Fashion 时尚风向


Voir Lab Designed for You to be You – Voir Lab为您设计,做你自己

There is always a missing piece in women’s closet. It’s a never-ending transformation in styles in every season and every occasion.


Now the designers of major brands are constantly changing their designs according to customers' tastes and trends every year. The concept of "simple and fashionable" is growing in trends; more and more young independent fashion brands continue to emerge, including a cutting-edge women's brand - "VOIR LAB" created by a group of fashion enthusiasts, which has successfully attracted many bloggers and celebrities.

现在各大品牌的设计师每年都要根据客户的口味、潮流的风向,不停地改变自己的设计稿,随着近年来“简单就是时尚”的概念不停地深入人心,越来越多的年轻独立设计品牌不断涌现,其中由一群对时尚艺术有着炙热热情的青年才俊创造的新锐女装品牌—VOIR LAB成功吸引了时尚圈各大博主及明星的目光。

Credit: Voir Lab
Credit: Voir Lab

VOIR LAB is a contemporary womenswear brand, born in London, UK, 2015. Their goal is to highlight women’s confidence and beauty not only in leisure time, but also during working hours.

VOIR LAB是一个2015年,诞生于英国伦敦的现代女装品牌。品牌旨在让每一女性,不仅在闲暇时光散发自己的自信和美丽,在工作时间也能展现出动人气质。

Credit: Voir Lab
Credit: Voir Lab

Their design is simple and chic, focusing on details and quality. They aim to redefine the quintessential wardrobe for the modern women, seeing the best versions of themselves: confident, beautiful, and utterly comfortable with who they are.


Credit: Voir Lab
Credit: Voir Lab
Credit: Voir Lab
Credit: Voir Lab
Credit: Voir Lab

As a modern woman, I’m always looking for artistic, simple and modern apparel. VOIR LAB breaks the framework for fashion; it’s simple and neat without losing its unique and innovative design. Its minimalist lifestyle reflects to attitude of life and the sense of fashion. Believe in yourself and be prepared to work hard!

作为现代女性,我一直在找寻具有艺术气息,简洁又摩登的服装。VOIR LAB打破了时尚的条条框框;即干干净净清清爽爽,又不失独特富有创意的小设计。如此极简的生活方式,正反映出穿着者对生活的态度,对时尚的理解。对自己有信心,准备好更努力的工作!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Arrives in Shanghai 维密大秀登陆上海

It’s the time of the year again and everyone is anticipating the first Victoria Secret Show in Asia. VS is tapping into its growing Chinese market and staging the event in Shanghai at the Mercedez-Benz Arena.


Models for 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gather for a group photo, Photo Credit: CGTN

The Victoria’s Secret models and Angels was hitting the runway in Shanghai recently on November 20. It will air on the CBS broadcast on November 28 at 10pm EST, including pink-carpet interviews, model profiles and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show, as well as the runway presentation of brand-new winged creations, lingerie and the much-anticipated collaboration with Balmain.


Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

There are 55 models from 20 countries in the VS Fashion Show this year, including newly joined 7 Chinese models: Liu Wen, Ming Xi, Sui He, Xiaowen Ju, Estelle Chen, Xin Xie and Yi Wang, modelling 88 runway looks with 38 pairs of wings.


Liu Wen, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Ming Xi, Sui He, Xiaowen Ju, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Estelle Chen, Xin Xie and Yi Wang, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

The show was divided into 6 themed sections and punctuated with performances by Harry Styles, Miguel, Jane Zhang and Leslie Odom Junior.

全场分为六大主题板块,并邀请大牌明星Harry Styles, Miguel, Jane ZhangLeslie Odom Junior前来助阵。

Bella Hadid and Harry Styles, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Singer Jane Zhang, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

This year, the brand opened with the “Punk Angel” group, featuring looks by Balmain. Creative director Olivier Rousteing channeled a rocker spirit, showing studded, plaid, and embellished ensembles worn with Victoria’s Secret x Balmain underwear.

