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It’s been the lifelong dream to play a FAZIOLI毕生梦想的FAZIOLI(法奇奥里)钢琴

I have a chance to meet Manuel Bernaschek, owner of Showcase Pianos at their showroom location in Richmond (Vancouver other location) which carries only the finest pianos such as Fazioli, Grotrian, and Bechstein's 'W. Hoffmann however Fazioli is always one of my favor. 这次我有幸会见了Manuel Bernaschek先生,他在大温哥华列治文拥有一家琴行Showcase Pianos,专售如法奇奥里、戈特里安施坦威和贝希斯坦这样的顶级钢琴品牌。法奇奥里始终是我钟爱的一款。 Fazioli 05 Fazioli Piano is an Italian handmade piano. It is extremely delicate and their attention to detail makes this piano brand, the world’s best piano company. As each piano is hand made, each piano is unique and different. 法奇奥里是源自意大利的手工钢琴品牌。品牌旗下的钢琴制作精良,工匠对细节的追求让法奇奥里荣升世界顶级钢琴之列。由于法奇奥里均采用手工制作,因此每架钢琴都是独一无二的。 Fazioli 06 Fazioli 12 It is considered one of the world’s most rare beautiful instruments and it has been a lifelong dream to play a Fazioli for me. 法奇奥里一直被公认为世界上最稀有精美的乐器,能在法奇奥里上弹奏一曲也是很多音乐家毕生的梦想。 Fazioli 11 IMG_2655a[1] I had an amazing opportunity to meet with Mr. Paolo Fazioli at the reception for his 24 hour pit stop in Vancouver. This was such an honour and an amazing encounter. 千载难逢的机会,我还在店里的接待处碰到了Paolo Fazioli 先生,他正好过境温哥华,仅仅在温哥华逗留24小时。这是多么激动人心的邂逅。 Fazioli 07 Fazioli 14 Fazioli piano was first developed 30 years ago by Mr. Paolo Fazioli, a pianist and an engineer who wanted to develop a piano that was the best in this world. Today, a growing number of professional pianists are convinced that Fazioli pianos are the finest pianos available in the world. 30年前,由Paolo Fazioli先生打造出的第一架法奇奥里钢琴问世。Paolo Fazioli既是一名钢琴家也是工程师,一心想要开发出世界上最棒的钢琴。如今,越来越多的职业钢琴表演家确信法奇奥里钢琴是目前市面上顶尖的钢琴。 IMG_0085-2a[1] Each one of the Fazioli pianos takes about 2 years to make and each piano has many innovations. Fazioli pianos are plated in 18K gold to ensure there is no corrosion. 每架法奇奥里需耗时2年方能完成,而且制作过程中都有许多完善和创新。法奇奥里钢琴还镀以18k金,以保证琴架不受腐蚀。 Fazioli 10 And its soundboard, the heart of the pianos, use the trees from the northern Italy’s Val di Fiemme forest where Antonio Stradivari once carved his wood for his famous violins. 而法奇奥里的音板,也是一架钢琴的灵魂,取材自北意大利Val di Fiemme 森林的木料,Antonio Stradivari最著名的小提琴也诞生在这里。 Fazioli 13 Each one is all delicately made; each one is special in its own way. It is absolutely breathtaking and I can’t believe my life’s dream became true! Not only did I get an opportunity to play Fazioli piano with my beautiful daughter, I got a chance to meet the infamous man who has created it. 每一架都精工细致,每一架都与众不同。能在这样的钢琴上演奏真是美得令人窒息,我都不敢相信我的美梦成真!我不仅得到了和我宝贝女儿四手联弹的机会,还碰到了那位创造了如此伟大钢琴的大名鼎鼎的人物。 Fazioli 02 Fazioli 03 Life is filled with surprises and it is simply a song. Let’s make some beautiful music in this city of beauty! 生活惊喜连连如同一首美妙的乐曲。让我们联袂为这美好的城市奏出和谐的乐篇! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Closet Tips from Sarah 个人时尚风格顾问莎拉的衣帽间整理诀窍

I recently got some help from my friend Sarah and we did a makeover on my closet. She had a few great tips that really sorted everything out, so I thought I'd share them here. 我的朋友莎拉,作为一个个人时尚风格顾问,给我做了一次全新衣帽间大变身。 她给我的很多窍门真的是非常有用, 我很乐意和大家分享。 DSC_3893e

