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A Tale Of Two Cities 双城记

I always picture myself living in two cities: Vancouver and Seattle, two of the top rated clearest air quality city in the world. As the two cities are so very close together, this can easily be achieved especially for a global citizen. 我总是想象自己生活在两座城市:温哥华西雅图,都有世界公认的最清洁的空气质量。好在这两座城市离得很近,所以对于世界公民来说这个想法实现起来并不难。 Coal Harbor, Vancouver teacoffeetea-37 Calm Waters & Stormy Clouds Seattle, the evergreen city of the Washington State of USA, is very easy to get to and is a great place to achieve the American Dream for a global citizen. 要去到西雅图很容易,作为美国华盛顿州一座四季常绿的城市,这里是世界公民实现美国梦的一个不错的地方。 Seattle waterfront teacoffeetea-34 It’s only 2 1/2 hours from Vancouver, the drive is a pleasant one. The most direct route is on the I-5 North. 驾车从温哥华到西雅图只消2.5小时,沿途也很惬意。最直接的路线莫过上I-5 North公路。 Endless love vancouver 02 or Chuckanut Drive runs from Interstate 5 just north of Mt. Vernon (60 miles from Seattle) 或走Chuckanut Drive,从Vernon山以北的Interstate 5 出发(距离西雅图60英里) 4558555290_04e410cb59_z that will only take an extra half hour or so, but will reward you with stunning vistas of Puget Sound and the San Juan Island. 走这条路线大概会多半小时,但这多花的时间也有所值,因为您能欣赏到Puget Sound和 San Juan岛无敌的景色。 Mt Baker from Shaw Island, Blind Bay As soon as you enter the city, you are embraced by the West Pacific Ocean. 一进入西雅图,美丽的西太平洋即刻把您紧紧拥抱入怀。 Endless love vancouver 08 Endless love vancouver 06Endless love vancouver 10 And the beautiful view of Washington Lake. As it is located in the rainforest like Vancouver, it has abundance natural resources to offer. 还有那华盛顿湖的旖旎风光, 所有的天、海、湖,一切都被烙上喜爱西雅图的种种理由。和温哥华一样地处热带雨林气候带,西雅图也有着得天独厚的丰富自然资源和自由健康的人文文化, 俨然和温哥华一样,绝对是适合人类居住的北美西海岸又一优质城市。 Marina Downtown Seattle Endless love vancouver 05 You’ll easily fall in love with Seattle. Similar culture to Vancouver and filled with lots of activities and natural surroundings, let the city itself speak to you. 西雅图会让你轻而易举地爱上她。有着和温哥华相似的文化背景,同样充满各式各样的精彩活动和富饶的自然资源,请聆听她的故事吧。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out
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The endless love to Vancouver 温哥华,绵长恒久的爱

As I sit at the Teahouse in the afternoon, the beauty of Vancouver mesmerizes me and as if time is not of an existence, I could spend the entire day at one location without realizing that I have spent hours in one teahouse. 午后,当我坐在茶馆小憩,温哥华的美让我意乱情迷、心驰神往。此刻,时间于我仿若无物,可以就这样静静呆上一天,全然意识不到自己在茶馆里消磨了如此漫长的时光。 Endless love vancouver 01 Endless love vancouver 03 Endless love vancouver 08 The beauty and the love for Vancouver are spread out along my friends as well. Everyone in Vancouver fall in love with the beauty of this city as if they are casted a spell as soon as you land in Vancouver. 温哥华的美以及发自内心的对温哥华的爱也在我的朋友间感染、蔓延。这里的每个人都恋上了这座城的美丽动人,仿佛一语魔咒,只要您踏上这里的土地,定会为这座城市深深着迷。 Endless love vancouver 09 Eight Neighbourhoods You Might Like To Live In Vancouver Ballet spirit 17 Vancouver is a home to Stanley Park, the world’s biggest urban forest. And within Stanley Park, there are many ocean beaches that surround it. You must visit English Bay to see the beauty of this city! I am very proud to call Vancouver my second hometown. 温哥华也是Stanley公园的所在,Stanley公园是世界最大的市内公园,公园被许多海滩湖泊环绕。