Angelas Treats


Trick or Treat 不给糖,就捣蛋!

When it comes to a frightfully good Halloween party, your dining table is another creative playground to welcome your guests. There are so many options for your Halloween treats that will add up to the ultimate Fright Night.


Cupcakes are always a crowd-pleaser and Halloween cupcakes are sure to be a hit! Use your favorite recipe for the cupcake mix - they should taste great, but the important thing is the look. I suggest coloring the frosting orange, purple and white and using chocolate, sprinkles and candy corn to create spiders, mummies, ghosts, pumpkins on the top.

杯子蛋糕一直都广受欢迎,万圣节里杯子蛋糕一定会成为抢手货!用您最喜欢的蛋糕混合配方 - 尝起来一定非常美味,但造型才是重点。我建议用橘色、紫色和白色的糖霜来上色,再用巧克力、糖屑和水果糖来做出蜘蛛、木乃伊、幽灵、南瓜的样子放在顶部。

Spider Cupcakes by Damn Delicious
Mummy Cupcakes by Sugar and Charm
Ax Murderer Cupcakes by One Charming Party
Graveyard Cupcakes by Happiness is Homemade
Monster Strawberry Cupcakes by Yummy Crumble
Monster Claw Halloween Cupcakes by Bakingdom
Jack-O'-Lanterns by The Barefoot Baker

Welcome to "the Chen family 'Global Citizens' Halloween Party"


Halloween is such an awesome holiday! Dressing up in costumes and pigging out on sweets!


Thanks to those who joined our Halloween Party, and making this a memorable day!


Mid Autumn Festival, fulfilled with delightful mooncakes 中秋佳节,满足于美味的月饼

In our Chinese culture, mooncake is a must in Mid Autumn Festival. It is a prestigious traditional pastry; the rounded shape symbolizes family reunion.


From so many choices for mooncakes, nowadays, people can not be satisfied with just the taste, the look, the scent, but also the quality. I will introduce a full of creative, delicious, not greasy, and pleasingly high-value mooncakes.

在众多月饼的选择下,现在人们不仅要满足于口感好、颜值高、味道香、更重要的是品质 。我将介绍一家既有创意、好吃、不腻、又赏心悦目的高颜值月饼。  

Soirette is one of the famous afternoon tea in Vancouver. In this special time of the year, they introduce special mooncakes - fruit tea collection for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Soirette是温哥华著名的下午茶之一,在这一年中特殊的日子,他们推出了一套特别的月饼 – 中秋节的水果茶系列。

Their team of pastry chefs bring 2017 Mooncake Collection, with wonderful fruit puddings and tea infused fillings. All mooncakes are fresh, handmade from scratch with whole ingredients. It is best to pre-order, to taste in the best time and best savoury, as they also produce a limited quantity every year.


Their Exclusive Soirette Gift Box, featuring 2 sets of 4 Mini Mooncakes with one Extra-Large Double Cognac Truffle Chocolate Mooncake, filled with hand made fresh lotus paste, crushed caramelized hazelnuts and salted caramel pearls, adorned with 24K Gold Leaf!

他们独家的Soirette月饼礼盒里,配有2套4个迷你月饼,与一个超大干邑松露巧克力月饼,充满手工制作的新鲜莲花酱、焦糖榛子的碎粉、盐渍的焦糖珍珠以及24K金叶装饰着! Mini Mooncakes:
  • Mango & Hibiscus Tea
  • Lychee & Jasmine Tea
  • Strawberry & Matcha Tea
  • Blackberry & Passionfruit Punch Tea
  • 芒果和芙蓉茶
  • 荔枝和茉莉花茶
  • 草莓和抹茶
  • 黑莓和百香果冲茶

They are not only good for the festival and family to share, it is also good for afternoon tea.


Here, wishing everyone Happy Mid Autumn Festival, enjoying mooncake and watching full moon with family!


