Enchanted elf in summer Whistler 夏日惠斯勒的魔法小精灵

Who can resist fine wine, food and beautiful scenery? C'est la vie!


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Welcome to beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. TCT team are honored to hosting you at the Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar in whistler “Enchanted elf  in summer Whistler”  - Best of nearby Fields, pastures and pristine Waters.

欢迎来到加拿大卑诗省美丽的的惠斯勒。《茶非茶》团队-您的私人管家,荣幸为您准备夏日惠斯勒的迷人魔力,带您领略“夏日惠斯勒魔法小精灵”-Araxi餐馆生蚝酒吧- 最棒的田野、牧场和纯净的水源。 The culinary cornerstone in the heart of Whistler Village, Araxi enjoys a long held international reputation for excellence in food, wine and hospitality. In 2017, the restaurant received accolades from both local and national presses - Vancouver Magazine’s Best Whistler Restaurant, Where Magazine’s Best Formal Whistler Restaurant, and Top 100 Best Restaurants in Canada.

作为惠斯勒中心地带的厨艺支柱,Araxi因其食物、酒水和服务的上乘而誉满世界。2017年,餐馆收到了来自本地和全加拿大媒体的赞誉 – 温哥华杂志之“最佳惠斯勒餐馆”,Where杂志“惠斯勒最佳正餐餐馆”,以及加拿大顶尖100家餐厅。 Food-食物 The philosophy at Araxi is defined by a commitment to quality – and the promise of the excellence of select local ingredients, creative flavours, aromas and textures delivered to each of guests.

Araxi的理念是质量为上 – 保证精挑细选当地优质有机食材,配上创意的调味,把最好的香味和口感呈现给每一位食客。 Chef-主厨 One of the country’s leading chefs, cookbook author and “farm-to-table” pioneer,  James Walt, his impressive culinary career spans across several of British Columbia’s leading restaurants including a four-year tenure at Sooke Harbour House and as opening chef to sister restaurant Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver. James was also Executive Chef to the Canadian Embassy in Rome, Italy; an experience that helped shape the way he cooks today.

James Walt头顶诸多光环:加拿大头牌厨师、撰有烹饪手册,也是“农场至餐桌”的倡导人。他金光闪闪的厨师生涯遍布了卑诗省多家知名餐厅,包括在Sooke Harbour餐馆担任开业主厨4年的经历,以及在姐妹餐馆温哥华Blue Water从业的经历。James也是加拿大驻意大利罗马大使馆的行政总厨;所有这些履历都帮助塑造了他今天的烹饪成就。 Wine-酒水 With a focus on value and diversity, Araxi's wines are sourced both locally and from around the world. Our collection is now comprised of over 11,000 bottles, with over 1,000 different labels – and widely regarded as one of the best selections in the province.

注重品质和多样性,Araxi的酒水既采自本地,也有从世界各地搜罗而得。餐厅目前藏有逾11,000瓶美酒,有超过1,000种不同的酒标 – 被认为是全省最棒的酒藏。

All wines are stored in temperature-controlled cabinets – with many on display in the Bar and in our private wine room. The wine list is updated daily, with a broad selection of dessert wine, port, and grappa.

所有的酒品都储藏在温控柜内 – 其中诸多摆在吧台,还有一些藏在私人酒室。酒单每天更新,甜品酒、波特酒、格拉帕酒,应有尽有。 Longtable Dinner series 长桌晚餐会 British Columbia’s most unique, compelling and ambitious al fresco dining experiences – the Araxi Longtable Dinner Series – will continue in 2017. Mark your calendar for August 20th for the 7th Annual Araxi Longtable Dinner.

经由精心筹划,卑诗省最独一无二、不可抗拒的露天餐饮体验 – Araxi长桌晚餐 – 在2017年仍然继续。空出8月20号这天,来参加第七届Araxi年度长桌晚餐吧。 Nestled under Mount Currie at the picturesque North Arm Farm in Pemberton BC, guests will enjoy a cocktail reception and a four-course, family-style menu crafted by Executive Chef James Walt. Sommelier Samantha Rahn selects the best of wine pairings from British Columbia’s top producers with service orchestrated by renowned Restaurant Director Neil Henderson.

