Everyone is seeking Win-win , you must set your life on fire, and then seek those who fan your flame.

每个人都渴望双赢,您也该为您的生活添把火,找到那些能帮助您添薪加柴的人。 The shocking end to the Oscars elicited the world on fire and we set your investment on fire – famous Hollywood producer and media tycoon  Harvey Weinstein held his private Oscar after party at TAO restaurant Hollywood which is located at the Dream Hotel Hollywood.

今年奥斯卡令人震惊的结局成了全世界人民热议的话题,也让您的投资火了一把 – 著名的好莱坞制作人及传媒大亨Harvey Weinstein将自己私人的奥斯卡派对设在了好莱坞TAO餐厅,而这家餐厅,正坐落在梦酒店内,而梦酒店就是我们汇加的独家代理的EB-5项目。 Dream hotel Hollywood is one of our successful  EB-5 projects. We are so proud to bring our EB-5 investors the rare chance of win-win situation on their investment and immigration opportunity.

好莱坞梦酒店是我们诸多成功的EB-5项目之一。能为我们的EB-5投资人带来投资盈利及移民绿卡皆入囊中的双赢结局,我们感到很骄傲。 TAO is one of the most profitable restaurant in the United States. The restaurants is a money-making machine and represent luxury, glamour, delicious and wealth. We are happy that we can bring our EB-5 investors both 100% successful green card and 100% guaranteed profits and returns on investment.

TAO是全美利润最高的餐馆之一。它是奢华、光鲜、美味和财富的代名词,真可谓一台印钞机。很高兴TAO选择我们EB-5项目”梦酒店入住,给我们的EB-5投资人带来了100%成功率的绿卡和100%有保障的投资回报。 The TAO GROUP is a leading restaurant and nightlife company that develops, owns and operates many of the most successful food, beverage and nightlife entertainment venues in New York City, Las Vegas, Sydney and Los Angeles Hollywood – the newsiest addition of the TAO Group.



Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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