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Lifestyles of the Rich and Richer 天际线上的生活

New York City has long been considered the playground of America's millionaires and billionaires. And they have flocked to the legendary buildings around Central Park.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

432 Park Avenue (between 56th and 57th Streets), designed by Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly, is another billionaire-attracting building and the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.

432 Park Avenue(就在56街和57街之间)由乌拉圭建筑师Rafael Viñoly设计,它当之无愧是吸引亿万富翁入住的大楼,也是西半球最高的住宅大厦。

DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

This extraordinary 96 story tower will rise 1,396 feet and redefine the Manhattan skyline. All windows measure an expansive 10 feet by 10 feet, flooding residences with abundant natural light and spectacular views of Central Park, the Hudson and East Rivers, Atlantic Ocean, and many iconic Manhattan buildings and avenues.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

Residents will enjoy 30,000 square feet of amenities, including a lounge, private restaurant, outdoor garden for dining and events, 75-foot indoor swimming pool, fitness center and spa with sauna, steam, and massage rooms, library, billiards room, screening / performance venue, conference room, children’s playroom and yoga studio. In-suite dining and room service, concierge, 24-hour doorman, onsite parking garage and valet services will be provided by the building’s staff.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties
DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

Most buyers of super luxury apartments want to keep their privacy. 432 Park Ave. has an exclusive restaurant that is open only to residents and their guests.

多数选择超豪华公寓的买家,都想要保障他们的私密性。432 Park Ave.就设有专属餐厅,只对住客和他们的宾客开放。

Scott Sozmen, left, with the chef Shaun Hergatt.

Michelin-Starred Chef Shaun Hergatt, formerly of now-closed Manhattan eatery Juni, is hired to run this unnamed restaurant, which is designed by world-renowned hospitality-design firm Bentel & Bentel and will occupy the whole of the 12th floor of the skyscraper.

米其林星级大厨Shaun Hergatt,身为现已歇业的曼哈顿餐馆Juni的主厨,目前受聘于这家不对外挂名的餐厅,由世界知名酒店设计公司Bentel & Bentel设计的,在这栋摩天大楼里独占12层全层。

DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

Mr. Hergatt’s partner in the venture, and in Mind the Gap Hospitality, is Scott Sozmen, who worked at Per Se and Jean-Georges. Michael Scaffidi, the head sommelier at Jean-Georges Restaurant, will be in charge of the beverage program.

Hergatt先生的合伙人还有Scott Sozmen,他是Mind the Gap Hospitality的成员Scott Sozmen,在Per Se和Jean-Georges都有过掌勺的经历。Michael Scaffidi,Jean-Georges餐厅的侍酒主管,也会参与餐厅饮品的管理工作。

DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

If you have been dining there more often, the restaurant will have a computer database of each resident's dietary restrictions and preferences. Among the extras residents can purchase are climate-controlled wine cellars and staff apartments. The living lifestyle elevates with all these exclusive and world-class amenities.


DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

You shall understand. Once you’ve seen the best of the world and there is really someone who is living the life you dreamed of and you know you deserve better, you will be more assured and work much harder regardless.


So why not EB-5? Be a New Yorker, buy the properties, and enjoy the food!


Moving in, to “Billionaires’ Row” 入住全球富豪大本营One57

Living like a Billionaire in New York City is simple – living on “Billionaires’ Row”

要在纽约过上亿万富翁生活很简单 – 住到“亿万富豪街”就可以了。

If you are capable, allow yourself for elite access into the world of the rich and famous, by living in One57!


image © wade zimmerman

The billionaires behind fashion label Michael Kors, Lawrence Stroll and Silas Chou, have both signed contracts for $50 million full-floor apartments in the tower, One57.

那些时尚大咖界里的亿万富翁像Michael Kors里的Lawrence Stroll和Silas Chou都已在One57签约买下了价值5000万美元的全层住宅。

Michael Kors Jing An, Shanghai

The developer, Extell, also offers 38 fully furnished apartments located on floor 32 to 38 as high-end rentals, which is more accessible for people who would like to experience top-notch lifestyle.


The interior work was carried out by Thomas Juul-Hansen and Extell Design, envisioned discreetly opulent interiors that reference great French modernists such as Jean Michel Frank. Each residence has been meticulously planned with gracious layouts, custom details, the finest natural finishes, wide dimensions and materials of the highest quality.