Healthy Living + Healthy Eating 健康生活 + 健康饮食

I had a chance to meet my friend’s personal trainer Anna Wong; she is one of the most sought-after celebrity trainers out of Vancouver and is listed as one of the “Top Personal Trainers in the world” 我很高兴有机会见到了我朋友的私教Anna Wong;她是目前温哥华最炙手可热的明星教练,还被评为“世界顶尖私人教练”。 Recipes 04 Anna has been a personal trainer for over 20 years and been featured in a number of TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. Anna作为私人教练从业已超过20年,很多电视、广播、杂志和报纸揭载过她的故事。 Recipes 05 We had a nice conversation about her philosophy of health which recognizes the importance of balancing diet, mental, and physical strength. 通过愉快的交流,我们了解到她的健康哲学,即膳食均衡,强调身心的协调统一。 Recipes 06 _MG_0891 hubbardphotography0001 _MG_0941(1) Besides exercising, healthy eating is half of the battle!! Here is one of her favorite recipes she shared with me..... 除了运动,健康的饮食能让我们事半功倍!以下是她和我们分享的她喜欢的一些食谱... Thai Basil Garlic Ginger Sauteed Chicken (2 servings) 泰式罗勒蒜姜香煎鸡 (2人份) Recipes 02 Ingredients • 1 whole skinless boneless chicken breast (about 8 ounces), chopped in bite-sized cubes • 1 tbsp grapeseed oil • 4-6 cloves of garlic, finely chopped • 2 tsp fresh ginger, finely sliced • 1 cup fresh Thai basil leaves • 1 tbsp Tamari or soy sauce • 4 tbsp filtered water • Sea salt to taste (Optional) • Optional: 2 tbsp crushed peanuts or cashews for garnish 原料 • 一整块去皮无骨鸡胸肉(约8盎司),切丁 • 1茶匙葡萄籽油 • 4-6瓣大蒜,切碎 • 2茶匙鲜姜,切片 • 1杯新鲜泰式罗勒叶 • 1茶匙日本酱油或普通酱油 • 4茶匙过滤水 • 根据口味取适量海盐(可选) • 可选:2茶匙花生碎或腰果碎用来装饰 Coconut Rice • 1 cup Jasmine rice • 1 cup filtered water • 1 cup coconut milk 椰香饭 • 1杯香米 • 1杯过滤水 • 1杯椰子汁 Directions Coconut Rice 方法 椰香饭 20110324CoconutRicePudding 1. Wash and rinse rice thoroughly with cold water. Drain. 2. In a medium saucepan, add rice, water and coconut milk. Give it a quick stir to even the mixture. 3. On the stovetop, bring rice to a boil and then immediately reduce heat to low for a low simmer. Cover and let simmer for 18-20 minutes. Turn off heat and let rice sit for 5-10 minutes. 1. 用凉水洗净香米。沥干。 2. 将香米、水和椰汁放入中号煎锅,快炒直至混合。 3. 置于炉上,等米饭沸腾后快速降到低火炖煮。盖上盖子并继续炖煮18-20分钟。关火并再放置5-10分钟。 Thai Basil Garlic Ginger Sauteed Chicken 泰式罗勒蒜姜香煎鸡 Chicken-Breasts-Cubed_4579 1. Heat oil in a pan on medium-high heat for 1 minute. 2. Add garlic and ginger and sauté for 1 minute. 3. Add chicken and sauté for 3 minutes. 4. Mix soy sauce with water. Add into the pan and saute for another 2-3 minutes. 5. Add fresh basil leaves and sauté for another 1 minute. 6. Add sea salt to taste. (Optional) 7. Optional: Garnish sautéed chicken with crushed peanuts or cashews. 1. 在煎锅中倒入油,用中高火加热1分钟。 2. 将蒜末和姜末煸1分钟。 3. 放入鸡肉煸炒3分钟。 4. 在酱油中加入水。倒入锅中煎炒1分钟。 5. 依据口味加入海盐。(可选) 7. 可选:在煎鸡胸肉上撒上花生碎或腰果碎装饰。 Enjoy!! 可以享受美味啦! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