今年品牌以《朋克天使》展开,重点展示了Balmain的联名系列,品牌创意总监Olivier Rousteing传承了摇滚精神,为我们展现了维密x Balmain内衣结合的铆钉、格纹、装饰标志等元素。

Candice Swanepoel, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Martha Hunt and Stella Maxwell, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Leomie Anderson and Liu Wen, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

Followed by a “Goddesses” section, models was channeling Greco-Roman deities with gold laurel wreaths and ornate gold-leaf wings.


Bella Hadid, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Blanca Padilla, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

The VS Pink section was themed “Millennial Nation” and was followed by the colorful “Winter’s Tale” group. The “Porcelain Angel” collection echoed the blue-and-white designs of Ming dynasty vases, and the show closed with a multicultural “Nomadic Angels” section that touched on traditions from cultures around the world.


Amilna Estevao, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Adriana Lima, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Josephine Skriver, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Blanca Padilla, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Leomie Anderson, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Martha Hunt, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

Other highlights from the show include the return of Candice Swanepoel and Karlie Kloss, and rumors of the retirement of Alessandra Ambrosio.

其他亮点还包括Candice SwanepoelKarlie Kloss的回归,以及Alessandra Ambrosio的退休谣言。

Candice Swanepoel, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
Alessandra Ambrosio, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

Lastly, Lais Ribeiro was chosen as the wearer of the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, which is seen as incredibly prestigious among the Angels. She wore this year’s $2 million Mouwad design, which is handset with diamonds, yellow sapphires and blue topaz in 18-karat gold.

最后,Lais Ribeiro被选为维密梦幻内衣的佩戴者,将在天使中享有盛名。她穿戴了今年价值2百万美元,由珠宝商Mouwad设计,手工镶嵌的钻石,黄宝石还有蓝色托帕石,被镶到18克拉的纯金内衣上。

Lais Ribeiro, Credit: Victoria's Secret
Lais Ribeiro, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

VS Fashion Show had gathered the world’s most sexy and the most representative of the Angels, as well as world-renowned top singer guests, with beautiful and extraordinary runway looks, creating a spectacular audio-visual feast.


Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Elsa Hosk, Josephine Skriver, Stella Maxwell, Martha Hunt, Liu Wen and Ming Xi, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret
The models are joined by singers Leslie Odom Jr and Harry Styles for the finale, Getty Images for Victoria's Secret


Highlights from Shanghai Fashion Week 聚焦上海时装周

It was clear that Shanghai Fashion Week aims to be the most influential fashion trade platform in Asia. Press, buyers and a lot of fashion fans crowded around the venues of the main Xintiandi tents and the independent Labelhood platform to see what China’s fashion forces have to offer.


Shanghai Fashion Week 2018 SS

There is a total of 93 brilliant shows for this Shanghai Fashion Week 2018 SS. The platform this year presented an excellent selection of Chinese and Asian designers with an international reach, as many have showcased their collections also at Fashion Weeks in London and Paris.


image vis Business of Fashion

Mukzin by Kate Han

Mukzin was founded by Kate Han and her husband, George Feng, in 2014, aiming to give traditional Chinese costumes a modern twist.

MukzinKate Han和他的先生George Feng在2014年创立,品牌的初衷是要在传统中国服饰中融入摩登变化。

Mukzin Runway
Mukzin backstage

Heaven Gaia by Xiong Ying

Xiong Ying, the chief designer behind Heaven Gaia, is known for making couture dresses for "China’s Spring Festival Gala". In this collection, Heaven Gaia aimed to revive the "Four Great Beauties", who gained their reputation not just for their looks, but also for their influence over emperors.

熊英,Heaven Gaia的首席设计师,由于为《春晚》设计制作了多套礼服而为人所知。在这一系列中,Heaven Gaia的灵感来自复苏古代《四大美人》的神韵,这些佳丽之所以能名流千古,不仅仅因为她们容貌倾国倾城,更因为她们能以个人魅力左右皇帝的意愿。

Heaven Gaia Runway
Heaven Gaia Runway

Minki by Minki Cheng

Hong Kong-born Minki Cheng is one in a long line of Central Saint Martin’s graduates making their mark at Shanghai Fashion Week. Minki is a really creative brand, that proposes a modern approach to design, playing with sartorial memories, experimentations on innovative fabrics and unusual materials.