大楼的内部设计由Thomas Juul-HansenExtell Design承接,他们从伟大的法国现代主义大师Jean Michel Frank那里获得了灵感,并对此做了审慎的改动。每一居室都经过细心的规划、优雅的布局、自订的细节、精致的天然装饰、空间宽敞、选用的材料也是最高品质的。

One57, One Collection, Living and Dining Room
one57, One Collection, Kitchen
One57, One Collection, Bedroom
One57, One Collection, Terrance
One57, Signature Collection, Bathroom

Their luxury amenities includes: 奢华的康乐设施包括:


The tranquil indoor swimming pool, with a custom-designed Jacuzzi and spa portico, is set within a triple-height space. The experience is enhanced by an underwater soundtrack curated by Carnegie Hall.



Spa Nalai features the finest services for optimal wellness and relaxation including a unique sand quartz treatment bed and gracious couples spa.



The private fitness center with personal training and yoga studios is centered around a dramatic three-story pool pavilion 300 feet.



The exclusive Resident's Lounge, designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen, offers a curated library, an upholstered billiards table and a 24-foot aquarium.

私密的住户休息厅,由Thomas Juul-Hansen设计,内设有专人管理的图书馆,还配备台球桌和24英尺大小的水族鱼缸。


Overlooking Carnegie Hall, the exclusive lounge features a Steinway piano, state-of-the-art acoustics and lush tiered seating reserved for One57 residents.



The One57 residential experience starts at the majestic double-height lobby. The lifestyle concierge service, provided by Luxury Attaché, can manage the daily, and extraordinary, requests of One57 residents, from securing reservations, arranging travel, procuring personal trainers or arranging in-residence dining and event planning.

One57的居住体验,从您踏入尊贵的双倍高的大堂开始。由Luxury Attaché提供的礼宾服务,无论是住客的日常或特殊事务都能胜任,从订房、定制行程、安排私教、用餐及活动策划都能面面俱到。


The elegantly appointed, multifunction conference and dining room offers views of Central Park. The adjacent kitchen accommodates both in-house and outside catering.


It is a lifestyle enhanced by their exclusive amenities and the exceptional personal service of Park Hyatt’s new five-star flagship hotel. With beautiful views and just a block from Bergdorf’s, I think it doesn’t get any better!


We all should work hard to live in a luxury place like One57.


 “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” — W. Clement Stone

“ 把月亮作为你的目标。如果你没打中,也许你还能打中星星。” — W. Clement Stone

As a woman, holding your own property is like an emotional security and a sanctuary of the soul. In order to really have the courage to choose the lifestyle we want, we should all work hard to have at least a place of our own.


One57 has redefined Luxury New York Living. One57重新定义了纽约的奢侈生活

One57 is the “Tower of Power”, the first of several residential skyscrapers transforming Midtown Manhattan into “Billionaire’s Row”, available for the Ultra High Net Worth buyer for its prime location and un-paralleled luxury.


New York City has been described as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world, where most Billionaires live and invest. NYC real estate is always a good investment!


One57 (157 West 57th Street), a luxury 90-story skyscraper, is at the epicenter of Manhattan where The Plaza District meets Central Park. It is the ultimate landscape of society, culture and commerce. Much of New York’s iconography and mythology was born in this neighbourhood.


It is one of NYC’s tallest and the most expensive penthouse, with an average price near $7000 per square foot. Rising to over 1000 feet, One57 elevates New York living with the longest South-to-North views of Central Park ever offered in private residences.


It was sold for a record breaking $100 million on a 10,923-square-foot penthouse apartment occupying the entire 89th and 90th floors in 2015.


image © wade zimmerman
image © wade zimmerman

Though it may seem like a lot, New York’s priciest penthouse will most likely prove to be a savvy investment as more expensive homes continue to go on sale.


image © wade zimmerman

Designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect, Christian de Portzamparc, One57 provides each residence with extraordinary views and abundant natural light. The walls of glass and the exterior design creates Gustav Klimt’s painting effect. It is an artistic sculpture, billowing upward in a cloud-like formation, while the elegant striated custom curtain wall appears to flow toward the earth like a cascading waterfall.

由普利兹克奖得主著名的建筑师Christian de Portzamparc操刀设计,One57的每一居室都拥有绝佳的视野和充足的自然光线。大楼的玻璃外墙和设计,都呈现出Gustav Klimt的绘画效果。它就像一座颇具艺术感的雕塑,如云浪般滚滚冲向碧空,而优雅传统的玻璃幕墙,也让大厦从外面看起来,仿佛瀑布般飞泻而下。

image © wade zimmerman

One57’s developer, Extell Development Company, is a top NYC real estate firm that develops and invests, with an A2 rating from Moody’s. The Founder and President, Gary Barnett, has been committed to delivering quality, value, and beauty. The name “Extell“ is derived from two words: Excellence and Intelligence.

