As the spring and summer seasons begin, we are to see some key trends in Vancouver fashion scene. Vancouver's fashion has been always symbolized by "Yoga pants" and is not very known for the  fashion forwardness,  but with rising of the Fashion week and the city becoming more globalized and metropolitan, we are to see a transformation in the fashion world. And this season highlighting sneakers, kimonos, and chunky block sandals, it fits perfect with the laidback culture of Vancouver.  
随着春季和夏季的开始,温哥华街头逐渐呈现出一些流行新时尚的主要趋势。 温哥华素来以人们对“瑜伽裤”的酷爱而形成自己固有的流行色,对时尚和前卫并不十分在行,但随着每年的温哥华时装周和城市日益全球化的发展,温哥华展现出她尤为美丽的新魅力。 我们将看到“瑜伽裤“的时尚转型, 这个夏季则将突出时尚运动鞋、和服霓裳,以及大块头高跟凉鞋,虽可以和”瑜伽裤“说BYE-BYE, 但择时还是与温哥华崇尚自然、健康、悠闲的文化相得益彰、完美契合。
Sneakers 时尚运动鞋 Sneakers are definitely coming back in a big way! Not only do we wear them for workouts but brands such as Adidas, Nike, Air Jordan’s and Converse are so popular now people are mixing this sneaker in their everyday outfit. Sneakers comfortable, they look classy and will never go out of style. You can dress an outfit up or down with sneakers, you can wear them out at night, throw on some high-top converse and out you go. Nike, Nike air, Jordan’s and Adidas have recently been the new hip and trendy sneakers to wear. They are classic, funky, hip and work well with most outfits.  So go out and get yourself a pair they will last you forever.
运动鞋绝对是今夏大回归, 而且是时尚前卫的大流行! 不仅我们可以穿着它们进行锻炼,而且像Adidas,Nike,Air Jordan和Converse这样的品牌会受到人们疯狂的追捧, 以至于变成人们日常时尚搭配中的主要取胜武器。  运动鞋不仅舒适,而且时尚的设计让他们看起来也很优雅,混搭的时尚永远让你与众不同。 你可以单配各种服饰, 而且晚上还可以搭配漂亮的晚装,仅仅一双Convers即刻让您摇身变成晚会的百变女王。 耐克,耐克空气,约旦和阿迪达斯最近都流行新嘻哈、前卫的时尚运动鞋, 这些设计集经典、时髦、嘻哈,混搭各类服饰,浑然一个百搭时髦女郎。今夏,让自己拥有一双时尚运动鞋,将让您看起来永远年轻而魅力十足,青春活力而又不失优雅气质。
Kimonos和服霓裳 One of my favourite looks for the Vancouver cherry blossom are kimonos. They are completely stylish and come in many different patterns and designs. You can wear it over bathing suits, shorts, tanks or just for lounging around. They are breezy, airy and are so comfortable to wear. Kimonos are a trending item right now at many music festivals happening throughout the summer. The bohemian, hippy-vibe is back in style, so grab a kimono to dress up an edgy outfit like the one above.
带有和服元素的服装,难道不是和温哥华之绝美樱花的绝配吗? 这些美丽的樱花设计,经典美艳却又完全时尚。你可以配上泳衣、超短、吊带或休闲装。 材质柔软、通风,穿起来非常舒适。 和服霓裳将是一种潮流趋势,以至于很多夏天的音乐节上比比皆是满眼的美丽樱花。波希米亚、嬉皮风格的重新的回归,穿起和服霓裳来打扮一下不失年轻时尚的自己吧。
Chunky Block Sandals 大块头高跟凉鞋 Move over stilettos, there’s new stylish heels in town. It’s all about the block sandals and heels this summer!  Not only do these sandals look ‘on point’ but are also comfortable unlike stiletto heels. This 70s block heel look is back and more popular than ever.  They look great on the feet and range in height and style. They are such a classic look and will be around for a while.
行走于高跟鞋中永远是一个经典的时尚!今夏,温哥华流行大块头时尚新高跟凉鞋。这些凉鞋不仅看起来像“高跟鞋”,但又与高跟鞋不同, 类似70年代的大块头鞋跟看起来比以往更有风格,高度和风格大大提升您的时尚。他们是这样一个经典的外观,相信肯定会流行起来。


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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