Restaurant 珍馐餐厅


Lifestyles of the Rich and Richer 天际线上的生活

New York City has long been considered the playground of America's millionaires and billionaires. And they have flocked to the legendary buildings around Central Park.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

432 Park Avenue (between 56th and 57th Streets), designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly, is another billionaire-attracting building and the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.

432 Park Avenue(就在56街和57街之间)由乌拉圭建筑师Rafael Viñoly设计,它当之无愧是吸引亿万富翁入住的大楼,也是西半球最高的住宅大厦。

DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

This extraordinary 96 story tower will rise 1,396 feet and redefine the Manhattan skyline. All windows measure an expansive 10 feet by 10 feet, flooding residences with abundant natural light and spectacular views of Central Park, the Hudson and East Rivers, Atlantic Ocean, and many iconic Manhattan buildings and avenues.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

Residents will enjoy 30,000 square feet of amenities, including a lounge, private restaurant, outdoor garden for dining and events, 75-foot indoor swimming pool, fitness center and spa with sauna, steam, and massage rooms, library, billiards room, screening / performance venue, conference room, children’s playroom and yoga studio. In-suite dining and room service, concierge, 24-hour doorman, onsite parking garage and valet services will be provided by the building’s staff.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

Most buyers of super luxury apartments want to keep their privacy. 432 Park Ave. has an exclusive restaurant that is open only to residents and their guests.

多数选择超豪华公寓的买家,都想要保障他们的私密性。432 Park Ave.就设有专属餐厅,只对住客和他们的宾客开放。

Scott Sozmen, left, with the chef Shaun Hergatt.

Michelin-Starred Chef Shaun Hergatt, formerly of now-closed Manhattan eatery Juni, is hired to run this unnamed restaurant, which is designed by world-renowned hospitality-design firm Bentel & Bentel and will occupy the whole of the 12th floor of the skyscraper.

米其林星级大厨Shaun Hergatt,身为现已歇业的曼哈顿餐馆Juni的主厨,目前受聘于这家不对外挂名的餐厅,由世界知名酒店设计公司Bentel & Bentel设计的,在这栋摩天大楼里独占12层全层。

DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

Mr. Hergatt’s partner in the venture, and in Mind the Gap Hospitality, is Scott Sozmen, who worked at Per Se and Jean-Georges. Michael Scaffidi, the head sommelier at Jean-Georges Restaurant, will be in charge of the beverage program.

Hergatt先生的合伙人还有Scott Sozmen,他是Mind the Gap Hospitality的成员Scott Sozmen,在Per Se和Jean-Georges都有过掌勺的经历。Michael Scaffidi,Jean-Georges餐厅的侍酒主管,也会参与餐厅饮品的管理工作。

DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

If you have been dining there more often, the restaurant will have a computer database of each resident's dietary restrictions and preferences. Among the extras residents can purchase are climate-controlled wine cellars and staff apartments. The living lifestyle elevates with all these exclusive and world-class amenities.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

You shall understand. Once you’ve seen the best of the world and there is really someone who is living the life you dreamed of and you know you deserve better, you will be more assured and work much harder regardless.


So why not EB-5? Be a New Yorker, buy the properties, and enjoy the food!


Luxurious fine-dining in NYC 纽约奢华美食

Whether you’re looking for some of the best Japanese food in NYC or simply a high-class spot, the best fine-dining restaurants in New York have got you covered. I will introduce you some of my favorites in Midtown Manhattan:


Masa (10 Columbus Circle) ***

Masa is undoubtedly the best sushi and Japanese restaurant in NYC. All the dish comes every other day directly from Tokyo Tskuji fish market. Chef Masa Takayama is behind the sushi bar in person preparing and over watching food and service. The offerings are Omakase (no menu) only, with chef-selected meals. Masa garnered the Michelin Guide's highest rating starting with the 2009 guide and was the first Japanese restaurant in the U.S. to do so.