A joyful shopping journey for Chinese new year 春节愉快采购之旅

I love Vancouver. Living here has been absolutely wonderful. We have clean air and food! It’s amazing and has absolutely no difficulties living in Canada even when you don’t speak English. 我喜欢温哥华。住在这里别提有多精彩了。这里有清新的空气和洁净的食物!即便您一点也不会讲英语,生活在加拿大也不会遇到丝毫困难。 Chinese shopping 07 Chinese shopping 06 As Vancouver embraces multicultural events, Chinese New Year is a huge celebration here in Vancouver as well. 温哥华吸纳了世界多元文化,所以中国新年在温哥华始终上演着一场大狂欢。 Chinese shopping 02 Chinese shopping 03 Like every other year, I always to go the Chinese Shopping centre, Yaohan, to purchase the items for the coming Chinese New Year. There is Osaka Supermarket and T&T which will provide you with anything and everything you are looking for. 每年的这个时候,我都会去华人购物中心,八佰伴,为接下来的新春佳节采购年货。在大阪超市T&T大统华 ,您几能买齐任何您想要的东西。 Chinese shopping 20 The store is filled with traditional New Year decoration and the atmosphere is filled with celebration. This shopping has been a real joyful experience. 各种新年传统饰品在这里应有尽有,空气中洋溢着浓浓的喜庆年味,让购物都成为一种过年的愉悦而激动的体验。 Chinese shopping 04 Firstly, I bought lots of snacks that were specifically for Chinese New Year. I was so excited that I even found my hometown desert. 一进来,我就买了很多春节特色小吃,看到货架上陈列着自己家乡的甜点,我感到无比兴奋。 Chinese shopping 21 You can find delicious Hong Kong style chicken and BBQ pork! 您还能在此找到美味的港式烧鸡和烧腊! Chinese shopping 22 Even I found local sockeye salmon sushi, wild lobster, the famous king crab, and other seafood and meats! 此外,也不乏本地三文鱼寿司、野生龙虾、有名的帝王蟹,以及其他各类海鲜和肉类! Chinese shopping 05 Chinese shopping 08 Chinese shopping 11 They were top of the quality and freshest food you could find. 这些生鲜品质绝佳,您打着灯笼都找不到如此新鲜的食材。 Chinese shopping 14 Chinese shopping 16 Chinese shopping 13 In Canada, not only do we have access to traditional Chinese products but you have an advantage of using many ingredients from other countries too! 在加拿大,您不仅能采办到传统中国商品,就连其他国家出产的原料都能一网打尽,满足您的各式需求。 Chinese shopping 15 DSC09608 (2) Chinese shopping 19 Chinese shopping 18 Chinese shopping 12 With so much option for food, this year is going to be the best Chinese New Year yet! 有了如此丰富的食品选择,今年的春节还不会是最好的一个么! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Treat and Spoil yourself this Chinese New Year 这个中国新年任性犒劳宠爱自己

