"I am seeking to create an effect of 'false photographs' — to re-embellish already 'embellished' histories and lives." – Zhang Xiaogang

“我正在寻求创造”假照片“的效果 - 重新修饰已经”修饰“的历史和生活。” – 张晓刚

TCT today's art highlight: "Zhang Xiaogang"


Zhang Xiaogang (b.1958) is a contemporary Chinese symbolist and surrealist painter, based in Beijing, China. He studied painting at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in Chongqing. His works focus on the aftereffects of China’s Cultural Revolution, and the meaning of family, history and individualism.   张晓刚(1958年生)是中国当代象征与超现实主义画家,居于中国北京。他在四川美术学院学习绘画。他的作品着重于中国文化革命,家庭,历史和个人主义的意义。
Zhang Xiaogang, Vast Ocean, 1989, Oil on paper张晓刚,广大海洋, 1989年,油画纸
Zhang Xiaogang, Chapter of a New Century - Birth of the People’s Republic of China No.1, No.2 , 1992, Oil on canvas张晓刚,新世纪篇章-中华人民共和国诞生 No.1,No.2,1992年,油画布
Zhang is best known for his Bloodlines series, inspired by his discovery of old family photographs, and reached international stature with the debut of his “Bloodlines-Big Family” series at the 1995 Venice Biennale.   张晓刚以他的《血缘》系列而闻名,灵感源于他老旧的家庭照片,并在1995年威尼斯双年展上亮相了他的《血缘:大家庭》系列,并达到了国际地位。
Zhang Xiaogang in his large studio in Beijing.张晓刚在他北京的工作室
Paintings in his Bloodline series are predominantly monochromatic, stylized portraits of Chinese people, usually with large, dark-pupiled eyes, posed in a stiff manner deliberately reminiscent of family portraits from the 1950s and 1960s.   他的《血缘》系列中,绘画的中国人,显著的使用单色和风格化画像,通常有大而黑的眼睛,故意刻画了1950年代和60年代的家庭肖像。
Zhang Xiaogang, Bloodline - A Big Family, 1995, Oil on canvas张晓刚,血统系列-大家庭, 1995年,油画布
In 2003, “A big family” from Zhang Xiaogang’s Bloodlines series, sold at Christie’s Hong Kong for US$76,000. This same lot has been sold twice since its auction debut, selling for US$1.4 million at Christie’s London in 2006, and again for US$7.3 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2011.   2003年,张晓刚《血统》系列的《大家庭》以香港佳士得76,000美元出售。自2006年拍卖以来,这个拍品又已经卖出两次:2006年,在伦敦佳士得销售了140万美元;2011年在香港苏富比再次出售730万美元。
Zhang Xiaogang, Bloodline - Big Family No.2, 1995, Oil on canvas张晓刚,血统-大家庭No.2,1995年,油画布
In a span of only eight years, “A big family” series earned a return just shy of 10,000 percent, outperforming overall returns at auction for the artist as a whole, as well as the overall Contemporary market during the same time period. This sale marked the beginning of Zhang’s prominence at auction, which has made him the most expensive living painter among Chinese artists.   只有八年的时间,《血缘:大家庭》系列的回报率就有将近10,000%的回报,超过了艺术家整体拍卖的总体回报,以及同期的整个当代市场。这次拍卖标志着张晓刚在拍卖中的突出表现,使得他成为中国艺术家中最高价的当代艺术家。
The record-breaking sale of Zhang Xiaogang’s Bloodline: Big Family No. 3 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong on April 5. (Sotheby’s)4月5日在苏富比香港拍卖会上破销售纪录的张晓刚的血统系列-大家庭No.3
The Bloodline: Big Family No.3 from 1995 is arguably the most politically charged piece in the series, showcasing the iconic three-member family portrait; it is the only piece from the series to depict the Little Red Guard with the Chairman Mao badge and armband, making it of greater rarity and art historical value in comparison with other works; it was sold for 94.2 million HKD (12.1 million USD) at the Sotheby’s Hong Kong Modern And Contemporary Asian Art Evening Sale on April 5, 2008.   1995年的《血缘:大家庭3号》可以说是这个系列中最具政治色彩的作品,展示了标志性的三人家庭肖像,这是系列中唯一一幅以毛主席徽章,描绘的小红卫兵,与其他作品相比,具有更大的稀有性和艺术价值;于2008年4月5日,在香港苏富比的现代和当代亚洲艺术晚会上,这幅作品以9420万港元出售(1210万美元)。
Zhang Xiaogang, Bloodline - Big Family, 1995, Oil on canvas张晓刚,血统-大家庭, 1995年,油画布
"On the surface the faces in these portraits appear as calm as still water, but underneath there is great emotional turbulence. Within this state of conflict the propagation of obscure and ambiguous destinies is carried on from generation to generation." – Zhang Xiaogang   “表面上,这些肖像中的脸,似静止的水面一样平静,但内心里有很大的情绪动荡,在这种冲突状态下,朦胧和模糊的命运,是一代又一代的传承。” - 张晓刚 According Arnet Analytics, the earliest Bloodlines works created (1990s) have outperformed works created in the 2000s; the Bloodlines works depicting big families outperforming works depicting pairs and single portraits.   根据Arnet Analytics,最早创作的《血缘》作品(90年代)的表现,远远超过了20年代创作的作品;《血缘》描绘的大家庭,更是超过了双人和单人肖像的作品。
F4: Zhang Xiaogang, Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi, Yue Minjun F4:张晓刚,方力钧,王广义,岳敏君
Zhang Xiaogang and other artists from our previous posts (Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi and Yue Minjun) are the 4 top-selling contemporary artists in China, later called the F4 (First or Fab 4) by industry insiders due to their high-profile deals at auctions.   张晓刚和先前介绍的几位艺术家(方力钧,王广义,岳敏君)是中国四大顶尖的当代艺术家,由于他们高价的拍卖交易,后来被业内人士称为F4(First或Fab 4)。
Zhang Xiaogang, Secret Chamber, 1989, Oil on paper张晓刚,密室,1989年,油画纸
As an art lover and art investor, I have collected his earlier artwork, Secret Chamber, 1989.   作为一位艺术爱好者,以及艺术投资者,我收集了他早期其中的一副作品,1989年的《密室》。


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