Since my daughter went off to USA San Fransic/San Jose to attend university, my flights between Vancouver, US, and China has become more frequent. It is so great that China Hainan Airlines has a new direct flight between Shanghai and  San Jose.  This is the first straight route from China to Silicon Valley USA.
自从我女儿启程前往美国旧金山硅谷读大学后,我在温哥华、美国和中国之间的往来就日益频繁。我惊奇的发现海南航空公司最新的航线尽然有上海直接到圣何塞的直航, 这是第一条中国直飞美国硅谷的直航路线。
Thankfully, the routes have become simple. USA now has 13 airlines servicing direct flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, and Atlanta, Washington, New York to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and the other major cities. There are even direct flights to Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, QingDao, and Changsha. In 2016, United Airlines even introduced a new direct route from San Francisco to Xi’an.
也真是谢天谢地,来往于中国和美国的航线越来越多,越来越方便。美国目前就有13家航空公司有通往中国的航线,设有从旧金山、洛杉矶、西雅图、休斯敦、芝加哥、底特律、亚特兰大、华盛顿、纽约北京、上海、广州的直飞。甚至还有到成都、武汉、南京、青岛、厦门长沙的直航。2016年,美国联合航空也已经开启旧金山-西安的全新直飞航线。   _dsc2311-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac tk4jsvl 2013020604090201016518 I was so surprised and happy to see major airlines offering direct routes to many cities in China. There are now 320 flights per week between the major cities in China and USA and the rate of flights have gone up 30% since last year. 看到主要航空公司纷纷提供到中国许多城市的直飞线路,我感到惊喜连连。如今,美国及中国大城市间的航班每周已达320班次,从2014年至今,这一运能以每年提升30%的速度,还在不断的发展。
So here is a simple guidance about China major airlines routes for your reference of the direct flights: 下面是简要的中国各大主要航空公司直飞美国航班情况,以供您参考: 11961828323287978600267621184
  • China Hainan Airlines中国海南航空公司  :
o   Shanghai to Boston上海-波士顿 o   Shanghai to Seattle上海-西雅图 o   Shanghai to San Jose/Silicon Valley上海-圣何塞/硅谷 o   To be added: Changsha to LA 即将加赠:长沙-洛杉矶
      • Air China 中国国际航空公司:
o   Beijing to NYC (55 flights per week) 北京-纽约(每周55班) o   Beijing to LA北京-洛杉矶 o   Beijing to San Francisco北京-旧金山
      • China Eastern Airlines中国东方航空公司:
o   Shanghai to LA上海-洛杉矶 o   Chengdu to LA成都-洛杉矶 o   Nanjing to LA南京-洛杉矶 o   Shanghai to Chicago上海-芝加哥 o   Qingdao to San Francisco青岛-旧金山
      • China Southern Airlines中国南方航空公司:
o   Guangzhou to San Francisco广州-旧金山 o   Guangzhou to LA广州-洛杉矶
      • China Xiamen Airlines中国厦门航空公司:
o   Xiamen to Seattle厦门-西雅图
With these direct flights, it is so much easier to visit and explore US and to become part of USA EM-5 investment immigration program. You can come travel and come join to be part of US with a low investment of $500K untill Dec. 9, 2016 that is the last golden rush chance. What are you waiting for? 有了这些直飞航班,往来于中国和美国之间简直太方便了,这当然也为美国EB-5投资移民计划注入了推波助澜的后勤力量。到今年的12月9日止,只需投资50万美元的EB5投资移民黄金时代,将是最后一季了,涨价势在必行,莫让您的一时犹豫,让自己白白多付上百万的代价。那您还在等什么? _dsc9739 img_7755 Chinese old saying : Vast Sky for Birds to soar!  This is where your children’s future is and you have the bravery to start a new beginning and settle down in a wonderful land of North America. 中国古话说的好:天高任鸟飞!这里蕴藏着您孩子的未来,请您鼓起勇气,踏足北美这片精彩的土地,开启全家崭新的精彩生活。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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