European life is a great temptation and makes it difficult for everyone to resist. But for the Chinese, it’s more difficult as we require a visa to go to Europe. Although Schengen Visa is easy to apply there are still those that are denied and detours caused by Schengen countries.

欧洲对很多人来说就是“致命”的诱惑,爱得无法抗拒。 但是对中国人来说,要去欧洲还是需要签证。 虽然申根签证现在普遍很容易申请,但仍然有那些被申根国家拒签,或为了签证目的地国家而绕道旅行的人。
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Now you can live a happy life by living the life of the “New European Modern Family”. That means visa-free and trouble free with much time to enjoy. You can embrace the European life forever. How? Time for you to get a European and/or PR card to reach the paradise.

现在,很多中国人越来越多地过起了“新欧洲摩登家庭”的生活,那种幸福的烙印就是无与伦比的美好生活。 这意味着您和欧洲之间,就是那么一个随时随地、无需签证、想走就走、无障碍、无时间限制、自由出入的摩登生活圈。 怎么样? 准备好开启“新欧洲摩登家庭”的欧洲生活了吗? 投资一本欧洲国家的护照、或投资一个欧洲国家的居留, 短短几个月,您就可以成为“新欧洲人”,踏足几乎全欧洲的美丽城池,“无法无天”地享受欧洲永无止境的魅力。

New European Modern Family Mark 1: Not only immigrating Europe, but also sitting on own real estate’s appreciation.

新欧洲摩登家庭标志1: 既移民,又理财,坐收房价飙升之利
To purchase the property of Euro 500,000 and up in Spain or Portage, and Euro 300,000 and up in Cyprus, whatever it is condo, apartment, single house or commerce investment, all real estate properties can be leased out with high ROI.


New European Modern Family Mark 2: No immigration supervision

新欧洲摩登家庭标志2: 根本没有可怕的移民监

Almost all European immigrating destinations have no immigration supervision, even if so, only 7 days for 1st year and 14 days for 2nd year in Portage, and 1 landing every 2 years in Spain or Cyprus, no any restrictions in Greece.


New European Modern Family Mark 3: Multiple languages for Children

新欧洲摩登家庭标志3: 会几国语言的孩子们

It is obviously that New European Modern Family’s children can speak at lease English, and then Spanish and Portuguese, even French, Italian or Germen. With ability to speak Mandarin or Cantonese on top of that, your children will have great advantage as global elites who are certainly more challenging and superior in the world.


New European Modern Family Mark 4: Migratory birds for best life

新欧洲摩登家庭标志4: 候鸟迁徙般的最好生活方式

Escaping from Chinese pollution, smog and unsafe foods, New European Modern Family can either select full-time residence in European that also can help speed up to get European passport, or half time in China, half time in Europe, which is worry-free and visa-free, even you can select several Schengen countries for living and studying.

逃避中国污染、雾霾和不安全的食物,”新欧洲摩登家庭“可以选择在欧洲的长期居住,这样就很容易居住满时间后,直接获得欧洲护照; 也可以选择候鸟迁徙般的生活模式,根据气候好坏,一半在中国居住,一半在欧洲居住;而且你还可以在欧洲钟意的几个申根国家,学习、工作、做生意,而随心所欲的生活。

New European Modern Family Mark 5: Direct Europe Passport

新欧洲摩登家庭标志5: 尊荣欧洲护照尽收囊中

The purchase of Euro 150,000 of Maltese bonds, for a period of 5 years, you can directly get Malta passport which has 160 countries visa-free and the whole Europe free living, working and studying, as well as enjoying the citizenship welfare of British, German and France.



Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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