Family 家族传承


Immigrating to North America, you can’t only hang in one tree! 移民北美,何苦在一棵树上吊死!

Quebec immigration has been already reached its limitation just in 3 months; PEI immigration program has sold out only in one week. This is the cruel situation of Canadian immigration program. This trend is aggravating and becoming more and more serious.

魁北克移民已经在段段3个月内,已经达到名额限制,“她”只给这么多,怎一个“抢”字了得! PEI移民计划,也仅在一周内售罄, 等等等等,这就是移民加拿大的残酷现状。这种趋势正在加剧,越来越严重。
Moreover, you might be also shocked by the actual pitiful sights of friends surrounding you. The hardship of mom accompanying along with children studying aboard in Canada,  the continuously burning money for Canada PNP immigrating programs, all what you did so far might be useless at all for your ideal plan to immigrate to Canada.  Why do you still dreaming that?

此外,您也可能对身边朋友的实际生活状况,可怜到震惊。 陪读妈妈的艰辛,不断烧钱的加大拿PNP移民,然而所有你迄今为止所做的一切,也许到最后根本就没用,换来的也许还是不能移民加拿大, 何苦呢?你为什么还在做梦?
The world is so big, there are plenty of fishes in the sea.


Thought the lifestyle in Canada is wonderful, but immigrating to Canada became more and more difficult, perhaps there’s another life that is dreamier. Immigrating to  North America can’t be the only tree you are hanged on.

US EB-5 investment immigration program not only acquires the whole family green card, but also planning family financial management, it is still required for 500,000 US dollars as investment capital, that you can easily play around with lots of benefits, such as honored North American immigrants, ivy education, no harsh immigration supervision, visa-free entry to Canada.

Now under the approval of continuation of authorities, EB5 continues through December 8, 2017, and with Visas’ lawyers practicing billions insurance, why not do it?


Must-read tips for a Family-kids-Friendly Kitchen Renovation 厨房翻新必读须知

While gourmet and entertaining kitchens certainly can be outfitted with family-friendly features, some households focus entirely on creating a space that works for the hectic daily lives of everyone who lives there. This means while accommodating children who might fix their own after-school snacks.(After all, their food and treats will be probably throwed litter  anywhere in the whole house.), specially to supervise them escape from I Pad, I phone, or computer, a parent who needs a space to organize meals and activities and look after children,  and even pets that eat in the kitchen.

老饕和娱乐化的厨房,也必须配备居家的基本特性。一些家庭非常重视在厨房开设出一片区域,来处理繁杂的日常生活事务, 这片区域也会给孩子们带来欢乐的厨房时间,他们可以自己动手准备放学后的小点心。(毕竟,孩子们的食物和小零嘴,是最会乱扔得家里满地都是, 所以有一片厨房区域收纳孩子们是非常妙的主意。)而且,这片区域尤其可以监督他们放下手中的平板电脑、手机、计算机,家长还可以一边准备饭菜,一边监管照看孩子,甚至家里宠物的喂食也能在厨房里解决。 And, remember those children grow, and a kitchen remodel should last at least 10 years. You want the kitchen to be adaptable so it will work for having kids around the house and empty nesters, so before you begin your kitchen renovation, seriously review how you use your current kitchen and set goals for your remodel. This way, you can stay on track as you make important decisions about floor plan, appliances, cabinetry and more.

而且要记住,孩子们都在长大,厨房翻新至少可以保持10年。您想要让厨房能应时而变,既能适应孩子们在身边的需要,也能在将来他们离开之后也能派上用场,那么在开始您的厨房大动作之前,请务必认真阅读:如何使用现有厨房,并为您的翻新计划定下目标。这样,您就能在决定布局方案、家电、橱柜和其他等等重要事项上不出差错了。 sourcing from Some tips you must read before doing any decisions. Questions to Ask:

  • How many children do you have, and how old?
  • How does each family member use the kitchen?
  • Do children prepare their own snacks and/or meals?
  • What about pets?
  • Who hosts the family gatherings, and how large are these events?
  • Do you cook for family gatherings (or order take-out, rely on a caterer)?
  • How many family members cook in the kitchen at one time?
  • What is each person’s role in the kitchen? (For example, dad cooks on weekends, mom makes everyday meals, children prepare their own breakfast, etc.)
  • Describe a day in the life of your kitchen. What works? What doesn't?
  • 您有几个孩子,都多大了?
  • 每个家庭成员使用厨房的习惯怎样?
  • 孩子们会自己准备小食和/或正餐吗?
  • 宠物怎么样?
  • 由谁主持家庭聚会,规模有多大?
  • 您会为家庭聚会下厨吗(或订外卖,用外烩服务)?
  • 会有几个人同时在厨房里做饭?
  • 每个人在厨房的分工是怎样的?(例如,爸爸周末下厨,妈妈负责工作日做饭,孩子们为自己准备早餐,等等。)
  • 描述您在厨房一天的生活。哪些有用?哪些没用?



Easy-to-clean surfaces. Wipeability is key with family. Quartz surfaces, a man-made product, are durable, not as porous as natural stone (so less likely to stain). For budget-savvy households, laminate is available in a variety of colors and patterns that can even emulate granite. It’s not the real deal, so don’t expect to fool home buyers if you put the house up for sale. But it does stand up to spills. When choosing materials, consider their forgiveness if glasses are carelessly clunked on the countertop. For example, glass tile is not shock absorbent; and quartz cushions impact better than granite.


能一擦即净对全家来说至关重要。石英表面和人造产品既耐用,又不像天然石材那样有很多孔隙而容易留下污渍。对于想节省预算的家庭来说,层压材料色彩丰富,纹样繁多,甚至比花岗石还好。当然人造材料并非十全十美,如果是要出售房子,那么在售价上肯定会有折扣,但这种人造材质的台面还是很扛得住烹饪过程中的泼溅弄脏的。此外还要考虑到材料的耐撞击程度,比方说,玻璃砖不具备吸震能力;而石英材质要比花岗石具有更好的缓冲力。 Accessible pantry. Storage for groceries is a top concern for families, and the “consumables” zone often doesn’t get the attention it deserves during planning, according to Blum, Inc., a producer of cabinet hardware. Pantry cabinets with drawers that fully extend make it easy to reach items. Perhaps children have designated pantry drawers that are lower and contain parent-approved foods. “Promoting self-sufficiency in the kitchen and healthy eating habits is important to consider,” Pierce says. “If you can, make it easy for kids to make the things they like to eat.”


食品杂货的储存是家人首要考虑的问题,“消费品”区域通常在厨房规划中得不到应有的重视, 这是一家橱柜硬件制造商曾得出的结论。能充分展开的抽屉,是能让餐饮区的橱柜,充分展示收纳功能的重点。可以专门把下层的抽屉辟给孩子使用,放一些经家长们许可的食物。倡导厨房里能各取所需、并养成健康的饮食习惯都是重点要考虑的,可以的话,让孩子们能方便地学会制作他们自己爱吃的健康食品。 Open plan. The kitchen and living room are practically synonymous in a family’s home. One should flow into the other, and the lines between the two are getting more blurred. “The whole point is to build this beautiful kitchen that is user-friendly, but now you have to have those comforts that you used to have in your living room,” Bergin says.


厨房和起居室,对于一个家庭来说实际是同义词。家庭成员可以自如地从一处步入另一处,两者的边界也越来越模糊。打造漂亮厨房的全部意义,就在于要对使用者方便‘、快捷、和谐,而如今这些适宜的设置,甚至还可以配备到您的起居空间,厨房和起居室开放空间,就尤为重要。 Snack bar. Features like an island will multi-task in a family kitchen, serving as a snack bar, dining area or place for children to do homework while a parent prepares dinner.