Donate to Charity 捐赠给慈善机构

We went through all of my clothes, shoes and handbags and started a large pile of charity donations. 我们整理了我所有的衣服,鞋子和手袋,挑选了一大堆要捐给慈善机构的衣物。 DSC_3923e It feels good to donate items that might be perfect for someone else. When I knew that the clothes were going to benefit someone else, I felt less attached to them and could focus on what was actually working for me and what had become less useful. 想到捐赠的衣物也许对别人来说可能是完美的,这种感觉真的很好。虽然有些衣物真的还很新很好,有点舍不得,但当我知道这些衣物将有利于别人时,我会突然释然,我也就可以专注更多适合我的时尚了。 DSC_4003_Donation

Display Your Favourites 摆放你最爱衣物的窍门

Once I had pared down my collections to the items that I really love, there was room to display my treasures. Before we started, my shoes always felt like a mess I was struggling to manage. 一旦精简出我所喜爱的收藏衣物,那么就要很讲究地来摆放我这些可爱的宝贝了。在我们开始整理之前,我的鞋总像一个烂摊子,我试图努力整理却往往很头痛。 DSC_3828e Here you can see how using my favourite handbags and shoes has changed the feeling of the whole area. 你再瞧,原来学会了这样一前一后地摆放我这些钟爱的包包和鞋子的窍门之后,美感瞬间提升,空间也一下子变得如此赏心悦目。 DSC_4315E

Special Hangers 特殊衣架

Sarah told me her secret about these special hangers. We got them at Costco and they weren't even expensive. 莎拉告诉我她的秘密武器就是这些特殊的衣架。其实就在Costco可以买到,他们甚至不贵。 DSC_4373E The great thing about these is that your clothes never slide off and fall to the floor. They also create a cohesive and simple look that unifies the lines in the room and brings a calm sense of tidiness. 这些特殊衣架的伟大功能就是:您的衣服永远不会滑落掉在地上。这些衣架看似坚固而简单的外形,巧妙的是衣架的设计融入到室内的线条中,创造出整个空间整洁、宁静的平和感。 DSC_4382E DSC_4319E DSC_4364E3

Make Your Space Usable 充分巧妙地创造流动空间

We also looked at how I use the space. There needs to be room to move around and for me, adding this stool means that the area becomes much more functional and therefore, a pleasure to use. 我们也需要好好观察一下如何充分巧妙地使用空间。有时需要设计一些可以走动或搬动的流动空间,对我来说,多加个漂亮的小凳子,不仅意味着我的衣帽间多出一个可以舒服坐坐的非常功能性的区域,而且衣帽间也因此变得即实用又美观,并充满享受和乐趣。 DSC_4316E I'm really pleased with the end result. Bringing simplicity, beauty and functionality into this one space has rejuvenated my interest in both my style and my home. 我真的很高兴看到最终完美的结果。把简洁、美观和功能集合在整个小小的空间中,很多灵感和诀窍让我焕发了更多的兴趣投入到个人时尚风格和家居风格中去。 DSC_4365E Wishing you the inspiration of getting organized, 希望您也能让灵感充满您条理的生活中。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Vancouver, British Columbia = “Bring Cash” 温哥华, 善待您荷包的购物天堂