With a celebration of the Lunar New Year, this year it’s certainly the time to treat yourself and your loved ones! This is part of a big tradition for the Chinese New Year to gift others as we celebrate the New Year. With my purpose to find the best offering and make things easier for our new immigrants, I’ve used my resources to research. 这个新年,人民币如此坚挺的大好新年兆头,让我们来好好犒劳一下自己和身边你爱和爱你的人!这是过中国新年的一个很大的传统习俗。为此,我特意做了一些调查,特别为我们的新登录加拿大的新移民客人,送上新年最好的帮助和服务。 New year gift 05 New year gift 18 This time, I headed down to the BMW dealership to see what is new and what the best offerings are. The best sales executive of BMW and Rolls-Royce is my good friend, Mr. Johnny Du. He had informed me that the BMW and Rolls-Royce in Vancouver are at least 50% cheaper than the Chinese market. 我专门去造访了宝马销售商, 看看有什么最新的产品和最好的推广及活动。温哥华宝马和劳斯莱斯最好的销售代表杜先生是我的好朋友, 他告诉我温哥华宝马和劳斯莱斯的价格仅仅只是中国市场的一半, 而且对我们的客人更为招待有嘉! New year gift 08 New year gift 09 New year gift 11 Not only are the prices much more affordable, they have more options for us as well. For example, BMW just released a new electronic car, i3. It’s very affordable at $41K but comes with the latest technology. This beautiful vehicle is not only emission-free but is also very powerful. Going from 0 to 100 kmh within 6.5 seconds! 除了如此诱惑的价格之外, 宝马在温哥华的产品品种提供给客人更多的选择,比如宝马刚刚推出的最新电力机车i3。如此最新科技创造下的汽车,还有着非常诱人的价格-加币41,000.这部靓丽的汽车不仅是零排放量的,而且马力也是非常的强劲,从0到100公里的加速度仅6.5秒内! New year gift 13 New year gift 14 New year gift 15 If you are looking for something more powerful and eye catching, then BMW i8 maybe the car for you. With 357 Horsepower and futuristic design, this car will be the centre of attention anywhere you go. 如果您还不过瘾,需要更加马力强劲,更加飙风吸睛的豪车,那么宝马i8便是您的囊中之物啦!357马力、充满未来感的设计,无论你驾驶在何方,这款靓车绝对让您成为聚焦的中心。 New year gift 16 BMW and Rolls Royce sales department are not connected but I am lucky to have a great friend who is connected with both.  This new $829,000 Rolls Royce Phantom Pinnacle Travel Edition is one of only two in North America and 11 worldwide, it is made by hand in England and takes over 900 person-hours to complete. Phantom truly captures what luxury is. This is one of the most elegant car that is out there. 非常欣喜,我朋友带着我有幸同时参观了宝马和劳斯莱斯。陈设在这里的世界顶级豪车劳斯莱斯幻影-品尼高旅行版,是仅有的在北美的两部新车之一, 它在全球发售也仅有珍稀的111部。相信吗?这部全新稀世之宝,价格只有加币829,000 !而且全部在英国手工打造,用了人工900小时才大功告成。 劳斯莱斯幻影真正诠释了顶级奢侈品的概念,这简直就是世上最优雅的车。 New year gift 04 New year gift 06 New year gift 07 So I hope that this got you thinking more about the New Years presents for yourself and others! 我希望我的这次豪车造访之行能帮助您点亮您的选择,为您和您爱的人! New year gift 17 Time to spoil yourself! 是时候任性宠您自己啦! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Just Like Mom’s home cooking 思念妈妈煮菜的味道

Every Chinese New Year, I find New Year’s Eve is always extra special. This year I am selecting a typical Chinese cuisine to feel like a traditional Chinese meal. I have gotten together with my colleagues and went to a restaurant in Richmond, SuHang restaurant. 每逢中国大年三十的年夜饭,我会格外寻觅独特的味道。今年也一样,我始终追寻着最传统的中国年夜饭。 我约上我的同事们一起来到列治文的苏杭人家New year Cooking 03 New year Cooking 05 New year Cooking 02 This is a place where my landing department manager takes all of the new landed immigrants to have their first lunch, it brings a memory and affection. It is called “House Canteen” among the immigrants. 我们的安居部经理经常在这里,为我们的登陆新移民客人来接风。 客人们的在加拿大的第一顿午餐,是和我们在这里共同渡过,犹如家的温暖感觉。大家都亲切地把这里称之为“汇加食堂”。 New year Cooking 20 New year Cooking 07 SuHang restaurant has been always one of Vancouver’s Top 100 restaurant since 2010, and the owner couple was elected into 《All Chinese Who's who in Restaurant Industry 》. 苏杭人家自2010年以来一直荣登温哥华美食TOP100,这里的老板夫妇也入选为《全球餐饮华人风云录》。 _DSC8555 _DSC8298 Every time I am at this restaurant, I become more homesick and bring me comfort at the same time. Just like Mom's home cooking. 每每坐在这里,那种思乡的情绪悠然而生,带给我暖心的思念。那是难忘的妈妈煮菜的味道。 New year Cooking 17 New year Cooking 04 SuHang is a Jiangnan style restaurant. The chef prepared a very nice table dishes especially for us. 苏杭人家是一家地道的江南风味餐厅。 主厨为我们精心准备了一桌感人亲切的年夜饭。 New year Cooking 11 New year Cooking 06 Fried bread stick with soymilk in sweet or salty, it was all the food from my hometown. It tasted exactly like my mother’s home cooking. It was a flesh back to my home. 油条,随心所欲地沾着甜豆浆,或是和在咸豆浆里,这里很多的菜是我家乡熟悉的味道,妈妈的味道,犹如身临其境般地回到家,守候在妈妈身边,品尝她亲手烹饪的温暖年夜饭。 New year Cooking 13 New year Cooking 16 New year Cooking 15 New year Cooking 19 It was really excited that a creative beggar chicken and a fresh lobster noodle are so unique and delicious. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone! 非常欣喜我还品尝到了很有创意的叫花鸡和新鲜无比的龙虾伊面,都是那么独特和可口。我很高兴把这家饭店推荐给各位! New year Cooking 18 _DSC8532 _DSC8540 New year Cooking 14 Where are you celebrating your New Years? 分享一下你们在哪里寻觅到美食来庆祝新年呢? New year Cooking 12 Wishing you a wonderful Chinese New Year! 春节快乐,万事如意! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