像家庭厨房内的多功能工作岛,就能被当作小食吧台,也能作为餐饮区或者在家长准备晚餐时给孩子拿来做作业。 Refrigerator drawers. Refrigerator configurations that include separate drawers are convenient for families that stock specific items for children, giving them permission to help themselves to food in the kids’ drawer. Also consider point-of-service refrigerators placed in convenient zones—even mudrooms



Other Considerations:

  • A 30-inch baker’s height countertop in one zone; or a pull-out countertop that is lower and gives children ample workspace
  • Floor surfaces that are easy to wipe down, such as porcelain tiles
  • A family seating area, such as a breakfast nook, small table or even lounge chairs and a coffee table
  • Media such as a computer or flat-screen television
  • A family organization center that can be hidden away in a cabinet space, containing calendars, a bulletin board and other scheduling/messaging tools
  • Pet food storage bins built into cabinetry


  • 一个30英寸烤箱高度的台面;或一个低一点的可拉出的台面,让孩子有宽敞的工作空间
  • 易于擦洗的地面,如瓷砖
  • 家人可以坐下的区域,如早餐角、小餐桌甚至躺椅和咖啡桌
  • 娱乐媒介,诸如电脑或平板电视
  • 可以隐蔽放到橱柜空间内的家庭组工具,包括日历、公告板和其他计划/留言工具
  • 橱柜里设置宠物食品存放箱

New European Modern Family 新欧洲摩登家庭

European life is a great temptation and makes it difficult for everyone to resist. But for the Chinese, it’s more difficult as we require a visa to go to Europe. Although Schengen Visa is easy to apply there are still those that are denied and detours caused by Schengen countries.

欧洲对很多人来说就是“致命”的诱惑,爱得无法抗拒。 但是对中国人来说,要去欧洲还是需要签证。 虽然申根签证现在普遍很容易申请,但仍然有那些被申根国家拒签,或为了签证目的地国家而绕道旅行的人。
Vacation spots
Now you can live a happy life by living the life of the “New European Modern Family”. That means visa-free and trouble free with much time to enjoy. You can embrace the European life forever. How? Time for you to get a European and/or PR card to reach the paradise.

现在,很多中国人越来越多地过起了“新欧洲摩登家庭”的生活,那种幸福的烙印就是无与伦比的美好生活。 这意味着您和欧洲之间,就是那么一个随时随地、无需签证、想走就走、无障碍、无时间限制、自由出入的摩登生活圈。 怎么样? 准备好开启“新欧洲摩登家庭”的欧洲生活了吗? 投资一本欧洲国家的护照、或投资一个欧洲国家的居留, 短短几个月,您就可以成为“新欧洲人”,踏足几乎全欧洲的美丽城池,“无法无天”地享受欧洲永无止境的魅力。

New European Modern Family Mark 1: Not only immigrating Europe, but also sitting on own real estate’s appreciation.

新欧洲摩登家庭标志1: 既移民,又理财,坐收房价飙升之利
To purchase the property of Euro 500,000 and up in Spain or Portage, and Euro 300,000 and up in Cyprus, whatever it is condo, apartment, single house or commerce investment, all real estate properties can be leased out with high ROI.


New European Modern Family Mark 2: No immigration supervision

新欧洲摩登家庭标志2: 根本没有可怕的移民监

Almost all European immigrating destinations have no immigration supervision, even if so, only 7 days for 1st year and 14 days for 2nd year in Portage, and 1 landing every 2 years in Spain or Cyprus, no any restrictions in Greece.


New European Modern Family Mark 3: Multiple languages for Children

新欧洲摩登家庭标志3: 会几国语言的孩子们

It is obviously that New European Modern Family’s children can speak at lease English, and then Spanish and Portuguese, even French, Italian or Germen. With ability to speak Mandarin or Cantonese on top of that, your children will have great advantage as global elites who are certainly more challenging and superior in the world.


New European Modern Family Mark 4: Migratory birds for best life

新欧洲摩登家庭标志4: 候鸟迁徙般的最好生活方式

Escaping from Chinese pollution, smog and unsafe foods, New European Modern Family can either select full-time residence in European that also can help speed up to get European passport, or half time in China, half time in Europe, which is worry-free and visa-free, even you can select several Schengen countries for living and studying.

