Whether you’re looking for some of the best Japanese food in NYC or simply a high-class spot, the best fine-dining restaurants in New York have got you covered. I will introduce you some of my favorites in Midtown Manhattan:


Masa (10 Columbus Circle) ***

Masa is undoubtedly the best sushi and Japanese restaurant in NYC. All the dish comes every other day directly from Tokyo Tskuji fish market. Chef Masa Takayama is behind the sushi bar in person preparing and over watching food and service. The offerings are Omakase (no menu) only, with chef-selected meals. Masa garnered the Michelin Guide's highest rating starting with the 2009 guide and was the first Japanese restaurant in the U.S. to do so.

Masa毫无疑问是您在纽约想吃寿司和日料的最棒去处。所有的食材都是每天自东京的筑地鱼市空运而来。由主厨Masa Takayama亲自在寿司吧台后制作,并监督着店里的食物和服务。所有的菜品都没有菜单,由厨师自选供应。Masa从2009年起就荣誉米其林最高评级,也是全美第一家获此殊荣的日料餐馆。

La Grenouille (3 East 52nd Street)

La Grenouille is a historic and award-winning French restaurant. It’s classic and classy. Delicate ravioli is stuffed with chopped lobster hinting of tarragon and dressed with creamy, tart beurre blanc; an exquisitely tender-seared beef filet arrives with pommes Darphin and a lick of perfect sauce au poivre; and for dessert, the île flottante is heaven under a cloud of spun caramel.

La Grenouille是一家历史悠久且得过奖项的法国餐厅,这里优雅富有格调。義大利餃,以龙虾肉糜为馅,拌上奶味浓厚的白黄油酱汁,细品还能吃出龙蒿的香气;菲力牛排,烤制得无比细嫩,配搭着馬鈴薯絲餅,淋上黑胡椒汁,堪称完美;至于甜点,一款经典的漂浮之岛,糕体在精致的焦糖下,一定能给您味蕾最后的满足。

Aside from its haute French cuisine, the restaurant is also famous for its lavish floral arrangements.


Majorelle (28 East 63rd Street)

Newly opened Majorelle specializes in French cuisine with a Mediterranean-influence by Charles Masson, former La Grenouille frontman and four-star Chef Christian Delouvrier. Highlights from the menu include foie gras with warm apple délice, roasted chicken with potato mousseline, and rosemary-skewered shrimp with saffron rice. There is even an in-house braiserie, dedicated to making exquisite broths, sauces, and soups.

新开张的Majorelle主打地中海的风味的法国菜,由前La Grenouille主管 Charles Masson和四星大厨Christian Delouvrier管理。推荐菜肴有,温热苹果鹅肝、烤鸡配土豆泥、迷迭香大虾配藏红花饭。店里还有一处专门炖煮高汤、酱料和靓汤的地方。

Its vaulted ceiling, marble columns, and trellised garden with up-lighted fountains set the stage for fine French Cuisine and Service in an atmosphere of harmony and luxury for all the senses.


Daniel (60 East 65th Street) **

Daniel is a New French restaurant, run by French celebrity Chef Daniel Boulud, New York's longest-reigning four-star chef. It is two-star rated by the Michelin Guide.

Daniel是一家新式法国餐馆,由法国知名大厨 Daniel Boulud运营,他也是纽约资历最久的四星厨师。获米其林两星的荣誉。

Behold the striking sea scallop ceviche with red and green sea lettuce, Lilliputian matchsticks of radish and cucumber, a burst of finger lime, and white sturgeon caviar. Young beets are baked in a seaweed-salt crust studded with cardamom and finished tableside with pistachios, chive aïoli and crème fraîche for a presentation that is as theatrical as delicious. They also offer one-of-a-kind Private Dining experience with personal care of your custom printed seasonal menus, specially tailored wine pairings, floral decoration, take home gifts, musical entertainment…etc.


Jean Georges (1 Central Park West) ***

Jean Georges, named after Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, is a crown-jewel restaurant of the Trump International Hotel and Tower. It is a three-star rated by the Michelin Guide and is one of the top five best French restaurants in the Americas.

Jean Georges,得名自 Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten,是Trump国际酒店大厦里,餐馆的顶戴明珠。除了享有米其林三星的殊荣,它还是全美前五名的法国餐馆之一。

The top-rated food is breathtaking. Expect to find a wide range of gourmet items—such as Meyer lemon gelée with caviar and crème fraîche and toasted egg yolk caviar with herbs, Santa Barbara sea urchin, Veal Milanese and Maine lobster presented on custom-designed Bernardaud dinnerware, velvety foie gras terrine with spiced fig jam coated in a thin brûlée shell…etc.

这里最获好评的菜肴,能让您在品尝的同时忘乎所以。各种饕餮美食让您眼花缭乱—如Meyer柠檬冻,配鱼子酱和法式酸奶油和烤蛋黄鱼子酱配香草、Santa Barbara海胆、米蘭式小牛排、緬茵州的龙虾,摆盘在定制的Bernardaud餐具,还有细滑的鹅肝,在布蕾的焦糖上,淋上五香的无花果酱等等。

Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini of Jean Georges is one of the leading figures in the modern Dessert Revolution and arguably the most influential dessert chef working today. Typically, any meal at Jean Georges ends with one of four dessert tastings — four dishes united by a single theme. Later Pastry Chef Joe Murphy, who has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the US Pastry Competition, takes over and continues the tradition and more classic.

Jean Georges的面点大Johnny Iuzzini是现代甜点开发浪潮中的领军人物,也是当今备受瞩目和最具影响力的甜品师。Jean Georges的就餐体验,通常都已四组甜品中的一组收尾,以四道甜品构成的一个主题,称为四重奏。其后由面点大Joe Murphy接棒延续了Jean George的传统,并将其发扬光大,他在美国面点大赛中获得过终身成就奖。

Once you've experienced the highest standards in quality and service in NYC with impeccable details and flavors, your taste buds will be spoiled! I adore this neighborhood. I adore New York City and its top-notch cuisines.



Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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