Masa毫无疑问是您在纽约想吃寿司和日料的最棒去处。所有的食材都是每天自东京的筑地鱼市空运而来。由主厨Masa Takayama亲自在寿司吧台后制作,并监督着店里的食物和服务。所有的菜品都没有菜单,由厨师自选供应。Masa从2009年起就荣誉米其林最高评级,也是全美第一家获此殊荣的日料餐馆。

La Grenouille (3 East 52nd Street)

La Grenouille is a historic and award-winning French restaurant. It’s classic and classy. Delicate ravioli is stuffed with chopped lobster hinting of tarragon and dressed with creamy, tart beurre blanc; an exquisitely tender-seared beef filet arrives with pommes Darphin and a lick of perfect sauce au poivre; and for dessert, the île flottante is heaven under a cloud of spun caramel.

La Grenouille是一家历史悠久且得过奖项的法国餐厅,这里优雅富有格调。義大利餃,以龙虾肉糜为馅,拌上奶味浓厚的白黄油酱汁,细品还能吃出龙蒿的香气;菲力牛排,烤制得无比细嫩,配搭着馬鈴薯絲餅,淋上黑胡椒汁,堪称完美;至于甜点,一款经典的漂浮之岛,糕体在精致的焦糖下,一定能给您味蕾最后的满足。

Aside from its haute French cuisine, the restaurant is also famous for its lavish floral arrangements.


Majorelle (28 East 63rd Street)

Newly opened Majorelle specializes in French cuisine with a Mediterranean-influence by Charles Masson, former La Grenouille frontman and four-star Chef Christian Delouvrier. Highlights from the menu include foie gras with warm apple délice, roasted chicken with potato mousseline, and rosemary-skewered shrimp with saffron rice. There is even an in-house braiserie, dedicated to making exquisite broths, sauces, and soups.

新开张的Majorelle主打地中海的风味的法国菜,由前La Grenouille主管 Charles Masson和四星大厨Christian Delouvrier管理。推荐菜肴有,温热苹果鹅肝、烤鸡配土豆泥、迷迭香大虾配藏红花饭。店里还有一处专门炖煮高汤、酱料和靓汤的地方。

Its vaulted ceiling, marble columns, and trellised garden with up-lighted fountains set the stage for fine French Cuisine and Service in an atmosphere of harmony and luxury for all the senses.


Daniel (60 East 65th Street) **

Daniel is a New French restaurant, run by French celebrity Chef Daniel Boulud, New York's longest-reigning four-star chef. It is two-star rated by the Michelin Guide.

Daniel是一家新式法国餐馆,由法国知名大厨 Daniel Boulud运营,他也是纽约资历最久的四星厨师。获米其林两星的荣誉。

Behold the striking sea scallop ceviche with red and green sea lettuce, Lilliputian matchsticks of radish and cucumber, a burst of finger lime, and white sturgeon caviar. Young beets are baked in a seaweed-salt crust studded with cardamom and finished tableside with pistachios, chive aïoli and crème fraîche for a presentation that is as theatrical as delicious. They also offer one-of-a-kind Private Dining experience with personal care of your custom printed seasonal menus, specially tailored wine pairings, floral decoration, take home gifts, musical entertainment…etc.


Jean Georges (1 Central Park West) ***

Jean Georges, named after Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, is a crown-jewel restaurant of the Trump International Hotel and Tower. It is a three-star rated by the Michelin Guide and is one of the top five best French restaurants in the Americas.

Jean Georges,得名自 Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten,是Trump国际酒店大厦里,餐馆的顶戴明珠。除了享有米其林三星的殊荣,它还是全美前五名的法国餐馆之一。

The top-rated food is breathtaking. Expect to find a wide range of gourmet items—such as Meyer lemon gelée with caviar and crème fraîche and toasted egg yolk caviar with herbs, Santa Barbara sea urchin, Veal Milanese and Maine lobster presented on custom-designed Bernardaud dinnerware, velvety foie gras terrine with spiced fig jam coated in a thin brûlée shell…etc.

