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Review Parsons MFA Spring 2018 showcase! The collision of the most practical and avant-garde design. (Part-2) 直击2018 春季帕森斯硕士作品秀场!最实用与前卫概念设计的碰撞(第二部)

Let’s meet the 9 bright talents that have emerged from Parsons MFA Fashion.


Shizhe He

Shizhe worked on the idea of a disappearing pattern. His enveloping menswear is somewhat comforting, having a schoolboy charm. The success of the collection can be attributed to her extraordinary pattern-cutting skills


Tingyue Jiang

Tingyue Jiang’s idea came from Chinese culture and the lives of factory workers. He brought those uneven stitches, that are usually found in the factories, to the forefront. His sense of colour stood for its subtle gradations in those degrading dresses.


Di Gao

Di Gao was inspired by Chinese architecture and construction, the main design philosophy being that every shape has a different function. She aims to apply these ideals to the body in movement. What might appear as very rigid and structural pieces, are actually light creations that can be altered by pulling a string which allows the pieces to transform in an instant.

Di Gao 受到了中式建筑风格的启发,每一种形制都有自己的功能,就是他的主要设计理念。她想通过运动中的人体将这一理念充分表现出来。看起来非常硬朗的结构感材质,实际上却非常轻巧,只需收紧一根带子,就能立马转型为另一种风格。

To be continued... 待续。。。

Review Parsons MFA Spring 2018 showcase! The collision of the most practical and avant-garde design (Part-1) 直击2018 春季帕森斯硕士作品秀场!最实用与前卫概念设计的碰撞(第一部)

Parsons the New School for Design, with successful graduates like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Yohji Yamamoto and many other high reputation designers, Parsons annual graduation show will be the attention of the entire fashion industry.   作为培养出馬克·雅各布斯,王大仁,吳季剛,山本耀司等等众多时装界大咖的帕森斯时装学院, 帕森斯每年的毕业秀都会得到整个时尚圈的关注。 In recent years, there are more and more Chinese designers are gaining more exposure in Parsons showcase. The graduation show still balance the designer's imagination and ready-to-wear concept. 近几年,在帕森斯的秀场上,越来越多的中国设计师崭露头角。不变的是,帕森斯毕业秀创作权衡了设计师们天马行空的想象力以及实穿性。 This year featured the small group of Nihl, Zoe Champion, Shanel, Shizhe He, Tingyue Jiang, Di Gao, Venus Lo, Amanda Brown, and Caroline Hu, with a prelude of looks by first-year students made in partnership with Swarovski. 今年特辑的小团体Nihl, Zoe Champion, Shanel, Shizhe He, Tingyue Jiang, Di Gao, Venus Lo, Amanda Brown, and Caroline Hu,与施华洛世奇合作,通过硕士一年级学生的作品拉开了序幕。  


The show began with spectacular, hand-done beadwork on menswear by Nihl.


Zoe Champion

Then Zoe Champion’s trompe l’œil collection is inspired by her grandmother’s passing and the act of holding someone else’s clothes up to your body in the mirror.

然后是Zoe Champion的trompe l'œil系列,灵感源于她过世的祖母,在镜子前把别人的衣服拿到身上的效果。


One of the few grads to edge away from neon was Shanel, whose bondage straps and cinched silhouettes will have celebrity appeal.

再来是Shanel,少数几个毕业生不追寻霓虹灯效果的人之一,他的束缚带和收紧的轮廓有名人的气场 。

To be continued... 待续。。。

Today’s Highlight: Asian Contemporary Artists that are worth investing (Part-4) 今日聚焦:具有投资价值的亚洲当代艺术家(第四部)

"I am seeking to create an effect of 'false photographs' — to re-embellish already 'embellished' histories and lives." – Zhang Xiaogang

“我正在寻求创造”假照片“的效果 - 重新修饰已经”修饰“的历史和生活。” – 张晓刚

TCT today's art highlight: "Zhang Xiaogang"