您一定要去英吉利湾看看,这样才能领略这座城市的美景。我为能把温哥华称为第二故乡而骄傲。 Outdoor weather Endless love vancouver 05Endless love vancouver 04 Anyone that I invite out to Vancouver always is captured by all of the things the city has to offer: ocean, mountain, beach, forest, and clean air. There’s a grace and elegance about this city that truly makes you fall in love. 那些受我邀请来到温哥华的友人无不为这里所展现的一切事物而动容:碧海蓝天、壮阔山峦、阳光沙滩、郁郁森林、清新空气。温哥华的优雅迷人、足以让您恋上一座城。 Endless love vancouver 06 There are many places in this city to sit quietly and absorb all the city has to offer but you can also get lost in the city with all of the activities like hiking, biking, and kayaking. 这里还有很多地方值得您安安静静地坐上一会儿,让城里的一点一滴慢慢渗入心灵。当然,您也可以加入到各种活动,如徒步远足、单车骑行、划艇出航,在城市里悠游畅游。 Endless love vancouver 10 Endless love vancouver 11 There is so much to see in this city and it is truly a gem. 温哥华,无愧为一颗珍宝,有太多地方等待您的发现。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out
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Shanghai’s Cultural Crossroads 上海的文化十字路口

One of the things that makes Shanghai such a truly cosmopolitan city is its history of foreign influence. This is especially apparent in its architecture and planning. I love the way we can see this in everything from the hotels to the most humble home. 其中一个让上海成为国际大都市的因素, 就是上海历史沉淀下的外国文化影响,这淋漓尽致地表现在城市的建筑和规划中。不管是有格调的酒店还是平凡简单的弄堂之家,都让我爱上这种文化交融的点点滴滴地渗透。 Shanghai 08 The shikumen style of so many traditional homes like this is itself a blend of cultures. These are essentially brick terraced houses on the European model adapted to suit the urban Chinese taste for narrow lanes and courtyards. They are a relic of the Shanghai of the late nineteenth century. 上海到处可见的石库门建筑,本身就鲜活地映衬着这种特殊文化的交融。那些基本都用砖头砌成的连排屋,是以欧洲建筑风格为模型,当时是为了适应狭窄的弄堂和庭院而建造的中国特色的都市品味。而如今,就让我们享受着上海十九世纪的历史文化遗迹。 shanghai-11 shanghai-29 I love the French Concession. It is one of my favourite areas of Shanghai. 我始终爱着上海当时的法租界城市风情,这里是我钟爱的上海。 Shanghai 09 Because it was a French territory from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century, it has its own distinct history and character. And because the buildings are protected from demolition, this character has been preserved. 因为这里从十九世纪中期到二十世纪中期,曾经有着100年的法国殖民地影响,所以在这里有着非常明显的历史文化特色。也庆幸这里的建筑物免受拆迁,所以这种风格一直保存至今。 shanghai-31 Unlike in the Public Concession, all the noise and bustle of business is absent from the French Concession. The European architecture and planning makes it among the most elegant European-style areas in the Far East. 不像在公共租界里那般嘈杂,法租界里远离所有的噪音和市井的喧嚣。欧洲的建筑和规划使得法租界成为当时在远东的最具欧洲风格的优雅地区之一。 Phoenix trees, bars and cafes create an urbane atmosphere of tranquility and beauty. 凤凰树,酒吧和咖啡馆营造着这里宁静和美丽的雅致气息。 shanghai-32 The old fashioned bicycles are now often replaced with motorbikes and scooters, but the ideas of independent travel and convenience remain. 老式的自行车现在已经被摩托车和踏板车所替代,然而上海人那种自由随性悠闲的个性却始终依然存在。 shanghai-33 Wishing you the diversity found at the world's great cultural crossroads. 衷心希望您也能在世界上众多精彩文化交融的十字路口,转角发现更多。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Luxury and the Commonplace 奢华和平凡