TCT Recipe: Prosciutto & Burrata Bruchetta – by Chef Robin Kort 茶非茶菜谱:意式火腿芝士面包脆 – 厨师Robin Kort制

My favorite past time after a hard day of shopping when I was in Italy was relaxing at a side walk café, having a nice glass of wine with Prosciutto and cheese. 在意大利的时候,每当我一天购物下来疲惫不堪,能坐到沿街的小餐馆里,享用一杯好酒,再来上份意式火腿配芝士,就是我最喜欢的休憩方式了。 TCT party Prosciutto 05 At our annual holiday party, Chef Robin Kort prepares us a prosciutto crudo & Birrata Bruchetta as our appetizers….. a taste of Italy!!! 在我们的年度假日派对上,厨师Robin Kort就为我们准备了生火腿开胃面包脆作为开胃菜,这味道就和意大利的一模一样! TCT party Prosciutto 07 TCT party Prosciutto 03 This dish is easy to prepare and fit for any party 这道菜操作简单,而且任何派对都用得上。 TCT party Prosciutto 02 TCT party Prosciutto 04 Prosciutto & Burrata Bruchetta Serves 6 as a starter 意大利火腿配芝士 一道6份作为头盘 Ingredients: 1 Baguette - slice into 1/2 inch pieces and toast 1 250 gram container or Burrata cheese (purchase at whole foods or bosa) or bocconcini 100 grams Italian prosciutto 1 bunch fresh arugala 1 bunch fresh basil 20 cherry tomatoes (optional) - slice in half cracked salt pepper extra virgin olive oil Venturi-Schulze Balsamic Vinegar 原料: 1条法棍 – 每片切成1/2英寸厚,入烤箱 1250克或布瑞塔软心奶酪(在whole foods或bosa就能买到)或意式干酪球 100克意大利火腿 新鲜芝麻菜 新鲜罗勒 20颗樱桃番茄 – 对半切开,撒上盐、胡椒、初榨橄榄油,Venturi-Schulze油醋 TCT party Prosciutto 06 Directions: Toast 8 slices of baguette cut on the diagonal so that they are around 6 inches long each. Drizzle the toast with olive oil and balsamic. Then, top the toast with each ingredient listed and dust with cracked salt and pepper. Serve warm. 步骤: 将法棍以对角线切成8片,这样每片长约6英寸左右,入烤箱。淋上橄榄油和香醋。随后,将上述食材放置在面包上,再撒上盐和胡椒。趁热食用。 TCT party Prosciutto 08 TCT party Prosciutto 09 Bon appétit 祝您好胃口 angela-signature2-a-moved-out  

TCT Recipe: Kale & BC Smoked Salmon Salad – by Chef Robin Kort 茶非茶菜谱:BC熏三文鱼甘蓝沙拉 – 厨师Robin Kort制