逃避中国污染、雾霾和不安全的食物,”新欧洲摩登家庭“可以选择在欧洲的长期居住,这样就很容易居住满时间后,直接获得欧洲护照; 也可以选择候鸟迁徙般的生活模式,根据气候好坏,一半在中国居住,一半在欧洲居住;而且你还可以在欧洲钟意的几个申根国家,学习、工作、做生意,而随心所欲的生活。

New European Modern Family Mark 5: Direct Europe Passport

新欧洲摩登家庭标志5: 尊荣欧洲护照尽收囊中

The purchase of Euro 150,000 of Maltese bonds, for a period of 5 years, you can directly get Malta passport which has 160 countries visa-free and the whole Europe free living, working and studying, as well as enjoying the citizenship welfare of British, German and France.


What does OPEN mean for university life in North American education system? “开放式”对北美教育体系的大学生活意味着什么?

The confusion of why Harvard has no real entrance gate or why university of Toronto is in the heart of unban living circle or why Columbia locates at the New York's most cluttered Harlem area should be answered by now. Students are eagles who have opened their wings and circled up into the air.

As the North American universities start the freshmen enrollments, the advantages and the spirits of North America is becoming more lively. There’s a word I like to use to describe the university life in North America, which is “OPEN”.

What does OPEN mean for university life in North American education system? “开放式”对北美教育体系的大学生活意味着什么?
随着北美大学不断开始新生入学,北美大学的特色和优势也随之凸显出来,北美精神更鲜活瞩目。  有一个字可以描述北美大学的真正内涵,那就是“开放”。
The exposure to the open air and views, the welcoming environment, the open and accepting minds. The word OPEN is defined as to be exposed to the air or the view; to move or adjust to leave a space allowing access and view; unfold or be unfolded; spread out.

“开放”的定义就是:身处自由的氛围和开放的观念中;不断变化调整,留出可供接纳和探讨的空间;理念碰撞交融,不断扩展,真实生活在周围的环境中,去接触、去接受、或去改变。 OPEN is different from “LET GO” though as parents we must be trained to let go. As university students, they should have own abilities of judgment, control, independence and acceptance or rejection. Compared just living independently without parents' caring, these abilities are different and more important. If a child cannot be independent, they will have difficult time as they go on their own.

“开放”不同于“放下”,它让孩子自身更有掌控的能力,而不是从我们家长观点出发,所谓的学会放手。作为大学学生,孩子们理应有自己判断、控制的能力,能独立行事,也懂得接纳或拒绝。与没有了父母呵护的独立生活比起来,这些能力更为重要。如果孩子们没有这些能力,那么日后他们在自我发展中就会遇到困难。而这些能力的培养,“开放式”的大学生活正是最佳的历练环境和方式。 The OPEN education system of North American university is the cradle to train students these abilities, that is to put students into a real world connecting with people, communities, issues and life trivia. While doing academic study, they practice, learn, lessons and grow up, that might be more helpful to face the real world after graduation.

北美大学的“开放”教育体系和大学生活,就是培养学生们这些能力的摇篮,将学生放到一个与人和社会打交道的现实世界中,让他们活生生地面对生活的问题和琐碎。这样的教育和生活历练方式,比起单纯的苦读书,和象牙塔包围起来的单纯校园生活,对成长更为有效,也能帮助学生在毕业后更勇敢直面现实生活的挑战。 Students are eagles who should  open their wings and circled up into the air.