香港出生的Minki Cheng,毕业于中央圣马丁学院,在上海时装周上占有一席之地的设计师之一。Minki极富创意,品牌为设计带来现代气息,大胆挑战制衣传统,选用创新面料和不常见的材质来进行实验。

Central Saint Martin's grad Minki Cheng was a favorite of Lane Crawford buyer Jillian Xin. (Photo by Katie Wallis)
Minki Runway

Angel Chen

Angel Chen is another Central Saint Martin’s graduate. Her SS17 collection is inspired by the ancient book “Shan Hai Jing”, a historic text depicting various stories of monsters from land and sea.

Angel Chen也是中央圣马丁学院毕业生中的一员。她的2017春夏系列受古籍《山海经》的启发,这是一本描述了山川大陆各种奇珍异兽的志怪故事集。

Angel Chen SS17 collection

Combining Chinese heritage and craft innovation, Angel experimented and integrated in SS17 collection boundary-pushing fabrics and new techniques like dissolvable embroidery fillings, creating multifunctional pieces that can be worn dozens of different ways, taking the principle of unisex to a new level.


Angel Chen SS17 collection

The Fashion Week also featured fairs and showrooms: Mode Shanghai, On-Timeshow and Not Showroom, to name only a few, that gave the chance to numerous brands to show their creations to buyers and insiders.

此外,时装周还聚焦多种交易会和展示厅: Shanghai模式实时秀场 不止展示厅,上述仅仅是一部分,这些活动让众多品牌有机会向买手和业界人士展示他们的作品。

Shanghai Fashion Week 2018 SS

There are countless people devote to every season of Shanghai Fashion Week, with many attentions worldwide. The future of Shanghai Fashion Week will continue to uphold the cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence, moving forward to explore more lavish and suitable for locals, leading the fashion industry and taking the role of convergence!


Source: Shanghai Fashion Week

Best Street Style From Shanghai Fashion Week Spring 2018 上海时装周2018春季最佳街拍

Shanghai Fashion Week is a biannual schedule of fashion shows, presentations and events. The streets of Xintiandi were packed with China’s fashion set, as the country’s biggest and brightest fashion week kicked into gear.


Shanghai Fashion Week 2018 SS

Below, I have selected some best street styles during Shanghai Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 from W magazine. Photos are taken by Adam Katz Sinding.

下面我就从W杂志上海时装周2018春/夏展上挑选一些最佳街拍。照片由Adam Katz Sinding提供。


Ever heard of ‘Hai Pai’ aka ‘Shanghai Style’? 听说过“海派”“上海风尚”吗?

I’ve recently saw a post from Culture Shock Tour about ‘Hai Pai’ aka ‘Shanghai Style’ that really inspired me. The combination of Chinese and Western culture resulted in the birth of inclusive and an openness to diversity – Hai Pai.


Hai Pai is rooted in traditional Chinese culture, based on the fusion of the essence of Wu and Yue culture, from Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, and absorbs to a lot of western culture. It embodied rebellion against traditional conventions and boldness in innovation.


Li Shoubai, showing Shanghai’s distinctive haipai culture

One of the first expressions of Hai Pai, ‘cultivated’ by old generations till these days and shocking foreign newcomers, was adopting the habit of wearing…Pajamas! Proud Shanghailanders started wearing it outside to make sure everyone around noticed how stylish they were.


Another significant example of inclusive Hai Pai’s spirit was the transformation of traditional Qi Pao/Cheongsam. Influenced by western aesthetic standard, traditional Chinese Qi Pao was shortened and became more fitted. The new Qi Pao, originated in Shanghai, quickly took over the rest of China in no time.


Even when the glamour and decadence had to surrender in the face of pervasive Communism, Shanghai people just could not let all the elegance go and that’s how the “fake collars” were born.


Now the opulence and unlimited indulgence are back in Mo Du (Shanghai’s nickname which means “fascinating city” or “devil’s / magical city”) and seems like Hai Pai is at the peak of its Renaissance.


The multinational crowd of foreigners gather at countless fashion events and fairs, bringing new designs and inspiration that locals embrace almost immediately.


