The confusion of why Harvard has no real entrance gate or why university of Toronto is in the heart of unban living circle or why Columbia locates at the New York's most cluttered Harlem area should be answered by now. Students are eagles who have opened their wings and circled up into the air.

As the North American universities start the freshmen enrollments, the advantages and the spirits of North America is becoming more lively. There’s a word I like to use to describe the university life in North America, which is “OPEN”.

What does OPEN mean for university life in North American education system? “开放式”对北美教育体系的大学生活意味着什么?
随着北美大学不断开始新生入学,北美大学的特色和优势也随之凸显出来,北美精神更鲜活瞩目。  有一个字可以描述北美大学的真正内涵,那就是“开放”。
The exposure to the open air and views, the welcoming environment, the open and accepting minds. The word OPEN is defined as to be exposed to the air or the view; to move or adjust to leave a space allowing access and view; unfold or be unfolded; spread out.

“开放”的定义就是:身处自由的氛围和开放的观念中;不断变化调整,留出可供接纳和探讨的空间;理念碰撞交融,不断扩展,真实生活在周围的环境中,去接触、去接受、或去改变。 OPEN is different from “LET GO” though as parents we must be trained to let go. As university students, they should have own abilities of judgment, control, independence and acceptance or rejection. Compared just living independently without parents' caring, these abilities are different and more important. If a child cannot be independent, they will have difficult time as they go on their own.

“开放”不同于“放下”,它让孩子自身更有掌控的能力,而不是从我们家长观点出发,所谓的学会放手。作为大学学生,孩子们理应有自己判断、控制的能力,能独立行事,也懂得接纳或拒绝。与没有了父母呵护的独立生活比起来,这些能力更为重要。如果孩子们没有这些能力,那么日后他们在自我发展中就会遇到困难。而这些能力的培养,“开放式”的大学生活正是最佳的历练环境和方式。 The OPEN education system of North American university is the cradle to train students these abilities, that is to put students into a real world connecting with people, communities, issues and life trivia. While doing academic study, they practice, learn, lessons and grow up, that might be more helpful to face the real world after graduation.

北美大学的“开放”教育体系和大学生活,就是培养学生们这些能力的摇篮,将学生放到一个与人和社会打交道的现实世界中,让他们活生生地面对生活的问题和琐碎。这样的教育和生活历练方式,比起单纯的苦读书,和象牙塔包围起来的单纯校园生活,对成长更为有效,也能帮助学生在毕业后更勇敢直面现实生活的挑战。 Students are eagles who should  open their wings and circled up into the air.

学生们如同雄鹰展翅,展开双翼在这片天空上自在地飞翔, 那是天性,英雄的本色。


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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