When I'm in Shanghai, I love to enjoys the luxuries it has to offer, like sipping a glass of rosé at the the Waldorf Hotel... 每当在上海,我会随之而然地融入于上海自身带来的那种奢华感,正如坐在华尔道夫酒店里,慢慢啜饮一杯温润的桃红葡萄酒...... Shanghai 03 Waldorf 01 or enjoying High Tea in the dining room with a good friend. 又或是和好朋友一起,享受一个纯正的英式下午茶。 shanghai-21 Shanghai 04 shanghai-20 Not so long ago, the Dong Fong Hotel stood where the Waldorf does now, and it housed Shanghai's first KFC, considered a luxury food by us kids in the 1980s. My mother took me there in 1987 when I received the highest mark in my class. The queue outside lined from the cashier to the gate at Zhongshan East No.1 Road. 其实记忆慢慢清晰起来,如今华丽的华尔道夫酒店20多年前是上海的东风饭店旧址,那时安札在这里的是上海第一家肯德基快餐店。80年代的肯德基是孩子们和年轻人眼中的奢华美食,我还深深地记得就在1987那一年,我考试全班第一,妈妈就以肯德基作为我的奖励。真的没有想到,那一天肯德基门口排起了等候的长龙,一直排到很远的中山东一路。 WALDORF-ASTORIA But tradition is never far away in Shanghai. Just five minutes down the road from the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel there are lovely examples of red-and-black shikumen architecture. 上海也是个非常传统的城市,她的魅力永远是奢华和平凡紧密地相连在一起。在那极尽奢华的四季酒店旁边,仅5分钟徒步就来到了上海本地人耳熟目详的石库门,那里是我们花花绿绿却可爱也平凡的家。 Shanghai shanghai-02 The bird cage behind me symbolizes the slow life, the traditional ways. They are hard to find now; they slip away amidst the fast pace of city life. 记忆中那个爷爷手中的精致木制鸟笼,慢条斯理的节奏,这些正在遗失的老上海传统格调,却已经旧梦难寻,悄悄然在忙碌的快节奏生活中溜走。 shanghai-01 Shanghai 05 I remember the slower pace of my childhood, a less stressful time. When I was a kid, you could speak only Shanghaiese, but now you speak Mandarin first, or English, or both. Shanghaiese is spoken less and less. I want us to protect the language; to preserve it. 我珍藏着我的童年,那是放慢脚步下宁静的时光,没有压力,没有紧迫感。当我还是个孩子的时候,我只会说上海话,然而现在,即使是上海本地的孩子,首先你要先说普通话,或是英文,或者两者兼说。上海话说的越来越少,我很希望我们能先来保护我们千年相传的语言,来维护我们的传统。 shanghai-05 Wishing you the discovery of a time capsule from your past. 希望我们一起挖掘过去时光中遗失的美好传统中的点点精华所在。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Shanghai’s Waldorf Astoria 上海华尔道夫酒店

The Waldorf Astoria Shanghai, my hotel during my stay, is a wonderful combination of change and tradition. It has a cosmopolitan feel, and while the back has been remodelled and updated, the front remains original — a homage to the Shanghai of the 1930s. 上海华尔道夫酒店,是我在上海住过的酒店, 这里是传统和变革的精彩结合,绝对的国际范儿。酒店的背面已经重新翻修改造,而前面却依然原貌保留着上海20世纪30年代的风情。 Waldorf 05 shanghai-17 Waldorf 03 shanghai-21 On the "old side" of the Waldorf Astoria that faces the Bund, the architecture recalls the British influence of the 1930s and World War II. 老上海风情的华尔道夫酒店大门直面上海外滩,这里的建筑物都保留着1930年代的英伦风范。 Waldorf 08 shanghai-26 The hotel obviously cherishes its interwar art deco design, and I do too. To me, this was Shanghai at its most stylish; it was the Paris of the Orient. People want to get back that classic feeling. 酒店显然很珍视世界大战期间的艺术设计风格,这点对于我来讲也是很投缘。我觉得这就是上海,这就是上海格调;这里是当年的东方巴黎。现代人有时需要重回怀旧经典的洗涤。 Waldorf 09 shanghai-25 Wishing you the relaxation of a luxury stay in a gorgeous hotel. 非常希望您也能和大家一起分享美好酒店的奢华享受。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Shanghai Nostalgia 上海乡愁

