After the last visit of U-picking at blueberry farm, I want to urge everyone to contribute yourself as a blueberry picking volunteer. It is a tough and timely labour that requires a lot of time but it is also very rewarding especially with farm labour shortage in Vancouver. This is also an activity you can do as a family for the community. 在上次探访了蓝莓庄园的自摘自享活动后,我想要鼓励每个人切身加入到蓝莓志愿采摘行列。这是一份辛苦而费时的差事,却能让您收获满满,尤其在温哥华劳动力紧缺的时节。采蓝莓也是我们小家庭能为社会大家庭做的事。 17 4 2 1 This summer in Vancouver had cold and rainy weather, which caused many blueberries to fall into wet mud and rot away when this season is supposed to supply families with delicious fruit. Your volunteer dedication can change that! 温哥华今夏气温不高且雨水充沛,这样的天气导致很多蓝莓掉到烂泥里坏了,而原来这些可口的水果本该是家人们消夏的美味。您的义务劳动就能让此状况改变! _DSC7394 3 14 There are more than a dozen pick your own farms around Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley area where families can go during berry season. Here is the full list from 大温哥华地区和菲沙河谷地区有许多自摘自有的农场,全家人都可以在莓果季前往。下面是来自familyfuncanada.com的清单: Abbotsford Clayburn Berry Village (34486 Clayburn Road) June 17 – September 30th; Mon – Sat 10am – 6pm  & Sun 11am – 5pm Clayburn莓果村(34486 Clayburn Road) 6月17日 - 9月30日;周一 - 周六 10am - 6 pm; 周日 11am - 5pm Maan Farms (790 McKenzie Road) Now open every day 9am – 6pm Maan农场 (790 McKenzie Road) 每天9am – 6pm开放 Willow View Farms (288 McCallum Road) Opening June 22, daily except Sundays, 9am – 5:30pm Willow View农场 (288 McCallum Road) 自6月22日起出周日外每天9am – 5:30pm开放 Chilliwack Klaassen Farms (no-spray berries: 6695 Banford Road) (berries: 8915 McElwee Rd) Opens in July for blueberry season Klaassen农场 (berries: 8915 McElwee Rd) Opens in July for blueberry season 7月蓝莓季开放 Delta Bancy Farms (5050 36th Avenue, Ladner) Opens in July for blueberry season Bancy农场 (5050 36th Avenue, Ladner) 7月蓝莓季开放 Emma Lee Farms (2727 Westham Island Road) Opens in June 8am – 7pm **Cash or debit only** Emma Lee农场 (2727 Westham Island Road) 6月 8am - 7pm开放 **只接受现金或借记卡** Langley Clingan Blueberry Farm (24576 32 Avenue) Opens mid-July for blueberry season Clingan蓝莓农场 (24576 32 Avenue) 7月中蓝莓季开放 Driediger Farms (23823 – 72nd Avenue) Open every day 8am – 6pm Driediger农场 (23823 – 72nd Avenue) 每天8am - 6pm 开放 Krause Berry Farms (6179-248th Street) Open every day 8:30am – 5pm U-pick starts in June Krause 蓝莓农场 (6179-248th Street) 每天8:30am – 5pm开放 自摘自有开始于6月 Maple Ridge Formosa Farms (12617 – 203rd Street) Open in May by appointment; June for u-pick Formosa农场 (12617 – 203rd Street) 5月凭预约开放;自摘自有开始于6月 Richmond Cherry Lane Farm (9571 Beckwith Road) Open every day, except Monday, 9am – 4:30pm Cherry Lane 农场 (9571 Beckwith Road) 除周一外每天开放,9am – 4:30pm DFG Blueberries (11071 Blundell Road) Opens in July for blueberry season DFG Blueberries (11071 Blundell Road) 7月蓝莓季开放 G J Farm (11300 Number 4 Road) Open daily from 9am – 6pm G J 农场 (11300 Number 4 Road) 每天9am – 6pm开放 Birak Farm (4200 No 6 Road) Open everyday from 8am – 9pm Birak农场 (4200 No 6 Road) 每天8am – 9pm开放 Surrey Blueberries U-Pick (18064-32 Avenue) Opens in July for blueberry season 蓝莓自摘自有(18064-32 Avenue) 7月蓝莓季开放 Surrey Farms (5180 – 152 Street) Open everyday 8am – 7pm Surrey 农场 (5180 – 152 Street) 每天8am – 7pm开放 See you on the blueberry field!!! 希望能在蓝莓园里看到您!!! angela-signature2-a-moved-out


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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