Escape to paradise for the holidays – Antigua 逃到度假天堂 – 安提瓜

Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you are planning for an office party, Christmas shopping, or extravagant Christmas dinners, Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Antigua and Barbuda is another amazing escape option and experience!


It’s hard to believe, but the pictures are real. Antigua is a pristine island of soft, white-sand beaches, dark turquoise waters and never-ending sunshine. Even in winter, the temperatures are in the mid-20s (°C) and that's as cold as it gets.

这些照片漂亮得让人难以置信。安提瓜是一片有着细软白沙滩的珍贵原始海滩,在这里碧波荡漾,阳光遍布。即便在冬天,也是常年保持在 20多度,最冷也不过如此了。

Antigua is the sailing capital of the West Indies, and during Christmas boats from all over the world are seen at English Harbour.


English Harbour, Antigua
Port of St.Johns Cruise, Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda offer many of the familiar UK traditions, such as Christmas carolers and homemade Christmas dinner, with the benefit of an idyllic warm and sunny setting and some attractive Antiguan customs, including barbeques on the beach, live steel band music, and the delicious Caribbean sorrel fruit drink.


On Christmas Day, everyone is welcomed to the Annual Christmas Day Champagne Party at Nelson's Dockyard, organized by the Hourglass Foundation. It’s a must do for visitors.

在圣诞节当天,所有人都可以到Nelson's Dockyard来参加由Hourglass基金组织的年度圣诞香槟派对,游客们绝对不容错过。

Nelson's Dockyard - Caribban Christmas via Pinterest
Nelson's Dockyard - Caribban Christmas

The Dockyard has lots of activities for the kids, and live entertainment is provided by calypso, soca and reggae bands. There are also masqueraded characters on stilts called Dancing Jumble or Jumpa-Ben who perform Kwuya or Stilt Dance to the music of drums and wind pipes.

Dockyard还有很多适合孩子们的活动,以及calypso, soca 和reggae 乐队带来的现场音乐。您还能看到踩着高跷由真人扮演的Dancing Jumble 或 Jumpa-Ben,他们伴着鼓声和风笛声表演Kwuya也就是高跷舞

Image: Rich Polanco
Image: Rich Polanco

You may also see The Highlanders, which are part of Antigua's Scottish heritage. They perform the Highland Fling dance dressed in a kilt, wire masks and cowhide whips, which are based on a Scottish military costume.

您还能看到高地人,这也是安提瓜苏格兰传统的遗风。他们将身穿以苏格兰军装为原型的苏格兰裙,戴着面具和牛皮鞭表演Highland Fling舞蹈。

Santa Claus in Antigua Guatemala, Image: Rich Polanco

On Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, the whole island celebrates with the traditional custom of going house to house bringing gifts, along with food and drinks.


Image: Rich Polanco

If you plan to spend the entire holiday season on the island, put the annual Nelson’s Pursuit Race yacht race on your calendar. It is held at the Antigua Yacht Club, and takes place on New Year’s Eve. Up to 40 or more yachts take part in the race, and afterwards you can enjoy fireworks conducted by the National Parks at the Dockyard.

倘若您打算在岛上度过整个假期,请把一年一度的 Nelson’s Pursuit Race 游艇赛排上日程。这一活动每年新年前夕在安提瓜游艇俱乐部举办。超过40艘游艇会参加,之后您能在Dockyard欣赏到由National Parks策划的烟花表演。

by Visas Group

The whole island emanates a party spirit to celebrate this festive season. To enjoy your ultimate global living, obtaining an Antigua Passport will solve all the problem and it might be the fastest citizenship and passport immigrating program.



What does OPEN mean for university life in North American education system? “开放式”对北美教育体系的大学生活意味着什么?

The confusion of why Harvard has no real entrance gate or why university of Toronto is in the heart of unban living circle or why Columbia locates at the New York's most cluttered Harlem area should be answered by now. Students are eagles who have opened their wings and circled up into the air.

As the North American universities start the freshmen enrollments, the advantages and the spirits of North America is becoming more lively. There’s a word I like to use to describe the university life in North America, which is “OPEN”.

What does OPEN mean for university life in North American education system? “开放式”对北美教育体系的大学生活意味着什么?
随着北美大学不断开始新生入学,北美大学的特色和优势也随之凸显出来,北美精神更鲜活瞩目。  有一个字可以描述北美大学的真正内涵,那就是“开放”。
The exposure to the open air and views, the welcoming environment, the open and accepting minds. The word OPEN is defined as to be exposed to the air or the view; to move or adjust to leave a space allowing access and view; unfold or be unfolded; spread out.