One57的开发商Extell地产集团,是纽约顶尖的房产开发和投资公司,拥有A2穆迪信用评级。Extell的创始人兼总裁Gary Barnett致力于打造高品质、高价值、又极具美感的精品项目。“Extell“一词就源自两个单词:Excellence“卓越”和Intelligence“智慧”。

The company’s portfolio exceeds 20 million square feet and includes four luxury residences in Manhattan. They also hold three commercial properties in the borough as well as three mixed use buildings and four luxury hotels, including the W Times Square, The Hyatt at Times Square and the Park Hyatt New York.

公司开发的项目面积已超过2000万平方英尺,在曼哈顿区就囊括四大奢侈住宅项目。此外,在这一区域还有三个商业项目,以及三栋民商两用大楼和四个高端酒店,包括时代广场W 酒店、同样位于时代广场的凯越酒店,以及纽约柏悦酒店。

About 80% of the units in this 90-story building are already sold, according to Extell. The residential portion is located above the Park Hyatt New York hotel, and residents have access to all the amenities the hotel provides.


Visas Consulting Group only choose high-end and risk-free for our EB-5 projects, mostly in NYC. One of them is by the same developer, Extell, whose success story includes developing some of the world’s most elevated residences and redefining luxury development throughout the City.


Today’s Highlight: Asian Contemporary Artists that are worth investing (Part-4) 今日聚焦:具有投资价值的亚洲当代艺术家(第四部)

"I am seeking to create an effect of 'false photographs' — to re-embellish already 'embellished' histories and lives." – Zhang Xiaogang

“我正在寻求创造”假照片“的效果 - 重新修饰已经”修饰“的历史和生活。” – 张晓刚

TCT today's art highlight: "Zhang Xiaogang"