这里最获好评的菜肴,能让您在品尝的同时忘乎所以。各种饕餮美食让您眼花缭乱—如Meyer柠檬冻,配鱼子酱和法式酸奶油和烤蛋黄鱼子酱配香草、Santa Barbara海胆、米蘭式小牛排、緬茵州的龙虾,摆盘在定制的Bernardaud餐具,还有细滑的鹅肝,在布蕾的焦糖上,淋上五香的无花果酱等等。

Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini of Jean Georges is one of the leading figures in the modern Dessert Revolution and arguably the most influential dessert chef working today. Typically, any meal at Jean Georges ends with one of four dessert tastings — four dishes united by a single theme. Later Pastry Chef Joe Murphy, who has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the US Pastry Competition, takes over and continues the tradition and more classic.

Jean Georges的面点大Johnny Iuzzini是现代甜点开发浪潮中的领军人物,也是当今备受瞩目和最具影响力的甜品师。Jean Georges的就餐体验,通常都已四组甜品中的一组收尾,以四道甜品构成的一个主题,称为四重奏。其后由面点大Joe Murphy接棒延续了Jean George的传统,并将其发扬光大,他在美国面点大赛中获得过终身成就奖。

Once you've experienced the highest standards in quality and service in NYC with impeccable details and flavors, your taste buds will be spoiled! I adore this neighborhood. I adore New York City and its top-notch cuisines.


Angela’s pick: Hawsworth Restaurant Angela珍选:Hawsworth餐厅

One of my favourite restaurant in Vancouver is Hawksworth Restaurant, which is located in the heart of the city at Georgia and Howe Street within the legendary Rosewood Hotel Georgia. Hawksworth餐厅是我在温哥华最喜欢的饭店之一,它地处市中心的Georgia 和Howe街口,就在富有传奇色彩的乔治亚瑰丽酒店内。 hawksworth_entrance 123 It was voted best restaurant in Vancouver, Hawksworth restaurant has been awarded the five-time winner of Best Upscale Restaurant in Vancouver Magazine’s Restaurant awards. Hawksworth Restaurant is glamourous and elegant and yet it is relaxing and welcoming with warm and attenive service. Hawksworth餐厅被评为温哥华最棒的酒店,曾五度在温哥华本土杂志的餐饮排行榜中摘得最佳高档餐厅大奖。餐厅内流光溢彩装饰典雅,他们温暖而关怀备至的服务也能给顾客们带来轻松宜人的氛围。 _dsc1888-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac _dsc8366-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac Canada's Best 100 Restaurants: Hawksworth by Lynol Lui _dsc8130-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac It is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner with bar and dining menus and private rooms. Hawksworth can deliver an array of dining experiences from power breakfasts to after work drinks to formal gala events. 您能在这里品尝到早餐、早午餐、午餐及晚餐,从酒吧、正餐菜单到私人包间一应俱全。Hawksworth提供给您一系列就餐体验,能量早餐、下班后的小酌亦或节日盛会,都能满足您的需求。 _dsc8412-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac _dsc1824-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac We have already organized some events at Hawksworth. Whether it is a small group gathering or large company event, Hawksworth restaurant is always make your events, parties, holidays, or families mesmerized with most delicious food and unforgettable memories. 我们已经在Hawksworth组织过几场活动。无论是几个人的聚会或者大公司的典礼,Hawksworth总能让您的派对和节庆,既充满了美味的食物,又让您的家人朋友陶醉其中,留下深刻的记忆。 _dsc8481-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac j-_backup1_photo-job2_british-legacy-lucheon_new-folder__dsc8135-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac _dsc8106-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac _dsc8123-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac Chef David Hawksworth has made a trademark for perfection ensuring the best ingredients and contemporary cuisines and highly skilled technique. 大厨David Hawksworth已成了餐馆精益求精的招牌,他是最佳原料、新式菜系和高超厨艺的保障。 2013-08-01-davidhawksworthvancouver550 _dsc8631-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac seared-japanese-squid review_hawksworth_hangersteak _dsc8104-%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac The holiday season of December is coming, why don’t you celebrate with your loved ones at Hawksworth? 12月假期已然将至,何不与您挚爱的人一道在Hawksworth共同欢庆? angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Angela’s Picks – Blue Water Café + Raw Bar Angela的珍选 – 蓝水餐馆 + 生食吧