坐落在卑诗省Pemberton风景如画的North Arm农场,在Currie山的怀抱下,宾客们可以加入到鸡尾酒会,并享用到由James Walt作为行政总厨创作的四道家庭式菜单。还挑选了来自卑诗省顶级酿造商的上好美酒来与美食相映,在知名餐厅总监Neil Henderson的管理下,服务也井井有条。 THE 2017 ARAXI LONGTABLE DINNER IS SOLD OUT!

2017 ARAXI 长桌晚餐会已告售罄!

The world without Canada – Happy Canada 150! 倘若世界没有了加拿大-150岁生日快乐!

2017 marks a significant moment for the History of Canada. 150 years ago, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – united to create the Canadian Confederation, called the Dominion of Canada. On the account of the British North America Act that became law on July 1st 1867, the previous British colonies would be recognized as an independent nation. In the years that followed, the other provinces and territories joined the Dominion, making todays Canada "a mari usque ad mare" ("from sea to sea"). 2017年标志着加拿大历史的重要一刻。时光倒流到150年前,魁北克、安大略、新布伦维克和新斯科舍四省合并为联邦,称为加拿大自治领。得益于1867年7月1日颁发的英属北美法案,这些英属殖民地独立国的身份得到了认可。此后几年,其他省份和地区纷纷加入自治领,加拿大由此成为了一个“从海到海”幅员辽阔的国家。 On the 150th anniversary of Canada, the world is coming to celebrate and explore Canada's impact and influence to the modern world. Let's get together to be more involved in Canada's glory and  to shared values, Canada's achievements, environment and Canada's place in the world. 时值加国成立150周年,全世界都为这个国家庆生,探索加拿大对现代世界的影响和意义。让我们共同分享加拿大的荣耀和价值观,她的成就、环境和世界地位值得我们深入为之倾心。 Imaging Canada's physical, intellectual and historical achievements suddenly gone.... leaving an unsettled and chaotic world, a huge question will be emerged immediately: What will happen if the world without Canada?  So let's speak out loudly " THANK YOU CANADA!" 想象一下假使哪天加拿大在实业、文化和历史上的这些功绩忽然被抹去……世界将陷入不安和混乱的状态,一个不容忽视的问题将立刻浮出水面:倘若没有加拿大,世界将变成什么样?让我们大声说一句“谢谢加拿大!” Sourcing from: Thankyoucanada.history.ca


That was the year Canadian physician Frederick Banting and medical student Charles H. Best discovered the hormone insulin in pancreatic extracts of dogs. On July 30, 1921, they injected the hormone into a diabetic dog and found that it effectively lowered the dog's blood glucose levels to normal.

那年是加拿大医生Frederick Banting和医学生Charles H. Best,造福全世界的一年-他们发现了胰岛素。 1921年7月30日,他们将胰岛素注射到患糖尿病的狗,发现胰岛素有效地将狗的血糖水平降低到正常水平。 


With a deaf mother and wife, Scottish-born Canadian scientist Alexander Graham Bell discovered  that sound, and the vibration it makes, travels in waves. He turned that principle into an invention that would change the way we communicate: the telephone.
苏格兰出生的加拿大科学家亚历山大·格雷厄姆·贝尔(Alexander Graham Bell),他的母亲和妻子都是聋哑人,他最终发现声音和它所产生的振动,可以随着波段传输。 他把这个原则变成了一种改变世界沟通方式的发明:电话。
GAS MASK - 防毒面具
When the Germans unleashed poison gas on Allied troops in WWI the effects were devastating. But Newfoundlander Canadian Cluny MacPherson quickly devised a mask that could neutralize the gas and save thousands of lives. 当德国人在第一次世界大战中释放毒气时,效果是毁灭性的。 但是,纽芬兰加拿大人Cluny MacPherson很快就设计了一个可以中和天然气、和挽救数千人生命的防毒面具。