“开放”的定义就是:身处自由的氛围和开放的观念中;不断变化调整,留出可供接纳和探讨的空间;理念碰撞交融,不断扩展,真实生活在周围的环境中,去接触、去接受、或去改变。 OPEN is different from “LET GO” though as parents we must be trained to let go. As university students, they should have own abilities of judgment, control, independence and acceptance or rejection. Compared just living independently without parents' caring, these abilities are different and more important. If a child cannot be independent, they will have difficult time as they go on their own.

“开放”不同于“放下”,它让孩子自身更有掌控的能力,而不是从我们家长观点出发,所谓的学会放手。作为大学学生,孩子们理应有自己判断、控制的能力,能独立行事,也懂得接纳或拒绝。与没有了父母呵护的独立生活比起来,这些能力更为重要。如果孩子们没有这些能力,那么日后他们在自我发展中就会遇到困难。而这些能力的培养,“开放式”的大学生活正是最佳的历练环境和方式。 The OPEN education system of North American university is the cradle to train students these abilities, that is to put students into a real world connecting with people, communities, issues and life trivia. While doing academic study, they practice, learn, lessons and grow up, that might be more helpful to face the real world after graduation.

北美大学的“开放”教育体系和大学生活,就是培养学生们这些能力的摇篮,将学生放到一个与人和社会打交道的现实世界中,让他们活生生地面对生活的问题和琐碎。这样的教育和生活历练方式,比起单纯的苦读书,和象牙塔包围起来的单纯校园生活,对成长更为有效,也能帮助学生在毕业后更勇敢直面现实生活的挑战。 Students are eagles who should  open their wings and circled up into the air.

学生们如同雄鹰展翅,展开双翼在这片天空上自在地飞翔, 那是天性,英雄的本色。

On these 3 hits to your lifeline to immigrate to Antigua 这3大要素轻而易举让您决定移民安提瓜

Many people have been always shouted to immigrants, but on the other hand, they are always hesitant.  What is the immigration for in the end?
许多人一直大喊着要移民,但另一方面,他们又总是犹豫不决。 移民到底是什么?
Regardless of the past or even now, when we talk about "immigration", many people's first feeling is "to become a foreigner and to live aboard".  It seems that immigration just means that you have to dump  lots of money to go aboard, and have to abandon all in home country including family, friends, career and familiar life,   to live  in a totally unfamiliar country to start over. These might be really difficulty and scaring to cause people stop to immigrant.
无论过去甚至现在,当我们谈论“移民”时,很多人的第一感觉就是“成为外国人住在国外”。 这看来好像移民就是意味着你必须花费大量的财力和物力,不得不放弃国内的一切,包括家庭、朋友、职业和熟悉的生活,生活在一个完全陌生的国家,重新开始。 这些可能真的是困难和惊吓的,所以这样移民的抉择对大多数人来讲,真的很艰难!
For those looking to resettle with a family, trying to weight in certain advantages and benefits to find a second residence in the world. I have a solution for you.  If I told you here about just 3 factors of the advantages and benefits  of Antigua passport, I believe you can't stop but determined  to immigrate to Antigua! 对于那些寻求和家人一起移民但又安居的人来说,都要权衡在世界范围内,找到第二个家园的优势和好处。这里我给您一个方案。如果我在这里告诉你,英联邦安提瓜护照的优势和利益,就那么短短3个要素,我相信你会心动而决定移民到安提瓜!
  1. With the advantages of Lifetime Citizenship of Antigua, the citizenship and passport gives you and your whole family, including all parents over 65 years old  and children up to the age of 25, the freedom to travel visa-free more than 135 countries worldwide.
  2. Antigua passport might be the fastest citizenship and passport immigrating program, and you can gain the passport in the hand within 3 months.
  3. Do you know " the oversea Chinese enrollment system" ? This passport is just the must-have magic weapon for Chinese university entrance to enroll into China good universities even with the low examination scores
1.  安提瓜护照项目,您的全家(包括65岁以上的双方父母,以及25岁以下的孩子)都可以申请,避免了全家由于护照不同而不能全家集体全世界旅游的尴尬,安提瓜护照-全球超过135个国家的免签自由,和中国免签国65个相比,优势是显而易见的。 2.   安提瓜护照,最快3个月获取,兵贵神速,“快”才是王道! 3.  您听说过“海外华人录取系统”吗?安提瓜护照,除了轻松申请中小学的国际学校之余,也是您孩子就读大学的必备秘笈,有了它,您就能以较低的分数就读中国名校。根据清华大学2017年国际招生简章,持海外护照可免试申请清华大学。 People might still have a different perception and concept of “Immigration”. The former immigration understanding  is too narrow minded and cramped. If you are only fit one of the following lists, or just start to think about one or two, you have enough wisdom and foresight. 人们可能还对“移民”还有固执己见。以前对移民的理解太狭窄而死板。 如今的移民,也许您只适合以下列表中的一项,又或者开始考虑一到两项,那么您对“移民”就有足够的智慧和远见。
  • Now immigrants, you can choose to live or not live;
  • Now immigrants, you can only be in order to obtain identity;
  • Now immigrants, you can only go aboard for children education;
  • Now immigrants, you can only be for business expanding;
  • Now immigrants, you can only be for asset global allocation;
  • Now immigrants, you can only be for occasional vacation;
  • Now immigrants, you can only for a good life after retirement;
  • Now immigrants, you can be just for "I like" ...
  • 如今的移民,您可以选择居住或不居住;
  • 如今的移民,您可以仅仅为了获得身份;
  • 如今的移民,您出去可以仅仅是为了孩子的教育;
  • 如今的移民,您可以只是为了扩大生意规模;
  • 如今的移民,您可以只是为了全球资产配置;
  • 如今的移民,您可以只是为了偶尔到海外度假;
  • 如今的移民,您可以只是为了在退休后过上更好的生活;
  • 如今的移民,只要“您乐意”……
The Antigua passport program will solve all the problems in one step. Antigua is the most popular and elite immigrating destination. 安提瓜护照项目一站式解决所有问题。安提瓜是时下最热门的精英移民目的地。  