Yaletown sits along the south side of the downtown Vancouver peninsula and is one of Vancouver’s chicest hip neighborhoods, filled with sidewalk cafes, cool restaurants, and unique shopping. 耶鲁镇坐落在温哥华半岛中心城区的南岸,是温哥华下城区最风雅的社区之一,镇上随处可见路边咖啡馆、有格调的餐馆,和独具特色的购物场所。 130614_concord_yaletown_028-Edit-2-1024x682 Yaletown I recently attended a dinner event organized by PALS in Yaletown’s Blue Water Café which is one of my favorite restaurants. It was recently voted as  most romantic, best fish/shellfish and came in second for the best Pacific Northwest restaurant, by  The Georgia Straight Gold Plates reader choice Awards. 我最近出席了一个由 PALS组织的晚宴活动,活动就在耶鲁镇的蓝水餐馆举办,这家一直都是为我所喜爱的饭馆之一。最近,它被The Georgia Straight金餐盘读者选择奖票选为最有浪漫气息的鱼贝类海产餐厅,此外还拿到了太平洋西北岸最佳餐厅第二名。 tct_164 blue-water-cafe IMG_6070-800x600 Blue Water Café is located in the heart of historic Yaletown.  This fine dining restaurant is housed in a handsome brick and beam heritage warehouse conversion, 蓝水餐馆就在历史悠久的耶鲁镇中心。这里原为一个砖木结构的老厂房,后来才改做餐饮用途。 o I love the dynamic dining room set up and especially the East meets West sushi and oyster bar. The long main bar leads to the heated patio and private wine room. 我喜欢餐厅内部富有活力的装饰陈设,尤其东西方兼容并蓄的寿司及蚝类餐吧。长长的主吧台一直延伸到有供暖的露台和私人贮酒室。 IMG_6312 gal_about021 gal_about015 We started at the restaurant’s famous Raw bar with Sushi and Raw oyster, and then movd to the dining room for our main courses prepared by award winning Executive Chef Frank Pabst. 我们先在餐馆最负盛名的生食吧享用寿司和生蚝,大饱口福后又转战主餐厅品尝由斩获过大奖的行政总厨Frank Pabst烹制的主餐。 photo-1 Blue water When it comes to fresh seafood and fine dining, it doesn't get much better than Yaletown's Blue Water Cafe. What a night to remember!! 要吃到新鲜的海鲜和精美的佳肴,没有比耶鲁镇的蓝水餐馆好的去处了。多么难忘的良宵! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Testing caterer 试吃