Zhang Xiaogang (b.1958) is a contemporary Chinese symbolist and surrealist painter, based in Beijing, China. He studied painting at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in Chongqing. His works focus on the aftereffects of China’s Cultural Revolution, and the meaning of family, history and individualism.   张晓刚(1958年生)是中国当代象征与超现实主义画家,居于中国北京。他在四川美术学院学习绘画。他的作品着重于中国文化革命,家庭,历史和个人主义的意义。
Zhang Xiaogang, Vast Ocean, 1989, Oil on paper张晓刚,广大海洋, 1989年,油画纸
Zhang Xiaogang, Chapter of a New Century - Birth of the People’s Republic of China No.1, No.2 , 1992, Oil on canvas张晓刚,新世纪篇章-中华人民共和国诞生 No.1,No.2,1992年,油画布
Zhang is best known for his Bloodlines series, inspired by his discovery of old family photographs, and reached international stature with the debut of his “Bloodlines-Big Family” series at the 1995 Venice Biennale.   张晓刚以他的《血缘》系列而闻名,灵感源于他老旧的家庭照片,并在1995年威尼斯双年展上亮相了他的《血缘:大家庭》系列,并达到了国际地位。
Zhang Xiaogang in his large studio in Beijing.张晓刚在他北京的工作室
Paintings in his Bloodline series are predominantly monochromatic, stylized portraits of Chinese people, usually with large, dark-pupiled eyes, posed in a stiff manner deliberately reminiscent of family portraits from the 1950s and 1960s.   他的《血缘》系列中,绘画的中国人,显著的使用单色和风格化画像,通常有大而黑的眼睛,故意刻画了1950年代和60年代的家庭肖像。
Zhang Xiaogang, Bloodline - A Big Family, 1995, Oil on canvas张晓刚,血统系列-大家庭, 1995年,油画布
In 2003, “A big family” from Zhang Xiaogang’s Bloodlines series, sold at Christie’s Hong Kong for US$76,000. This same lot has been sold twice since its auction debut, selling for US$1.4 million at Christie’s London in 2006, and again for US$7.3 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2011.   2003年,张晓刚《血统》系列的《大家庭》以香港佳士得76,000美元出售。自2006年拍卖以来,这个拍品又已经卖出两次:2006年,在伦敦佳士得销售了140万美元;2011年在香港苏富比再次出售730万美元。
Zhang Xiaogang, Bloodline - Big Family No.2, 1995, Oil on canvas张晓刚,血统-大家庭No.2,1995年,油画布
In a span of only eight years, “A big family” series earned a return just shy of 10,000 percent, outperforming overall returns at auction for the artist as a whole, as well as the overall Contemporary market during the same time period. This sale marked the beginning of Zhang’s prominence at auction, which has made him the most expensive living painter among Chinese artists.   只有八年的时间,《血缘:大家庭》系列的回报率就有将近10,000%的回报,超过了艺术家整体拍卖的总体回报,以及同期的整个当代市场。这次拍卖标志着张晓刚在拍卖中的突出表现,使得他成为中国艺术家中最高价的当代艺术家。
The record-breaking sale of Zhang Xiaogang’s Bloodline: Big Family No. 3 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong on April 5. (Sotheby’s)4月5日在苏富比香港拍卖会上破销售纪录的张晓刚的血统系列-大家庭No.3
The Bloodline: Big Family No.3 from 1995 is arguably the most politically charged piece in the series, showcasing the iconic three-member family portrait; it is the only piece from the series to depict the Little Red Guard with the Chairman Mao badge and armband, making it of greater rarity and art historical value in comparison with other works; it was sold for 94.2 million HKD (12.1 million USD) at the Sotheby’s Hong Kong Modern And Contemporary Asian Art Evening Sale on April 5, 2008.   1995年的《血缘:大家庭3号》可以说是这个系列中最具政治色彩的作品,展示了标志性的三人家庭肖像,这是系列中唯一一幅以毛主席徽章,描绘的小红卫兵,与其他作品相比,具有更大的稀有性和艺术价值;于2008年4月5日,在香港苏富比的现代和当代亚洲艺术晚会上,这幅作品以9420万港元出售(1210万美元)。
Zhang Xiaogang, Bloodline - Big Family, 1995, Oil on canvas张晓刚,血统-大家庭, 1995年,油画布
"On the surface the faces in these portraits appear as calm as still water, but underneath there is great emotional turbulence. Within this state of conflict the propagation of obscure and ambiguous destinies is carried on from generation to generation." – Zhang Xiaogang   “表面上,这些肖像中的脸,似静止的水面一样平静,但内心里有很大的情绪动荡,在这种冲突状态下,朦胧和模糊的命运,是一代又一代的传承。” - 张晓刚 According Arnet Analytics, the earliest Bloodlines works created (1990s) have outperformed works created in the 2000s; the Bloodlines works depicting big families outperforming works depicting pairs and single portraits.   根据Arnet Analytics,最早创作的《血缘》作品(90年代)的表现,远远超过了20年代创作的作品;《血缘》描绘的大家庭,更是超过了双人和单人肖像的作品。
F4: Zhang Xiaogang, Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi, Yue Minjun F4:张晓刚,方力钧,王广义,岳敏君
Zhang Xiaogang and other artists from our previous posts (Fang Lijun, Wang Guangyi and Yue Minjun) are the 4 top-selling contemporary artists in China, later called the F4 (First or Fab 4) by industry insiders due to their high-profile deals at auctions.   张晓刚和先前介绍的几位艺术家(方力钧,王广义,岳敏君)是中国四大顶尖的当代艺术家,由于他们高价的拍卖交易,后来被业内人士称为F4(First或Fab 4)。
Zhang Xiaogang, Secret Chamber, 1989, Oil on paper张晓刚,密室,1989年,油画纸
As an art lover and art investor, I have collected his earlier artwork, Secret Chamber, 1989.   作为一位艺术爱好者,以及艺术投资者,我收集了他早期其中的一副作品,1989年的《密室》。