Zhang Xiaogang (b.1958) is a contemporary Chinese symbolist and surrealist painter, based in Beijing, China. He studied painting at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in Chongqing. His works focus on the aftereffects of China’s Cultural Revolution, and the meaning of family, history and individualism.   张晓刚(1958年生)是中国当代象征与超现实主义画家,居于中国北京。他在四川美术学院学习绘画。他的作品着重于中国文化革命,家庭,历史和个人主义的意义。
Zhang Xiaogang, Vast Ocean, 1989, Oil on paper张晓刚,广大海洋, 1989年,油画纸
Zhang Xiaogang, Chapter of a New Century - Birth of the People’s Republic of China No.1, No.2 , 1992, Oil on canvas张晓刚,新世纪篇章-中华人民共和国诞生 No.1,No.2,1992年,油画布
Zhang is best known for his Bloodlines series, inspired by his discovery of old family photographs, and reached international stature with the debut of his “Bloodlines-Big Family” series at the 1995 Venice Biennale.   张晓刚以他的《血缘》系列而闻名,灵感源于他老旧的家庭照片,并在1995年威尼斯双年展上亮相了他的《血缘:大家庭》系列,并达到了国际地位。
Zhang Xiaogang in his large studio in Beijing.张晓刚在他北京的工作室
Paintings in his Bloodline series are predominantly monochromatic, stylized portraits of Chinese people, usually with large, dark-pupiled eyes, posed in a stiff manner deliberately reminiscent of family portraits from the 1950s and 1960s.   他的《血缘》系列中,绘画的中国人,显著的使用单色和风格化画像,通常有大而黑的眼睛,故意刻画了1950年代和60年代的家庭肖像。
Zhang Xiaogang, Bloodline - A Big Family, 1995, Oil on canvas张晓刚,血统系列-大家庭, 1995年,油画布
In 2003, “A big family” from Zhang Xiaogang’s Bloodlines series, sold at Christie’s Hong Kong for US$76,000. This same lot has been sold twice since its auction debut, selling for US$1.4 million at Christie’s London in 2006, and again for US$7.3 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2011.   2003年,张晓刚《血统》系列的《大家庭》以香港佳士得76,000美元出售。自2006年拍卖以来,这个拍品又已经卖出两次:2006年,在伦敦佳士得销售了140万美元;2011年在香港苏富比再次出售730万美元。
Zhang Xiaogang, Bloodline - Big Family No.2, 1995, Oil on canvas张晓刚,血统-大家庭No.2,1995年,油画布
In a span of only eight years, “A big family” series earned a return just shy of 10,000 percent, outperforming overall returns at auction for the artist as a whole, as well as the overall Contemporary market during the same time period. This sale marked the beginning of Zhang’s prominence at auction, which has made him the most expensive living painter among Chinese artists.   只有八年的时间,《血缘:大家庭》系列的回报率就有将近10,000%的回报,超过了艺术家整体拍卖的总体回报,以及同期的整个当代市场。这次拍卖标志着张晓刚在拍卖中的突出表现,使得他成为中国艺术家中最高价的当代艺术家。
The record-breaking sale of Zhang Xiaogang’s Bloodline: Big Family No. 3 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong on April 5. (Sotheby’s)4月5日在苏富比香港拍卖会上破销售纪录的张晓刚的血统系列-大家庭No.3
The Bloodline: Big Family No.3 from 1995 is arguably the most politically charged piece in the series, showcasing the iconic three-member family portrait; it is the only piece from the series to depict the Little Red Guard with the Chairman Mao badge and armband, making it of greater rarity and art historical value in comparison with other works; it was sold for 94.2 million HKD (12.1 million USD) at the Sotheby’s Hong Kong Modern And Contemporary Asian Art Evening Sale on April 5, 2008.   1995年的《血缘:大家庭3号》可以说是这个系列中最具政治色彩的作品,展示了标志性的三人家庭肖像,这是系列中唯一一幅以毛主席徽章,描绘的小红卫兵,与其他作品相比,具有更大的稀有性和艺术价值;于2008年4月5日,在香港苏富比的现代和当代亚洲艺术晚会上,这幅作品以9420万港元出售(1210万美元)。
Zhang Xiaogang, Bloodline - Big Family, 1995, Oil on canvas张晓刚,血统-大家庭, 1995年,油画布
"On the surface the faces in these portraits appear as calm as still water, but underneath there is great emotional turbulence. Within this state of conflict the propagation of obscure and ambiguous destinies is carried on from generation to generation." – Zhang Xiaogang   “表面上,这些肖像中的脸,似静止的水面一样平静,但内心里有很大的情绪动荡,在这种冲突状态下,朦胧和模糊的命运,是一代又一代的传承。” - 张晓刚 According Arnet Analytics, the earliest Bloodlines works created (1990s) have outperformed works created in the 2000s; the Bloodlines works depicting big families outperforming works depicting pairs and single portraits.   根据Arnet Analytics,最早创作的《血缘》作品(90年代)的表现,远远超过了20年代创作的作品;《血缘》描绘的大家庭,更是超过了双人和单人肖像的作品。
F4: Zhang Xiaogang, Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi, Yue Minjun F4:张晓刚,方力钧,王广义,岳敏君
Zhang Xiaogang and other artists from our previous posts (Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi and Yue Minjun) are the 4 top-selling contemporary artists in China, later called the F4 (First or Fab 4) by industry insiders due to their high-profile deals at auctions.   张晓刚和先前介绍的几位艺术家(方力钧,王广义,岳敏君)是中国四大顶尖的当代艺术家,由于他们高价的拍卖交易,后来被业内人士称为F4(First或Fab 4)。
Zhang Xiaogang, Secret Chamber, 1989, Oil on paper张晓刚,密室,1989年,油画纸
As an art lover and art investor, I have collected his earlier artwork, Secret Chamber, 1989.   作为一位艺术爱好者,以及艺术投资者,我收集了他早期其中的一副作品,1989年的《密室》。

Today’s Highlight: Asian Contemporary Artists that are worth investing (Part-3) 今日聚焦:具有投资价值的亚洲当代艺术家(第三部)

On multiple occasions throughout modern history, art has been used as a tool against the oppressing matter of politics and the only way of unobstructed creative expression.


