La-la Land used as a nickname for Los Angeles and Hollywood, especially to describe its lifestyle and attitudes of those living there or associated with it. 人们总喜欢拿拉拉乐土来亲切地称呼洛杉矶和好莱坞,尤其用以描述那些住在那里或与之有万千关联的人的生活方式和态度。 Dream Hotel Hollywood, one of our best EB-5 projects, is the la la land of Visas. Let’s celebrate its grand opening on Jan. 18, 2017. The best way to celebrate the new year and new perspective is with a  new harvest!  We are honored to help you to achieve your American dreams! 好莱坞梦酒店,我们最棒的EB-5项目之一,就是汇加的拉拉之地。让我们共同庆祝梦酒店于2017年1月18日盛大开张。用这样一个崭新的大丰收来庆祝新一年展望新愿景是最好的方式!能在您实现美国梦的路上给予一臂之力我们感到无比荣幸。 Congratulations to all our EB-5 investors!  You were enough wise and farsighted to plan your  own La la land! All investors of this  project has approved I-526 and starts to share the dividends  with the opening. Moreover, the highest revenue in the US restaurant of TAO  inside the dream hotel is definitely one of the best investments you can make. 祝贺我们所有EB-5投资人!您的远见卓识让您为自己规划一片乐土!这个项目的所有投资人I-526申请业已获批,酒店开张以后即可享受分红。此外,梦酒店里全美最高盈利酒店TAO的加入也让您的投资最具价值! BTW,  La La Land is also refers to a 2016 American romantic musical comedy-drama film describing a musician and an aspiring actress who meet and fall in love in Los Angeles. The film has broken the record for the most Golden Globe Awards, winning seven prizes. It won every award it was nominated for!  The film also earned a historic 14 Oscar nominations this year. It seems that La la land is now among the most celebrated movies ever. 顺带提一下,“拉拉乐土”也指2016的美国新片“爱乐之城”,这是一部浪漫的音乐喜剧,描述了一名乐师和有抱负的女演员在洛杉矶邂逅并坠入爱河的故事。该片打破了金球奖记录,宫收获七项大奖。它最终把每个提名都收入囊下!影片今年也历史性地收获了14向奥斯卡提名。可见“爱乐之城”如今已跻身最受赞誉的电影之列。 So as you invest in the Dream Hotel, you are the winner of your own Oscar! You are the protagonist of your life! 所以,投资了梦酒店,您就成为了自己的奥斯卡赢家!成为了您人生的主角!


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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