Shanghai Tang

After all, the city’s chic reputation, that took years of efforts to gain, could not be ruined in the eyes of foreign guests! The answer was ‘Why not? It’s Shanghai!’  Yes – whether you call it the Hai Pai, Mo Du, Paris of the East or even paradox. Hai Pai never ceases to make its own, bold, fashion statement and I consider myself lucky to be witnessing it!

毕竟,城市的时尚之名靠的是经年累月的经营,绝不会在外国人眼里说垮就垮!回答是“为什么不?这就是上海。”是的 - 无论您管她叫作海派、魔都、东方小巴黎海派从不停止她大胆的时尚宣言,我也为能见证这样的文化变迁而感到幸运!

Review Parsons MFA Spring 2018 showcase! The collision of the most practical and avant-garde design. (Part-3) 直击2018 春季帕森斯硕士作品秀场!最实用与前卫概念设计的碰撞(第三部)

Let’s meet the 9 bright talents that have emerged from Parsons MFA Fashion.


Venus Lo

Venus Lo’s "plastic-meets-workwear" collection of menswear inspired by hoarders, with clothes frilling and fraying around the models’ bodies. By inserting found pieces of fabric throughout her knitwear, the designer created a textural fabric that seems to bulge and bubble around its wearer.

Venus Lo 的男装系列《当塑料遇上工装》灵感源自拾荒人,以流苏饰边和磨毛效果的布料,布满了模特周身,通过在针织衣服里填塞进零散的布料,设计师旨在创造一种膨胀的泡泡的效果。

Amanda Brown

Amanda explored the physical, psychological and metaphorical baggage and abstracted into the symbolic plastic bag, which relates to labour and production, another issue in women’s rights. She wanted to explore the colour white in knit and recreate the feeling of plastic without using plastic. Shoutout to the sneakers, white Converse with New York-y phrases like "Have a Nice Day" either printed or written on the sites, which have instant retail appeal.


Caroline Hu

A true romantic at heart, Caroline Hu believes in the power of beauty and poetry to make us forget the difficult world around us. Inspired by Renaissance art, Caroline wanted to recreate the effect of brushstrokes through textile.

Caroline Hu一定是个真正的浪漫主义者,她相信美和诗的纯粹力量,能让我们忘却现世的烦恼。受到文艺复兴艺术的影响,Caroline想要通过面料的运用创造出笔刷的效果。

From Parsons MFA Spring 2018 Ready-to-wear collection, knitwear covered a large part of the show. Knitwear is innovative and experimental by adding fine handmade details and revealing asymmetry, deconstruction, dislocation or tear in design, like seeing a new transformation of the fabrics in many ways.


Parsons’s fashion design MFA program is one of the few in the United States, making it extremely competitive!


Who will be the next Fashion Industry Rookie? We shall wait and see!


Review Parsons MFA Spring 2018 showcase! The collision of the most practical and avant-garde design. (Part-2) 直击2018 春季帕森斯硕士作品秀场!最实用与前卫概念设计的碰撞(第二部)

Let’s meet the 9 bright talents that have emerged from Parsons MFA Fashion.


Shizhe He

Shizhe worked on the idea of a disappearing pattern. His enveloping menswear is somewhat comforting, having a schoolboy charm. The success of the collection can be attributed to her extraordinary pattern-cutting skills


Tingyue Jiang

Tingyue Jiang’s idea came from Chinese culture and the lives of factory workers. He brought those uneven stitches, that are usually found in the factories, to the forefront. His sense of colour stood for its subtle gradations in those degrading dresses.


Di Gao

Di Gao was inspired by Chinese architecture and construction, the main design philosophy being that every shape has a different function. She aims to apply these ideals to the body in movement. What might appear as very rigid and structural pieces, are actually light creations that can be altered by pulling a string which allows the pieces to transform in an instant.