The Cynical Realism, a contemporary movement in Chinese art, suggests rebellion and announces a dose of irony, humor and satire.


TCT today's art highlight: " Fang Lijun"


Fang Lijun (b. 1963), a Chinese contemporary artist based in Beijing, China, is one of the leading proponents of the early 1990s Cynical Realist movement. He studied printmaking at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, where he was trained in the Socialist Realist style promoted during the Cultural Revolution.


Fang Lijun at his spacious Hong Kong studio 方力钧在他宽敞的香港工作室
Fang Lijun’s art is recognized through excessive appearance of “bald heads” and best known for a woodblock printmaking. His figures are often portrayed as disoriented, confused, out of place, reflecting on the state of the society post-1989 and the uncertainty felt by young Chinese people.


Fang Lijun, 2003.2.1, 2003, Oil on canvas 方力钧,《2003.2.1》,2003年,帆布油画
His work tackles the issues of human rights, morality, and political oppression through colorful, surrealistic imagery. His style has had considerable impact in the development of a contemporary avant-garde Chinese art.


Fang Lijun, 1991.6.1., 1991, Woodblock print 方力钧,《1991.6.1.》,1991年木版印刷
One of his famous pieces is the 1991.6.1., a woodblock print depicting a bald-headed crowd beneath a larger head with an anonymous finger point to the sky. The print oozes in a strong sense of loss in direction, self-identity, and the feeling of general helplessness and hopelessness. The grey scale of this painting reflects the uncertainty as well as the strong emotion of people during this era.


Fang Lijun, 30th Mary, 2006, Oil on canvas 方力钧,《第30玛丽》,布面油画
His 30th Mary portrays an order of ascendancy of kewpie figures, each based on his own image. Executed with painstaking hyper-realism, the clouds formulate as a tempestuous funnel rather than a portal of billowing promise. Contrasted with the kitsch palette and pop rendering of the grotesque cherubs, Fang’s painting approaches the sanctity of ideological assurance with an empathetic cynicism.


Fang Lijun, Spring, 2009, Oil on canvas 方力钧,《春天》,2009年,布面油画
"For a young age, people would only show us good things, and tried to cover up everything negative; yet, what creates that biggest impact on me are all things that came beneath goodness." – Fang Lijun

“年轻的时候,人们只想我们展示好的事物,极力掩盖任何负面的东西;然而,正是所有掩藏在美好假想下的东西才影响我最深。” ——方力钧

Fang Lijun in his studio with the present lot, early 1990s 方力钧和他的作品在工作室,20世纪90年代初期
Fang has exhibited internationally since the early 1990s, including solo shows at the Kupferstichkabinett—Museum of Prints and Drawings, Berlin, the Today Art Museum, Beijing, the Shanghai Museum of Art, the Japan Foundation Asia Center, Tokyo, and the Galerie Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta. His works have been collected by the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

自90年代初以来,方力钧的作品在海内外大量展出,其中包括在Kupferstichkabinett—柏林绘画博物馆、北京当代艺术馆、上海美术馆、日本东京基金会亚洲中心、以及印尼雅加达Galerie Nasional。巴黎的蓬比杜艺术文化中心和纽约的现代艺术博物馆也将他的作品收入馆藏。

Fang Lijun, Series 2 No. 3, 1991-1992, collection of Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 方力钧,《系列二第3》,1991-1992年,Fukuoka 亚洲艺术博物馆藏
Fang Lijun, Series 2 No. 5, 1991-1992, collection of Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 方力钧,《系列二第5》,1991-1992年,Stedelijk 博物馆馆藏,安姆斯特丹
Fang Lijun, Series 2 NO. 4, 1992, Oil on canvas 方力钧,《系列二第4》,1992年,布面油画
Many works by Fang Lijun have been sold at auction, including 'SERIES 2 NO. 4' sold at Sotheby's Hong Kong 'Modern and Contemporary Asian Art — Evening Sale' in 2014 for 59,480,000 HKD ($7,664,766 USD).

方力钧的很多作品都在拍卖会上售出过,其中就包括《系列二第4副》,这幅作品在2014年香港苏富比“近现代亚洲艺术—夜拍会”上拍得了59,480,000港币(7,664,766美元)的高价。 At Shanghai this year,  I had the chance to visit his work. The influence art bring to us is refined and refreshed, and the adventure to art is forever. There is no time to be bored in a real world as creative as art.


