Our EB-5 project - the Dream Hotel Hollywood has been in the headlines of Los Angeles Times many times. Hollywood is a hot market right now and the hotels in Hollywood are flourishing. As an integrated urban resort, the beautifully designed futuristic modern Dream Hotel is living up to its name. The Dream Hotel Hollywood complex has elevated Hollywood in general!

我们的EB-5项目 - 好莱坞”梦酒店“,已多次登上洛杉矶时报头条。在好莱坞这个如火如荼的市场上,酒店业蓬勃兴旺。作为综合城市度假胜地,”梦酒店“设计美轮美奂,具有未来感的现代风格与酒店名副其实。好莱坞|梦酒店”建筑群,提升了这座城市的总体形象! The centerpiece of a $110 million hospitality complex, Dream Hotel Hollywood features a front lobby and car that opens entirely onto a street to provide a new way for everyone to enjoy the indoor-outdoor experience of Southern California.

斥资1.1亿美元打造的商业群中心建筑,“梦酒店”正门大堂与沿街马路比邻,给每个来宾全新的南加州风情室内、室外的双重体验方式。 Shawn Sullivan of Rockwell Group, a New York interior design firm mentioned that The Dream Hotel Hollywood is influenced by live theater, with each restaurant displaying its own sense of theatricality.

Rockwell集团的Shawn Sullivan,来自纽约的室内设计所曾提到,好莱坞“梦酒店”的布局受到了剧院构造的影响,每一餐厅都各自上演着自己的剧目。 The idea of Dream Hotel Hollywood is that it will be a cornerstone of a new zone of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops similar to Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District, where an old urban industrial district has become an upscale neighborhood flush with restaurants, shops and hotels.

好莱坞“梦酒店”的设计理念来自这一想法,酒店将打造成为集酒店、餐饮、酒吧、商店于一身的新兴地块,类似于曼哈顿时髦的Meatpacking区,原来的老城工业区改头换面,一跃而成为遍布餐馆、商店和酒店的高档居住区。 And there are four restaurants where patrons can choose to dine, including one of the highest-grossing restaurant groups in the country-Asian-themed TAO. Tao, is intended to feels like it is set on the steps of an ancient temple, an impression enhanced by a vast scale unapparent from the street.

顾客们在此有四家餐馆可供选择,包括全美营业额最高的亚洲风格的“道”T餐厅。“道”旨在营造出一种在古老庙宇阶梯上就餐的神秘氛围,这种感觉从沿街外观捉摸不出的设计中,就更加加深了这一印象。 Tao in Las Vegas was the highest-grossing restaurant in the United States last year with nearly $48 million in sales, according to Restaurant Business magazine. The two Tao restaurants in New York were also among the country’s top-grossing eateries. The Hollywood Tao is fourth in the chain, and paparazzi are already staking it out.

根据Restaurant Business杂志的数据中,拉斯维加斯的“道”餐厅以4800万美元的营业额,位列去年全美高收入餐馆之首。坐落于纽约的两家"道“餐厅也榜上有名,好莱坞的”道“排名第四,狗仔队早就盯上了它。 On the rooftop, it has a pool for daytime lounging that in the evening can be converted into a dance floor at the flick of a switch.

在餐厅屋顶上,还有游泳池,白天是泳池,而夜幕降临,只要一按开关,泳就转摇身一变为舞池。 The rooftop pool was a project in itself. It features a floor that is raised by a $300,000 hydraulic lift made by a Canadian firm that has created complex water features for Cirque du Soliel. The goal is to keep the roof, which has a 500-person capacity, active from breakfast through late-night cocktails.

屋顶游泳池本身就自成一体。它由一家加拿大公司设计,该公司曾为太阳马戏打造了复杂的水景。泳池地板由价值30万美元的液压电梯进行升降,能容纳500人,从早餐到深夜,全天派对时间。 Dream Hotel Hollywood,  is a “lifestyle” hotel, pitched to people more interested in having a special experience than the reliable predictability of a chain.



Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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