I always remember my tasting catering for an event that I hosted a long ago when I was working for my first boss. Those events taught me about an attitude of not only to make things successful but also to be professional and responsible. 我始终记得早在我刚工作时,为了一次大型活动负责过配餐试吃。这个任务教会我一个态度,倘若想要办成一件事,必须抱有职业精神和责任感。 PjsmE6xwx3deINzFj42MEv1uX2BwhBStxZ6IP5K8t8M pH8X2nn7IK9zY0SHkvdsjLKBYK7hLJqHYOeO2A01ygI we_A25eX5zHnkmh8SLj2r2XN2LVGVdr7iP6vBw3FA3Y,WwD0xCQmq6e8B17aM3fBretP-L5FwaeyF1gY4eutUC0 I’ve become an advocate of this attitude and I aspire to be always successful, professional, and responsible at whatever I do. As I remember how impactful those tasting events were to me, I requested a catered tasting for my luncheon event at VanDusen Garden. 之后我便沿袭了这种良好的态度, 要求凡事尽量做到专业及保证成功。也因为那次试吃任务的影响,我特地要求我的团队也安排一次试吃任务,以确保我们在范杜森花园午餐会 能达到最佳效果。 FCQXV4Z8-i-Rxxe3Ol20kMZMrWad5iG1PmeLNUrIoD0,31EpL34dz6t84E91ZQerep6nQM97dyxBKqloWyqz1MUtJBFAxlVKv9VZ-HkicoWQ4byrYDU9OBpSN5xhHbaUGw In advance of our arrival, we studied a detailed menu with much different options and we had an appointment to meet with the chef whom we can talk to face to face. We tested different foods in each courses from appetizers to entrées to dessert. 在到达目的地之前,我们就对有着众多选项的详细餐单仔细研究了一番,并且最重要的环节是我们还预约了此次活动的主厨,和他进行面对面的交流。从头盘到主菜再到甜品,我们都一道道仔细试吃了一遍。 kCqLNmLbweLvz2I21vKt8ilyEh1GzeN4tFGlAFzuEyo 3YOGDMCBdIkgw9y5s2ywkp1n_XimdRs65zsadQDp7mM It is great that we can share and discuss our first-hand feedback immediately with chef for some adjustments or changes. Everything what everyone did is to make this event satisfying our VIPs. 这种试吃非常棒,因为我们可以马上和主厨分享并讨论我们的一手反馈,然后对餐食做进一步的调整或更改。每一个人所做的一切都是为了让我们的活动令每一个客人满意而归。 FU9Zk3steNk1oi2763Bi4un3wYMluXXEy774-p7Y6Gs,K1QUJJCp78tdOzrjfaZA2xWrGOxR35dQkcobi9RF9D4 ulQeESrlh8KNr4RcVf5lxs4XtDtI1_XS3vluQe3MNwM bwNS6u2sijjlA_F7us4D0Wqb3YFEez0YJTP5PlMBwuA QyUqyR7UJHF2zfWoXLHGYdxkFnxYfVpFEHml3vkr7JM _DSC5168 h2QAEP5Lf6YhZ1Y592-A7GzpEHnrx75w3aYd_XDA_X0 wpjidov5Kj2x7X3ue3FdO4LFF8RJsrQQ5dlw5Hn-wgM cater 02 We tasted these amazing foods as beautiful flowers of VanDusen garden surrounded us. The foods are impeccable and visibly beautiful just like the flowers of the garden. 我们在范杜森花园美丽鲜花的簇拥下品尝着美妙的食物。这些美食简直无可挑剔,连样子都如同园子里的花朵般秀色可餐。 uwDvS-XjagJ7zkg20PJH9q_YepmZIFiZ9o4UMCjrf-s,QU6PpaC6Ae11AFSs8puNBf_mCdD1IxAvFOPrx2sWvVM VanDusen_Botanical_Garden_3 dNPB8slR-UtxeVfmKQlZEjnG6AqAdyyh_gISpIFBELA,3Y0G4Jq-bkCXQ26cIWAAc4GlmxyqMyVFaMztFRmS6qo british-car-show-van-dusen-gardens-039 The beautiful VanDusen garden is waiting for you with its best beauty, and my team and I are thrilled to celebrate the wonderful time together with you to share our TCT’s inspirations. 娇艳欲滴的范杜森花园正以她最美的面貌等待着您的到来,我们的团队和我也迫不及待地想要与您共同庆祝这精彩的时光,一起来分享《茶非茶》带来的惊喜。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

