The more I live in North America, the more I feel it is tough to bestow competiveness in young people in North America.The younger generation in North America is relaxed and has sense of enjoyment of life where in China many are bombarded with academics and pressure and they don't have time to enjoy the life. 在北美呆的时间越久,我越感到要在北美的年轻人心里培植起竞争意识是有多难。北美的年青一代总有自在随意的心态,太懂得享受生活;而在中国,多数年轻人都饱受学业和各种压力的狂轰滥炸。 2 So I think both are the same difficulty between to cultivate a highly competitive young people in North American and to culture a leisurely relaxing young people in China. I find that there needs to be a balance of opportunities and motivation for the better of the future. 我认为在北美培养一个高竞争性的年轻人,和在中国培养一个置身世外桃源的年轻人同样难度。我认为他们都需要某种程度的平衡,如给予他们机遇、动力,相信他们能通向更美好的未来。 5 4 That is the initial inspiration why I want to organize the summer camp, and then I selected the best sources to form our 1st "visas"  golf summer camp in China. North Americans can appreciate the freedom and various vivid life experience; where Chinese students can laid back the stress and enjoy the beauty of the world in summer holiday. We are offering summer camps at beautiful  Kingswan Golf Academy to promote this exactly. 这是我最初的灵感促使我举办夏令营,然后我选择了最好的资源组织了首届“汇加杯”美国精英大学高尔夫夏令营。 北美人很珍视他们所拥有的自由而乐于体验各种鲜活的生活;中国学生可以趁暑假很好地做做运动来排解压力,体会世界的多姿多彩。我们将在中国常州美丽的金沙湾高尔夫学院举办这次的夏令营活动,以更好地推行这样的模式。 d4bed9d3a39c18028ec502 e3049190e07101da674035db4c2a8416 This Summer Camp program started, as I know the only treasure we can provide our children is education, not the big house and the fancy cars. I will invite American top university golf coaches to be assembled in summer camp to provide unparalleled exposure to delegates.  Dedicated junior golfers will be provided with knowledge, insights and exposure. And this summer camp could be a great opportunity for young athletes who also want an education at an elite university. On the other hand, I want to instill an unfamiliar concept for many Chinese: Athletic scholarships are very effective to help young athletes to go to elite universities in North America.. 夏令营就是基于这样的理念发起的,因为我认为我们能传承给孩子们最好的绝非是豪宅名车,而是教育。我将邀请美国顶尖大学的高尔夫教练亲临夏令营营地,提供无与伦比的亲身授课,给高尔夫小球手将提供知识、见解和机遇。而这个夏令营也是给那些想进入美国精英大学的年轻运动员,一个无与伦比的机遇。在另一方面,我想灌输给中国学生不太熟悉的概念:在北美,体育奖学金是一个非常有效的帮助年轻运动员去名牌大学的途径。 0 I have known coach TJ Atley for a long time and she is an LGPA Life Member of the Teaching and Club Professional Division. She is a professional club fitter and club maker who specializes in USA and Canada University placements. 我认识TJ Atley教练已有好些年头,她是LGPA教学及俱乐部职业组终身会员。此外,还是一名专业的球杆适训者和制杆家,擅长美国及加拿大大学的升学指导。 _DSC5776-副本 I know the other top university coaches through coach TJ Atley. They are the current coaches of Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Yale and etc.. 通过TJ Atley,我还结识了其他顶尖学校的教练,他们目前都在哈佛、哥伦比亚、普林斯顿、耶鲁等等的美国精英大学执教高尔夫。 _DSC5808-副本 6 This is the best opportunity for you and your children that is waiting to be discovered. It is the best source of outstanding classic world-class guideline education, especially for Athletic scholarships. Your children might be captured by this opportunity and elite coaches, which will lead to a brighter future and a shortcut to elite universities. 这是您和您的孩子有待探索的最好机会。也是你们感受世界级优秀教育指向,尤其获得体育类奖学金的绝佳途径。您的孩子不定能得到美国精英大学教练的垂青,把握通向藤校学府的捷径,从此步入灿烂未来的康庄大道。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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