My friend Chef Robin Kort always emphasizes “Eat Local” - to use as much locally-grown and locally-sourced food as possible. Locally grown food is better for your health, better for the environment and it supports your local food producers. In fact, Vancouver has always been at the vanguard of the local food movement. 我的朋友厨师Robin Kort一直很强调“食在本土”的概念 – 即尽可能地使用在本地生长或以本地为源头的食材。这样的食物不仅对您的健康益处多多,对我们的环境也大有好处,还能帮助到我们当地的食品供应商。事实上,温哥华始终是这一倡议行动中的先行者。 TCT party BC salmon salad 03 TCT party BC salmon salad 10 One of the dishes Chef Robin Kort prepared for us at our holiday party demonstrated the use of local products and ingredients. Robin厨师在节日派对中为我们准备的众多菜肴中的一道,就很好地体现了使用本地产物的理念。 TCT party BC salmon salad 06 TCT party BC salmon salad 01 Kale & BC Smoked Salmon Salad Serves 6 as a side dish BC熏三文鱼甘蓝沙拉 6份一道可做配菜 Ingredients: 1 bunch Kale 1 red pepper, diced 8 oz smoked salmon 2 ears fresh corn 1/2 tsp smoked paprika pinch cayenne salt 1 Tbs lemon 1 Tbs walnut oil 原料: 1颗甘蓝 1只红椒,切丁 8盎司熏三文鱼 两瓣新鲜玉米 1/2茶匙烟熏红辣椒粉 盐 1茶匙辣椒粉 1茶匙核桃油 TCT party BC salmon salad 04 TCT party BC salmon salad 05 TCT party BC salmon salad 02 Directions: Boil the corn for 5 minutes and then slice it off the cob (set aside). Destem the kale (remove the leaf from the hard stem). Steam the kale until bright green (2 min). Run it under cold water to stop the browning. Slice it into bite sized pieces and then toss the rest of the ingredients including the corn into the kale except the salmon. Serve the salad and place the salmon on top. 步骤: 将玉米水煮5分钟后剥落(放置待用)。羽衣甘蓝去茎(从较硬的根茎上把叶子摘下),微蒸甘蓝至亮绿色(2分钟)。过一下冷水防止色泽泛沉。切成方便食用的大小,随后将其余包括玉米的食材倒入甘蓝叶中拌匀,注意不要放入三文鱼。沙拉装盘,最后将三文鱼置于顶部。 TCT party BC salmon salad 08 TCT party BC salmon salad 07 Bon appétit 祝您胃口大开 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

TCT Global Connection And Services For Our Clients 茶非茶,为客人们联通世界

We shared with you about our first annual Christmas party in our previous post. This party was truly a success not only to celebrate the successful year we had and the joyful holiday seasons with our staff and clients but it was a great networking opportunity for all of our clients. 在此,我们将与您分享之前日志提到的茶非茶首次年度圣诞派对。派对大获成功,不仅和我们的员工和客户庆贺了卓有成就的一年和即将到来的欢乐假期,对于所有客人来说也不失为一个广结良友的机会。 TCT party3 03 TCT party3 04 This party created a fun atmosphere that allowed our clients to connect and build friendship easily. Our clients mingled, exchanged laughter, and conversation that started many new friendships. 整个派对营造的气氛非常愉悦,让我们的客人们彼此间轻松地建立起了友谊。在欢声笑语,相互交流中,新的朋友就这样结识了。 TCT party3 02 TCT party3 01 TCT also had an opportunity to share with our clients our upcoming services that will capture and service our clients. As TCT is supported so well by our clients, we strive to continue to improve and support those who have supported us. 值此之际,茶非茶也预报给客人们今后会引起他们兴趣的各类服务。正是鉴于客人们的大力支持,我们,茶非茶,更要不断努力,给他们以帮助来回报他们的厚爱。 TCT party3 08 TCT party3 07 TCT will be expanding our online magazine to provide fun and insightful lifestyle information about western and global lifestyle. We will be covering from all major cities like LA, New York, Vancouver and around the world. TCT strives to provide the best information regarding fashion, food,  lifestyle, and coverage on interesting people. Our online magazine’s purpose is to connect and provide services that our clients’ need. 我们将会扩容茶非茶的网上杂志,提供有关西方及全球生活方式有意思又富有远见的资讯。这些内容覆盖全球所有主要城市,如洛杉矶、纽约、温哥华。时尚美食、乐活体验、趣人趣事,各种话题无所不包。线上日志的宗旨就是联动客人,为他们提供所需的服务。   TCT party3 10 Angelas-treasures-shoes-featured-image Costco_3388 TCT’s online magazine will connect our readers with more knowledge about different cultures and Western living to be the bridge for any cultural differences. This online magazine will be the guide for the ultimate western lifestyle. 茶非茶线上杂志今后将会为我们的读者传授更多不同文化及西方生活的讯息,致力于充当跨文化交流的桥梁。我们将把茶非茶打造成至臻西方生活的精品指南。 SHE_1795 Not only we will cover fashion, food, and other lifestyle information, we will also showcase global trends and business opportunities to help our client’s growth. We will have up to date real estate information and business tips from successful and interesting people that will expand your knowledge. 此外,我们将不再仅仅聚焦于时尚、美食和生活方式,也会把视线扩展到那些能帮助我们客人成长的全球潮流及商业契机。我们会刊载来自成功有趣人士的地产信息和商业建议,拓宽您的见识。 TCT party3 11   TCT party3 12 Thank you for pushing us to be the best online magazine for global lifestyle! 感谢您推动我们成为最棒的环球生活网上杂志! Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year! 祝您新年愉快,硕果累累! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