Vancouver is a city located in the province of British Columbia but I would like to call it “Bring Cash”. It is an amazing place to shop and purchase beautiful luxury goods. We have much option and the retailers are abundant. 温哥华,坐落在加拿大卑斯省的城市,但我更愿有趣地把BC叫做“拿钱来”省,因为在这里选购漂亮的奢侈品,都会是买买买停不下来的节奏。这里云集了丰富的零售商,让您瞬间挑花了眼。 vancouver bc - bring cash 10 vancouver bc - bring cash 17 vancouver bc - bring cash 09 Yes. Vancouver is well known for its natural resources and beautiful sceneries but it is also a paradise for luxury shopping! Every woman can easily fall in love with Vancouver’s shopping options. 的确,温哥华坐拥的自然资源和美丽景色早已为世人所知。身处这一城市,每个女人无不为这里应有尽有的商品魂牵梦萦。 vancouver bc - bring cash 08 vancouver bc - bring cash 16 I enjoy shopping with my friends on Alberni and Burrard street as it is full of my favourite brands that is well known all across the world. The beautiful merchandises dazzle your eyes and fill you up with desires. 我个人就很喜欢叫上朋友上Alberni或Burrard街享受一下温哥华的购物乐趣,因为所有世界知名品牌都能在那里一网打尽。琳琅满目的货品让您目不暇接的同时定能让您的购物欲望也大大满足。 vancouver bc - bring cash 02 vancouver bc - bring cash 19 vancouver bc - bring cash 04 Big name designers like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, De Beers, and Tiffany call Alberni or Burrard street their home. Don’t worry about how much cash you should bring because the pricing is surprisingly affordable that you will be able to spoil yourself very well. 像路易威登、爱马仕、戴比尔斯、蒂凡尼这样的大牌设计师都把Alberni或Burrard街叫作他们的家。也不用担心荷包,这里的定价都平易近人,您大可以好好犒赏自己一番。 vancouver bc - bring cash 05 vancouver bc - bring cash 06 vancouver bc - bring cash 12 There are also other luxury brands from Europe and local luxury stores where you can find styles and goods that you won’t find anywhere else! 此外,这里还汇集了源自欧洲和本土的一些奢侈品牌,您可以找到别处难得一见的款式和型格。 vancouver bc - bring cash 11 vancouver bc - bring cash 18 Vancouver will be a great host while you shop. Streets are filled with flowers and the sun will be shining. 当您在享受购物乐趣的同时,温哥华也会尽地主之谊,让您被街上锦簇的花朵、灿烂的阳光围绕。 vancouver bc - bring cash 14 The beauty of Vancouver will keep you company along with an intoxicating aroma of coffee. Join me next time for Vancouver’s best coffee shops! 漫步在温哥华的美景中来享受购物的乐趣,时不时穿梭在诱人的咖啡香气间。下次,请随我探寻温哥华最棒的咖啡店! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

A hidden getaway in the city – Life Luxe Spa 隐匿于闹市的静地 – Life Luxe 水疗

After a long day of taking care of business and my kids, I like to find some down time to relax and pamper myself. I was recently introduced to a newly renovated Life Luxe Spa in downtown and my first visit was pure heaven. 长时间忙于打理事业、照料孩子,我总要找些闲暇时间放松一下犒赏自己。最近,我经人介绍来到了位于市中心新近装修的Life Luxe水疗会馆,第一次造访就如同身在天堂。 SPA 02 SPA 08 SPA 07 With 15 years of experience in beauty and aesthetics industry, the founder of Life Luxe Spa, Natalia and her daughter Angela are always on the lookout for the best treatment from all around the world to offer the best of the best for their clients. 15年专注于美容行业,Life Luxe水疗会馆的创始人Natalia和她女儿Angela马不停蹄地从世界各地搜罗各种最棒的护理手段,只为给客人们提供非凡的服务。 SPA 15 SPA 21 I was treated with the royal treatment the minute I stepped into the Spa and it was evident that every member of their staff are highly skilled and professionally trained to ensure that the clients experience exceed their expectations. 当我步入水疗馆,我就受到了皇室般的待遇。显而易见,会馆的所有员工都经过了专业训练,技艺高超,确保客人们能获得超乎预期的体验。 SPA 09 There are 5 treatment rooms named after a flower, which is associated with particular treatments done in the room. Each treatment room has its unique graphic design and lighting concept that resembles the flower. 5间护理室分别以不同的花名命名,里面的服务也各不相同。室内独特的图案设计和灯光效果也是模拟花朵而设置的。 SPA 05SPA 23SPA 04 SPA 22 Life Luxe Spa has some of the latest innovated cosmetology equipment and the most advanced treatment technology like “Aesthetic” or “Venus Freeze” in the city. Life Luxe水疗拥有温哥华区域内最新研发的美容仪器和最为先进的护理技术,如“Aesthetic” “Venus Freeze”。 SPA 14 SPA 24 They also carry only the finest body care products that are recognized and sold all over the world, such as Eminence, Bernard Cassiere, Dermalogica and GlyMed Plus. All of their products are certified organic under the strictest guidelines and international regulatory bodies. 此外,他们只选用最优质的身体护理产品,这些产品享有国际知名度,在全球各地有售,如Eminence, Bernard Cassiere, Dermalogica and GlyMed Plus。所有产品都经过国际相关监管机构把关,以最严格的标准认证为有机。 SPA 17 SPA 12 SPA 11 Life Luxe Spa covers all services: • - Aesthetic Services • - Medical Treatments • - Massage Therapies • - Body Treatments • - Waxing and Add-ons • - Hands and Feet services Life Luxe水疗馆涵盖如下服务: • - 美容服务 • - 医疗修护 • - 按摩呵护 • - 美体护理 • - 蜜蜡脱毛及增值服务 They got you covered from head to toe. With their package and promotions, Life Luxe Spa, offers a great value to the customers and ensures the best experience. 在这里,您将能得到从头到脚的悉心关照。Life Luxe水疗会馆还推出系列 套餐和促销活动,客人们能以实惠的价格收获丰富的价值和最舒适的体验。 SPA 16 SPA 19 This place is a true gem. I can’t wait to going back getting pamper again!! 这家会馆是我在温哥华发现的又一枚珍宝。我已等不及再次光临宠爱自己了! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