Di Gao 受到了中式建筑风格的启发,每一种形制都有自己的功能,就是他的主要设计理念。她想通过运动中的人体将这一理念充分表现出来。看起来非常硬朗的结构感材质,实际上却非常轻巧,只需收紧一根带子,就能立马转型为另一种风格。

To be continued... 待续。。。

Review Parsons MFA Spring 2018 showcase! The collision of the most practical and avant-garde design (Part-1) 直击2018 春季帕森斯硕士作品秀场!最实用与前卫概念设计的碰撞(第一部)

Parsons the New School for Design, with successful graduates like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Yohji Yamamoto and many other high reputation designers, Parsons annual graduation show will be the attention of the entire fashion industry.   作为培养出馬克·雅各布斯,王大仁,吳季剛,山本耀司等等众多时装界大咖的帕森斯时装学院, 帕森斯每年的毕业秀都会得到整个时尚圈的关注。 In recent years, there are more and more Chinese designers are gaining more exposure in Parsons showcase. The graduation show still balance the designer's imagination and ready-to-wear concept. 近几年,在帕森斯的秀场上,越来越多的中国设计师崭露头角。不变的是,帕森斯毕业秀创作权衡了设计师们天马行空的想象力以及实穿性。 This year featured the small group of Nihl, Zoe Champion, Shanel, Shizhe He, Tingyue Jiang, Di Gao, Venus Lo, Amanda Brown, and Caroline Hu, with a prelude of looks by first-year students made in partnership with Swarovski. 今年特辑的小团体Nihl, Zoe Champion, Shanel, Shizhe He, Tingyue Jiang, Di Gao, Venus Lo, Amanda Brown, and Caroline Hu,与施华洛世奇合作,通过硕士一年级学生的作品拉开了序幕。  


The show began with spectacular, hand-done beadwork on menswear by Nihl.


Zoe Champion

Then Zoe Champion’s trompe l’œil collection is inspired by her grandmother’s passing and the act of holding someone else’s clothes up to your body in the mirror.

然后是Zoe Champion的trompe l'œil系列,灵感源于她过世的祖母,在镜子前把别人的衣服拿到身上的效果。


One of the few grads to edge away from neon was Shanel, whose bondage straps and cinched silhouettes will have celebrity appeal.

再来是Shanel,少数几个毕业生不追寻霓虹灯效果的人之一,他的束缚带和收紧的轮廓有名人的气场 。

To be continued... 待续。。。

Your hair is the crown you never take off-12 hair trends from Fashion Week F/W 2017-2018您的发型是您永远的皇冠-12款最劲爆发型趋势

Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be. Invest in your hair it is the crown you never take off. Following the newest trends from NY fashion week , here are the 12 hair trends from Fashion Week F/W 2017-2018  
生活并不完美,但你的头发可以。 您的发型,是您永远的皇冠。继纽约时装周的最新趋势之后,这里将再次为您呈现2017-2018的最靓12款发型。

Natural lengths 


Hair that flows free, full of movement, styled simply with water, like at Stella McCartney or just touched up by hand, hairstylists certainly weren’t pushed for time backstage when styling this look. The natural look is the biggest trend of this season, letting hair speak for itself.
流动自由,充满活力的头发,简单地用水,或手工整理一下即可, 自然的外观是这个季节最大的趋势,让头发自己说话。

The sleek wet look


We haven’t seen the last of wet locks tucked behind the ears. Although the same concept was seen on the Spring/Summer 2017 runways, where hair was perfectly straight and lacquered, next season’s look is more relaxed with added height. An effect created with just a simple swipe of your hand.

我们还是没有看够这种滑溜潮湿的头发锁紧在耳朵后面的时尚魔力。 虽然在2017年春夏T型台上看到了同样的概念,那时的头发是完美直线如漆面那样光亮,但在这个秋季则变得看起来更加蓬松了一些,增加了高度。 

Acid hair


All eyes were on a handful of models from New York to Paris thanks to their highly pigmented, brightly-colored hair. From canary yellow to electric blue, along with fluorescent pink, when it comes to color this season, anything goes as long as hair is well hydrated and cared for.

所有的眼睛都集中在从纽约到巴黎的少数几个模特,因为她们高度着色、色泽鲜艳的头发很是出类拔萃。 从金丝雀黄色到电动蓝色,以及荧光粉色,当这个五彩斑斓的秋季来到时,除了头发水膜和护理之外,任何新鲜的颜色都会发生。

Relaxed curls


While the Spring/Summer runways were packed with tight coil curls, next winter’s are more relaxed, loose and natural.