The 5 key points for steady investment and calm immigration 稳健投资,从容移民的5大要点

With the coming execution of CRS, tightening of the immigration policy, and more regulations on foreign exchange control for investments, you may be feeling helpless and hopeless.
As a proverb states, turning to any doctor one can find themselves willing to try anything out of desperation when critically ill. The more urgent and complicated the situation becomes, the more you need to calm down for steady investment and calm immigration. 俗话说,病急乱投医,越是在情况变得越来越紧迫和复杂时,您更需要冷静下来,稳健投资,从容移民。 Investment is normally at risk, and the risk in investing for immigration is especially dependent on the following two factors: Immigrating application is failed and not approved; and Investing capital is gone for nothing, or without any ROI.
投资通常存在风险,而对投资移民来讲,其风险尤其取决于两大因素:一,移民申请失败,未获批准; 二,投资本金血本无归,没有任何投资回报率。
To reduce the risk in investing to immigration, you must master the following points that can lead you to both in successful immigration and profitable investment.
  1. Immigration agency's qualification, experience and success rate over years. Quality and value is important rather than their cost.
  2. Invested project's reliability and sustainability: it is best to have a third party financial regulatory account, profit dividends system, and investing withdraw mechanism;
  3. Immigrating destination's value in the world, so even if they are small country passport programs, they must have at-least over 130 visa-free countries;
  4. Time is money, so the shorter the application process, the more worthwhile to apply.
  5. Not too harsh requirements, that means as long as the investing capital was to be proved reasonable and legitimate, why should it be too difficult to applicators?
  1. 移民中介机构的资质、经验和历年成功率。这才是移民批准的保证,不是越便宜越好的,100%成功率远比价格便宜重要的多。
  2. 投资项目的可靠性和可持续发展性。最好有第三方财务监管账户、利润分配制度和推出机制。
  3. 移民国的世界地位及含金量。所以即使是小国家护照计划,他们也必须至少有超过130个免签国家, 才是含金量高质护照。
  4. 时间就是金钱,所以申请流程越短,便是超值投资。
  5. 政府审批没有太苛刻的要求, 换句话说,这就意味着只要投资资本被证明是合理合法的,又何必太为难人?
I  hope you can stay calm and find the right immigrating consultant with the good solution, and do steady investment and calm immigration. Our visas  immigration consulting group will be your best problem solver and helper.

A peace of mind is not only a luxury, but a necessity in life. 内心的平和,不仅是奢侈品,更是生活中的必需品。

"Leadership Circle donors provide significant funding for exhibitions, public programs, and a growing and important collection of art for our generation and generations to come. The Leadership Circles program also ensures the Gallery’s ability to continue offering access to exceptional art programs for everyone." - Kathleen Bartels, Director and Leadership Circle Member

“为了我们这一代和未来几代,领导圈的捐助者们,为了我们的艺术展览、公共活动以及不断增长的重要艺术馆藏,提供了大量的资金,以确保美术馆能够继续不断为每个观众带来卓越的艺术项目”- 凯瑟琳•巴特尔,温哥华美术馆理事和领袖圈成员

As a Director of Asia Development Committee member at Vancouver Art Gallery, I am thankful to those deep commitments from our Leadership Circle. This is what I have been respected and fostered, hoping that more people see the importance in art education and art cultivation. The value of art is eternal. Art is to foster the development of human sensibility and cultures; it cannot be replaced in our lives. 作为温哥华美术馆亚洲馆发展委员会的理事,我很感谢领导圈的贡献,这也是我一直以来推崇的,希望有更多的人重视艺术教育和艺术素养,艺术的价值是永恒的。艺术是推动人类感性文明发展的不可或缺的生命力量! Not only the basic members benefits such as unlimited free admission, other discounts and partial charitable tax receipt, Leadership Circle has exclusive invitations to all Opening Night Receptions, Salon Nights, Mash-Up Mingles, Connoisseurs Events and more. Members can meet many like-minded art lovers and community leaders. 领袖圈可以享有无限免费入场、其他折扣,和部分慈善退税单等基本会员优惠, 还有所有开幕晚会,沙龙晚会,明星晚宴,鉴赏家活动等独家邀请。更多的是,可以结识许多志同道合的艺术爱好者们,以及来自各界的社区领袖, 共同为艺术事业做出更大的贡献,我为之而感到无比荣幸和感恩。 While Leadership Circle members enjoy exclusive benefits, they also support world-class exhibitions and projects, and nurture our next generations with Eastern and Western arts. 我感动于领袖圈的所有成员,尽心竭力地以他们的力量,无私地支持着世界级的展览和项目,让每一个人能体验到精美绝伦的东西方艺术文化的薰陶。 In this upcoming November, in the heart of Shanghai, we are going to launch TCT Global, an upgrade of TeaCoffeeTea. It is an exclusive destination and consensus for investments in the arts and lives. 在今年11月的上海市中心外滩,我们即将推出《TCT国际》,从《茶非茶》升级成一个国际平台。这是一个艺术鉴赏与投资的独家平台。 I believe a peace of mind in the future growth of our families and communities is not only a luxury, but a necessity in life. 我相信,随着未来家庭和社会的发展,内心的平和,不仅是奢侈品,而且是生活中的必需品。

Europe is not a choice , it is a necessity 欧洲,不只是选择而是必需

Europe was named after a classical Greek mythology that describes a princess or of a queen which contains the elements of “eye, face, countenance”, and attributes of “grey eyed” Athena. It is because of this that Europe been always an epithet of beauty and royal and poetries that are devoted to this continent.