The Gifted World – Class Goh Ballet Summer Camp 天赋集结的世界级 Goh芭蕾夏令营

It is so very exciting to see the detailed outline about our Goh Ballet Summer camp! I am eager to share this with our potential applicants and have them join us this summer! 很高兴Goh芭蕾夏令营的详细方案已经出炉啦!我已迫不及待和有兴趣的申请人分享这些信息,希望这个夏天能看到你们的身影! Can Hon Goh - French table 03 I think this is an amazing opportunity and what an honour it is for us to provide the world-class art edification and training in the most beautiful city, Vancouver. The applicants are very lucky to have this opportunity to be taught by Ms. Chan Goh, an internationally recognized Ballerina. 这是一个非凡的良机,能在温哥华这样一座美好的城市提供给客人们世界级的艺术熏陶和训练,我们感到无比荣幸。申请人将有机会得到吴振红女士的亲自指点,吴女士是蜚声国际的芭蕾舞女演员。 Can Hon Goh - French table 09 Goh ballet summer camp 10 Can Hon Goh - French table 01 Goh ballet summer camp 09 Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary classes offer many benefits for body, mind, and coordination. The classes will offer students an invigorating, creative, and athletic outlet. 芭蕾、爵士 、 现代 的课程对身心和两者间的协调统一都大有益处。课程会让学员们神采奕奕、激发她们的灵感,塑造出健美体魄。 Can Hon Goh story 3 -  01 In Ballet, the participants will be placed in age and level appropriate classes where they will learn sequences from classical ballet repertoire. The teacher will set combinations and provide instruction to further develop appreciation of the art form and understanding of the steps. 在芭蕾课程中,学员们会按年龄和舞蹈基础划分班级,她们将跟随古典芭蕾演员学习系列舞步。老师将编排舞段,并提供进一步赏鉴芭蕾形式和理解舞步的指导。 Goh ballet summer camp 05 In Jazz class, students will be given several routines which they will piece together to formulate an original work performed to one of the most popular songs of today. 在爵士课程中,学员们可以学到一些基本的舞段,这些舞段可以组合成一支原创舞曲,搭配现今最流行的曲目进行表演。 Goh ballet summer camp 04 In Contemporary classes, students will learn the fundamental elements required in contemporary dance and focus on being grounded; they will build and work on core strength and body awareness projecting movement through weight distribution and organic coordination. 在现代舞课程中, 学员不仅学习现代舞的基本舞蹈元素,而且更注重于现代舞带来的精髓所在:学会如何通过身体各个部位的舒展和配合,来建造和掌握内心发出的心声和身体力量的相互呼应。 Goh ballet summer camp 03 There are also Musical Theatre training, an other important component of the program!! The ability to sing, dance and act are part of the dancer as a whole. Through musical theatre, they will be exposed to one of the most popular Broadway Musicals of all time where they will learn a dance sequence, song and explore characterization. 此外还有音乐剧培训,这也是该项目重要的组成部分之一!唱歌、舞蹈、表演共同成就一名舞者的灵魂。她们能全天候接触到百老汇风靡舞剧之一,从中学习舞段、演唱,探索角色的塑造。 Goh ballet summer camp 02 Beside all the afternoon outside activities, the program are offering English Classes as well. the classes will progressively teach students conversational English to enrich their Canadian experience. Students will have two hours of class time per day which will start them on a successful path to learning English as a second language. 除开所有下午的课外活动,夏令营项目还设有英语课程。课程会循序渐进地教授学生们日常会话英语以丰富她们的实地加拿大北美体验。每天两小时的针对化学习定能使她们踏上掌握英语为第二语言的成功大道。 Can Hon Goh story 3 -  10 This summer camp will provide the students an opportunity to expand their artistic expression, music appreciation, self-confidence, and body awareness! and there will be a Special Showcase for friend and family at the end of the 2 weeks summer camp. 通过此次夏令营活动,学员们有机会拓展她们的艺术表现力,音乐鉴赏力,提升自信心和灵活性!此外,在为期2周的夏令营临近结束时,还会举办汇报演出供家人及朋友们观摩。 Goh ballet summer camp 01 I specially assigned our Shanghai team and Vancouver team to take an exclusive tour of the Goh Ballet Academy and the City of Vancouver to ensure we have all of the first-hand information. 我还专门安排了我们上海和温哥华两地的团队独家考察了温哥华和Goh 芭蕾学院,确保所有取得的信息均为一手资讯。   Goh ballet summer camp 07 Goh ballet summer camp 08 Experiencing this camp themselves, our team will have all of the information to encourage you to join us at this world-class Goh Ballet Summer Camp in Vancouver! 亲自体验夏令营之后,我们的团队能给到您最全面的信息,鼓励您加入我们,加入到温哥华这次世界级的 Goh芭蕾夏令营盛会! Goh ballet summer camp 06 Wishing to see you this summer. 这个夏天,温哥华见。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