Visiting Shanghai always makes me nostalgic. It seems every street, every house, and every door conjures up memories of my childhood. 来到上海总能勾起我的思乡心情。好像每条街、每一幢房子、每一扇门都能唤醒我童年的记忆。 shanghai-10 This reminds me of my grandmother's house. The Chinese character means "double happiness," and the red, of course, symbolizes good luck. It may be there to commemorate a wedding. And I have my traditional birdcage to complete the memory! 这里让我想起了我祖母的房子。上面张贴的汉字意思是“双喜临门”,红色毫无疑问象征着鸿运。这户人家大概正逢婚嫁喜事吧。我还特意带上了 儿时的鸟笼,记忆一下子就完整无缺了! shanghai-09 shanghai-08 These are Chinese New Year's doors, decorated to bring good fortune for the year ahead. 中国人习惯在春节把门装扮成这样,以盼带来来年的好运。 shanghai-16 They make me remember so many things, especially the feeling of community that these buildings and streets cultivated. 这里的一景一物让我想起了好多往事,尤其是这些旧屋老巷承载的邻里气息。 shanghai-15 Back then, ordinary things like groceries were not plentiful and were rationed for thirty-five years. Today, everything is easy to get, but we've lost the sense of community. We shut our doors, and nobody knows one another. 早在那时候,像日用品这样的居家用品还比较紧俏,整整35年都得凭票定量供应。如今,没有什么东西是很难买到的,但那份邻里情怀却已不在。如今,我们总是门户紧闭,都不知道彼此姓甚名谁。 shanghai-14 In the old communities, we knew our neighbours, and all the kids played together outside. 而在以前的院落,我们领居间都相互认识,孩子们也会在外面一起玩耍。 shanghai-13 We should enjoy our growth — Shanghai's growth — but we should also learn to keep everything we cherished about the past. 我们欢乐地一起成长,也见证了上海的发展壮大 - 我们也应学着保留好那些我们珍藏的过往记忆。 shanghai-34 It's a new world, but the old traditions and styles persist through it all. I love the traditional mops in this picture, still used in the modern apartment buildings, and the bamboo poles we used for drying our clothes outside. 这是一个崭新的世界,然而有些旧风遗俗延续至今。我喜欢照片里的拖把,现在在新的公寓大楼里仍能看到使用,而那些竹竿则是拿来在外面晾衣服用的。 shanghai-35 Adapt to the new changes, but celebrate the old as well as the new. No matter where you are, accept the reality of change and encourage others not to fear it. Find the beauty in your life. 适应新变化的同时,我们也需要忆古迎新。无论身处何地,大胆地拥抱现实,鼓励他人勇于面对时境的变迁。学习在自己的生活中发现美好的一点一滴。 shanghai-36 Of course, there will be differences, but among them will be the new and inspiring. While the old life is still here, we can enjoy the best of both worlds. 当然,差异的碰撞无可避免,但碰撞中才会孕育新变革、激发新感悟。倘若我们还能找到旧有生活的遗迹,我们就能享受到两个世界共同带来的美好。 Wishing you a warm memory from the past that helps you with your future, 愿您从往昔拾回温暖的记忆共筑美好的未来, angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Glam City of USA – Las Vegas 美国的魅力之城 – 拉斯维加斯

United States, like Canada, offers much different cultures and lifestyle. There are many lifestyles that it offers. To explore different lifestyle activities, I spent a wonderful Christmas in Las Vegas. 美国,如同加拿大,在这里不同的文化汇聚在一起描绘出生活的千姿百态。您能在此体会到丰富多彩的生活方式。为了探究不同的生活气息,我在拉斯维加斯度过了一个美妙的圣诞。 Vegas story 2 - 01 Las Vegas is filled with glamour and it offers endless possibilities when it comes to luxury. Twinkling lights and blinding sparkles surrounded me. 拉斯维加斯是一座迷人的城市,要说奢华,这里应有尽有。闪烁耀眼的光彩将我包围。 Vegas story 2 - 03 Vegas story 2 - 04 All of my favourite brands: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and Christian Dior were next to each other as I went shopping and gazed at the beautiful things they offered. 所有我钟爱的牌子:Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and Christian Dior,逛街的时候都能看到,这些大牌店一个接一个,里面陈列的精美商品让我目不暇接。 Vegas story 2 - 10 Vegas story 1 - 08 I chose to stay at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Las Vegas as I wanted to enjoy another side of Las Vegas since it is only hotel without a casino. I got to swim around in the sunshine, enjoy afternoon tea with my family and friends, ordered an amazing room service for my children while I went out to experience the restaurants. This is what the travel is about, isn’t it? 