欧洲是以古典希腊神话里的公主或女王的名字命名的,其名字包含了“眼睛、脸、表情“和雅典娜的”灰眼睛“的元素和特征。正因为这些原因,欧洲一直是美丽、贵族和诗歌的代表。 Everyone loves Europe that the love for Europe has become almost a norm. Everyone feels there is nothing more artistic and romantic than loving Europe and many leave their hearts in the cities of it.

每个人对欧洲无不喜爱,以至于对这片大陆的感情转变为了条文律例。在他们心中,没有比欧洲更具艺术氛围,更富浪漫气息的地方了,很多人为这里的城市而倾心。   The best gifts in life is a second chance, various Europe immigration programs are just these chances to change your life. nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life.

人生最好的礼物莫过于第二次选择的机会,各个欧洲移民项目,正是您改变人生的机会。切不要错过了这样千载难逢的良机。 Europe is a must visit place. It is not a choice but a necessity. But a short visit doesn’t mean much, but living there, is a new adventurous experience. Various Europe immigration programs will satisfy you living in Europe, whatever how long you want to live, as well whatever how many time you need to return back hometown with absolute freedom.

欧洲是您的必去之地。在这件事上毋庸置疑。然而匆匆走马观花意义不大,真正生活在其中,才称得上一次全新的振奋人心的体验。各大欧洲移民项目,都能满足您前往欧洲生活的需要,无论您想在欧洲呆多久,或回到家乡多少次,在出入方面您都享有绝对的自由,生活工作两不误,但每天拥有的生活就是天航人间的区别。 Immigrating to Europe will allow you to escape from extremely hot China to cooler Europe, to study in the cradle of artists, to breathe endlessly Aegean Sea's blue sky, to enjoy delicious wines and Mediterranean cuisine.

移民欧洲,盛夏逃离中国的炎热去到凉爽的欧洲避暑,那是垂手可得;不仅如此,孩子们又或您自己,置身于艺术家摇篮的国度学习或进修,在无尽爱琴海的湛蓝天空下。每天尽情地呼吸,尽情地享受地中海的美酒佳肴,那是短短几日旅游,岂能相提并论的。 The most exciting and luxurious thing is you are not a visitor to short holiday vacation with fees of hotels and amenities instead, you are living in Europe with memories being built living there.

最让人心动且难能可贵的一点就是:您不再作为一名度假的短期游客来到这里,不用负担延期酒店或其他昂贵的费用,您是确确实实生活在这里的居民,这里的一切不仅只在您的美好记忆中存留, 这里的一切真真切切是属于您自己的。 The immigration programs in Europe: attachment table 欧洲一名项目: 附表

Why choose Horseshoe Bay? Because it is worth it! 为什么选择马蹄湾一号?因为它值得!

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of the Horseshow Bay project.


Westbank 西岸置业开发商

Horseshoe Bay is a new apartment project developed by Westbank, which core mission is to create high artistic and ecological architectural projects.


Westbank is active in Canada and the United States. It’s creativities applied to various fields: including luxury landmark residential, five-star hotels, large shopping malls, office buildings, rental apartments, public art and the entire regional energy system. It has developed projects over 25 billion Canadian dollars. Westbank ensures the quality and the location of the project.

西岸置业集团活跃于加拿大和美国,将其创意运用到各个领域:包含奢华地标住宅、五星级酒店、超大型综合商场、办公楼、 租赁公寓、公共艺术以及整个区域性能源系统。已开发项目超过 250 亿加币,西岸置业相对保证了项目的品质和地段。

The Design 设计

The details in the interior and architectural design extend the traditional design of West Vancouver. Canadian famous architect Paul Merrick uses the perfect fusion of nature and architecture design concept and sustains the development of new green energy technology.

室内设计及建筑设计细节延续了西温总体设计的传统。加拿大国宝级设计师保罗 • 梅里克采用自然与建筑完美融合的设计理念,可持续发展的绿色新能源技术。 Under the ingenious design of the designer, all the tenants can see the sea view, as well as the beauty of the snow-capped mountains and the reflection.