学生们如同雄鹰展翅,展开双翼在这片天空上自在地飞翔, 那是天性,英雄的本色。

New Kitchen renovation guideline for your kids back to school 孩子返校的厨房翻新指南

Back to School season is coming up, are you ready to challenge your kids to kick off the summer relaxation into excitement for school?  We can do this by inspiring them with food. 返校季即将到来,您准备好面对孩子们的厨房大战了吗?想过如何面对他们下课后,既要陪伴他们,又要做饭的对策了吗?他们即将从慵懒的暑期模式苏醒,生龙活虎地来挑战妈妈的厨房了。 The first step to create great food is great kitchen. A kitchen should be beautiful and functional so that the chefs of the household are ready to roll up our sleeves and be creative without causing a mess. 超级无敌的厨房是胜战的堡垒,也是为孩子和家人们创作出美味佳肴的第一步。厨房就应当装饰得漂漂亮亮,功能齐备,这样家里的大厨,才能准备好挽起袖管大干一番,而不会被弄得一团糟;同样一个功能齐全的厨房,让妈妈们有足够的办法和精力,来面对那些精力过剩、顽皮捣蛋的淘气孩子们。 Basically, these are the countertops, faucets, and floors you should seriously consider for your kitchen renovation. Kitchen might have the most beautiful cabinets, technologically advanced appliances and high-end finishes, but if the layout doesn't meet the needs of a homeowner's lifestyle, the rest doesn't matter. Here's how to plan an effective layout to meet your needs and fit your space. 通常,厨房里的工作台、水龙头和地面,往往是您在翻新过程中经常考虑的地方。此外,漂亮的橱柜、高科技的家电和高端的装饰,也可以为您的厨房锦上添花。然而,倘若厨房布局和功能,不能满足家里每个人的生活刚需,那么其他方方面面都变得无关紧要。这里就告诉您如何设计出合理高效的厨房结构布局,既能满足每个人的需求,也能迎合家里原有的空间。

Make It Work


When planning a kitchen remodel, it's important to consider how the space will be used. 厨房翻新计划,最重要的是考虑如何利用好家里的原有空间。
  • What’s your cooking style?
  • What type of appliances do you want?
  • Will there be people in your kitchen?
  • Do you want people to sit around the bar/island?
  • Will kids be in the kitchen with you?
  • 您平日的烹饪习惯是怎样的?
  • 您想要哪些厨房家电?
  • 还有哪些人会光顾厨房?
  • 吧台或中央的操作台需要坐人吗?
  • 孩子们会不会经常跟你进厨房?
How a kitchen should function is an extremely personal matter, and a floor plan needs to be customized to reflect that. 厨房的功能应当非常个性化,所以厨房的结构布局,也应专门订制,来反映家里每个人的需求, 特别是有读书年龄的孩子们的家庭。

The Scope of the Kitchen Remodel


  • Rearranging the floor plan to take advantage of the room's natural assets
  • Removing doors and walls that closed off the space
  • Installing a wood paneled ceiling
  • Building a larger kitchen island for storing appliances
  • Installing ample storage for quick clean up
  • Adding a desk area and mudroom
  • 重新规划厨房布局,利用住房结构的天然优势
  • 移除给空间造成封闭的门和墙壁
  • 加装木板吊顶
  • 搭建厨房中央岛工作台以备储放收纳东西
  • 增加充足的储藏空间,收纳规整厨房小东西,以便方便整理打扫
  • 加入办公桌区和孩子玩撒活动区

The mudroom connects visually with the kitchen by way of built-in cabinetry.


Opening Up the Space & Removing walls and doors are key to renovation plan


If the original kitchen and dining areas suffered from a chopped-up floor plan, which, although large, still managed to be inefficient. Removing walls and doors was key to their plan. 如果原来的厨房和就餐区的房型不规整,这样即使面积足够,但仍然利用效率不高。这时候,破门开墙就成了装修的关键。 A wall had previously been blocked from the kitchen that makes kitchen is dark, and all the best windows were in another seldom-used room. Opening walls at both ends of the kitchen brightened the entire space. It also allowed convenient access to utility areas that had previously been closed off. 比如:原先因为一面墙而阻挡了厨房光线,让厨房变得昏暗;而所有光照好的窗户,都被隔在了另一间不常使用的居室, 那么这种情况下,开墙就能让整间厨房明亮起来,这样也能让居住者更方便地走到原本封闭的工作区。