我选择住在拉斯维加斯文华东方酒店,因为这是唯一一家不设赌场的酒店,而我正想体验下赌城的另一面。可以在阳光下尽情游泳,和亲朋好友享受惬意的午茶时光,外出寻觅美食时孩子们也能有一顿可口的酒店送餐,旅行不正应如此吗? Vegas story 2 - 24 Vegas story 2 - 21 Vegas story 2 - 23 I would like to recommend the Jasmine Cantonese Cuisine in Bellagio Hotel. Have you ever watched the movie, “Ocean’s 11”? Bellagio played a huge part in that movie and it was great to be at a scene of a movie! Jasmine Cantonese Cuisine spoiled us with their delicious food and at Bellagio, you can listen to a music fountain show in front of your eyes! 我想要推荐Bellagio酒店的茉莉广东料理给大家。不知您有没有看过电影“十一罗汉”?Bellagio就是这部电影的主要取景地,能徜徉在一幕幕场景中,这种感觉好极了!茉莉广东料理的美食定能惊爆您的味蕾,一遍品尝眼前还能欣赏到音乐喷泉秀! Vegas story 2 - 25 Another restaurant I would recommend is, Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill. He is a world-wide famous celebrity chef. He has many TV shows and his foods are recognized globally! 另一家我会推荐的餐馆是Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill。作为一位名流厨师,Gordon Ramsay,上过很多电视节目,由他烹饪的菜肴也享誉国际! Vegas story 2 - 16 There’s also Japanese restaurant Blue Ribbon and TAO which are other must-visit place. 此外主打日本菜系的 蓝丝带以及 也是您不可错过的地方。 Vegas story 2 - 26 Vegas story 2 - 18 Vegas story 2 - 19 In Las Vegas, you can catch world famous entertainment, like Cirque du Soleil. I had an opportunity to catch “O” at Bellagio. A friend of mine also recommended “Le Reve” which is showcased at the Wynn Hotel. 在拉斯维加斯,您还能一睹世界知名的娱乐节目,如太阳马戏。我就有幸在Bellagio酒店欣赏到了由太阳剧团表演的“O” 秀。我的一位朋友向我推荐了“Le Reve”,该剧在Wynn酒店上演。 Vegas story 2 - 11 Vegas story 2 - 13Vegas story 2 - 14 These shows are mesmerizing and filled me with awe. Las Vegas is truly a place to go visit with endless of activities to do! I was filled with gratitude to have spent my Christmas there with my family and friends. 这些剧目让我记忆犹新,惊叹连连。拉斯维加斯果然是一处令人眼花缭乱的必游之地!能同朋友和家人在这里度过圣诞,我心存感激。 Vegas story 2 - 12 Wishing you a wonderful travel in the near future! 愿您在不久的将来也有一场愉快的旅行! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

An enchanted flaming phoenix – American’s freedom 神奇的火凤凰 – 美国式的自由

The locals often refer to Vancouver as “Raincouver”. Vancouver is located in the heart of rainforest and has a lot of precipitation. It is raining day by day and they say we are expected to get snow soon. 本地人常把温哥华叫做“雨哥华”。因为这座城市地处雨林气候的中心,连年降水量充沛。这几天又是天天下雨,很多人都说马上又要下雪了。 Vegas story 1 - 20 Vegas story 1 - 21 Vegas story 22 With this weather, I want to escape to somewhere warm and welcoming. I wish to be like a snowbird flying freely anytime to wonderful places to touch various inspirations around the world. 这样的天气让我想要逃往温暖宜人的地方。好想自己也能化身雪鸟自由地飞去理想的地方,到世界各地撷取灵感火花。 Vegas story 1 - 24 During Winter in Vancouver, I often find myself saddened by the gloomy weather and the best way to cheer myself up is to head South to our neighbor, USA. 一到温哥华的冬天,我发现自己总会被这阴冷的天气弄得情绪低落,此时最好的办法莫过于马上南下奔往我们的邻居美国。 Vegas story 1 - 17 This winter, I decided to go to Las Vegas! Do you remember an old pop song, "Winter Fire" ( 冬天里的一把火) by "Kris Phillips" (Fei Xiang)? 今年冬天,我决定去拉斯维加斯!您还记得这首老歌吗,费翔的"冬天里的一把火" I felt the flame! 