GANDER 9-11 - 911之后的加拿大小镇GANDER

When American airspace was closed in the wake of 9-11, dozens of flights were diverted to Gander, a small town in Newfoundland Canada. The town of Gander came together to offer stranded travels from around world a hand in friendship. 当美国空域在9-11之后关闭时,数十班航机被转移到加拿大纽芬兰省的一个小镇GANDER。 小镇倾尽全力为世界各地的旅行者提供了帮助和友谊。


A foghorn is a fog signal that uses sound to warn vehicles of navigational hazards, or boats of the presence of other vessels, in foggy conditions. Invention can from Robert Foulis Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He heard his daughter playing the piano-but only the low notes. The sound inspried a life-saving creation: the foghorn. 雾号是一种雾气信号,在雾状态下使用声音来警告船只的导航危险,或其他船只存在位置。 发明来自于加拿大新不伦瑞克省的Robert Foulis Saint John。 他在听女儿弹钢琴的时候,捕捉到了低音,就是这个低音带来了一个救命的创作:雾号。


After getting lost in the woods, Canadian geologist Donald Hings resolved to create a portable communication device. Nearly 85 years later his Walkie Talkie is still being used around the world. 加拿大地质学家Donald Hings在森林中迷失之后,决定创建便携式通讯设备。 近85年来,他的对讲机仍然在世界各地使用。


Not satisfied with the limitations of traditional batteries, Canadian chemist Lew Urry invented a new kind of alkaline battery, the one that kept on going and going.... 不满足传统电池的局限性,加拿大化学家Lew Urry发明了一种新型的碱性电池,持续时间更长。


A medieval-era, stone-throwing game called " Duck on a Rock" inspired Canadian James Naismith to invent the game of basketball.
一个中世纪时代的石头投掷游戏叫做“鸭子摇滚”,启发了加拿大的詹姆斯·奈史密斯(James Naismith)发明了篮球。

Joseph-Armand Bombardier was a French-Canadian inventor and businessman, and was the founder of Bombardier. His most famous invention was the snowmobile. He was inspired by personal tragedy and created a vehicle that could travel even in the harshest Canadian winter. He changed the lives of snow-bound people everywhere.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier是法国加拿大的发明家和商人,并且是庞巴迪的创始人。 他最着名的发明是雪地车。 他是受到个人悲剧的启发,从而创造出了一种在加拿大最极端恶劣的冬天旅行的车辆。 他改变了无处不在被大雪困扰的人们的生活。


For the visually impaired, there were few books available to read in braille before 1972. Converting text into braille was a long, painstaking process. But Canadian Roland Galarneau was determined to change that, and after a decade of work, he created the world's first computerized braille conversion system and changed the lives of millions.

对于视力障碍者,在1972年之前,几乎没有书籍可以阅读盲文。将文字转换成盲文是一个漫长而艰苦的过程。 但加拿大的Roland Galarneau 却决心改变,经过十年的工作,他创造了世界上第一台电脑盲文转换系统,改变了数百万人的生活。


For thousands of years chocolate has been enjoyed in many forms, but it wasn't untill 1910 that Canadian chocolatiers created North American's first individually wrapped chocolate bar.



Before the USA entered WWII the Allies needed a place to covertly train Americans and Canadians i the art of espionage. The chose a secret location on the shires of Lake Ontario and Camp-X became the first spy training school in North America.