The essence of ballet spirit – Summer camp with Goh Ballet 芭蕾的精髓 – Goh芭蕾夏令营

I know that many girls, like my daughter, dreams of ballet and becoming a ballerina. I think extra-curricular program like Ballet is more intensive and teaches lifelong lessons to our children. It teaches our children to be graceful, elegant, disciplined, responsible, team player, creative, and most of all, confidence to be the next leader of this world. 很多女孩,都和我女儿一样,心怀芭蕾梦,渴望成为一名芭蕾舞者。芭蕾这样的课外课程教学更为深入精髓,能让我们的孩子获益终身。学习芭蕾会让孩子们更娴静优雅、举止得体,具有责任心和团队精神,富于创造力,最重要的是,能自信满满地承担起下个时代所赋予的更多精彩。 Ballet spirit 07 Ballet spirit 05 Can Hon Goh story 3 -  01 No matter what the stage they are in their life, they will have the foundation of those lessons! I know my daughter will be a graceful lady to a elegant mom to a poised grandmother. The lessons she learns will benefit her all stages of her life. Ballet also teaches about healthy body but allows children to also express them and learn about many social skills. 无论孩子们正处于人生的哪个阶段,这些教益都能成为他们今后生活的基石。我相信我的女儿会慢慢成长为一位优雅的女士,化身一名端庄的母亲,随岁月历练为从容的祖母。她从芭蕾课程学到的东西无疑对她的一生有益。芭蕾还能让孩子们拥有健康优美的体魄,也可以从容地表达自己,学到很多社交技能。 Ballet spirit 03 Can Hon Goh story 3 -  05 With my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to help many people immigrate into Canada. There’s much to learn about different culture and expand the knowledge and improve family values. To pack up from a familiar place and come to a foreign land is a difficult challenge. But we do this to pay it forward to our family and next generation. 因为职业的关系,我有幸帮助了诸多申请人成功移民加拿大。作为旅加华人,生活在异国他乡,不但要学习很多跨文化的讯息,还要不断提升自己家庭的价值。举家从一个熟悉的环境迁移到异国他乡,无疑是一项艰巨的挑战。我们选择了迎难而上,那么归根结底是为了我们的家庭、为了下一代。 Can Hon Goh story 3 -  02 Can Hon Goh story 3 -  04 With this in mind, I hope that we can bring you here to experience the luxury of west Coast lifestyle with your family. 正是怀着这样的想法,我希望我们能引领您和您的家人,来到北美西海岸,真正体验一下属于西海岸的纯正西方文化的品质生活。 Ballet spirit 09 I established an exclusive Goh Ballet summer Camp. Goh Ballet a worldly recognized ballet academy, is inviting your children and you to join us to learn the important lessons of Ballet: grace, teamwork, discipline, and responsibility. 我因此开办了这次Goh芭蕾夏令营活动。Goh Ballet,作为蜚声国际的知名芭蕾学院,现诚邀您及您的孩子加入我们,来学习芭蕾的要义:优雅、自律、团队心、责任感。 Ballet spirit 11 Can Hon Goh - French table 17 Ms. Chan Hon Goh the director of Goh Ballet is internationally recognized ballerina,she was the principal dancer of National Ballet of Canada and  has performed all over the world. Goh Ballet的总监由 Chan Hon Goh女士担任。她是享誉世界的芭蕾艺术家,曾任加拿大国家芭蕾舞团首席舞者,演出足迹遍布全球。 Can Hon Goh story 02 Giselle/The National Ballet of Canada Being taught by her is a true once in a lifetime opportunity for many ballerinas. And it is very exciting that she has decided to open up the doors of Goh Ballet to teach the foundations of ballet! 能受到她的亲自指点对于许多芭蕾演员来说都是梦寐以求平生难得的机会。更令人欣喜的是,此次 Goh Ballet也打开大门,开设了教授芭蕾基本功的课程! Can Hon Goh - French table 09 Vancouver, a number one ranked for Best places in the World, is the first preferred choice in the Summer. 温哥华,世界排名首位的宜居城市,是您这个夏天的不二选择。 Ballet spirit 17 Ballet spirit 19 I wanted to extend my invitation to you to visit us during summer for the preview of what life of the West Coast is like. This place is heaven during summer. Vancouver is a world-class beloved city, it has everything this world has to offer and it is the most beautiful thing. 我在此向您发出邀请,邀您在这个夏天前来观摩体验西海岸的至臻生活。夏天的温哥华简直宛若天上人间,作为一座世界级的城市,您能在此发现世界的一切美好事物。 Ballet spirit 18 We’re very excited to have you join us and I’m very excited to share everything I’ve come to love in this city. 您的加入是我们的荣幸,我会很高兴能与您分享我对这座城市的热爱。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