Today’s Highlight: Asian Contemporary Artists that are worth investing (Part-2) 今日聚焦:具有投资价值的亚洲当代艺术家(第二部)

“The influence of the Chinese art market depends on the national power of China. If China stays influential in the world, then the art market will of course keep on thriving.” — Wang Guangyi

“中国艺术市场的影响力取决于中国的国力。 如果中国在世界上有影响力,那艺术品市场当然会继续蓬勃发展。“ - 王广义

TCT today's art highlight: " Wang Guangyi"


Wang Guangyi in his Beijing studio, 2011
Wang Guangyi is one of the most recognizable figures on today’s contemporary art stage, globally renowned for his combination of avant-garde art and impressive commercial success.
Wang Guangyi (b. 1957) is a Chinese Political Pop artist based in Beijing, China. He graduated from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1984.
王广义(1957年出生)是中国北京的中国政治流行艺术家。 1984年毕业于浙江美术学院。
Wang Guangyi, "Great Criticism – Art and Power", 2005-2006, oil on canvas
Wang Guangyi, "Great Criticism - Wang Guangyi", 2009, Silkscreen Print
“Great Criticism” (1990-2007) is Wang Guangyi’s most famous series. Throughout his paintings, he combines propaganda images of the Cultural Revolution melded with logos like Coca-Cola and Chanel from Western-style advertisements to comment on the commercialization of contemporary Chinese culture.
“大批评”(1990-2007)是王广义最有名的系列。 在他的画作中,他结合了文革的宣传形象,与西方式广告,例如可口可乐、香奈儿的标志相结合,对当代中国文化的商业化进行了评论。
Propaganda images of the Cultural Revolution
Wang Guangyi, “Great Criticism - Coca Cola (green)”, 2006, Lithograph
Wang Guangyi, “Great Criticism - Chanel No. 19", 2002, Lithograph
Wang Guangyi, “Great Criticism - Pepsi”, 2007, Lithography
His “Great Criticism” Series include a mass of enthusiastic and dedicated Mao supporters dressed in the traditional wardrobe of the Communist party; the red background echoes with one of the most notable symbols of the Cultural Revolution – the Little Red Book.
他的“大批评”系列包括大批热心和奉献的毛派支持者,穿着传统的共产党着装; 红色背景是文革最显着的象征,与小红皮书相辉呼应。
Wang Guangyi, “Great Criticism - Marlboro”, 1992, oil on canvas

“I aim to express the ideological antagonism that exists between western culture and socialist ideology. The significance of this antagonism has more to do with issues in cultural studies than simply art in and of itself,” — Wang Guangyi

“我的目标是表达西方文化与社会主义意识形态存在的思想对立。 这种对抗的意义与文化研究中的问题更多相关,而不仅仅是艺术本身,“王广义
Wang Guangyi, "Great Criticism - Andy Warhol", 2002, Oil on canvas.
Wang Guangyi is greatly influenced by Andy Warhol, who was a leading figure in the Pop Art Movement. Warhol produced his Mao series in a fashion reminiscent of his portraits of American celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.
王广义受到波普艺术运动领先人物安迪·沃霍尔(Andy Warhol)的极大影响。 沃霍尔创作了他的毛泽东系列,让人联想到他的美女名人像玛丽莲·梦露,以及埃尔维斯·普雷斯利(Elvis Presley)的系列肖像创作。
Andy Warhol, "Mao series", 1972, Screenprint
While as Wang Guangyi’s “Mao Zedong AO”, he applied his rational grid onto a triple portrait of the Chairman, displaying an affinity with Pop appropriation and repetition. The grid is referring to a nine-square grid, commonly used as a guide to proportions when learning calligraphy, though many Western critics have interpreted the grid as a jail cell
像王广义的“毛泽东AO”一样,他将理性网格应用于主席的三重肖像,与流行音乐的重用和表现出亲和力。 网格是指一个九平方格的网格,通常用作学习书法比例的指南,尽管许多西方评论家将网格视为监狱牢房。
Wang Guangyi, "Mao Zedong - AO", 1988, oil on canvas
His massive Mao AO painting was sold for £2,036,000 ($4.1 million) at a Phillips de Pury & Company auction in London in December 2007.
Other exhibition highlights are the Gurus (2011), a series of four phantom-like portraits of communist leaders Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin; and the Cold War Aesthetics series (2007 to 2008), a group of installations which shows people seeking shelter from air raids, largely based on Wang's experience living through the Cold War.
其他展览是在古鲁斯(2011),王广义的共产主义领导人卡尔·马克思、弗里德里希·恩格斯、弗拉基米尔列宁和约瑟夫·斯大林的四个幻影肖像系列,就是展览的亮点。 而他的行为艺术装置之冷战美学系列(2007至2008年),则展示了人们寻求躲避空袭的状态,这个艺术灵感主要是基于王广义对冷战的经验。
Wang Guangyi at MOCA "Image Correction" exhibition in Singapore
Wang is now using rich strokes that drip into abstract patterns reminiscent of traditional Chinese ink-and-wash landscapes, to create photographic negatives effects. His 16-meter-long The Last Supper (2012), a version of the Da Vinci masterpiece, contains such hidden vistas, in a new synthesis of Eastern and Western classical traditions.
王广义现在正在使用丰富的笔画,运用了中国传统水墨风景画的抽象图案,创造出摄影底片效果。 他的长达十六米长的“最后的晚餐”(2012)是达芬奇大作的另一个版本,包含了这样一个隐藏的视野,是一个新的东西方古典传统的综合体。
Wang Guangyi, “New Religion - The Last Supper”, oil on canvas
Wang Guangyi, "Cold War Aesthetics" includes an installation of some 50 life-size sculptures that depicts Cold War preparedness.

