Just couple of days ago, the Vancouver media was filled with the headline news about David and Victoria Beckham and their “beautiful” ski trip in Whistler. A-list celebrity around the world come to enjoy the same amazing view and snow that you do. Perhaps you will meet them and say “hello”. What an amazing encounter would that be! 就在几天前,温哥华各大媒体都是有关于维多利亚·贝克汉姆全家在惠斯勒“美丽”滑雪之旅的头条新闻。 世界如此大咖和您一样,享受着同一座雪山,也许您滑雪时会偶遇他们,然后说声“您们好!" 这是多么惊喜的偶遇!
You would also be standing on the top of the peak surrounded by a breathtaking view. What a wonderful global life this is. There’s a certain kind of happiness you feel when you feel like a superstar and when wind blows through your hair gently. This kind of luxury can only be achieved if you are willing to do so.
您也会站在峰顶,欣赏世界上最美的风景, 那是您全球公民的美好生活。其实,有那么一种幸福很简单,站在山峰之巅,当微风轻轻吹起您的发梢,那时刻您当自己就是超级巨星般的荣耀吧,只要也只有您自己够勇敢,勇于追求更美好的生活,就能享受和达到如此幸福的境界。
Whistler is a winter paradise, and it has attracted the likes of David and Victoria Beckham for a family vacation. One of those that created Whistler is Replay resorts developer who is the master of resorts builder. Replay creates places that the marketplace thinks of first and likes it best, and Replay is the asset manager and resort operator and responsible for year round operations of lodging, food and beverage, group conferences and weddings, recreation, events and entertainment, as well as real estate development.
惠斯勒是冬天的度假天堂,它吸引了无数像贝克汉姆的家庭级别的世界名人前来假期。 其中一个创建惠斯勒度假村的开发商就是我们安提瓜项目的合作伙伴-Replay, 他是顶级度假村开发的大师级团队。Replay着重挑选最好的地点,创建最好的度假村,也是度假村资产整合和开发的管理者,以及整个度假村整体全盘营运的经营者。
We are honored to co-operate with Replay to develop our British commonwealth passport project-Antigua Half Moon Bay Resort.Antigua is an iconic Caribbean island of sugar-sand beaches surrounded by
turquoise waters, remarkably accessible from major cities in Europe, Canada, and the US. A yachting and sailing playground for the world’s most privileged, Antigua is famous for celebrity homes.The Half Moon Bay will be a resort where nature, culture, andadventure thrive.
我们很荣幸与Replay合作开发我们的英联邦护照项目 - 安提瓜半月湾度假村。 安提瓜岛有着世界一流白沙滩,绿松石般的清澈海水水域,从欧洲、加拿大和美国的主要城市均可以直航到达。 安提瓜的游艇赛事和航道为举世瞩目,享有超级特权的荣耀。安提瓜当之无愧是世界顶级名人的度假屋目的地。半月湾将是一个世界顶级度假胜地,集自然、文化、冒险、及全球名人顶级旅游为一体的兴盛旅游终极目的地。
Half Moon Bay is tucked into the quiet southeast coast, where cooling winds moderate the climate even on the warmest days. Our 132 acres and more than 3,200 feet of beachfront are situated next door to a 27-acre national park. Plans for the new Half Moon Bay include a luxury branded five-star hotel on the beach, along with oceanfront and hillside villas, cottages, and estate lots. This destination will fill visitors and homeowners with joy, and Antiguans with pride. Why don’t you become part of this A-list celebrity life?!
半月湾位于安静的东南海岸,那里常年暖风温和。我们的132英亩和超过3200英尺的私人海滩比邻一个27英亩的国家公园。半月湾的计划包括一个豪华品牌的五星级酒店直面大海,以及海滨和山坡上的别墅,小木屋和庄园。 这里将吸引无数度假客人,以及度假屋的旺销,您将是投资和护照双赢的全球公民。
There is an old Chinese saying, “No time like the present, a day to chance rather than to choose.” So why don’t you call us now and join our exclusive "A - club" to become part of this A-list celebrity life?


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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