A successful EB-5 project is not only the 100% approval rate to receive your green card, but also is a way of contribution to the society and to have the long-lasting profits to investors.As Visas's another successful EB-5 project- Dream Hotel Hollywood, we thank to each investors of Dream Hotel, because it's YOU-the Dreamers who made things happen!

成功的EB-5项目不仅要有100%通过率保全您的绿卡,还能给整个社会做出贡献,为投资人带来长久的利益。这是我们汇加一直信奉的信念。好莱坞“梦酒店”,成为汇加另一个再创成功的EB-5项目,我们感谢“梦酒店”的每一位投资者,因为正是您们-敢于做梦的力量,让梦想化为可能! We are proud of ourselves and our firm partner of developer. We are to stick together firm to face many challenges and make our dream a reality. We simply did not take "no" for an answer. We wanted to bring the "A-game" to Hollywood, and we did. Hollywood did not become the name synonymous with the film industry by thinking small. It has always been associated with "dreamers" -- but dreamers are who made things happen.

我们也在此,为我们自己以及我们的合作开发商而骄傲。正是我们的紧密协作、共面挑战,让梦想成为现实。我们绝不会轻言“不行”。我们想为好莱坞带来“第一流的游戏”,我们确实也做到了。好莱坞不再是小打小闹的电影产业的代名词。从此它还和“梦想家”联系在了一起—真正化梦想为现实。 We also would like to congratulate every investor who achieved win-win both in immigration and investment. As well, we express our appreciation for every investor's faith in Hollywood. When you visit the Dream, you will agree that it will be catalytic not only for that stretch of Selma Avenue, but for Hollywood in general. This type of project perpetuates the excitement about the revitalization of Hollywood.

我们再次祝贺每一位实现移民和投资双丰收的投资人。对所有对好莱坞充满信心的投资人,我们表示感谢。当您来到梦酒店餐馆,您就会对此深表赞同,酒店不但会给Selma大道辐射效应,也给整个好莱坞带来新的形象,让好莱坞的复苏和振兴长盛不衰。 What is especially noteworthy is that the new hotel and the four adjacent restaurants have created 700 jobs. That is significant in a stretch where the previous structure on the site probably provided less than 10 jobs. Not only do the venues provide employment, but they will also offer new entertainment opportunities for Hollywood residents, and will act as a magnet, drawing guests from throughout Los Angeles. It will help to perpetuate Hollywood's image as the entertainment center of Los Angeles.

特别值得注意的是新酒店以及与之连接的四个餐馆,共计创造了700个就业岗位,相比原址的建筑所提供的就业还不足10个,这绝对是对社会的巨大贡献。这块新址不仅带动了就业,也给好莱坞居民带来了新的娱乐机会,并如同磁石一般,吸引整个来自洛杉矶的游客到来。酒店让好莱坞-洛杉矶娱乐中心的形象经得起时间的考验。 We looked at a very nondescript stretch of Selma Avenue just west of Cahuenga and imagined something no one else saw -- a thriving entertainment complex. Over the years, this vision grew. we now envision up to four hotels within a two-block area. This is a case study in "place-making" if ever there was one. We envision a vibrant neighbourhood something akin to the Meat Packing District in New York. Looking at what we have already created, we can only imagine what another three hotels might do for that neighbourhood.

我们考察了Cahuenga的西岸,对Selma大道平平无奇的延伸段,做出了前所未有的大胆假想--一座蓬勃发展的娱乐中心。几年里,这一假想日益壮大。如今展现在我们眼前的是两块片区,涵盖四个酒店。可以称得上“区域再创造”的经典案例研究。不仅如此,在我们恢弘构思中,如同纽约Meat Packing区的活跃社区正拔地而起。看看我们已经创造的,就不难想象另外三家酒店会给这一社区带来什么。


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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