” I feel like all historical images contains an obscured reality. Through my works, or corrections I am trying to locate or return to that reality” – Wang Guangyi

“我觉得所有的历史图像都包含一个模糊的现实。 通过我的作品或者修正,我试图寻找或回到现实“ - 王广义
He has exhibited his paintings around the world, at the São Paolo Biennial in Brazil, the He Xiangning Art Museum, the Shanghai Art Museum, and Museum of Contemporary Arts in China, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and at the Asia Society in New York.

The inspired concept of interior design- It is to try create something that is “home owners themselves” – not “designer himself”.室内设计之理念-及“屋主”之所想,而非“设计师”之所欲

I met Negar on a sun shining afternoon. She is my friend and also the founder and principal designer of Space Harmony Interior Design Studio. Space Harmony is an award winning boutique Interior Design studio in Vancouver, specializing in creating high-end interiors for residential, commercial and hospitality projects for local and international clients.

我约了我的朋友Negar在一个阳光明媚的午后碰头,她是Space Harmony室内设计工作室的创始人兼首席设计师。工作室就坐落在温哥华,作为业内摘得过多项奖项的精品设计所,专为本地和海外的客人,设计高端住宅、商业和酒店项目的室内设计。 She told me her own concept of interior design that inspired me. She believes interior design should be a manifestation of clients’ unique tastes and needs. Whether designing a brand new home (new build) or renovating an existing one, the designer should mould clients’ vision into a cohesive and beautiful design.

她的室内设计理念让我有新的感悟。她推崇:室内设计更应当彰显“屋主”的独特品味和需求。无论是做新房(新建房)设计或翻新旧装修,设计师必须及“屋主”之所想,落实到创意的设计中,而非“设计师”之所欲。 In the contrast, She said, in the industry of Interior Design, every designer (and design firm) has its own “style” and “business model”. Some companies have a distinctive style which you can see in every project they do.

反之,她说,在室内设计行业,每一名设计师(设计所)都有自己的“风格”和“运营模式”。有些公司拥有极其鲜明的风格,在他们做的每一个项目中您能一望便知,很多雷同。 So when you look at her portfolio you will see that no two projects looks the same – and every project is very different in style from classic to west coast, contemporary and modern! And that really shows how diverse her clients and their taste are and how much she listens to them to try create something that it “them” – not “herself”.

所以,在她众多项目中,您找不到两个看起来很相似的项目 – 每个项目都那样与众不同,古典的、西海岸风格的、现代的、摩登的!由此可见“屋主”们的品味千差万别,而她则懂得聆听他们的需要,以“他们”– 而不是“自己”来进行创作设计。

With over 20 years of experience within the design industry, Negar with her Space Harmony work has been recognized and featured in many national publications such as Style at Home, Western Living, Canadian Home Trends, Reno & Decor and Gray Magazine among others. She is the winner of NKBA Designer of the Year Award in 2016 while having many other awards and nominations on her resume including Northwest Design Awards, Georgie, Best of Houzz, Top Choice, Consumer Choice and so on. She has positioned herself as a strategist and style-maker within the industries of Home Design, delighting her clients with her creative finesse and perfectionism.