TCT Recipe – BC Dungeness Crab Cakes: by Chef Robin Kort茶非茶菜谱:BC当地珍宝蟹蟹饼

One of the highlights of our TCT first annual Christmas party of Visas is to have well-known exclusive Chef Robin Kort to demonstrate and prep her divine dishes in front of our clients. 汇加与 茶非茶首次年度圣诞派对 其中的精华在于我们特请了知名的厨师Robin Kort 现场为我们制作她精心准备的各道美食。 Crab cake image 02 Crab cake image 05 Crab cake image 09 She emphasizes the use of local products and ingredients. One of the crowd favorites is the BC Dungeness Crab Cakes!!! Chef Robin makes it simple, fun and delicious. 她非常注重食物选取当地原材料。其中一款深受大家欢迎的菜肴“BC省珍宝蟹蟹饼”,就非常简单、有趣和美味。 Crab cake image 03 Crab cake image 08 Crab cake image 10 After the event, we received lots of the requests for the Crab Cake recipe and Chef Robin was kind enough to share it with us. 派对过后,大家纷纷现场定单这款美味佳肴, 厨师ROBIN 欣然接受,和大家一起分享美食。 BC Dungeness Crab Cakes: by Chef Robin Kort BC 省当地珍宝蟹蟹饼: 厨师Robin Kort编制 Ingredients原材料: 600 grams crab meat / 600克珍宝蟹蟹肉 7 mashed yellow potatoes / 7个黄土豆泥 1 cup fresh corn / 1杯新鲜玉米 pinch cayenne (make them as spicy as you like ) / 一些cayenne辣椒粉(随个人喜好随意添加) 1 clove garlic-minced / 1瓣大蒜切碎 2 Tbs fresh coriander or parsley chop fine / 2汤匙新鲜的香菜或百叶香剁碎 2 sprigs of green onion chop fine / 2小枝葱花剁细 1 lemon zested ( just the peel ) / 1个柠檬表皮黄色部分磨皮 1 tsp lemon juice / 1汤匙柠檬汁 1 egg / 1个鸡蛋 1 Tbs olive oil / 1汤匙橄榄油 Salt to taste / 少许盐 1/2 cup Semolina flour to dust crab cakes with before frying Peanut oil for frying / 半杯小麦粉,用于先粘一下蟹饼,然后再用花生油煎炸 Crab cake image 01 Mix all ingredients together well and form into golf ball sized rounds and press slightly flat. Spoon semolina flour onto a plate and coat the cakes in the flour. 把所有原材料混合在一起搅拌均匀,然后用手捏成一个高尔夫球大小的肉球,再轻轻压扁。 轻轻在盘子里撒上小麦粉,裹在蟹饼外面。 Crab cake image 07 Heat peanut oil in a frying pan till very hot but not smoking. Fry the cakes for 2 minutes a side. 煎盘里预热花生油,直到烫但不要冒烟。放入蟹饼煎炸,一面煎2分钟。 Crab cake image 04 Serve with an aioli or mayonnaise, a sprig of cilantro and a squeeze of lemon. 最后配以蒜泥蛋黄酱或蛋黄酱,少许香菜和柠檬汁佐餐。 Bon appétit 祝您胃口好! angela-signature2-a-moved-out