我感受到了火热! Vegas story 1 - 23 MGM, Venetian, Caesar’s Palace, Wynn Hotel, New York New York! Have you heard of these places? These hotels are located on the strip of Las Vegas and it is a city that is always lit up. 美高美, 威尼斯商人, 凯撒皇宫, Wynn酒店, 纽约酒店! 您有听说过这些地方吗?这些酒店都坐落在拉斯维加斯繁华的strip大道,这里是一座无时无刻不火光四射的城市。 Vegas story 2 - 27 Vegas story 1 - 14 Vegas story 2 - 05 Vegas story 1 - 03 Vegas story 1 - 26 Vegas story 2 - 06 Fast, energetic, busy, and glamorous. These are the words I would use to describe Las Vegas! The magic of Las Vegas is that it captures an enchanted flaming phoenix in middle of the desert. This city captured my spirit and I got to experience the ultimate luxurious life. 迅捷的节奏,活力四射的能量,忙忙碌碌而光彩夺目。如要描述拉斯维加斯,我都会用上这些字眼!赌城的魔力让它好似浴火凤凰般翱翔在沙漠之间。这座城市提起了我的兴致,我就要体会到这里极致的奢华生活。 Vegas story 1 - 09 Vegas story 1 - 04 Vegas story 1 - 10 It is a place filled with freedom, American spirit and dreams! 这是一个充满了自由、美国精神和美国梦的地方! Las Vegas was truly the best place to get away from the rain as it welcomed me with the desert heat. 拉斯维加斯是逃离雨季的最佳选择,在这里迎接我的是沙漠的热情洋溢。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Hollywood Dream Hotel 76尊荣奢华席位邀您入席

2015 is an exciting year for us. Our EB-5 project, Hollywood Dream Hotel embraces Hollywood’s glamorous life located in the center of Hollywood. 2015年对我们来说是值得欣喜的一年。我们的EB-5项目,位于城市正中的好莱坞梦酒店迎来了光彩照人的生活。 LA story 3-01 LA story 3-02 LA story 3-21 As I run around the neighborhood, I felt the warm breeze and sunshine shining down on me. It felt as thought my dreams and your dreams were ahead of me. 当我穿梭于街区,感受着播洒下来的和煦微风和温暖阳光,我能真切地体会到,梦想,我的梦想、你的梦想,就在不远的前方。 LA story 3-03 LA story 3-04 As I check on the development of the Hollywood Dream Hotel, the dreams were right in front of me. A beautiful hotel, centrally located in Hollywood, surrounded by luxurious lifestyle. 在我考察好莱坞梦酒店建设进展之时,就可以看到梦想鲜活地呈现在面前。这是一家富丽堂皇的酒店,占据着好莱坞的中心位置,沉浸在各色纸醉金迷的生活中。 LA story 3-07 LA story 3-08 LA story 3-06 LA story 3-09 The phase 1 and 2 have already been sold out. I know that many will love LA, the weather, the energy, and the luxury. I can’t wait to visit here again during phase 3. Every time I visit, like the hotel name, the Hollywood Dream Hotel will ensure many dreams to come true. 该项目的一期和二期业已售罄。我保准很多人会爱上洛杉矶,这座城市的天气、活力、和奢华,都会成为您爱上这里的理由。我已等不及来参观第三期的进展。每次来到这里,正如梦酒店名称所承载的一样,我感到我们许许多多的梦想都会实现。 LA story 3-12 LA story 3-14 As a project awarded “Exemplar” by US citizenship and immigration services, Hollywood Dream Hotel was able to successfully complete the two previous phases. The 3rd phase has 76 applicants so far and it will be sold out in no time. 作为一个已收获美国移民局认证的模范项目,好莱坞梦酒店前两期的建设无疑十分顺利。第三期仅有珍稀的76名申请人名额,可以预见不久将为名额难求。 LA story 3-13 And even if that doesn’t excite you, this little secret most definitely will. Inside of the Hollywood Dream Hotel, the top-grossing restaurant and lounge in America (LA Times, Restaurant Business Magazine, The Atlanic, Eater).  TAO will be established! Many celebrities visit this restaurant lounge and you will experience the celebrity lifestyle that you deserve. 即便这样的梦想还不足以打动您,这里隐藏的小秘密定能让您心潮澎湃。就在好莱坞梦酒店内,全美餐饮业销售额第一的 TAO餐厅(洛杉矶时代报, 餐饮商业杂志, 大西洋杂志, 食客)会落户于此。届时各界名流会前来助阵,您将会享受到您值得拥有的星光熠熠的生活。 LA story 3-23 LA story 3-15 My colleagues and I are so very excited to welcome you to this beautiful city and the official Hollywood lifestyle. 我的同事和我热烈欢迎您来到这个漂亮的城市,体验一把好莱坞式的生活。 LA story 3-10 LA story 3-05 LA story image 13 Wishing you a warm welcome to Los Angeles! 望您在洛杉矶宾至如归! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Los Angeles – The city of Angels 洛杉矶 – 天使之城

