Here’s another exciting news related to the benefits of art and how it enhances your assets! This summer, luxury rentals at the 33 story residential tower One Hudson Yards, located in the heart of New York’s up and coming neighbourhood near the Hudson River will hit the market. Developed by Related Companies, rent starts at $5095 for one bedroom and it has amazing impressive amenities like bowling alley, 82 ft lap pool, and half size basketball court. But what distinguishes from the competitors it is the collection of its art.

这里有一条关于艺术能提升您的资产以及它的种种好处的消息,一定能让您心动不已。今夏,哈德逊广场33层住宅大厦里的奢华房源即将对外公开招租,广场坐落在纽约中心,濒临哈德逊河社区。该板块由瑞联公司开发,租金从一卧房的5095美金起价,还有让人惊艳的配套设施,如保龄球场、82平方英尺的浅水泳池、以及半尺寸篮球场。但最让这处物业脱颖而出、身价倍增的还要数它的艺术藏品。 Works by Jeff Koons. Courtesy of Oceana Bal Harbour. Works by Hannah Whitaker. Courtesy of Camden, Los Angeles. The carefully chosen art collection of One Hudson Yards is one example of increasing importance of art pieces in the high end, multi-family real estate market. The developers pay more attention for the housing budgets of the art loving wealthy and those that are instagram obsessed and experience hungry millennials.  Today's affluent elites who are art-savvy are well-traveled, cultured, and appreciate fine art more than ever—many of them are art collectors in their own right.

哈德逊广场精挑细选的艺术收藏,也是艺术品在高端地产市场地位日益重要的例证。开发商越来越关注富有的艺术熏陶的购房者,或者那些热衷于新型先锋体验的00后们租房者。如今的富裕精英们都受到过良好的教育,热爱旅游,为艺术着迷, 也比老一辈人更懂得欣赏艺术¬—他们中的一些本身就是艺术收藏家。 Courtesy of Prive Island For those of us with homes around the world, we know that as beautiful as the house may be, it is only when it is filled with art that makes it a home that warms our soul and that welcomes us.  Art has the power to bring happiness, inner peace and, of course, the opportunity to invest in an appreciating asset. World class homes demand world class art to fill them. We will hear more about how to do that later.

对于像我们这些四海为家的人,我们都明白即便家宅装点得再富丽堂皇,唯有艺术登堂入室才能引领我们走进世界的真相,温暖我们的心灵,迎接我们步入每一个房间,让冰冷的房子真正成为我们的家。艺术有带来幸福的力量,能让我们归于内心平静,当然,也连同带来投资升值的契机。世界级的家庭需要世界级的艺术品。TCT GLOBAL 将带您开启艺术大门。 There are wonderful things happening in the Caribbean nation of Antigua.  Path to Antigua, that is art and life, wealth and family legacy. We will soon break ground on a world-class hotel and resort which will catch the eyes of the world and offer not only luxurious residences, but pristine beaches and peace of mind for both your family to secure their quality of life for generations to come.

在加勒比安提瓜,精彩正在上演。我们世界顶尖度假酒店即将破土动工,这无疑会吸引全球的目光,它带给我们的不仅是尊贵的宅邸,还有原始未受污染的沙滩,能让您的家人在平静安谧的心态下获得世世代代高品质的生活。走进安提瓜,生活即艺术;TCT GLOBAL , 艺术和生活。 As global citizens, we are always moving to the next destination, seeking peace of mind. Antigua is the best place for you to put down roots and start a new phase of your life as a global citizen and a place for you to explore your desire to collect art pieces.



Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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