A glimpse of New York 纽约惊鸿一瞥

After Miami, I had a chance to stop by New York. New York opened up my eyes once more. Little glimpse of New York always captures my eyes and my taste buds. 离开迈阿密之后,我有机会取道纽约。纽约再一次让我叹为观止。在纽约,即便惊鸿一瞥,也总能抓住我的眼球,唤醒我的味蕾。 4i0a3619 4i0a3597 4i0a3596 New York before Christmas is quiet, profound, and abstruse. There is always something artistic and beautiful in a busy major city. 圣诞前的纽约安详、深沉、仿佛奥妙难测。在这样一个忙碌的大都市里,却从不乏艺术的美好气息。 4i0a3581 4i0a3612 I love living in North America. Being able to enjoy Vancouver’s nature, New York’s meritoriousness, Miami’s romance. What a life this is. You can’t miss it. 我喜欢在北美居住生活。既能享有温哥华的自然资源,也能呼吸纽约的大都会吸气,感受迈阿密的浪漫风情, 北美的很多地方,绝对不容您错过。 4i0a3823 4i0a3656 EB5 program will be extended to April 2017 so I sincerely encourage all of you to make the bold decision and enjoy the life in North America. EB5项目确认将延期到2017年4月,因此我想热切地鼓励你们所有人做出大胆的决断,一起来享受北美的精彩生活。 4i0a3655 Migrate to USA that equals a travel free life between USA and Canada, where a life is friendly, healthy, inclusive, and energetic. 移民到美国,您就可以来一场美加之间畅通无阻的旅行。友好、健康、包罗万象又充满活力的北美生活唾手可得。 4i0a3628 Come and experience your freedom. 快来亲身感受属于您的自由吧!

The Trump effect: The Impact of the US Presidential Campaign 特朗普效应:美国总统选举的影响

On the eve of Remembrance Day,  the shocking result of American election still in most of the people's mind. 阵亡将士纪念日的前夜,美国大选尘埃落定,结果让很多人为之震惊。 remembrance-day-images _dsc9480 donald_trump_6905693 Maybe the whole world did not expect such result and with this everyone is looking to Canada as an escape....even our Immigration and Citizenship website was flooded with a huge increase in traffic during the election night. With US new president's unpredictability, I think many fear the unknown 也许全世界都没有想到这样的结果,更让人惊讶的是选举当晚加拿大移民局的网站因为浏览急速剧增而一度瘫痪,也许每个人都迫切地想到加拿大来避一避。美国新总统的性情令人捉摸不定,我想大多数人害怕的正是这种未卜的未来。 website-jpg-size-custom-crop-1086x654 canada-trump-hed-2016 _dsc9740 Everybody thinks different. Respect what the world is. Life needs backup since impossible is possible.
每个人都有不同的观点和思考, 我们不如尊重个人、尊重世界。 但是,有时候 生活的确需要一个后备,特别是在不可能变得无所不能时。
Times like this is a reminder to be grateful for those around us and the opportunities around us, like the opportunity of our Antigua Passport opportunity.
这样的时代环境更提醒了我们要好好感恩身边人,照顾好家人,传承好家族的荣耀和财富,把握手上的机遇,就像我们的安提瓜护照良机。 mmexport1473920050904 010 With a small investment, this is a time to embrace having over 130 visa-free multiple passports and have peace of mind. This is the time to create back up plan for your family to keep extra close and safe. 只需一笔小小的投资,就能让您拥有全球免签130多个国家的护照身份,想逃离哪里就哪里,想去哪里说走就走;家人的健康和平安,财富的灵活和安全,一本安提瓜护照让您高枕无忧。是时候为家人做好后备方案了! 230 _dsc9456 Although I believe the world will be ok, it is always best to have extra insurance. And with Antigua’s beautiful calming scenery, wouldn’t you want to be a multiple citizen? 尽管我相信世界还是会平安无事,然而有多一重保险总没错。何况安提瓜风景美得让人心旷神怡,您还有什么不加入公民的理由吗? angela-signature2-a-moved-out