Women has a hands of Aces 女人必须握有一手好牌

Since the most popular TV series " The First Half of My Life" nowadays,  it brings us to review the  first half of life of some people, more importantly, tells us how to put my own second half of life. As a woman, you must have a hands of Aces. 时下流行的《我的前半生》,带我们回顾了有些人的前半生,更重要的是,告诉我们怎么把我自己的后半生。作为女人,您必须握有一手王牌。 From Hermes Birkin, Michelin 3 star restaurants or sharing moments with friends in Europe, if these types of luxury describe you, you are an affluent elite woman. 如果你还在想Hermes Birkin包包,又或惦记着米其林3星餐厅,亦或在朋友圈晒晒欧洲美国游,如果上述奢华体验正是您日常的写照,那么您可以继续百无聊赖地享受您的舒适生活。 But there is something that you should add to your luxury: Antigua. The most wise and assertive and affluent women should have the hand of Aces and Antigua is your new Ace. 但是,让我们看您看看顶级高订圈的最新动态,您也可以将这份尊贵荣耀收入囊中:安提瓜。有实力、有主见、有谋略、有智慧的女人的最新标识!安提瓜,则是您握有的又一张王牌。 Antigua is the new “IT” place and it is the pure treasure reservoir to secure your wealth and protect your family legacy. 安提瓜正是当下时兴之地,其他地方都去过了,这片净土我们应该都去看看,不仅要看,还要把它变为保障您资产安全和家族传承的蓄水池。 Antigua is a backyard garden of many celebrities from all over the world. So now it’s time for us to go and settle down to become part of the Antigua legend. And having an Antigua passport, you become a global citizen. 全球各地的很多时尚名流都把安提瓜作为他们的后花园。让您也可以在那里留下根基,成为全球公民之传奇。

Antigua’s highest peak “Mount Obama” named after Barack Obama “奥巴马山”—-奢华安提瓜的又一世外桃源

