It is so very exciting to see the detailed outline about our Goh Ballet Summer camp! I am eager to share this with our potential applicants and have them join us this summer! 很高兴Goh芭蕾夏令营的详细方案已经出炉啦!我已迫不及待和有兴趣的申请人分享这些信息,希望这个夏天能看到你们的身影! Can Hon Goh - French table 03 I think this is an amazing opportunity and what an honour it is for us to provide the world-class art edification and training in the most beautiful city, Vancouver. The applicants are very lucky to have this opportunity to be taught by Ms. Chan Goh, an internationally recognized Ballerina. 这是一个非凡的良机,能在温哥华这样一座美好的城市提供给客人们世界级的艺术熏陶和训练,我们感到无比荣幸。申请人将有机会得到吴振红女士的亲自指点,吴女士是蜚声国际的芭蕾舞女演员。 Can Hon Goh - French table 09 Goh ballet summer camp 10 Can Hon Goh - French table 01 Goh ballet summer camp 09 Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary classes offer many benefits for body, mind, and coordination. The classes will offer students an invigorating, creative, and athletic outlet. 芭蕾、爵士 、 现代 的课程对身心和两者间的协调统一都大有益处。课程会让学员们神采奕奕、激发她们的灵感,塑造出健美体魄。 Can Hon Goh story 3 -  01 In Ballet, the participants will be placed in age and level appropriate classes where they will learn sequences from classical ballet repertoire. The teacher will set combinations and provide instruction to further develop appreciation of the art form and understanding of the steps. 在芭蕾课程中,学员们会按年龄和舞蹈基础划分班级,她们将跟随古典芭蕾演员学习系列舞步。老师将编排舞段,并提供进一步赏鉴芭蕾形式和理解舞步的指导。 Goh ballet summer camp 05 In Jazz class, students will be given several routines which they will piece together to formulate an original work performed to one of the most popular songs of today. 在爵士课程中,学员们可以学到一些基本的舞段,这些舞段可以组合成一支原创舞曲,搭配现今最流行的曲目进行表演。 Goh ballet summer camp 04 In Contemporary classes, students will learn the fundamental elements required in contemporary dance and focus on being grounded; they will build and work on core strength and body awareness projecting movement through weight distribution and organic coordination. 在现代舞课程中, 学员不仅学习现代舞的基本舞蹈元素,而且更注重于现代舞带来的精髓所在:学会如何通过身体各个部位的舒展和配合,来建造和掌握内心发出的心声和身体力量的相互呼应。 Goh ballet summer camp 03 There are also Musical Theatre training, an other important component of the program!! The ability to sing, dance and act are part of the dancer as a whole. Through musical theatre, they will be exposed to one of the most popular Broadway Musicals of all time where they will learn a dance sequence, song and explore characterization. 此外还有音乐剧培训,这也是该项目重要的组成部分之一!唱歌、舞蹈、表演共同成就一名舞者的灵魂。她们能全天候接触到百老汇风靡舞剧之一,从中学习舞段、演唱,探索角色的塑造。 Goh ballet summer camp 02 Beside all the afternoon outside activities, the program are offering English Classes as well. the classes will progressively teach students conversational English to enrich their Canadian experience. Students will have two hours of class time per day which will start them on a successful path to learning English as a second language. 除开所有下午的课外活动,夏令营项目还设有英语课程。课程会循序渐进地教授学生们日常会话英语以丰富她们的实地加拿大北美体验。每天两小时的针对化学习定能使她们踏上掌握英语为第二语言的成功大道。 Can Hon Goh story 3 -  10 This summer camp will provide the students an opportunity to expand their artistic expression, music appreciation, self-confidence, and body awareness! and there will be a Special Showcase for friend and family at the end of the 2 weeks summer camp. 通过此次夏令营活动,学员们有机会拓展她们的艺术表现力,音乐鉴赏力,提升自信心和灵活性!此外,在为期2周的夏令营临近结束时,还会举办汇报演出供家人及朋友们观摩。 Goh ballet summer camp 01 I specially assigned our Shanghai team and Vancouver team to take an exclusive tour of the Goh Ballet Academy and the City of Vancouver to ensure we have all of the first-hand information. 我还专门安排了我们上海和温哥华两地的团队独家考察了温哥华和Goh 芭蕾学院,确保所有取得的信息均为一手资讯。   Goh ballet summer camp 07 Goh ballet summer camp 08 Experiencing this camp themselves, our team will have all of the information to encourage you to join us at this world-class Goh Ballet Summer Camp in Vancouver! 亲自体验夏令营之后,我们的团队能给到您最全面的信息,鼓励您加入我们,加入到温哥华这次世界级的 Goh芭蕾夏令营盛会! Goh ballet summer camp 06 Wishing to see you this summer. 这个夏天,温哥华见。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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