Super short bobs


Definitely one of the star styles from Fall/Winter 2017-2018, we’ve already seen some models wearing it. Lengths must brush the earlobes, along with a slight trim to give it a youthful yet edgy effect.

绝对是2017-2018年秋冬季的明星款式之一,我们已经看到了一些模特留着的超短波波头。 长度必须只刷到耳垂,只需轻微的修剪,使其具有年轻而前卫的效果。
Tribal tresses
Plaits have gone up a level this season, placed high on the head in rows for a tribal effect. The perfect way to get into the warrior, anti-conformist mood seen at multiple shows, Following Hiandra Martinez who opened the Saint Laurent show sporting dreadlocks, a complete contrast to the army of models who followed her.
这个秋季,辫子则更上一层楼,在头顶编辫子,排列成部落族人的效果。 在很多时装秀表演中, 我们看到战士、叛逆、运动型辫子的独特魅力。



Two slightly retro accessories made their comeback this season: the hairband and the headband. Whether it’s bourgeois, fur, crystal-encrusted, sporty or in black leather, find something that enhances your hair.

两个稍微复古的头饰配件,让秋冬季重返复古风:发带和头箍。 无论是小资情调、毛皮、水晶镶嵌、或运动型,还是黑色皮革的发带或头箍,都能很好的起到装饰头发的完美效果。

The bowl cut


Catherine McNeil set the tone just a few days into New York Fashion Week: the bowl cut is back. The model’s hair was cut by Guido Palau backstage at the Alexander Wang show, with a new 90s-style tomboy-cut, a style that was copied throughout other shows for the nicest surprise of the season.

凯瑟琳·麦克尼尔(Catherine McNeil)在纽约时装周上演了几天:碗扣式发型又回归了。 该模型的头发在亚历山大·王的时装秀中精彩演绎,采用了一种新的90年代风格的小丑剪裁发型,这种风格被复制到其他节目中,获得了秋冬季最好的惊喜。
The grunge look was another surprise this season, and it definitely packed a punch. With wet hair, alternative buns and rebellious strands that refused to stay in place, the look was pulled off with punch and panache.
这个乱七八糟的风格,又是这个秋冬季的一个惊喜,这绝对是一个打击。 湿的头发,一团团,一丝丝,随意散落,看起来好像被打过那样。

The side-parting


A runway favorite, the side-parting was everywhere this Fashion Week. Try it next winter with straight hair to softly frame the face.

T型台最喜欢的发型之一,这个秋冬季也无处不在。 斜分的直发轻轻勾勒出脸部线条。
The new-generation ponytail
Whether it was accessorized, twisted or worn to the side, hairstylists found a multitude of new ways to wear the ponytail for a ladylike, edgy or romantic look. Take note of the one common denominator: wear at the nape of the neck. 无论是装饰、扭曲或磨损的效果,发型师发现了许多新的方式来打扮马尾辫,以淑女、或前卫、或浪漫的样子,打造出新生代马尾辫。 注意一个共同点:马尾辫都编在颈部的位置。



This season, designers simply wanted to enhance models’ natural hair, resulting in beautiful diversity between curls, afros, extra-long lengths and fluorescent colors.


The Top 12 Trends from New York Fashion Week Fall 2017″纽约时装周“2017秋冬季12大时尚趋势

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is one of the four major fashion weeks in the world, collectively known as the "Big 4," along with those in Paris, London and Milan.

“纽约时装周”(NYFW)是世界四大时装周之一,被称为“大四”,其他三个分别是巴黎、伦敦、和米兰的时装周。 The spring/summer 2018 season event wrapped up on September 14th. NYFW always set the tone for the fashion season and they often reflect what's going on today in arts, culture and even politics.

2018春季/夏季时尚发布于“纽约时装周”,在9月14日已经结束。 “纽约时装周”总是先为时尚打下基调,以此反映出当今世界在艺术、文化,甚至政治中发生的事实和趋势。
Fall is locking at our door, seems like it's a perfect time to look  at the top fall trends from last spring’s NYFW.