Smart Storage Solutions,

both for Naughty children put things down & to clean up quickly for entertaining



Another rule is a "10-minute tidy-up” rule, so the busy mom can get things company-ready in a flash. Mom always wants everything to have a place to be able to clean it up quickly, so plentiful storage was a priority for their renovation, but it needed to be right at hand. A new square island, which is table-height, provides a spot for homework, projects and dining, with storage built in to the cabinet base. Bookshelves hold cookbooks, textbooks and homework. Drawers hold table linens. An extra trash built into the table speeds the daily cleanup and eliminates multiple trips back and forth to the kitchen trash. 另一条原则叫“10分钟收拾完”原则,让忙碌的妈妈就能瞬间把物品收纳得井井有条。即便是孩子们在厨房大闹天宫,妈妈们也可以让每件东西都瞬间有地方可以放。所以保证有足够的储物空间是翻新计划首要考虑的,而且这样的空间最好随手可得,越多越好。比如: 一个方形的桌面高度的中央工作台,既提供了妈妈做菜、干家务活的地方,还能让熊孩子们在上面做作业或吃点心,下面的柜子还可用作收纳。又比如:书架上能摆些烹饪书、书本和作业本;抽屉里能放餐布;在桌子里安放附加垃圾箱,加快每天的打扫速度,免去了在厨房及垃圾箱间的来回奔波。 With a new space outfitted to entertain family and friends, guests can drop by anytime to see the bright and clean kitchen. And hostess will also enjoy using the quick storage solutions clean up quickly for entertaining. 有了这样一处全新的空间,妈妈既能便于管理孩子们下课后,和妈妈一起的时间,又能和亲朋好友在这里放松身心。客人们能在任何时间踏进一个明亮整洁的厨房。主妇们当然也乐意采纳快速储物方法,她们能很快打扫整间厨房。

Top Ranking School District + Front line Vancouver Luxury Apartment = Horseshoe Bay 坐拥名校学区 + 一线海景的温哥华豪宅 = 马蹄湾一号

Been living in Vancouver for many years, living in a comfortable and high-quality place is very important, as well as providing high-end institutions for children. Whether it is for yourself or for your children, we have found Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature of Vancouver, but also to solve school demands for your children.


School District 学区

According to the Fraser Institute’s 2015 - 2016 Report Card rankings of both Elementary and Secondary Schools, West Vancouver are among the best. We can see the quality of West Vancouver School District is indeed admirable.

根据专业机构Fraser Institute最新的2015 – 2016年度卑诗省的中小学排名,西温的中小学排名在全省都名列前茅,可见西温社区学校的素质确实非同一般。 There are total 13 elementary schools in West Vancouver – 2 private schools and 11 public schools. 3 of them ranked 1st among 956 elementary schools in British Columbia. They are Mulgrave (private), West Bay (public) and Westcot (public).

西温一共13所小学,其中2所私校,11所公校。这次西温有3所小学在全省956所小学中排名第一,它们是:马尔格雷夫(私校)、西湾 (公校)、威斯科特(公校)。 From the BC rankings, all elementary schools in West Vancouver are within top 80 among 956 elementary schools in the whole province. It indicates that West Vancouver is the high-end residential community and the overall quality of the schools, which also attracts more and more rich families to settle in West Vancouver.

从西温小学的全省排名看,全部都在全省956所小学的前80名内,显示了西温这个加拿大西部高端住宅社区的整体学校素质, 这也吸引越来越多的有实力的家庭都到西温安家置业。 There are 5 Secondary School in West Vancouver – 2 private schools and 3 public schools.

西温一共5所中学,其中2所私校,3所公校。 According to the Fraser Institute’s Report rankings of a total of 293 public and private high schools in British Columbia, West Vancouver School District had the highest average rating of 8.2 out of 10.