We have heard so much great things about Antigua beaches and resorts. The entire island is a luxury Caribbean escape, not only offering 365 white sand beaches, but also a beautiful Caribbean landscapes from the peak of Antigua with a wide array of entertainment.
For these reasons, obtaining an Antigua's passport is a good investment! Yet, do you know where is the best viewpoint in Antigua? Mount Obama –– the highest point of Antigua.
今天,让您更爱上安提瓜、安提瓜护照再镀上一层金的另一个理由,便是以前美国总统奥巴马命名的,安提瓜风景至高点----“奥巴马山” 。
"Boggy peak" has been re-named "Mount Obama" on August 4, 2009, President Obama’s 48th birthday, to honour the first black president of the United States of America, as a symbol of excellence, triumph, hope and dignity for all people. The president is, of course, invited to attend.
2009年8月4日,奥巴马总统诞辰48周年,“波黑峰”被重新命名为“奥巴马山”,以纪念美国第一位黑人总统为荣。以胜利、希望和尊严为安提瓜的精神象征。 当然,总统应邀参加了命名仪式。
It is now a National Park with new network of hiking trails, a museum, various entertainment and educational facilities. Prime Minister, Baldwin Spencer, has characterized the new park as a "beacon of hope for all people." He also unveiled a stone sculpture and the plaque.
“奥巴马山”现在是一个国家公园,有新的远足越野路线网、博物馆,及各种娱乐和教育设施。 总理鲍德温·斯潘塞(Baldwin Spencer)将“奥巴马山”新公园的特征描述为“所有人的希望之灯”。 他还揭幕了一块石头雕塑和标牌。
Mount Obama isn’t about to supplant Everest as a destination for elite climbers, but for the rest of us, it’s a perfect mid-sized mountain with sweeping views of the ocean that can be tackled in a couple of hours. Its peak, topped with a radio antenna, offers views of the Caribbean Sea and the island of Montserrat and its active volcano in the distance.
“奥巴马山”不会取代珠穆朗玛峰,而作为精英登山者的目的地,但是它对于我们其他人来说,这是一个完美的中型山,可以在几个小时内远足而眺望安提瓜一览无遗的壮丽大海, 并同时享有加勒比海和蒙特塞拉特岛,及其远处活火山的景色。在它的最高峰,配有无线电天线。
Additionally, the tree-covered mountain has pineapple and mango farms at its base and rises about 1,300 feet (396 meters) along the island's southern coast. The hills are covered in lush green vegetation which gives the impression of a tropical rain forest. It is like a well-deserved bonus for climbing the highest peak of Antigua. 茂盛的绿树覆盖整个山脉,沿岛屿南部海岸上升约1300英尺(396米)处设有有机菠萝和芒果农场。 丘陵被茂密的绿色植被覆盖,给人一种热带雨林的感受。 奢华安提瓜,当之无愧是您的世外桃源!

Ivivva Athletica: Lululemon’s Brand For girls Lululemon的女童副牌-ivivva运动装

I was excited when lululemon announced the offshoot brand “Ivivva” for its younger clientele. As a modern mom, I like the Lululemon Athletica focuses on creating athletic sportswear for active girls ages 6–14. Actually girls also love to have own fashion and brand. 那时得知lululemon宣布专为女孩打造了副牌“Ivivva”,我非常兴奋。作为现代辣妈,我喜欢Lululemon Athletica品牌专为6-14岁女孩度身开创的运动服装。其实女孩也喜欢有自己的时装和品牌。 64ac1d7a1b5cede04142e4fb9a874b06 ivivva-transformable-travel-pack-backpack-fanny-pack-nwot-_57 ivivva-canada Who doesn’t love Lululemon! like mother, like daughter of course my little girl love to put on some of this athletic sportswear for her daily actives. She has been a VIP of ivivva. 有谁不爱Lululemon呢!有其母必有其女。毫无疑问我的小女儿也喜欢一身运动行头每天活力四射。她已经是ivivva品牌的VIP顾客了。 img_7066-2 img_7228-2 Ivivva’s clothes are designed for young girls in a wide variety of athletic pursuits such as dance, running, yoga, ice skating, gymnastics and on-the-court sports……. Ivivva服饰的设计可满足年轻女孩各种各样的运动诉求,舞蹈、跑步、瑜伽、溜冰、体操及其他场上活动…… _dsc0153 12345 post-3 w-83rd-215-ivivva-ta03 The first Ivivva stores opened in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary in 2009. In 2012 ivivva opened its first American stores in New York, Chicago, Boston, Bellevue and Orange County but the brand didn’t have an online presence until 2011. There are now 12 locations in Canada and 31 in the U.S. 首家Ivivva门店于2009年在温哥华、维多利亚和卡尔加里开幕。2012年,Ivivva在纽约、芝加哥、波士顿、橙县分别开出第一家门店。直到2011年品牌才在线上运营。目前品牌在加拿大有12家店在美国有31家店。