Autism isn’t something to be feared but is a child to be lovedan illness that we should become aware about. We should look at those with autism with our hearts and embrace them for the beautiful human that they are. Everybody faces challenges in life and families with children who suffer autism face much difficult challenges to achieve their dreams. It is through these challenges, that teach family what true love is.

自闭症不是一个骇人耸闻的单词,其实她就像一个需要关爱的孩子。这种疾病也应该引起我们的关注和重视,我们应该接纳和善待自闭症患者,那些本就拥有美丽心灵的特殊人群,而不是另眼看待他们。每个人的人生面临各种各样的挑战,有自闭症患儿的家庭要比普通家庭面对更多不同的挑战,才能真正实现孩子的梦想。正是这些人生的挑战,才能真正教与这些家庭,什么才是真正的爱。 Since I’ve gotten to know about autism, I’ve been so inspired by these children who are so talented especially in visual arts and music. I see their true colours and I continue to become passionate to contribute my love to them.

因为对自闭症的了解和关注,我时常会被那些在视觉艺术或音乐方面天赋秉异的自闭症孩子所震撼到,我看到了蕴藏在他们身底真正强大的瑰丽多彩,我也在一直热心于将我的关怀奉献给他们。 Do you know what Autism is? Let us be educated so we can know more and help children with autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), commonly referred to as Autism, is a complex developmental brain disorder caused by a combination of genetic and environmental influences. The core symptoms of autism include a lack of empathy, failure to establish friendships, a deficiency in non-verbal communication skills, and a lack of interest in sharing enjoyment with others. Those with autism also have limited interest in play activities and often exhibit repetitive body movements.

您真正了解自闭症吗?四月是自闭症关注月,了解更多有关自闭症的知识,就能帮助到更多自闭症患儿。自闭症谱系病,通常称为自闭症,是一种复杂的大脑发育紊乱,由原发和后天环境影响引起。自闭症的核心症状是缺乏理解及与人沟通的能力,难以建立起友谊,也缺失口头交流技巧,以及缺乏与他人分享喜悦的兴趣。该症罹患人群通常不太愿意参与活动和互动,自我封闭,也时常表现为肢体动作不断的重复。 These symptoms are usually common during childhood, and Autism is present during birth, although the symptoms do not typically appear until a youngster is at least 3 years old. Children with autism usually do not play certain games like peek-a-boo nor do they start to talk. Sometimes a child with autism may begin to talk just like other kids of the same age, but later loses language skills. He may appear to having hearing loss or impairment.

这些症状在童年时期表现开始明显,其实自闭症在出生时就会潜行埋伏,3岁以前可能不那么典型,之后症状日趋严重。患有自闭症的儿童常常不会玩某些像躲猫猫之类的游戏,也不开始学话。有时,患儿也会像其他同龄孩子一样开始讲话,但日后渐渐丧失语言技能,听力也会可能丧失或损伤。 An estimated 1 out of 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism. Boys are four times as likely to have autism than girls,  and it simply may be harder to diagnose autism in girls, as girls “may be better at masking their difficulties in order to fit in with their peers” and may have better social skills overall.

据估计,42个男童就有1个是自闭症患儿,反之189个女童中才会有1个被诊断为自闭症。男孩患该病的概率是女孩的4倍,然而要在女孩身上发现症状并确诊更难,因为她们“更善于掩藏自己的病症以合群”而且社交技能总体更好。 Vancouver PALS autism school just celebrate his 10th year old, and it accumulated a lot of loves from the society. The beautiful faces of autism in BC; The PALS school in Vancouver is on the front line of teaching children with autism. PALS Autism Society offers a school program for children aged 5-18 and an adult program for adults 19 and older and provides a year round scientifically validated educational programs designed to encourage individual growth and personal achievement.

温哥华PALS 自闭症学校已建校10周年,学校从社会各界获得了很多关爱和捐赠。“卑诗省自闭症美丽面孔协会”和温哥华PALS 自闭症学校,都是站在自闭症教育的最前线。PALS自闭症学校为5-18岁儿童和19岁以上成年人开设教学项目,为他们提供一年科学有效的教育,旨在鼓励自闭症患儿的身心成长和个人成就。 Every donor contributes many love to kids with autism. The Fairytale ending Auction wand on April 8 creates magic Once Upon a Time Gala raising record $300K for PALS school.  Autism is not a choice, and our acceptance is the greatest gift you can give a child with autism.

每个捐赠人都给自闭症患儿奉献了满满的爱。4月8日的拍卖会以童话般的结尾收场,奇幻的“Once Upon a Time”晚会共计为PALS学校募得30万元加币善款。自闭症人群的患病当然是不随人愿,但我们的接纳、包容和关爱,就是对自闭症患儿最好的礼物。


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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