Benefits 福利

Tenants can enjoy lifetime free use of luxury Christ yacht with captain – Pirate 25, yacht club, 4 skateboards and 4 kayaks, 24-hour concierge services, luxury gym, indoor luxury boutique decoration and international top brand household appliances, to experience the aristocratic life.

住户可终身免费使用豪华克里斯游艇 – 海盗25号,专配船长、游艇会所、免费使用的 4 块滑板浆和 4 艘皮艇、享有24小时礼宾服务、豪华健身房、室内豪华精品装修和国际一线品牌家电,分分钟享受贵族生活。 Horseshoe Bay uses environmental friendly water power to provide you with free heating and air conditioning, no need to pay additional electricity. Water and gas charges are also included in property costs.

马蹄湾一号利用环保水能源发电为您提供免费的暖气及空调,无需再 支付额外的电费。水费及煤气费也包含在物业费中。

Activities 活动

Horseshoe Bay itself is a tourist hotspot, with supermarkets and small shops. In this town, you can drive a yacht to sea fishing, often can catch big fishes. You can also enjoy skiing, golf, surfing and other outdoor activities. 马蹄湾本身是一个游客经常爱光顾的小镇,超市以及小商店一应俱全。在这个小镇里,你可以驾驶游艇出海垂钓,在这里经常能钓到大鱼。还可以享受滑雪乐趣,顶级高尔夫以及冲浪等户外运动 Horseshoe Bay is facing the sea with mountains behind and beautiful scenery. A luxury villa in West Vancouver with sea view price in about 10 – 20 million Canadian dollars, so this luxury apartment with sea view is very rare. It is a worth investing project.


Top Ranking School District + Front line Vancouver Luxury Apartment = Horseshoe Bay 坐拥名校学区 + 一线海景的温哥华豪宅 = 马蹄湾一号

Been living in Vancouver for many years, living in a comfortable and high-quality place is very important, as well as providing high-end institutions for children. Whether it is for yourself or for your children, we have found Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature of Vancouver, but also to solve school demands for your children.


School District 学区

According to the Fraser Institute’s 2015 - 2016 Report Card rankings of both Elementary and Secondary Schools, West Vancouver are among the best. We can see the quality of West Vancouver School District is indeed admirable.

根据专业机构Fraser Institute最新的2015 – 2016年度卑诗省的中小学排名,西温的中小学排名在全省都名列前茅,可见西温社区学校的素质确实非同一般。 There are total 13 elementary schools in West Vancouver – 2 private schools and 11 public schools. 3 of them ranked 1st among 956 elementary schools in British Columbia. They are Mulgrave (private), West Bay (public) and Westcot (public).

西温一共13所小学,其中2所私校,11所公校。这次西温有3所小学在全省956所小学中排名第一,它们是:马尔格雷夫(私校)、西湾 (公校)、威斯科特(公校)。 From the BC rankings, all elementary schools in West Vancouver are within top 80 among 956 elementary schools in the whole province. It indicates that West Vancouver is the high-end residential community and the overall quality of the schools, which also attracts more and more rich families to settle in West Vancouver.

从西温小学的全省排名看,全部都在全省956所小学的前80名内,显示了西温这个加拿大西部高端住宅社区的整体学校素质, 这也吸引越来越多的有实力的家庭都到西温安家置业。 There are 5 Secondary School in West Vancouver – 2 private schools and 3 public schools.

西温一共5所中学,其中2所私校,3所公校。 According to the Fraser Institute’s Report rankings of a total of 293 public and private high schools in British Columbia, West Vancouver School District had the highest average rating of 8.2 out of 10.

根据专业机构Fraser Institute的报告排名,在卑詩省293所中学排名中,西温哥华学区的平均评分最高,达到8.2分。
Collingwood Secondary School is the Top 1 and Elementary School is top 6 in West Vancouver. It offers courses from Kindergarten to Grade 12, focusing on students’ adaptability to the society and the ability to judge and think. The school opens many AP courses; the content connects to University courses. The enrollment rate is 100%, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of American Ivy League…etc.

Mulgrave Secondary School is the Top 2 and Elementary School is top 1 in West Vancouver. It is the only school that provides full IB programmes from Kindergarten to Grade 12, which is one of the most popular and authoritative courses in the world, with the ability to develop Extended Essay, CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), and TOK (Theory of knowledge).

