My grandmother lived at Huoshan Raod in Shanghai Hongkou district. In my memory of childhood,  my mother always took me to visit her. I still can recall that building with livid brick wall and semi-circular doorway. Grandmother told me there were always full of foreigners living and playing together with local Shanghainese when she was a child. 我的外婆家就在上海虹口的霍山路上,儿时妈妈带我去探望她,总是穿过那些青灰砖墙上面是半圆门洞的房子。外婆说起她小时候,这里住着好多外国人家,大人带着孩子会到那个街心公园玩耍。 _GFW4297_p1 2583095861290552967 unspecified 15 unspecified 17 Today, I knew that building and area was the “Designated Area for Jewish Refugees” in Tilanqiao area of Shanghai in 1930s. In the “Tilanqiao Historic Area”, the original features of the Jewish refugees settlement are still well preserved. They are the only typical historic traces of Jewish refugee life inside China during the Second World War. After Christmas, I took my little daughter to visit this historic place that was changed into the Shanghai Jewish refugee’s Museum 今天,我知道这些在上海提篮桥地区的建筑就是老上海1930年代时期的指定的犹太难民居住地在“提篮桥历史区,犹太难民生活圈现仍保存完好。他们是在第二次世界大战期间犹太难民生活在中国境内的典型的唯一历史痕迹。圣诞节后,我带着我的小女儿来参观这个历史悠久的地方,如今已被改造成为“上海犹太难民博物馆”。 _GFW4252_p1 unspecified 3 unspecified  I had watched a documentary series on youtube called “Jewish refugees of Shanghai: Life in the Ghetto”. Shanghai Oriental TV station also has a similar documentary series that aired in Shanghai couple of months ago. 我曾经在YouTube上看过一个系列纪录片,被称为“生命的记忆----犹太人在上海”。上海东方电视台也有类似的系列纪录片,在上海几个月前播出。 unspecified 12 1930 05 About 20,000 Jewish refugees lived harmoniously with local citizens, overcoming numerous difficulties together. By the Second World War ended in 1945, the refugees in Shanghai had survived. During World War, when the whole world closed the door to Jewish, Shanghai was the only exception. From 1933 to 1941, Shanghai became a modern day “Noah’s Ark” and accepted 30K Jewish refugees. It was considered a “Miracle in Shanghai” as Shanghai became a new home for Jewish refugees fleeing from the Holocaust in Europe. 当时,大约有2万民犹太难民和谐地生活在当地居民圈,一起克服了重重困难而抵御了种种危险,一直到1945年第二次世界大战结束后,上海的犹太难民幸存了下来。在第二次世界大战期间,当整个世界对犹太人紧闭大门的时候,上海是唯一的例外。从1933年到1941年,上海成为一个现代的“诺亚方舟”,并接受了3万民的犹太难民。它被认为是“奇迹在上海”,拯救了无数在大屠杀中从欧洲逃离的犹太人家族。 1930 02 1930 06 I was moved by the history while strolling the museum.Although the years have gone 60 years, but there still has been associated with people, retained the precious memories of the city.Records here are not just history, there are too much love that once supported tens of thousands of people living in faith, and offered a warm soul of the garden for their children and grandchildren. 我被深深触动到,虽然岁月已经逝去了60多年,但这里仍然为曾经与之相关的人,留存了可贵的城市记忆。这里记录的不仅仅是历史,这里保存的是太多太多无国籍跨民族的大爱,那曾经支撑着数万人的生存信念,并为他们的子孙后代提供了心灵深处的一个温暖园地。 1930 03 1930 04 My Little daughter is dancing with her fresh story about a Jewish girl living in Shanghai at that time. Is she dreaming whether that Jewish girl also like dancing , like ballet?  Leaning cylinder in a circle, my little angle raised her head and tiptoes from time to time, overlooking her dreams. Thanks to good fortune, many kids who were my daughter’s age were saved from the horrors of their hometown in Europe and were saved in Shanghai. 我的小女儿在犹太女孩关于上海记忆的画境中摆弄着舞步,她是幻想着这个小姐姐也应该跟她一样喜欢芭蕾吧?扶着圆柱转着圈的她,不时踮起脚尖昂起头眺望着她的梦境。多亏了好运气,很多就像我女儿大小的犹太孩子们被上海解救幸存了下来,远离了他们欧洲家乡的恐怖。 _GFW4156_p1 unspecified 9 Shanghai, China’s main port city and business capital, had become a vivacious melting pot, a place where East meets West. Globalized city with traditional roots, I know my home town----Shanghai will continue to become a place that is kind and welcoming. 上海,这个中国的主要港口和商业资本金融城市,已成为一个活力大熔炉,中西文化交汇的地方。有着传统道德观,和卓越全球化规划的上海,我知道我的故乡----上海,将继续成为一个美丽的地方,充满善良和热情。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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