The bred-in-the-bone British commonwealth system 根深蒂固的英联邦国家体系

I like the novel of Love in a Fallen City by Eileen Chang as it captures a story about a beauty in the midst of tragedy. The whole city was destroyed, but  the love is still there! This is the bred-in-the-bone love and faith! 喜欢张爱玲的小说《倾城之恋》,一个动乱悲情战时中矢志不渝的爱情故事。整个城市都毁灭了,爱还在!那是渗入到血液中根深蒂固的爱和信念! img_7679 cm20130524_144431_613184_f820e55818a7e2833e9b6f68a08df335260 I had ever traveled to UK, Australia, Singapore, and I specially explored and investigated in Antigua for our Antigua investment and passport project. I see the excellence of these countries and the profound influence of British Commonwealth system. 我曾经去过英国、奥地利、新加坡,我也特地为我们在安提瓜的投资及护照入籍项目进行过实地探究和考察。我看到了这些国家的卓越之处以及英联邦体制对他们的深刻影响。 dsc00355 img_0849 Now I have been living in Canada over 10 years, and this summer was the first time in 10 years I had visited Hong Kong. It was another reminder of the power of British Commonwealth system, and I admire this advanced and comprehensive national system heritage. This system has made all of these countries, a place of class and advanced economy for all of their citizens throughout generations. 现在我一直生活在加拿大已10年有余,这个夏天我又一次去拜访了阔别10年的香港。那种英联邦体系的强大优势无时无刻都在提醒我,让我油然起敬,敬佩英联邦体系-这个卓越而完善的国家制度遗产。该系统使得很多英联邦国家跃居成为世界一流国家,发达的经济影响着国家世代国民。 178 img_7978 I believe this system has a bred-in-the-bone influence,which has lead to constant improvement and progress of the society and civilization. 我相信这个体系有着对国家根深蒂固的影响力,推动社会和文明的不断完善和进步。 img_8227 bde3e0d3ef4f03749b46d3dd833ac658 231 As a Canadian and an Antigua British Commonwealth citizen – how exciting it is to be a global citizen and to capture the glory and advantages benefiting from the bred-in-the-bone British Commonwealth system. 作为加拿大和英联邦安提瓜公民 - 这是多么令人兴奋的全球公民的身份,尊享受益于根深蒂固的英联邦体系的荣耀和卓越。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Female Athletes leading the way at Rio Olympic 2016 女性运动员正引领2016里约奥运会

2016 Rio Olympic was just over and our television has been taken over by the Summer Olympic in Rio. It is exciting to cheer for both Canada and China as a Global citizen. This year has been particularly interesting as there are so many female athletes who have represented and won medals! 2016里约奥运会结束没几天,最近我们的电视基本是被里约的奥运赛事霸占了的。作为世界公民,能为加拿大和中国两个国家的选手加油助威真让人高兴。今年,尤其有趣的现象是有许多女性运动员代表国家参赛并且赢得奖牌! 219 team-canada-rio-opening Makes-Us-Look-Like-Cheap-Waiters-The-Olympics-Dress-That-Has-Pissed-Off-Chinese-People-768x445 All first 10 medals won by the Canadian team has been won by women! From rugby, swimming, Trampoline and diving. The women have shown the world that there is nothing a girl cannot do. 加拿大首获得的10枚奖都由女性摘得!分别来自橄榄球、游泳、蹦床和跳水。这些女性向世界昭示没有什么是我们女人做不到的。
The Canadian women's 4x100-metre freestyle relay team celebrates their bronze medal finish at the 2016 Summer Olympics, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn
The Canadian women's 4x100-metre freestyle relay team celebrates their bronze medal finish at the 2016 Summer Olympics, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn
Wu Minxia and Shi Tingmao celebrate after securing the first diving gold medal of the Rio Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 7, 2016. Photo: Xinhua/Cao Can
60% of the Canada’s Olympic team was represented by women and there are 256 women and 160 men  athletes in the China Olympic team  How amazing to see the modern world embracing our female athletes when not long ago, all the athletes were men. 加拿大奥运代表团的60%是女性。现代社会如此包容女性,而就在不远的从前,运动员还只有男性,这是多么奇妙啊。 image
Canadian women's soccer team back-to-back Olympic bronze medals with 2-1 victory over host Brazil.
China won women's gold medal volleyball against Serbia on August 20, 2016, at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Watching the Olympics with the kids this year was especially inspiring for my little girl. She watched these amazing athletes and was inspired and influenced to become like them and to know that being a strong female is celebrated! 今年,和孩子们一起看奥运,对我的小女儿触动尤为大。她观摩这些了不起的运动员竞技的同时受到了鼓舞和影响,想要成为像她们一样的人。她也明白,做一个优秀的女性是可喜可贺的事! 1 057 And the men cheered on and supported their fellow female athletes! This is the kind of revolution that excites all of us to close the gender gap. 男人们也在一旁为他们的女性同伴运动员加油支持!这种变化让所有人都欢呼雀跃,时代正在缩小性别间的沟隙。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

More than149 reasons to love Canada! Happy Canada Day! 149个喜爱加拿大的理由!加拿大国庆快乐!

