July 1st is a celebratory Canada Day! Happy birthday to 149 years old Canada! I love Canada. 7月1日是举国欢庆的加拿大国庆日!加拿大149岁生日快乐!我爱加拿大。 IMG_3576-副本 35 I still remember a very nice primary Reading book named "why I love Canada". It featured children’s own words and heart warming pictures, this special book was created by asking real children why they love Canada and combining their own words. It captured their love for this country and affection for Canada. 我依稀记得有一本小学读物《我爱加拿大的理由》。书里用的都是孩子们自己的语言还有让人暖心的图片,编者问孩子们为什么喜欢加拿大,然后把他们的理由编纂成书。所以这本书真正捕捉了孩子们对这个国家的喜爱之情。 0007921543 image2 636750872916063666 There was an article in Globe and Mail two years ago, which listed 147 reasons to love Canada. This article is close to my heart as it moves me like it did two years go and I complied my top 10. 《环球邮报》两年前曾刊登过一篇文章,上面列举了147个喜爱加拿大的理由。我被这篇文章深深地打动了,尽管已时隔两年,我仍然能例举我心目中的10大理由。 34 1.Our national anthem: “with glowing hearts” and “True North strong and free" and "We’re building a country together" 1. 我们的国歌:“怀着炽热的心” 、 “北国坚强而自由" 和 "让我们共同营建我们的祖国" avdsdsvfsd 2. Our raw natural landscape: the towering trees, the fresh water, the ancient rock and mighty wind 2.我们原始的自然风光:高耸的树木,清澈的水源,古老的岩石以及强劲的风。 3. The maple leaf on travellers’ backpacks from all over: They said nowhere – they were Americans who had discovered that showing the Canadian flag earned them special treatment. It’s about respect. It’s a fulfilling sense of pride and a great sense of identity. As a Canadian, we just know we live in the best country. 3.枫叶盖满了旅行者的背包:他们说没有地方像这里一样 – 美国人发现加拿大国旗给他们带来了特殊的优待。这关乎尊重,是一种自豪的履行和身份的认同。作为加拿大人,我们明白我们生活在最好的国家。 Hiker, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile 4. Gentle patriotism, Sometimes expressed with a bugle: There is a gentler patriotism more about the traits and qualities that inspire and encourage that we should never fail to embrace. Patriotism is about character, steel, spirit and being there to help. 4.高尚的爱国之情,温和的爱国精神有时更侧重于它的特性和品质,这种情感给我们的激发和鼓舞,我们从不拒之于外。爱国主义有关品性、坚毅和灵魂,一直给与我们帮助。 canada-day-flags 5. Our backyards: A reason to love Canada? We have amazing back yards 5. 我们的后院:也是让我们爱上加拿大的理由之一吗?我们有漂亮的后院 IMG_7937PoleEdited 6. Our water: clean, refreshing, and abundant water. 6. 我们的水:纯净,新鲜的充足水源。 7. The West Coast Trail: It is a coastal wilderness and has the reputation of being on of the most grueling treks in North America. It is extremely rewarding due to the spectacular scenery and unique setting. 7. 西海岸线步道:尚未开发的海岸享有北美最艰辛的徒步线路声誉之一。这里壮丽的风光和独特的景致绝对让你不虚此行。 7 8. Salmon: I like to serve a sauce that’s got washed shallots, Tabasco, Worcestershire, olive oil, chives, chervil, tarragon, parsley, and the secret ingredient is a good spoonful of ketchup. 8. 三文鱼:我喜欢一种酱料,用到洗净的大葱,Tabasco辣椒酱,Worcestershire酱,橄榄油,香葱,细叶芹,龙嵩,欧芹,其中的秘方是一定要加入一勺番茄酱。 9. Our children 9. 我们的孩子 88 10. Egg cartons: Invented in 1911 in Smithers, B.C., by Joseph Coyle. Replaced costly, impractical earlier practice of putting tiny helmets on eggs. 12 eggs = 12 provinces and territories. 10. 蛋盒:1911年由Joseph Coyle于Smithers, B.C.发明。替换成本低廉,比原先在鸡蛋上盖盖子实用多了。12个鸡蛋=12个省和地区。 image Happy-Canada-Day

Happy Canada Day!




Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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