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 The Top 12 trends from New York Fashion Week Fall/winter 2017


Oscar de la Renta; Tibi; 3.1 Phillip Lim (ImaxTree)

Pantsuit Nation

Soft and slouchy or trim and tailored, suits were a near-constant feature on the fall runways.  With a panoply of styling options to probe for inspiration, there’s no reason we can’t all harness the power of the pantsuit next season.


柔软和宽松,修剪和定制,西装风又领风骚,在秋季的T型台上几乎不变。凭借不同风格的选择,来探索灵感,我们没有理由不接受来自裤装的力量。 Marchesa; Erin Fetherston; Christian Siriano(ImaxTree)

Fringe Benefits

Fire up your Boomerang app: fall’s best party pieces are made for shimmy-shaking. Whether strategically deployed on the hem of a skirt or cascading down the length of a dress, fringe added a sense of playfulness to many collections.


启动你的Boomerang拍摄应用程序吧:秋天最好的派对, 便是让您随风起舞。 无论是巧妙部署在裙子的下摆,还是沿着衣服的长度下垂的流苏,如此俏皮感的边边流苏,作为收藏是非常不错的。

Brock Collection; Altuzarra; Delpozo (ImaxTree)


If there was one color that ruled the runways from the first show of the week to the last, it was burgundy. Rich, deep, and regal, the shade proved ideal for monochromatic looks, and elsewhere paired well with periwinkle or bright red.


如果有一种颜色从这个星期的第一个节目,到最后一个节目的T型舞台上,那就是酒红色。 丰富、深刻和豪华,酒红色永远经典地证明了单色调的理想选择,配上长春花或明亮的红来搭配。
Coach 1941; Calvin Klein; Alexander Wang (ImaxTree, Getty Images)

New Americana

The United States may be a bit of a scary place for many people right now, but that didn’t stop designers from taking inspiration from the country’s more hopeful elements. For his first season at Calvin Klein, Raf Simons sent out an ode to American youth to the soundtrack of David Bowie’s “This Is Not America,” which included quilted parkas, sheer-torsoed varsity sweaters, and plenty of denim, along with the most literal tribute: a swingy stars-and-stripes flag skirt. Elsewhere, Western motifs reigned, showing up on grommeted leather jackets, fringed shirts, and prairie dresses at shows from Alexander Wang to Coach.


美国可能对许多人来说可能是一个可怕的地方,但并没有阻止设计师从国家更有希望的角度去获取灵感。对于卡尔文·克莱因(Calvin Klein)的第一个季节,拉夫·西蒙斯(Raf Simons)向美国青年发出了一场大卫·鲍伊(David Bowie)的“不是美国”的时尚运动,其中包括外套、大衣、毛衣,和大量的牛仔布, 在文字中如此写道:一条摇摆的星星条纹旗子的裙子。

Mara Hoffman; Rosie Assoulin; Tory Burch (ImaxTree)

Check Mate

Call it tartan, plaid, or check—it was everywhere this season, used on Wall Street-worthy pantsuits, preppy pleated skirts, mannish coats, and even an evening gown or two (lookin’ at you, Jenny Packham).



Gabriela Hearst; Tome; Jason Wu (ImaxTree)

Golden Girls Yellow isn’t always the easiest color to wear, but for fall, designers turned to more forgiving shades of goldenrod and saffron. It looked especially appealing in eveningwear, presenting a fresh alternative to the LBD at Monse, Jason Wu, Cushnie Et Ochs, and beyond.