根据专业机构Fraser Institute的报告排名,在卑詩省293所中学排名中,西温哥华学区的平均评分最高,达到8.2分。
Collingwood Secondary School is the Top 1 and Elementary School is top 6 in West Vancouver. It offers courses from Kindergarten to Grade 12, focusing on students’ adaptability to the society and the ability to judge and think. The school opens many AP courses; the content connects to University courses. The enrollment rate is 100%, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of American Ivy League…etc.

Mulgrave Secondary School is the Top 2 and Elementary School is top 1 in West Vancouver. It is the only school that provides full IB programmes from Kindergarten to Grade 12, which is one of the most popular and authoritative courses in the world, with the ability to develop Extended Essay, CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), and TOK (Theory of knowledge).

马尔格雷夫私校中学在西温排名第二;小学排名第一。这所学校是卑诗省唯一一所从幼儿园到12年级施行全程IB课程的成规模的学校。该课程是目前世界上最受欢迎最有权威性的课程之一,培养3到19岁的孩子读写能力 、动手创造与服务能力(CAS)和理论知识(TOK)。
The IB programmes is very unique because it provides a coaching model from age 3 to 19 and maintains a high level of teaching and assessment over the past 35 years. It can be said that IB programmes is a gate to famous universities in the US. Except Mulgrave School, West Vancouver Secondary School and Westbay Elementary School also provides IB courses.

IB课程与众不同主要是因其提供一个从3-19岁连贯性的教学模式,并在过去35年中保持了极高的教学及考核标准,可以说IB课程是上美国名牌大学的敲门砖。 西温除了Mulgrave, 还有西温哥华中学和西湾小学有IB 课程。

Many Chinese people immigrating to Vancouver tend to have higher demands. If you are living in an apartment, not a villa; if you choose a private school or your child is still in elementary school, you must choose a noble and elegant, high valued and great location apartment. We highly recommend Horseshoe Bay!


Fishing for kids Tournament “为了孩子”垂钓锦标赛

Giving isn’t about simply making a donation but it is about making a different. Now you can make a difference for children and families living with autism. TCT invites you to join the 12th Fishing for Kids Tournament in beautify Haida Gwaii.

奉献并不仅仅只有一种捐赠的行为,而更在于您的作为,让世界因此而有所不同。现在,您就能为自闭症儿童和以及他们受困的家庭做出自己的与众不同。《茶非茶》邀请您参加在BC省夏洛特皇后群岛举办的第12届“为了孩子”垂钓锦标赛。 Now entering its 12th year, the Fishing for Kids Tournament is widely acknowledged as one of the premier fundraising events in BC and it has made a meaningful impact through charitable giving and by participating in a unique and memorable sport fishing event.

经历了12个年头的发展,该项赛事通过发起公众参与其中的独特又有纪念意义的钓鱼活动,已被公认为BC省筹集资金的重要活动之一,在慈善捐赠界极具影响力和号召力。 Back in 2016, the 11th Annual Fishing For Kids Tournament raised $820,000 to benefit the Canucks Autism Network. This year's 12th Annual Fishing for Kids Tournament at The West Coast Fishing Club takes place on Sunday, August 27 to Wednesday, August 30, 2017. The all-inclusive tournament invites special guests from the Vancouver Canucks and community leaders to come together to support the Canucks Autism.


The philanthropy of supporters, who return year after year and carry on the tradition of giving, symbolizes the true spirit of the Fishing For Kids Tournament.


Good motto to Dads – Don’t work too hard, work smarter- Happy father’s day! 献给爸爸们一句座右铭 – 拼命工作不如聪明工作 -父亲节快乐!

Father's Day is a day to celebrate and honor the fathers and those that are influential fathers in our society. It's been celebrated since the Middle Ages by European Catholics and much of modern day Europe and the Americas have adopted it as the third Sunday of June.