And Working And Celebrating 且工作且庆祝

We welcomed a colleague from our Shanghai head office to celebrate the achievement of our USA landing service exclusivity for our EB5 clients  at Hy’s steakhouse. 让我们欢迎来自我们上海总部的一名同事加入我们,在Hy牛排馆共同庆祝我们为EB5客人们提供的专门美国登陆服务大获成功。 CpcYAPvDM43hTb9RrRE5jW2oOi1wGYBIEsNAErkF8B4 9hv12G_3BVf32aPfYkvlJB50mJBaq9_to62k9E7ZLv0 school 02 Hy’s Steakhouse was founded in Calgary  by Hy Aisenstat in 1955. The brand operates six Hy’s locations across Canada - Whistler, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg. Hy牛排馆于1995年由Hy Aisenstat在卡尔加里创立。这个品牌在全加拿大拥有6家门店 - 惠斯勒、温哥华、温尼伯、多伦多、卡尔加里和温尼伯。 school 08 school 03 school 06 During dinner, we discussed our EB5 project and the ideas of sharing American’s value and lifestyle. We all agreed that we appreciate the American’s pride for their country and the love for themselves, and the spirit of Americans dreaming big and working hard and living better. 享用美食的期间,我们还探讨了我们在运作的EB5项目以及进一步分享了美国价值和生活方式。我们欣赏美国人对自己国家的自豪感和对自己的爱。美国人敢于做梦、拼命工作且享受生活的态度,让我们赞许更多。 school 04 L1005884 L1005855 school 07 L1005864-1 Clients’ satisfaction and appreciation are the things that continue to push us and motivate us. We are very prideful of our work. Our mission and accomplishment will be persistent and never stop, and working and celebrating! 客人对我们的满意和感激一直是推动我们进步的动力。我们为自己的工作而骄傲。我们的使命和成就感将一如既往,让我们工作着,并为这份工作而欢庆!     angela-signature2-a-moved-out  

Just Like Mom’s home cooking 思念妈妈煮菜的味道

Every Chinese New Year, I find New Year’s Eve is always extra special. This year I am selecting a typical Chinese cuisine to feel like a traditional Chinese meal. I have gotten together with my colleagues and went to a restaurant in Richmond, SuHang restaurant. 每逢中国大年三十的年夜饭,我会格外寻觅独特的味道。今年也一样,我始终追寻着最传统的中国年夜饭。 我约上我的同事们一起来到列治文的苏杭人家New year Cooking 03 New year Cooking 05 New year Cooking 02 This is a place where my landing department manager takes all of the new landed immigrants to have their first lunch, it brings a memory and affection. It is called “House Canteen” among the immigrants. 我们的安居部经理经常在这里,为我们的登陆新移民客人来接风。 客人们的在加拿大的第一顿午餐,是和我们在这里共同渡过,犹如家的温暖感觉。大家都亲切地把这里称之为“汇加食堂”。 New year Cooking 20 New year Cooking 07 SuHang restaurant has been always one of Vancouver’s Top 100 restaurant since 2010, and the owner couple was elected into 《All Chinese Who's who in Restaurant Industry 》. 苏杭人家自2010年以来一直荣登温哥华美食TOP100,这里的老板夫妇也入选为《全球餐饮华人风云录》。 _DSC8555 _DSC8298 Every time I am at this restaurant, I become more homesick and bring me comfort at the same time. Just like Mom's home cooking. 每每坐在这里,那种思乡的情绪悠然而生,带给我暖心的思念。那是难忘的妈妈煮菜的味道。 New year Cooking 17 New year Cooking 04 SuHang is a Jiangnan style restaurant. The chef prepared a very nice table dishes especially for us. 苏杭人家是一家地道的江南风味餐厅。 主厨为我们精心准备了一桌感人亲切的年夜饭。 New year Cooking 11 New year Cooking 06 Fried bread stick with soymilk in sweet or salty, it was all the food from my hometown. It tasted exactly like my mother’s home cooking. It was a flesh back to my home. 油条,随心所欲地沾着甜豆浆,或是和在咸豆浆里,这里很多的菜是我家乡熟悉的味道,妈妈的味道,犹如身临其境般地回到家,守候在妈妈身边,品尝她亲手烹饪的温暖年夜饭。 New year Cooking 13 New year Cooking 16 New year Cooking 15 New year Cooking 19 It was really excited that a creative beggar chicken and a fresh lobster noodle are so unique and delicious. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone! 非常欣喜我还品尝到了很有创意的叫花鸡和新鲜无比的龙虾伊面,都是那么独特和可口。我很高兴把这家饭店推荐给各位! New year Cooking 18 _DSC8532 _DSC8540 New year Cooking 14 Where are you celebrating your New Years? 分享一下你们在哪里寻觅到美食来庆祝新年呢? New year Cooking 12 Wishing you a wonderful Chinese New Year! 春节快乐,万事如意! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Number #1 Restaurant in Amercia is coming to LA – TAO道-全美第一卖座餐厅落户洛杉矶