The fundamental principle of classical Feng Shui 传统风水的基本原理

I met with Marlyna Los, the Feng Shui Master to discover more about Feng Shui and to understand the fundamental classical Feng Shui concepts during her visit with my friend. Marlyna Los是一名风水大师。在她拜访我朋友时,我结识了她,并对风水学说有了更进一步的探知,了解了传统风水的一些基本要义。 Feng Shui2 08 Feng Shui is a worldly known Chinese philosophy system that connects the surrounding environment and the influence it has on daily life. She explained the concept of energy, harmony and balance of classical Feng Shui, which includes Qi, Yin and Yang, the Five elements, and the eight trigrams, known as Bagua. 风水是举世闻名的中华哲学体系,该体系将周遭环境与其对日常生活的影响联系在了一起。她阐释了传统风水中有关能量、和谐、及平衡的一些概念,其中就涵盖了气,阴阳,五行,和八卦。 Feng Shui2 07 Qi (pronounced “chee” in English) is the key energy. This is the movement of the negative and positive energy, which plays a foundation role for Feng Shui. For your home, it’s the structure, age, surrounding environment, slope of the land, and quality of soil to maximize your Qi. 气(英语发音为“chee”)为本源。负能量和正能量的运化产生气,气是风水学说的根基。对于您的家宅而言,它的结构、房龄、周围环境、土地斜度和土壤质量都能强化您的气。 Feng Shui2 05 Feng Shui image 02 Feng Shui2 03 Yin and Yang discusses the polarity. Yin describes feminine energy and Yang describes the masculine energy. The harmony of these two is essential role for creating a balanced life. Think of this concept as push and pull. These factors are interdependent that one cannot exist without the other and provides a support and nourishment. For your home, you want both soft and feminine energy as well as strong and masculine energy to provide a balanced energy home. Your bedroom and bathroom, a place of relaxation should contain Yin where your home office, kitchen should have Yang. 阴和阳关乎两仪。阴代表女性能量,而阳代表男性能量。两仪的和谐是构建平衡生活的必要因素。您可以将之想象为推与拉的关系。两种因素相生相依,一方给予另一方支持和滋养,一方不复则另一方不存。论及您的家庭,则您既需要阴柔的能量也需要阳刚的力量来维系平衡。您的卧房和卫生间,这些用于歇憩的地方,应包含阴,而书房、厨房则应包含阳。 Feng Shui image 07   The Five elements describe energy of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These five elements interact between each other, which describes a life cycle. Feng Shui use the Five elements to describe the change of Qi. WOOD presents a growing force - colours: Green and Brown FIRE is radiant, moving and expanding energy – colousr: Red, Orange, Purple, and Pink EARTH attracts and is a consolidating, stable force – colousr: Yellow, Sand, or Light Brown METAL is a contracting and condensing force – colours:. White and Gray WATER represents spreading and penetrating energy, anything that flows – colours: Blue and Black 五行分指木、火、土、金、水。这五个要素相互作用,描绘了生命的循环往复。风水正是运用五行元素来描述气的转变。 代表了生长的力量 - 颜色:绿色和棕色 为发光、耀动、扩散的能量 – 颜色:红色、橙色、紫色和粉色 象征了巩固、稳定的力量 – 颜色:黄色、沙色或浅棕色 为收缩凝结的力量 – 颜色:白色和灰色 代表了散播和穿越的能量,一切流动的东西 – 颜色:蓝色和黑色 Feng Shui2 11 Bagua is eight trigrams to determine the energy of your space. It is a map of your home that guides you which part of your home is connected with areas of your life. Marlyna explained that to understand your Bagua, you should have a compass reading of your home by a professional. After a reading, you would be able to determine which areas of your life that are affected by each different Feng Shui of your home affects. 八卦决定了您空间中能量的分布。它是您居室的布局图,指导您空间的哪一部分联通着您生活的哪一方面 。Marlyna补充说,要知晓您个人的八卦图,您需要一名专业人士为您测绘罗盘读数。随后,您即可决定您的生活将怎样受到运用在您家居的不同风水的作用。 Feng Shui2 12 Feng Shui2 09 Marlyna Los explained that all of Feng Shui could have an influence your life. Looking at these factors will help determine the importance of the location of your home and interior of you home. Marlyna Los解释风水学说中的所有因素都会对您的生活产生作用。研究这些因素能帮助您定夺住宅选址和居所布局。 Feng Shui2 06 It was interesting to hear about the influence of energy and the cultural influence it has at our home. 能听到能量及文化对我家庭影响的一番指点,我觉得很有意思。 Wishing all of you a harmonious and happy home. 愿您有一个和谐幸福的家。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

