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Angela Bi 其人

Angela Bi’s expertise as an immigration consultant is honed both by her professional accomplishments and by a wealth of personal experiences. Angela was born, raised and formally educated in Shanghai, China. Angela Bi 作为移民顾问的经验不仅源于她的职业成就,也历练自她丰富的个人经历。Angela 出生于中国上海,在这片土地长大,并接受了正规教育。 Angela continues to work as an immigration consultant and is instrumental in assisting families navigate the complex immigration processes of countries all over the world. Angela is passionate about fine food, beautiful gardens, and inspirational friends. She possesses a natural penchant for learning about foreign cultures and a genuine desire to inspire the people around her. 如今,Angela 继续着她作为移民顾问的职业规划,基于自身的经历,她在协助不同家庭探究诸国家繁复的移民程序方面颇有建树。此外,她对精致的食物、漂亮的花园、结交鼓舞 人心的朋友也充满热情。学习外国文化对她有自然的吸引力,同样,她亦发自内心地渴望能激发起身边人的乐趣。

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