July 1st is a celebratory Canada Day! Happy birthday to 149 years old Canada! I love Canada. 7月1日是举国欢庆的加拿大国庆日!加拿大149岁生日快乐!我爱加拿大。 IMG_3576-副本 35 I still remember a very nice primary Reading book named "why I love Canada". It featured children’s own words and heart warming pictures, this special book was created by asking real children why they love Canada and combining their own words. It captured their love for this country and affection for Canada. 我依稀记得有一本小学读物《我爱加拿大的理由》。书里用的都是孩子们自己的语言还有让人暖心的图片,编者问孩子们为什么喜欢加拿大,然后把他们的理由编纂成书。所以这本书真正捕捉了孩子们对这个国家的喜爱之情。 0007921543 image2 636750872916063666 There was an article in Globe and Mail two years ago, which listed 147 reasons to love Canada. This article is close to my heart as it moves me like it did two years go and I complied my top 10. 《环球邮报》两年前曾刊登过一篇文章,上面列举了147个喜爱加拿大的理由。我被这篇文章深深地打动了,尽管已时隔两年,我仍然能例举我心目中的10大理由。 34 1.Our national anthem: “with glowing hearts” and “True North strong and free" and "We’re building a country together" 1. 我们的国歌:“怀着炽热的心” 、 “北国坚强而自由" 和 "让我们共同营建我们的祖国" avdsdsvfsd 2. Our raw natural landscape: the towering trees, the fresh water, the ancient rock and mighty wind 2.我们原始的自然风光:高耸的树木,清澈的水源,古老的岩石以及强劲的风。 3. The maple leaf on travellers’ backpacks from all over: They said nowhere – they were Americans who had discovered that showing the Canadian flag earned them special treatment. It’s about respect. It’s a fulfilling sense of pride and a great sense of identity. As a Canadian, we just know we live in the best country. 3.枫叶盖满了旅行者的背包:他们说没有地方像这里一样 – 美国人发现加拿大国旗给他们带来了特殊的优待。这关乎尊重,是一种自豪的履行和身份的认同。作为加拿大人,我们明白我们生活在最好的国家。 Hiker, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile 4. Gentle patriotism, Sometimes expressed with a bugle: There is a gentler patriotism more about the traits and qualities that inspire and encourage that we should never fail to embrace. Patriotism is about character, steel, spirit and being there to help. 4.高尚的爱国之情,温和的爱国精神有时更侧重于它的特性和品质,这种情感给我们的激发和鼓舞,我们从不拒之于外。爱国主义有关品性、坚毅和灵魂,一直给与我们帮助。 canada-day-flags 5. Our backyards: A reason to love Canada? We have amazing back yards 5. 我们的后院:也是让我们爱上加拿大的理由之一吗?我们有漂亮的后院 IMG_7937PoleEdited 6. Our water: clean, refreshing, and abundant water. 6. 我们的水:纯净,新鲜的充足水源。 7. The West Coast Trail: It is a coastal wilderness and has the reputation of being on of the most grueling treks in North America. It is extremely rewarding due to the spectacular scenery and unique setting. 7. 西海岸线步道:尚未开发的海岸享有北美最艰辛的徒步线路声誉之一。这里壮丽的风光和独特的景致绝对让你不虚此行。 7 8. Salmon: I like to serve a sauce that’s got washed shallots, Tabasco, Worcestershire, olive oil, chives, chervil, tarragon, parsley, and the secret ingredient is a good spoonful of ketchup. 8. 三文鱼:我喜欢一种酱料,用到洗净的大葱,Tabasco辣椒酱,Worcestershire酱,橄榄油,香葱,细叶芹,龙嵩,欧芹,其中的秘方是一定要加入一勺番茄酱。 9. Our children 9. 我们的孩子 88 10. Egg cartons: Invented in 1911 in Smithers, B.C., by Joseph Coyle. Replaced costly, impractical earlier practice of putting tiny helmets on eggs. 12 eggs = 12 provinces and territories. 10. 蛋盒:1911年由Joseph Coyle于Smithers, B.C.发明。替换成本低廉,比原先在鸡蛋上盖盖子实用多了。12个鸡蛋=12个省和地区。 image Happy-Canada-Day

Happy Canada Day!