从业超过20年,Negar和她的Space Harmony的作品广受认可,在诸多国家出版物,如Style at Home, Western Living, Canadian Home Trends, Reno & Décor和Gray 杂志上都有专题报道。她是NKBA设计2016年年度大奖的获得者,闪闪发光的履历上还包括其他多项奖项和提名,包括西北设计大奖、Georgie、Houzz最佳、Top Choice, Consumer Choice等等。她把自己定义为-家居设计业里的策略者和风格定位师,以富有创意的精致和完美,让客人们心满意足。

Today’s Highlight: Asian Contemporary Artists that are worth investing (Part-1) 今日聚焦:具有投资价值的亚洲当代艺术家(第一部)

“I try to express my point of view about life and society through my creations. Life is something very sad for me. Everybody lives, but nobody looks at life face on because people live in a kind of first condition, in their imaginations. But life is very harmful because we’re getting old and we’re often sick. That’s why I try to express myself about this kind of view.” – Yue Minjun


TCT today's art highlight: "Yue Minjun"

《茶非茶》今日艺术聚焦: 岳敏君

Yue Minjun in front of his artwork at his studio in Beijing. Credit Doug Kanter for The New York Times 岳敏君于北京工作室的作品前。纽约时报Doug Kanter
Yue Minjun is an international-renowned Chinese Contemporary Artist, and whose works have been shown internationally in galleries and museums, and sold in auctions.

岳敏君是享有国际声誉的中国当代艺术家,他的作品在全球画廊和博物馆都有展出,也在世界范围内的拍卖行中出售。 Updated on 03 Aug 2017: YUE Minjun (1962) (China) is an artist born in 1962 The oldest auction result ever registered on the website for an artwork by this artist is a painting sold in 1998, at Christie's , and the most recent auction result is a print-multiple sold in 2017.'s price levels for this artist are based on 631 auction results. Especially: painting, print-multiple, sculpture-volume, drawing-watercolor. 4 artwork(s) are currently for sale on Artprice's Marketplace



Yue Minjun (b. 1962) is a contemporary Chinese artist based in Beijing, China. He studied at Hebei Normal University in the 1980s, training as a painter, sculptor, and printmaker.

岳敏君(1962年出生)是在中国北京进行创作的当代艺术家。他于80年代在河北师范大学学习,接受过绘画、雕塑和版画的训练。 Yue Minjun is known for his inventive take on self-portraiture. His brightly colored depictions of maniacally laughing figures are influenced both by Pop Art and Surrealism. His works act as a tacit form of social and political critique which deals with both Chinese history and the Western canon of art.


Yue Minjun, Gweong-gweong, 1993, oil on canvas 岳敏君,《轰轰》,1993年,帆布油画
Yue Minjun, Sky, 1997, Oil on canvas 岳敏君,《天空》,1997,帆布油画
Yue Minjun, Isolated Island, 2010, oil on canvas 岳敏君,《孤岛》,2010,帆布油画
The atmosphere of his works may be celebratory, but his images often evoke the idea of war or death; he express painful emotions in a comical style. His serious political criticism and social commentary are hidden behind the mask of his smiling faces.


Yue Minjun, The Execution, 1995, oil on canvas 岳敏君,《处决》,1995,帆布油画。
His piece Execution became the most expensive work ever by a Chinese contemporary artist, when sold in 2007 for £2.9 million pounds (US $5.9 million) at London's Sotheby's. It was first sold to Hong Kong art dealer Manfred Schoeni for $5,000.

以上这幅作品《处决》在2007年的伦敦苏富比拍卖会上以290万英镑(590万美元)的价格成交,创下了中国当代艺术家作品拍价的最高记录。该作品早先以5,000美元的价格卖给了香港艺术品交易商Manfred Schoeni。

"I want the audience not to think of one thing or one place or one event. The whole world's the background. As I said, the viewer should not link this painting to Tiananmen. But Tiananmen is the catalyst for conceiving of this painting." – Yue Minjun


Yue Minjun — "Hat" Series

岳敏君 — “帽子”系列

The series is about a "sense of the absurdity of the ideas that govern the sociopolitical protocol surrounding hats."


Paintings from Yue Minjun’s "Hat" series installed at the Queens Museum of Art 岳敏君“帽子”系列绘画作品,陈列于Queens Museum of Art
One of his most popular series was his "Hat" collection. This series pictures Yue's grinning head wearing a variety of hats — a chef's hat, a Special Forces beret, the helmet of a British policeman, Catwoman's mask, and so on.

“帽子”系列是他最受欢迎的作品之一。这组系列描绘岳敏君戴着各种帽子的咧嘴笑 — 厨师帽、特种部队贝雷帽、英国卫兵帽、猫女郎面具等等。  

Yue Minjun, Armed forces, 2009. Image via Weng岳敏君,《武装力量》,2009,图像由Weng提供
Yue’s pieces are mocking himself and the community, free himself and vent his emotions.


Yue Minjun with some of his smiling figures in his Beijing studio.
In 1999, Yue began fabricating bronze sculptural versions of his signature self-portrait paintings, playing off China's famous Qin Dynasty army of terracotta warriors. While the ancient sculptures are known for the subtle individuality of each of the warriors, his cackling modern-day version are relentlessly identical, cast from the same mold.


A-maze-ing Laughter, 2009, Credit: Wikipedia
In Vancouver, You must check out “A-maze-ing Laughter” (2009 bronze sculpture) by Yue Minjun installed in Morton Park along the English Bay in West End. The patinated bronze sculpture portrays the artist's own image "in a state of hysterical laughter", which was nominated in the Great Places in Canada Contest 2013 and was the only work of public art to receive a nomination.

