Many compare EB5 investment and the purchase of RMB 5 million real estate in China, which one is better? 很多人都会把投资EB5项目和在中国买套500万人民币的房子拿来比较,哪个更好? 110 4I0A1746 In my humble opinion, these two are different that it is not comparable. It is all about what kind of circle you select to start, and what benefits you are looking for. 以我拙见,这两件事毫无可比性。这完全关乎您想要选择良性的、还是恶性的循环方式来开始您最初的规划,来决定您将来受益于怎样的生活方式。 236 If you buy a home in China, you maybe happy as it is a familiar place; but with the constant pollution and social issues in China, it might  pain you to stay in China.  The longer you live in ,the more you might complain and disappointed. I think this is not a favorable circle to start. 如果您在中国买房子安家,在一个熟悉的环境里您可能会开心安逸;然而伴随着国内长期的污染情况和社会问题,待在中国也会让您付出代价。住得越久,您的抱怨和失望也越大。所以我不认为这是个有利的开端,也不是一个良性循环。 IMG_8571 2 IMG_8782 2 If you invest in EB5 program, that brings you other benefits and fresh start of creating your family legacy internationally. It allows an opportunity for your children and next generation to have international education, new opportunities, exposure to new cultures and new future. A good choice would itself  start and produce a virtuous circle. 倘若您投资EB5项目,这个举动会给您带来全新的收益之处,给您一个崭新的开端在海外定立您的家业。可以给您的孩子及子孙后代提供一个享受国际教育的机会,也是探索新文化和新未来的契机。绝佳的开端会自然接踵而至地带给您一个良性循环。 195 EB5 focuses to help our clients' families to build the children’s education and career in USA. I hope we can help more families who wish to accomplish this. EB5旨在帮助我们客户的家庭在美国为其子女奠定教育及事业的基础。我也希望我们能给更多想要完成这一壮举的家庭一臂之力。 155 Sometimes the right opportunity is below your nose. When an opportunity comes, you have to grab it. 有时候好机会就摆在您面前。机会来了,请您务必抓住它。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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