Angela’s pick: Chinese New Year Praying Destination-Whistler & Happy Chinese New Year! 中国新年登高祈福目的地-Whistler 恭祝大家猴年大吉!

We have a family tradition in our family during Chinese New Year. We climb high as we believe this is good luck as we move to higher place to see far ahead of the prosperous year ahead. Herewith my wishes to your prospective Monkey year! 在我家,中国新年都有这样的家庭传统。我们会登高远眺,因为登到高处就能够遥望到已然将 的丰收新年,这在我们看来是一种吉祥如意的好兆头。在此我恭祝大家猴年大吉! Whistler 01 cq5dam.web.637.358 This year, my family selected Whistler as our New Year praying destination. My partner of Antigua Investing program is Replay Resorts who are the visionaries of resorts developing expert. I’ll go over what the Replay Resorts experience is like. 今年,我和我的家人选择Whistler作为我们的新年祈福之地。我们安提瓜投资项目的合作方Replay Resorts恰巧是度假村开发的梦想家。乘此度假之际,我这就去感受下Replay Resorts传授给我的耳闻目染的真切体验。 4 Whistler 02 Whistler is annual winner of Best Ski Resort in North America for 2016 and 2014. They are also the winner of Best Ski Destination in 2015, 2013’s World’ Greatest Ski Resorts, and 2012 Best Hotels and Resorts of the Americas. It is the greatest luxury winter vacation destination. Whistler是2016和2014北美年度最佳滑雪度假村的得主。此外,他们也在2015、2013、2012年将最佳滑雪胜地、世界最佳滑雪度假村、美洲最佳酒店及度假村的奖项收入囊中。所以Whistler是您选择度过冬季假期的奢华目的地。 whistler-blackcomb-ski-resort 3 Located in the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia, two hours north of Vancouver, Whistler is Canada’s favourite year-round destination. There’s two majestic gold courses, unbeatable shopping, restaurants, and bars, accommodation to suit every budget, hiking trails, spas, and the best mountain bike park in the world. This place is a pure indulgence for everyone. 坐落在英属哥伦比亚景色宜人的Coast山脉,温哥华向北两小时车程,Whistler是加拿大人喜爱的全年休暇地。这里有两座非凡的高尔夫球场,无可比拟的购物场所,还有酒店、酒吧、适合各种消费需要的住宿,徒步小道,水疗,以及全球最棒的山地自行车公园。这里绝对可以让每个人各得其乐沉浸其中。 1 ADIP116421 Whistler 03 With many people’s expectation and to meet everyone in my family’s needs, Whistler is the perfect match. We are surrounded by beautiful nature, and you can ski all day and sit by the fireplace all night. Whistler is a true magical combination of snow and fire. 这里可以满足全家人的需要,Whistler是万众期待的完美的地方。身处美丽的自然景色中,白天您可以尽情滑雪,晚上则能坐在火炉边度过良宵。Whistler奇妙地将白雪和炽焰神奇地结合在了一起。 8 Whistler 04 And from then on, I dream about the Antigua resort program where another perfect destination awaits: a place where you can sail around the ocean and into your own backyard. 现在,我开始憧憬起我们的安提瓜项目,那里一定会是处完美的度假胜地:想象那种扬帆起航、徜徉无尽大海之时,又日落西时收帆返家、静静驶向自家后院港湾的美秒体验。 Whistler 05 7 I have no doubt in my mind that Replay Resorts will capture the magic of ocean and sailing in Antigua as they captured Whistler’s spirit of snow and fireplace. How exciting! 我能确信无疑,Replay Resorts能牢牢把握住安提瓜汪洋和航海的魔力,正如Whistler抓住了白雪和炉火的精髓。多么叫人激动啊! angela-signature2-a-moved-out