TAO, an Asian fusion restaurant, has become a global leader in spreading our culture through food. Tao restaurant is the top-grossing restaurant and lounge in America,  recognized world wide and their restaurants are found in New York, Las Vegas and now is coming to Los Angeles. 道, 一个亚洲风味的中餐厅,已经成为通过美食来传播亚洲文化的全球领导者。餐厅是全美 最卖座的餐厅和酒廊。在美国,被公认为是跨世界的一流餐厅。他们已经开设在纽约拉斯维加斯  ,现在就将来到洛杉矶。 LA story 3-15 I didn’t get a chance to visit TAO in New York but I had a chance to visit TAO in Las Vegas. It was a wonderful time there with my friends and the food was absolutely delicious. It is so exciting that TAO Los Angeles will be established in our EB5 project, Hollywood Dream Hotel. 非常遗憾,我在纽约时错过了去光顾餐厅,但有幸就在前不久的拉斯维加斯之行中,我慕名而去。在那里,我和朋友们度过了一段美好的时光,那里的食物绝对是一流美味的。更激动的是,餐厅就将落户于我们在洛杉矶的EB5 项目, 好莱坞梦酒店. Dream2 Marketing Brochure Chinese_Page_07 With mouth drooling food and luxurious and dramatic ambience, this restaurant group has been featured in many different magazines and newspapers and visited frequently by Hollywood A star celebrities. 让人直流口水的食物,奢华而极富戏剧色彩的氛围,这家餐厅已多次报道在许多不同的杂志和报纸上,而且好莱坞的一流顶级明星也经常光顾于此。 LA story 3-18 TAO-Restaurant LA story 3-17 With beautiful and well-trained staff, stylish interior, and delicious food, they ensure that a visit to TAO is a memorable experience. 美丽而训练有素的员工队伍,时尚的内饰,以及美味的食物,这些全部都确保光顾餐厅绝对是一个难忘的经历。 TAO-Nightclub I can’t wait to be at their opening and try the food in LA, surrounded by the glamorous Hollywood scenery. 我迫切而激动地等待着餐厅在洛杉矶的盛大开幕,来享用无比美味的美食,以及迷人的好莱坞风景和明星般的荣耀。 LA story 3-16 Corporate_Events_Alt Next time you are here, I wish you to make a must stop at the future home of  TAO Los Angeles and be part of our Hollywood Dream Hotel. 下一次如果你到洛杉矶,我希望你一定来餐厅享受一次美妙的体验,那也将是在我们好莱坞梦酒店 .的一次奇妙旅行。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

TCT Recipe: Prosciutto & Burrata Bruchetta – by Chef Robin Kort 茶非茶菜谱:意式火腿芝士面包脆 – 厨师Robin Kort制

