Nowadays there are a lot of new fashion collaborations and creation are inspired by vintage and classic design. Some of the new fashion labels are “on fire” which you should know.

如今复古回潮和经典设计当道,在时尚界激发了很多全新的合作和创新。. 有一些时尚新标签正是“当红炸子鸡”,也许您有兴趣了解一下。 These up and coming brands has the newest fashion trend of 2017. They range in focus from shearling coats to bodysuits, each has a finger on what's next. keep an eye out—the next big thing can strike at any time.

这些来势迅猛的品牌代表了2017年最新时尚趋势。从初剪羊毛外套到紧身连体裤,他们几乎涵盖了各种潮品,每个品牌都向我们指出了下一个风向标。可睁大眼睛看好了-接下来的时尚大事件随时都将登堂入室。 Saks Potts When Saks Potts' colour-blocked shearlings were spotted all over New York Fashion Week, Vogue named it the coat of the season. And with more snow coming (and it is coming), we can't think of any reason to ever take the young label's colourful toppers off.

Saks Potts的大色块羊毛外套在纽约时尚周上随处可见大放光彩,Vogue杂志将它评为本季最佳外套。今年大雪纷纷至今(今年的3月天的确不寻常),还有什么理由叫我们脱下彩色外套这样属于年轻的标志。 Caroline Constas Caroline Constas became an instant hit when her signature off-the-shoulder tops took over Instagram, but now she's focused on building out the core line with new styles and accessories made from Italian fabrics.

伴随他家的露肩上衣迅速抢占Instagram版面,Caroline Constas立马成为了大热品牌,然而现在品牌开始侧重于用全新的风格和配饰大力营建主线,产品面料皆选自意大利。 RE/DONE RE/DONE by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur started out remaking vintage Levi's with today's high-waisted and cut-off ankle jeans in mind. Now fans are obsessed with its cool creations and collaborations.

由Sean Barron 和Jamie Mazu的创建的RE/DONE起初意在重塑Levi’s的经典款式,将之与时下大热的高腰和及踝牛仔裤结合在一起。如今这种超酷的创意和合作让粉丝们为之疯狂。 Alix NYC Alix NYC is all about doing the basics and doing them well, which is why the label's bodysuits in carefully selected fabrics have become an off-duty staple brand for models like Kendall Jenner

Alix NYC专注于基本款,并将这些发挥到极致,这也是为什么品牌精挑细选面料制成的连身裤会成为像Kendall Jenner这些超模下了T台后钟爱的品牌。 Self-Portrait Last year's runaway hit label Self-Portrait shows no signs of slowing down. We'll still be looking to this brand for its feminine yet cool lace dresses in every colour of the rainbow.



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