黄色并不总是最容易穿的颜色,但秋天,设计师们变通成更加宽广的金色和藏红花色调。 在晚装上看起来特别吸引人,在Monse,Jason Wu,Cushnie Et Ochs及其以外的LBD中提供了一个新鲜的替代品。
Noon By Noor; Ulla Johnson; Zero + Maria Cornejo (ImaxTree)

Crazy Cozy


“Self care” may be among the most popular phrases to emerge out of the past year, and on the runway it translated into plush cocoon coats, oversized sweaters, and generous silhouettes. Comfort: one trend we can always get behind.
"自我照顾“可能是过去一年中最受欢迎的短语之一,而在T型台上,它翻译成毛绒茧大衣、超大的毛衣和温柔的剪影。 舒适:我们总是可以垫背的一个趋势。

Creatures of Comfort; Prabal Gurung; Public School (ImaxTree)

Let’s Get Political

Brands that may have shied away from overt political statements in seasons past let their views known this week with parades of protest slogan T-shirts, the CFDA’s pink “Fashion Stands With Planned Parenthood” buttons accessorizing runway looks and final bows, and even a made-for-Instagram moment at Adam Lippes with models carrying signs reading “My Body, My Choice” and “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” at Washington Square Park.



Adam Selman; Narciso Rodriguez; Prabal Gurung (ImaxTree)

Sheer Genius

If there’s one place where the nipple has decidedly been freed, it’s the catwalk. Besides Calvin Klein’s boob-baring sweaters, there were sheer tops at Adam Selman and Zadig & Voltaire, strategically-paneled pieces at Narciso Rodriguez, and new takes on the ever-popular red-carpet naked dress at Prabal Gurung and Jason Wu.


如果有一个地方,身体的隐秘部位,纯然天成地被释放了,那里就是走秀的时装T型台。 除了卡尔文·克莱因(Calvin Klein)的胸针毛衣外,亚当·塞尔曼(Adam Selman)和扎迪格·伏尔泰(Zadig&Voltaire),还有绝对顶尖的Narciso Rodriguez,其中包括Prabal Gurung和Jason Wu,著名的红地毯裸露连衣裙。

Michael Kors Collection; Zimmermann; Brandon Maxwell (ImaxTree)

Heavy Metal Calling all magpies: designers offered all sorts of ways to dress like the disco ball of your dreams this season, from a slouchy sequin dress worn over a camel turtleneck to a Studio 54-worthy suit covered in over one million Swarovski crystals (Brandon Maxwell, you hero, you).



Marc Jacobs; Yeezy; Proenza Schouler (Getty Images, Yeezy, ImaxTree)


In a week when showgoers braved 30-degree weather in bare legs and coats shrugged off-the-shoulder, designers proposed a welcome array of actually-practical outerwear. Shearling, especially, was a popular choice. It came luxe and lacquered at Proenza Schouler, on the kinds of coats fashion girls will be lusting after all season; at Yeezy the look was humbler—though this being Kanye West we’re talking about, we don’t expect the price tag to match. At Marc Jacobs, Kendall Jenner strutted the city sidewalk in a fuzzy jacket (in burgundy, natch) that tipped its hat to ’90s hip-hop culture


在一周的时间里,当人们还是顶着赤裸裸的三十度气氛,露腿、露肩装在打扮自己的时候,设计师们却设计出了一系列冬用实用外套。 特别是剪羊毛,就是个受非常受欢迎的选择。 在Proenza Schouler的奢华晚会上,时尚女孩们将在整个变得更加妩媚;在Yeezy看起来却很谦虚,我们并不期望很高的价格标签。 在马克·雅各布斯(Marc Jacobs),肯德尔·詹纳(Kendall Jenner)的品牌中,穿着一件酒红色夹克,带上帽子,俨然掀起了90年代的嘻哈风。

Milly; Monse; ADEAM (ImaxTree)

Deconstruction The twisted shirting trend that dominated last season is still going strong for fall, with sliced-and-diced pieces ruling the runway at Public School, Monse, ADEAM, and beyond. At Milly, creative director Michelle Smith chose “Fractured” as the theme of the collection, which manifested in sequin dresses with slashed hems, oxfords pieced together this way and that, and sweaters torn practically in two. Symmetry is so overrated, anyway.

解扣 上个季节主宰的扭曲的衬衫趋势,在秋季仍然很强劲,切片、裁片继续出现在T型舞台上。 在米利,创意总监米歇尔·史密斯(Michelle Smith)选择“破碎”作为设计的主题,表现在剪裁的薄片连衣裙,牛仔裤以这种方式拼接起来,毛衣实际上从两个人中撕裂开来。 无论如何,对称性被高估了。