在温哥华,您必须看一看岳敏君的“A-maze-ing Laughter”(2009年铜像),设在西区英吉利海湾的Morton公园。这件泛着绿锈的青铜作品表现了艺术家自己“在歇斯底里大笑中”的形象,在2013年加拿大大赛重要Great Places组中获得提名,也是荣膺该提名的唯一公共艺术品。

It has quickly become an iconic cultural beacon in the city and will continue to inspire and engage the imagination of future generations of residents and visitors from its home in Morton Park.


“Human beings are complex, but in fact they are very pure and colourful, never miserable nor corrupted.” – Tulku Jamyang “眾生心性雖複雜但實際上他們都非常純潔及多彩,從未黯淡或不净。”- 蔣揚活佛

"Human beings are complex, but in fact they are very pure and colourful, never miserable nor corrupted." - Tulku Jamyang. “眾生心性雖複雜,但實際上它們都非常純潔及多彩,從未黯淡或不净。”- 蔣揚活佛 We are inspired by the uniqueness, the details, and the meaning behind the artwork. It grants me peace of mind and calm my troubled heart from this noisy society. 那些独一无二又精巧细致的艺术触动了我们,作品背后的意义也发人深省。它们让我们感受到内心和平的召唤,纷扰世界中抚慰了我们困顿的内心。 We recently added a new artwork by Tulku Jamyang (b. 1977, Nepal), a reincarnated lama from the Nyingma linage, to our collection. He uses the unique medium of incense and rice paper to create Tibetan themed art. He also incorporates traditional Tibetan calligraphy in many of his works. 最近加入我们收藏的艺术品来自Tulku Jamyang (b. 1977, 尼泊尔),他是Nyingma宗转世喇嘛。他的作品以独具匠心的媒介来传达西藏主题,用到了香烛和米纸。他还在诸多作品中融进了传统藏族书法。他的作品,若您潜心向佛,便是您心灵最好的宁静港湾;假以时日,更能彰显活佛艺术作品的收藏价值。 He had been giving talks on Buddhism to many people in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Japan, Singapore, Canada and US. 他曾在尼泊爾、印度、不丹、日本、新加坡、加拿大和美國多地舉辦佛教講座。 As a Tibetan contemporary artist, Tulku Jamyang is supporting in a Buddhist Monastery as a monk, 200 kilometers away from Katmandu, Nepal. Their goal is the reservation their language, culture and Buddhist philosophy in the Himalayan belts, which is rapidly fading. 作為一名西藏当代艺术家之外,他還以僧侶的身分支持著一間离加德滿都城外200公里的寺院。其目的是為了保護在喜馬拉雅地區逐漸消失的語言、文化及佛教思想。
Tulku Jamyang, My Language 我的語言, 2015
Tulku Jamyang, Happiness Within 幸福, 2015
Tulku Jamyang, My Goal 我的目标, 2016
Tulku Jamyang, Tribute to Andy 致敬安迪, 2013
Tulku Jamyang, Last Supper 最後的晚餐, 2016

Are you an Art Collector, Art Investor, or Art Speculator? 您是艺术收藏家、投资者、还是投机者?