One of my favour store – Restoration Hardware – 我最喜爱的商店之一RH家居店

You can definitely feel the holiday season is upon us with all of the decorations, carols playing on the street corners, and parties every night and everywhere. 四处张灯结彩,街角颂歌飘荡,夜夜都有派对狂欢,让您确切无误地感受到这个假期已然降临。 Restoration Hardware is one of my favourite furniture stores in Vancouver (located on 2555 Granville Street in Vancouver) Restoration Hardware是我最喜爱的温哥华家居店之一(坐落在温哥华Granville街2555号) Restoration Hardware 02 Especially during the Christmas time. They have beautiful exclusive holiday collection like Starry String Light Collection and Winter Wonderland Birch Collection this season that embraces the holiday spirit and turns an average living room into a winter fairy tale scene. 尤其时值圣诞。这些漂亮又独特的节日产品,像今季的星光灯串座、冬日仙境桦树摆饰都饱含了浓浓的节假气息,能将每一个普普通通的起居室幻化成冬天里的童话场景。 Restoration Hardware 03 Restoration Hardware 04 Their displays and merchandises show this and inspires to turn your own home into your own winter wonderland. Their lavishing collection draws your attention and invites you to a comforting shopping experience. 他家的陈设和商品同样赋予给您将自己的小家打造成冬日仙境的灵感。奢华的展品定能吸引您的注意,邀您加入到这舒适惬意的购物体验。 Restoration Hardware 05 Restoration Hardware 06 Looking around the store, there were many items that caught my eye. It got me even more excited to pick up decorations for my home and for our TCT Christmas party. I was filled with ideas of making my place more welcoming and filled with holiday cheer. 环顾店内,您定能发现很多让您注目的东西。当我开始为我家和茶非茶圣诞派对挑选装饰品时,这种兴奋之情更难以言表。我满是将我的天地打扮得更亲切,洋溢节日喜悦的各种点子。 Restoration Hardware 09 Restoration Hardware 08 The store definitely filled me up with Christmas spirit and prepared me for the Holiday season. Restoration Hardware给我注入了圣诞的活力,也让我为马上到来的节日做足准备。 I wish you a very warm holiday season and happiness for this Christmas. 愿您的这个圣诞暖心而开心, angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Vancouver Asian Film Festival Opening Screening 温哥华亚洲电影节开幕展映

