I’ve always been thinking about what kind of products and services touch and motivate people to became their essential necessities. Why do you want to immigrate to USA? Why do you want your children to have the best education? Why do you want a second passport? Why do you want to invest in overseas? 我常常思考这样一个问题,怎样的产品和服务最能触动人激发人, 从而成为他们的必需品。您为什么要移民美国?缘何想要给您的孩子最好的教育?又为何想要第二本护照?或在海外进行投资? 4I0A1679 All these questions have one common answer: for a better future for our family and ourselves. First of all, a products should be designed to become  an essential thing for people's necessity. Our programs and services provide you with the world of freedom and opportunities for you and your family legacy. 所有这些问题都归结为一个共同的答案:为了家人和自己更好的未来。所以,一个产品的设计首先必须是人们需求的必需品。我们的项目和服务就是帮助您实现自由和捕获机遇,为您和您的家人汇聚起全球契机, 家族传承。 unspecified Why do you want to immigrant to USA? We want everything for our children and their happiness. As visionary parents, we don’t want to let our children miss out on Ivy League education because of no US green card nor do we want them to go through the H1B competition. So we are here for your  to help you take precautions to find the solution. 为什么我们要移民美国?为了我们的孩子和他们的幸福,我们不惜力求一切。作为目光长远的家长,我们不想让自己的孩子仅仅因为没有美国绿卡而失去接受常春藤联盟学校教育的机会,也不想让他们因此加入到获准H1B工作签证的激烈竞争中。所以,我们在这里为您,帮助您未雨绸缪,抓住时机,以找到解决方案。 unspecified 1 Why do you want a second global passport while investing overseas?  We want our family to travel all over the world without any visa rejection and be able to move our capital without the restriction of Chinese foreign exchange control. Like investing in our Antigua resort, it is a great property and passport investment for your future and for your family. There are three points  are enough attractive and essentially benefited to you, that are No Capital gain tax, No inheritance tax and No global income tax. 为什么我们需要第二本护照? 又需要投资海外而获取高收益回报?我们希望我们的家人能任意到世界各地旅行而没有拒签的风险,我们也希望自己的资产可以随意流动而不受中国外汇管制的限定。正如投资我们的安提瓜度假酒店项目, 满足您投资和全球身份的双重需求。有三个要点是足够有吸引力,也是从根本上受益到你的,那就是安提瓜没有资本利得税,没有遗产税,没有全球所得税。 second-passport-freedom IMG_0838 Meanwhile, I hope you can be lucky to become first 125 applicants and receive your investment principle returned. 我衷心希望您将有幸成为首批125名申请人的一员,因为您会有幸在获得护照的同时拿回您的本金投资。 IMG_7256 unspecified 2 To design a product being an essential thing, to be a solution to those in need is our focus! What are you willing to do for your family? 要设计出一种产品是必不可少的东西,是给那些需要的人的解决之道,是我们的重点!您愿意为您和您的子孙后代付出些什么呢? angela-signature2-a-moved-out


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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