Art collector buys art for the love of it; art investor buys art to diversify investment portfolio; art speculator buys art from budding artists that will appreciate in value. Whichever one you are, you should expand your knowledge about the Art Market. 艺术收藏家们出于喜好而购买艺术作品;艺术投资者们以此来丰富投资配置;艺术投机者则从初露头角的艺术家那里收来作品以求升值。无论您属于哪一类,您都有必要拓宽对艺术市场的了解。 If investment is the purpose, paintings of successful artists tend to get better ROI than sculptures and installation art. We have highlighted the top 10 leading artists in the 2015 Auction Market that you should be aware of: Pablo Picasso (No.1), Andy Warhol (No.2), Claude Monet (No.3), Francis Bacon (No.4), Gerhard Richter (No.5), Alberto Giacometti (No.6), Mark Rothko (No.7), Amedeo Modigliani (No.8), Jean-Michel Basquiat (No.9), Henry Matisse (No.10) 如果以投资作为目的,功成名就艺术家的画作的投资回报率,要高过雕塑作品和装置艺术。我们特列出2015年拍卖市场上前十位瞩目的艺术家,他们都值得您留意: 帕博罗•毕加索(第一),安迪•沃霍尔(第二),克劳德•莫奈(第三),佛朗西斯•培根(第四),格哈德•里希特(第五),贾科•梅蒂(第六),马克•罗斯科(第七),莫蒂里安尼(第八),让•米切尔•巴斯奎特(第九),亨利马蒂斯(第十) (No.1) Pablo Picasso's "Les femmes d'Alger" ($179.4 million) together with 32 other paintings that sold for a total value of $544.2 million helped him achieve the greatest increase of all artists in market capitalization. (第一)帕博罗▪毕加索的《阿尔及利亚女人》(179,400,000美元)以及其他32幅画作合计卖到了544,200,000美元,帮助他荣膺市场价值升值最高的艺术家宝座。 (No.2) Andy Warhol sold the highest number of works (46 paintings) and his most valuable work "Colored Mona Lisa" was sold for $56.2million that became the 10th among the most valuable works sold at auction. (第二)以数量为计,安迪▪沃霍尔的作品售出的最多(46幅),其中最具价值的《彩色的蒙娜丽莎》卖到了56,200,000美元,在拍卖史上售价上位列第十。 (No.6) Alberto Giacometti's "L'homie au doigt" confirmed his status as the most expensive sculptor when it was sold for $141.3 million in the auction. (第六)贾科梅蒂的《指示者》确立了他作为最昂贵的雕塑家的地位,该件艺术品拍到了141,300,000美元。 (No.8) Nu Couche by Amedeo Modigliani was bought by Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian for $174.4 million that became the second most valuable artwork sold at auction. (第八)莫蒂里安尼《仰卧的裸女》由中国亿万富翁刘益谦以174,400,000美元的价格竞得,成为历来拍卖价第二高的艺术作品。
Installation view of Claude Monet’s Secret Garden,
exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery, June 24, 2017 to October 1, 2017
Claude Monet’s (No.3) Secret Garden has come to Vancouver Art Gallery from June 24 to October 1, 2017. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to see these priceless paintings! 克劳德•莫奈(第三)的秘密花园将于2017年6月24日至10月1日来温哥华画廊展出。不要错过这一欣赏无价画作的宝贵机会!  

Antigua’s highest peak “Mount Obama” named after Barack Obama “奥巴马山”—-奢华安提瓜的又一世外桃源

We have heard so much great things about Antigua beaches and resorts. The entire island is a luxury Caribbean escape, not only offering 365 white sand beaches, but also a beautiful Caribbean landscapes from the peak of Antigua with a wide array of entertainment.
For these reasons, obtaining an Antigua's passport is a good investment! Yet, do you know where is the best viewpoint in Antigua? Mount Obama –– the highest point of Antigua.
今天,让您更爱上安提瓜、安提瓜护照再镀上一层金的另一个理由,便是以前美国总统奥巴马命名的,安提瓜风景至高点----“奥巴马山” 。
"Boggy peak" has been re-named "Mount Obama" on August 4, 2009, President Obama’s 48th birthday, to honour the first black president of the United States of America, as a symbol of excellence, triumph, hope and dignity for all people. The president is, of course, invited to attend.
2009年8月4日,奥巴马总统诞辰48周年,“波黑峰”被重新命名为“奥巴马山”,以纪念美国第一位黑人总统为荣。以胜利、希望和尊严为安提瓜的精神象征。 当然,总统应邀参加了命名仪式。
It is now a National Park with new network of hiking trails, a museum, various entertainment and educational facilities. Prime Minister, Baldwin Spencer, has characterized the new park as a "beacon of hope for all people." He also unveiled a stone sculpture and the plaque.
“奥巴马山”现在是一个国家公园,有新的远足越野路线网、博物馆,及各种娱乐和教育设施。 总理鲍德温·斯潘塞(Baldwin Spencer)将“奥巴马山”新公园的特征描述为“所有人的希望之灯”。 他还揭幕了一块石头雕塑和标牌。
Mount Obama isn’t about to supplant Everest as a destination for elite climbers, but for the rest of us, it’s a perfect mid-sized mountain with sweeping views of the ocean that can be tackled in a couple of hours. Its peak, topped with a radio antenna, offers views of the Caribbean Sea and the island of Montserrat and its active volcano in the distance.
“奥巴马山”不会取代珠穆朗玛峰,而作为精英登山者的目的地,但是它对于我们其他人来说,这是一个完美的中型山,可以在几个小时内远足而眺望安提瓜一览无遗的壮丽大海, 并同时享有加勒比海和蒙特塞拉特岛,及其远处活火山的景色。在它的最高峰,配有无线电天线。
Additionally, the tree-covered mountain has pineapple and mango farms at its base and rises about 1,300 feet (396 meters) along the island's southern coast. The hills are covered in lush green vegetation which gives the impression of a tropical rain forest. It is like a well-deserved bonus for climbing the highest peak of Antigua. 茂盛的绿树覆盖整个山脉,沿岛屿南部海岸上升约1300英尺(396米)处设有有机菠萝和芒果农场。 丘陵被茂密的绿色植被覆盖,给人一种热带雨林的感受。 奢华安提瓜,当之无愧是您的世外桃源!