It was fun and exciting to attend the opening screening night of “Vancouver Asian Film Festival”. VAFF has been around for 18 years to promote and reunite the Asian culture in Vancouver. This festival has been an influence to the community in Vancouver to share and celebrate the different Asian cultures of this city. “Each year VAFF attracts close to 4,000 audience members over its four-day festival and year round events. It also reaches many more through word of mouth, pre-festival events, and traditional and social media throughout the year.” 能参加“温哥华亚洲电影节”开幕展映夜,我感到即有趣又兴奋。该电影节已持续举办18年,旨在推动并团结亚洲文化。电影节在温哥华社区颇具影响,鼓励人们分享汇聚在这座城市内不同的亚洲文化,并为这样的海纳百川而欢庆。每年,电影节吸引了近4,000名观众云集于此,加入到为期四天的节日盛会和贯穿全年的活动。此外,通过口口相传,节前活动,以及传统媒体和社交媒体等形式,电影节已经为越来越多的人所熟知。 Image 06 This year, I was invited out to celebrate their 18th VAFF opening night at Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinema. 今年,我受邀前往Cineplex Odeon国际电影村庆祝第18届温哥华亚洲电影节拉开大幕。 Image 02 They featured a Canada/Japan co-production film “Man from Reno”, which I enjoyed very much. It was a mystery story that captured the audience. 开幕电影加拿大/日本合拍片“来自Reno的男人”,我看得津津有味。这是一部能抓住观众眼球的悬疑故事。 Man-From-Reno-Poster After the movie, there was a live interview with the Director and Producer. The question and answer session was interesting and effective way to communicate with the audience and great way to learn the process of film making. 影片结束后,有一场与导演和制片人的见面会。其中的问答环节很有意思,可以和其他观众交流心得,也是学习电影制作过程的绝佳途径。 Image 05 A gala was held after the movie. It was a fun exciting setting where I was able to meet up with friends over drinks and cake. What an exciting night it was to attend a film festival. 随后举行的晚会活动也振奋人心,在品尝美酒蛋糕之间,还能邂逅到各色朋友。多么美妙的电影之夜。 Image 03 It was a lovely movie night where I got to relax, learn, and meet up with friends. 这是一个醉人的电影之夜,我在这里身心放松,有所长进,又有朋友相伴。 Image 04 Wishing you enjoy and inspired by some of the festival films. 愿您能在观赏电影的同时收获启发, angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Andy Chu – Global Citizen / Andy Chu – 世界公民

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to my new friend Andy Chu. He is a TV producer and he seems to know everybody in Vancouver! If there is a gala opening event in town, odds are Andy will be there, graciously making everyone feel at home. 很高兴能把我的新朋友Andy Chu介绍给你们。他是一名电视制作人,好像在温哥华无人不识!如果哪里举办节庆开幕式,您很有可能就会在那里碰到Andy,亲切得使每个人感到宾至如归。 SHE_1383 I had the great luck to get Andy’s help with my recent event for our Visas Group Clients, to introduce several global citizen ideas to them in a unique and creative way. 我有幸在近日特邀汇加集团客户参与的活动上得到了Andy的帮助,将世界公民的理念以别具一格又富有新意的方式介绍给大家。 SHE_1423 Andy helped us to create passports and boarding passes, which directed each guest to their assigned seating arrangement and really brought our ideas to life. Andy协助我们创作了护照和登机牌,借此引领每一位来宾至指定的座位,把我们的想法很好地贯彻到现实中来。 SHE_1429 He also had the event facilitated by these lovely ladies dressed as flight attendants, who welcomed guests and guided them around. 在他的安排下,这些迎宾并引座的漂亮女士都打扮成空中乘务员的模样,与活动相得益彰。 Image 01 He has a unique perspective because he has adapted completely to global life. Andy knows how to take his passions, like fashion, music and art and combine them into something like FMA – his very own style of show. Andy的观念非常独到,因为他完完全全地适应了这般全球化的生活。他懂得如何将对于时尚、音乐、艺术等等的热情结合成可以称得上“音•艺•尚”的东西 – 他极具自我风格的秀。 Image 02 Andy is a the president and CEO of Arc2 Intertainment, producing tv shows, fashion events, concert series, charity benefits and many other exciting projects. Andy是Arc2 Intertainment的总裁兼首席执行官,该公司制作电视秀演、时尚典礼、音乐会系列、慈善活动,也承接很多其他激动人心的项目。 Image 03 He is also the director of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF). 此外,他还是温哥华亚洲电影节(VAFF)的理事。 Image 04 Andy has invited TCT to take a sneak peek into some of the most exclusive and exciting events and I’m excited to see more of his celebrity style life! Andy已邀请了茶非茶参与神秘的,也最为独家及兴奋的活动,我很高兴能目睹更多他的名流风尚生活! Image 06 Wishing you inspiring friends who help bring your ideas to life, 愿您结识能够带来源源创想的朋友, angela-signature2-a-moved-out