“父亲节”是特别来向我们的父亲致敬庆贺的,我们在这一节日里,向这些在我们社会里富有影响力的群体表达敬意。“父亲节”最早于中世纪,由欧洲的天主教徒们发起,如今,欧洲和美洲的大部分人都采纳了这一传统,把这一节日定在每年六月的第三个星期日。2017年的父亲节是6月18日。 Father often creates an image of strong yet soft man. Living in such an overwhelming world, we should give our dads an oasis to relax on this special day.

父亲给我们的形象总是表面坚强而内心柔软。生活在当下高强度的世界,我们应给予我们的爸爸们一片绿洲难得的宁静和惬意,在这个特别属于他们的特殊日子里小憩放松。 Some super heroes don't wear caps....they are called DAD. A good father is one of the most unsung, upraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our family and society.

那些超级英雄们也有平凡的一面……他们就是父亲。一个好爸爸其实就是在那些许许多多不被歌颂、赞扬、默默无闻中的普普通通的一员,然而他们确实是我们家庭和社会中最为珍贵的财富。 So to celebrate the dad in your life, in this summer we prepared a huge gift asses to glorify fathers. You and your father can have a honorable global citizenship -  the Commonwealth Antigua passport! Able to go to 130 countries visa free,  global tax haven of No capital gains tax, No inheritance tax and No international tax.

所以,让我们为自己的爸爸庆贺吧! 为他们准备一份大礼来荣耀您的父亲!那是一个尊贵的世界公民的尊称-一本英联邦安提瓜护照!凭此能免签入境全球130个国家,在全球征税的大环境下,安提瓜却是一个难得的免除资本盈利税、遗产税和国际税的稳定富裕的国家。 Good motto to Dads - Don't work too hard work smarter- Happy father's day!

在此献给爸爸们一句座右铭 - 拼命工作不如聪明工作 -父亲节快乐!  

CRS – don’t turn pale at the mention of a tiger 全球征税系统-切莫谈虎色变

This summer, CRS could be the most stunning headline among our network, which is most closely related with our lives and assets.

今年夏天,全球征税系统更应该是圈子里最头条的棘手事件了,因为这个系统和圈里人的生活和财产都息息相关。 Don't turn pale at the mention of a tiger, TCT have prepared plan A, plan B and Plan C to provide you the solution and help.

切不要谈虎色变,《茶非茶》为您准备了多多方案,给到您需要的解决方案和帮助。这个夏天预约《茶非茶》的HIGH-TEA! In today's ever-changing world, iCould is just like an ancient imperial sward or The Medallion, that is the secured back up and a cloud storage to protect your important information lost or stolen, and to make sure the most current information is automatically updated and saved.

"信息云“的概念在时下瞬息万变的世界里,如同尚方宝剑或免死金牌,保全您的重要信息免受遗失或被盗, 其定期的安全备份和云端储存,确保最新信息自动更新保存。 Standing in still above the clouds, you will have secured and safe and private, and far-sighted way to keep your information safe. Your device whatever iphone, ipad or computer is protected by iCloud, but how about your life? your wealthy assets? your family legacy? Do you also have imperial sward and The Medallion to protect your family and wealth?


Meet our TCT specialist, we are here waiting for you to stay in the protection of Clouds!


Viva VCG Night 喝彩“汇加之夜”

We cheered for the talented young piano players that participated in the “VCG Night”, third Vancouver Youth Piano Concert with Symphony Orchestra. We also would like to thank all the guests who have attended the concert.


Piano is an elegant form of art, which is to be enjoyed both visually and auditorily. Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Children's hidden music talent is extremely valuable.


My love and hope to young generation committed to music and art, which have always been my passion and responsibility to help those who, like me, were brave enough to uproot their families and begin the challenging journey of building a new life in a new city, while I have been helping them to migrate to new countries.


We want to thank the organizer for this opportunity to us. Visas Consulting Group has been a leading provider of international immigration law services for 43 years. Other than our expansion in North America, we have 12 branches in China including Shanghai and Beijing. We have helped tens of thousands of applicants to immigrate to Canada, the United States, and Europe; at the same time, we pay more attention to social feedback and contribution, offering expert advice to help our clients build a better future in a new hometown.