"Snowing again, I am even more happy." said one of friend. She is a newly immigrated mom who settled down in Vancouver with whole family 3 months ago. While others were complaining and suffering from the snow, she felt so lucky and happy to have experienced the purest and whitest snow in Vancouver. “又下雪了,我感到更快乐了。”我的一位朋友这样说到。她是一名新移民妈妈,就在不久的三个月前举家搬到温哥华来。在别人为下雪苦不堪言抱怨连连的时候,她反倒庆幸能有这等幸运体验温哥华纯净洁白的雪。 "My kids have enjoyed playing in the snow as much as they want surrounded by  fresh and clear air under the No- smog blue sky. This felt like a new set of freedom we never experienced" These words came from her heart. “我的孩子们喜欢在雪里玩耍,尽享在没有雾霾的湛蓝天空下,被新鲜洁净的空气轻柔环绕的感受。就像我们从未享有过如此崭新的自由一般。”这些话都出自她的肺腑之言。 "I wish more snows, so that everyone in our family can create more memories together.  We can shovel snow together and have supper we have cooked together. This was never possible in China". She feels she is the happiest mom now as she is accompanied by all family members. It's hard in China for family spending  time together, since dad work late and children go to school early. In everyone's heart family should be the center of life and it is the key to eternal happiness. “我盼望着多下几场雪,让我们全家每个人拥有更多共同的回忆。我们可以一起铲雪,一起下厨做东西吃。这在中国是难以想象的。” 有全家人的陪伴,她感到此刻自己是世界上最幸福的妈妈。换了在中国,这份全家一起享受的简单快乐和欢聚却很难实现,因为孩子的爸爸下班晚,通常看到的是已经睡觉了的孩子,第二天早上孩子们则一早便要上学。其实在每个人心中,家庭才应该是生活的中心,是通往幸福的关键。 Come to North America where the family is the priority. But some things you have been insisting on? For example, your real estate properties in China have been in appreciation of value, that is what you are complacent and smug to stay in your own comfort zone.
来到北美生活吧,在这里人们的价值观便是家庭第一位。 可是,是不是有些事情你却还一直在坚持? 比如,你中国一直在升值的房产物业,我想这便是很多人沾沾自喜却又踌躇满志地留在自己的舒适区内,而迟迟不能再跨出一步的原因吧。
However, is it ironic that by law you actually only renting your real estate property for 70  years in China even you are the register owner of your house. But in North America the owner of the property freehold title to land. 然而可笑的是,依据中国法律,即便名义上您是房屋的主人,您却像个租客那样,暂住在您自己的房子里,因为您实际上也只享有您房产70年的“租赁权”。在北美则便是永久产权。 It's a long wait for the property value to increase however your real estate profit can help your family to get a better life, stay away from the smog and pressures. Be brave, it is the time to immigrate to USA before EB-5 increases their price. Take the opportunity, don’t waste any more time! Before you invest in anything else, why don’t you start investing towards a life that you deserve? 其实换言之,等待房产的升值一种浪费时间, 等待时间越长,您孩子吸的雾霾也就越多。不要把这升值的房价变成痛苦的代价。鼓起勇气吧,是时候在EB-5项目涨价前抓住时机移民美国了。把握机会,切莫浪费时间!与其另作投资,何不为您值得拥有的更美好生活下注?    


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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