Everybody comes to Hollywood, they wanna make it in the neighborhood…..” just like  the song "Hollywood" by Madonna, my trip to Los Angeles continues to be heavenly. Wherever I go, I feel like a movie star and everyone around me is a movie star or at least they dream to be. That’s the character of Hollywood Los Angeles. It gives hope to everyone like Julia Roberts in "Petty Woman" that the sky's the limit! “每个人来到好莱坞,他们就想要天天身处这里...”就像麦当娜的那首歌 "“好莱坞”所唱的,我的洛杉矶之行如同踏足天堂般如梦似幻。无论我走到哪里,举手投足都有如电影明星般,而身边环绕的人们也都像明星,至少他们想要成为明星。这就是好莱坞洛杉矶式的人物。这座城市的确给每个人这样的希望,就像风月俏佳人里的朱莉娅罗伯茨,天有多高,梦想就多广阔! LA story 2-20 LA story 2-09 LA story image 04 LA story 2-24 Leaving Hollywood neighborhood, I head over to Beverly Hills for an amazing lunch at 208 Rodeo Restaurant. A beautiful waitress, who looked like a leading lady on a romantic comedy, served us during our lunch. 离开好莱坞社区,我前往比弗利山庄的208 Rodeo餐馆,品尝一顿令人惊喜的午餐。服务我们的侍者,长得相当漂亮,看上去就像从浪漫喜剧里走出来的女主角。 LA story 2-03 LA story 2-21 208 Rodeo is a great spot to people watch and they have great choice of healthy meals. If you have a chance to visit, ensure to request a seat outside. The staffs are very friendly and it was the perfect spot to sip on a mimosa. 208 Rodeo是人们小聚的绝佳场所,这里有丰富的健康食物可选。倘若您有机会前往,一定要挑室外的座位。店里的员工都很友好,坐在这里品呷香槟橙汁鸡尾酒再惬意不过了。 LA story 2-04 LA story 2-08 LA story 2-19 I like Los Angeles. Being a business professional, housewife, and a mom, sometimes I don’t put myself first. But being in LA, I feel that I am a globalized beautiful woman. 我喜欢洛杉矶。作为一名职业女性、家庭主妇、孩子们的妈妈,我常常不把自己放在首位。但在洛杉矶,情况就完全不同了,我感到自己就是一个 全球化的美丽女性LA story 2-26 The one thing about Los Angeles that caught my attentionas well was a hospital dedicated for plastic surgery. I was told that many women in Los Angeles get their surgery there and recover in the hotel across the street. 洛杉矶一大吸引我的事物是这里有专业做医疗美容的医院。我听人说洛杉矶的很多女性都会在那里做整形,然后就到对街的酒店里休养恢复。 LA story 2-06 I don’t think as globalized beautiful women that we all are, we don’t need this. We need a positive mindset, confidence, and freedom. This is all I want in my life. 我认为,不是说作为 全球化的优雅女性,我们就不需要这些了。但是,积极的心态、自信、自由,这些才是我们最看重的。这也正是我所渴求的品质。 LA story 2-23 In Beverly Hills, I also visited one of my my favorite Italian jewerly store “Buccellati”. It displayed beautiful jewels to showcase the glam that is within us. I feel as a Chinese global citizen, I am very lucky to have freedom to travel and see the world and the things it has to offer. 在比弗利山庄,我还逛了“Buccellati”,我最喜欢的 意大利珠宝店之一。店里成列着漂亮的宝石,映照出我们女性自身的魅力。我觉得作为 来自中国的全球公民,能自在地游历世界,饱览各地的馈赠,实在是很幸运。 LA story 2-15 _MG_1008 LA story 2-16 Filled with sunshine in the City of Angels, I am constantly dreaming as I walk, work, and think. Every step, I am moving forward to become the person I am meant to be. 沐浴在天使之城的阳光下,行走之间,工作抑或思索,我无时无刻不处在梦幻中。每一步,我都在接近我想要成为的人。 LA story 2-18 LA story 2-07 Wishing you the dream and the sunshine that I received during this amazing trip. 愿您也有我在这次奇妙旅行中收获的梦想和阳光。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out