马尔格雷夫私校中学在西温排名第二;小学排名第一。这所学校是卑诗省唯一一所从幼儿园到12年级施行全程IB课程的成规模的学校。该课程是目前世界上最受欢迎最有权威性的课程之一,培养3到19岁的孩子读写能力 、动手创造与服务能力(CAS)和理论知识(TOK)。
The IB programmes is very unique because it provides a coaching model from age 3 to 19 and maintains a high level of teaching and assessment over the past 35 years. It can be said that IB programmes is a gate to famous universities in the US. Except Mulgrave School, West Vancouver Secondary School and Westbay Elementary School also provides IB courses.

IB课程与众不同主要是因其提供一个从3-19岁连贯性的教学模式,并在过去35年中保持了极高的教学及考核标准,可以说IB课程是上美国名牌大学的敲门砖。 西温除了Mulgrave, 还有西温哥华中学和西湾小学有IB 课程。

Many Chinese people immigrating to Vancouver tend to have higher demands. If you are living in an apartment, not a villa; if you choose a private school or your child is still in elementary school, you must choose a noble and elegant, high valued and great location apartment. We highly recommend Horseshoe Bay!


Neighbors with the Prime Minister and the celebrities, You and the nobilities are only a set of Horseshoe Bay away 与总理和名人做邻居,你和贵族之间只差一套马蹄湾一号

We would like to introduce a luxury apartment in West Vancouver, neighboring with the upper-class. Horseshoe Bay – It is built by the top luxury real estate developer Westbank.

我想在这里推荐一栋西温哥华豪华公寓,毗邻上层阶级等人物。马蹄湾一号 – 它是由奢华顶级地产建商西岸置业打造的。 There’s an apartment, away from the Downtown area, but still very convenient. It is close to many resorts and sitting on an invincible sea view.

有这么一套公寓,它远离闹市区却在生活便利上毫不妥协,它紧邻诸多度假区并坐拥无敌海景。 There’s an apartment, the treatment by the owners can be described as extremely luxurious, feeling as honored guests with 24-hour concierge services and lifetime luxury yacht usage.

有这么一套公寓,它的业主待遇可谓奢华至极,24小时礼宾服务、终身豪华游艇使用权,让你体会到何为贵宾。 There’s an apartment provides high quality with fine decoration and luxury materials with no compromise, not inferior to Shanghai’s most luxury apartment Tomson Riviera.

有这么一套公寓,拥有毫不在质量上妥协的精美装修,奢华用料,丝毫不逊色于上海“地王”汤臣一品。 Under the ingenious design of the designer, all the tenants can see the sea view, as well as the beauty of the snow-capped mountains and the reflection.


Location 地理位置

Horseshoe Bay is in West Vancouver’s north-side, on the way to Vancouver’s famous ski town Whistler. It is also a harbor for BC ferries.


Although it looks far from Vancouver’s central area, it is only 20 minutes from Vancouver City Centre and less than 10 minutes from West Vancouver’s Park Royal Business Centre through highway.

虽然乍看之下离大温核心区有些远,事实上走高速公路到达温哥华市中心只需要20分钟时间,到西温哥华的Park Royal商业中心更是不到10分钟。

West Vancouver 西温哥华

It is a well known and the wealthiest area in Greater Vancouver, with the highest quality of residents, the highest income and the best environment. Most people living in the West is for its beautiful natural scenery and the sea view.

众所周知这是大温哥华最富饶的一个区。居民素质最高,收入最高,自然环境最好。在西温居住的人多数是冲着优美的自然风光,尤其是海景来的。 However, the price for independent housing in West Vancouver is at more than 5 million Canadian dollars that many potential buyers are unable to bear. Horseshoe Bay is an undoubtedly a new option. Compared to other West Vancouver's luxury housing, the price for Horseshoe Bay is relatively affordable while the invincible sea view and high quality of life are the same.

但是西温哥华动辄500万加币以上的独立屋价格让很多潜在买家无力承受,马蹄湾一号的出现无疑是给了他们一个新的选择。比起西温哥华的那些豪宅,马蹄湾一号的价格相对亲民不少。不变的依然是无敌海景和高端生活品质。 West Vancouver is the world's first choice for the rich. Horseshoe Bay is the most beautiful waterfront area of ​​West Vancouver, not only provide an invincible sea view and magnificent mountains.

西温哥华是全球富豪的择居首选地,马蹄湾是西温最美丽的海滨地区,不仅海景无敌还有壮美山峦。 To be continued… 待续。。。