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I love New York City at Christmas Time! 我喜欢圣诞节下的纽约!


New York City is featured in so many Christmas movies and has so many great Christmas traditions. 在很多以圣诞为背景的影片里,纽约总被塑造成富有节日传统的城市。 I-love-New-York-City-at-Christmas-2 It was a pleasure to be one of the many people who are hunting for just the right item over the Christmas season here. 熙熙攘攘的人群聚在纽约街头搜寻合乎心意的圣诞季单品。能加入到这一大军中,也是一桩乐事。 I-love-New-York-City-at-Christmas-3 What are your favourite places to be during the Christmas season? I'd love to hear in the comments below! 圣诞季里您最中意的地方又是哪里?期待在下面的评论听到您的声音。 I-love-New-York-City-at-Christmas-4 May each day bring you a delightful moment of discovery, 愿您的每一天都有发现的欣喜, angela-signature2-a-moved-out

A Winter Tradition – the Eggnog Latte – 冬日惯例 – 蛋奶拿铁

冬日惯例 - 蛋奶拿铁

Vancouver is famous for having a coffee shop on every corner. Each year, I look forward to the day that Starbucks offers it's Eggnog Latte again. It's rich, creamy and tastes like Christmas. 温哥华以转角就有咖啡馆而闻名于世。每年,我都期盼着圣诞节这天,因为就在这天星巴克会重新推出蛋奶拿铁。它口感馥郁、奶味浓厚,正如圣诞的滋味。 A-Winter-Tradition---the-Eggnog-Latte-teacoffeetea What are the little traditions that you look forward to as the weather gets colder? 天气越来越冷了,您有什么期待着去实行的小惯例吗? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. 希望能在下面的评论中听到您的声音。 All the best! angela-signature2-a-moved-out

Why Tea Coffee Tea? 何为茶非茶?

I grew up drinking tea in China, with dreams of seeing the world. 我在中国长大,自幼饮茶品茗,怀揣着看看世界的梦想。 green-tea-from-teacoffeetea When I moved overseas, I started drinking coffee. 移居海外后,我开始啜饮起咖啡。 coffee-from-teacoffeetea Now my children are growing up drinking tea with milk and are ready to live all over the world. 如今,我的孩子也在慢慢成长,伴着喝奶茶的习惯,已然准备好落脚于世界各地。 tea-with-milk-from-teacoffeetea I'm hoping to share the inspiration I've found in life's small moments and the pleasure of discovering all the new things the world has to offer. 我希望借"茶非茶"来展现小点滴里的吉光片羽, 大世界中的异彩丰呈,并与大家分享此间迸发的灵感与欢乐。 Wishing you a relaxing moment with TeaCoffeeTea! 愿您也能在"茶非茶"收获身心闲适的一刻! angela-signature2-a-moved-out