Yin and Yang, the Five elements, and the eight trigrams, known as Bagua. 风水是举世闻名的中华哲学体系,该体系将周遭环境与其对日常生活的影响联系在了一起。她阐释了传统风水中有关能量、和谐、及平衡的一些概念,其中就涵盖了气,阴阳,五行,和八卦。 Feng Shui2 07 Qi (pronounced “chee” in English) is the key energy. This is the movement of the negative and positive energy, which plays a foundation role for Feng Shui. For your home, it’s the structure, age, surrounding environment, slope of the land, and quality of soil to maximize your Qi. 气(英语发音为“chee”)为本源。负能量和正能量的运化产生气,气是风水学说的根基。对于您的家宅而言,它的结构、房龄、周围环境、土地斜度和土壤质量都能强化您的气。 Feng Shui2 05 Feng Shui image 02 Feng Shui2 03 Yin and Yang discusses the polarity. Yin describes feminine energy and Yang describes the masculine energy. The harmony of these two is essential role for creating a balanced life. Think of this concept as push and pull. These factors are interdependent that one cannot exist without the other and provides a support and nourishment. For your home, you want both soft and feminine energy as well as strong and masculine energy to provide a balanced energy home. Your bedroom and bathroom, a place of relaxation should contain Yin where your home office, kitchen should have Yang. 阴和阳关乎两仪。阴代表女性能量,而阳代表男性能量。两仪的和谐是构建平衡生活的必要因素。您可以将之想象为推与拉的关系。两种因素相生相依,一方给予另一方支持和滋养,一方不复则另一方不存。论及您的家庭,则您既需要阴柔的能量也需要阳刚的力量来维系平衡。您的卧房和卫生间,这些用于歇憩的地方,应包含阴,而书房、厨房则应包含阳。 Feng Shui image 07   The Five elements describe energy of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These five elements interact between each other, which describes a life cycle. Feng Shui use the Five elements to describe the change of Qi. WOOD presents a growing force - colours: Green and Brown FIRE is radiant, moving and expanding energy – colousr: Red, Orange, Purple, and Pink EARTH attracts and is a consolidating, stable force – colousr: Yellow, Sand, or Light Brown METAL is a contracting and condensing force – colours:. White and Gray WATER represents spreading and penetrating energy, anything that flows – colours: Blue and Black 五行分指木、火、土、金、水。这五个要素相互作用,描绘了生命的循环往复。风水正是运用五行元素来描述气的转变。 代表了生长的力量 - 颜色:绿色和棕色 为发光、耀动、扩散的能量 – 颜色:红色、橙色、紫色和粉色 象征了巩固、稳定的力量 – 颜色:黄色、沙色或浅棕色 为收缩凝结的力量 – 颜色:白色和灰色 代表了散播和穿越的能量,一切流动的东西 – 颜色:蓝色和黑色 Feng Shui2 11 Bagua is eight trigrams to determine the energy of your space. It is a map of your home that guides you which part of your home is connected with areas of your life. Marlyna explained that to understand your Bagua, you should have a compass reading of your home by a professional. After a reading, you would be able to determine which areas of your life that are affected by each different Feng Shui of your home affects. 八卦决定了您空间中能量的分布。它是您居室的布局图,指导您空间的哪一部分联通着您生活的哪一方面 。Marlyna补充说,要知晓您个人的八卦图,您需要一名专业人士为您测绘罗盘读数。随后,您即可决定您的生活将怎样受到运用在您家居的不同风水的作用。 Feng Shui2 12 Feng Shui2 09 Marlyna Los explained that all of Feng Shui could have an influence your life. Looking at these factors will help determine the importance of the location of your home and interior of you home. Marlyna Los解释风水学说中的所有因素都会对您的生活产生作用。研究这些因素能帮助您定夺住宅选址和居所布局。 Feng Shui2 06 It was interesting to hear about the influence of energy and the cultural influence it has at our home. 能听到能量及文化对我家庭影响的一番指点,我觉得很有意思。 Wishing all of you a harmonious and happy home. 愿您有一个和谐幸福的家。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out