My favorite past time after a hard day of shopping when I was in Italy was relaxing at a side walk café, having a nice glass of wine with Prosciutto and cheese. 在意大利的时候,每当我一天购物下来疲惫不堪,能坐到沿街的小餐馆里,享用一杯好酒,再来上份意式火腿配芝士,就是我最喜欢的休憩方式了。 TCT party Prosciutto 05 At our annual holiday party, Chef Robin Kort prepares us a prosciutto crudo & Birrata Bruchetta as our appetizers….. a taste of Italy!!! 在我们的年度假日派对上,厨师Robin Kort就为我们准备了生火腿开胃面包脆作为开胃菜,这味道就和意大利的一模一样! TCT party Prosciutto 07 TCT party Prosciutto 03 This dish is easy to prepare and fit for any party 这道菜操作简单,而且任何派对都用得上。 TCT party Prosciutto 02 TCT party Prosciutto 04 Prosciutto & Burrata Bruchetta Serves 6 as a starter 意大利火腿配芝士 一道6份作为头盘 Ingredients: 1 Baguette - slice into 1/2 inch pieces and toast 1 250 gram container or Burrata cheese (purchase at whole foods or bosa) or bocconcini 100 grams Italian prosciutto 1 bunch fresh arugala 1 bunch fresh basil 20 cherry tomatoes (optional) - slice in half cracked salt pepper extra virgin olive oil Venturi-Schulze Balsamic Vinegar 原料: 1条法棍 – 每片切成1/2英寸厚,入烤箱 1250克或布瑞塔软心奶酪(在whole foods或bosa就能买到)或意式干酪球 100克意大利火腿 新鲜芝麻菜 新鲜罗勒 20颗樱桃番茄 – 对半切开,撒上盐、胡椒、初榨橄榄油,Venturi-Schulze油醋 TCT party Prosciutto 06 Directions: Toast 8 slices of baguette cut on the diagonal so that they are around 6 inches long each. Drizzle the toast with olive oil and balsamic. Then, top the toast with each ingredient listed and dust with cracked salt and pepper. Serve warm. 步骤: 将法棍以对角线切成8片,这样每片长约6英寸左右,入烤箱。淋上橄榄油和香醋。随后,将上述食材放置在面包上,再撒上盐和胡椒。趁热食用。 TCT party Prosciutto 08 TCT party Prosciutto 09 Bon appétit 祝您好胃口 angela-signature2-a-moved-out  

TCT Recipe: Kale & BC Smoked Salmon Salad – by Chef Robin Kort 茶非茶菜谱:BC熏三文鱼甘蓝沙拉 – 厨师Robin Kort制

My friend Chef Robin Kort always emphasizes “Eat Local” - to use as much locally-grown and locally-sourced food as possible. Locally grown food is better for your health, better for the environment and it supports your local food producers. In fact, Vancouver has always been at the vanguard of the local food movement. 我的朋友厨师Robin Kort一直很强调“食在本土”的概念 – 即尽可能地使用在本地生长或以本地为源头的食材。这样的食物不仅对您的健康益处多多,对我们的环境也大有好处,还能帮助到我们当地的食品供应商。事实上,温哥华始终是这一倡议行动中的先行者。 TCT party BC salmon salad 03 TCT party BC salmon salad 10 One of the dishes Chef Robin Kort prepared for us at our holiday party demonstrated the use of local products and ingredients. Robin厨师在节日派对中为我们准备的众多菜肴中的一道,就很好地体现了使用本地产物的理念。 TCT party BC salmon salad 06 TCT party BC salmon salad 01 Kale & BC Smoked Salmon Salad Serves 6 as a side dish BC熏三文鱼甘蓝沙拉 6份一道可做配菜 Ingredients: 1 bunch Kale 1 red pepper, diced 8 oz smoked salmon 2 ears fresh corn 1/2 tsp smoked paprika pinch cayenne salt 1 Tbs lemon 1 Tbs walnut oil 原料: 1颗甘蓝 1只红椒,切丁 8盎司熏三文鱼 两瓣新鲜玉米 1/2茶匙烟熏红辣椒粉 盐 1茶匙辣椒粉 1茶匙核桃油 TCT party BC salmon salad 04 TCT party BC salmon salad 05 TCT party BC salmon salad 02 Directions: Boil the corn for 5 minutes and then slice it off the cob (set aside). Destem the kale (remove the leaf from the hard stem). Steam the kale until bright green (2 min). Run it under cold water to stop the browning. Slice it into bite sized pieces and then toss the rest of the ingredients including the corn into the kale except the salmon. Serve the salad and place the salmon on top. 步骤: 将玉米水煮5分钟后剥落(放置待用)。羽衣甘蓝去茎(从较硬的根茎上把叶子摘下),微蒸甘蓝至亮绿色(2分钟)。过一下冷水防止色泽泛沉。切成方便食用的大小,随后将其余包括玉米的食材倒入甘蓝叶中拌匀,注意不要放入三文鱼。沙拉装盘,最后将三文鱼置于顶部。 TCT party BC salmon salad 08 TCT party BC salmon salad 07 Bon appétit 祝您胃口大开 angela-signature2-a-moved-out