I love coffee. This has led me to be fastidious and choosey for my coffee machine. As all kinds of coffee come originally from an espresso, I knew that I needed to choose an espresso coffee machine that provides the best taste. 我喜欢咖啡。为此,对咖啡机我也非常讲究,总要一番精挑细选。其实不管哪种咖啡,都是由最原始的意大利黑浓咖啡调制而成,所以我需要选择一台合适的意大利黑浓咖啡制造机,才能做出咖啡最醇正的好味道。 coffee machine 01 maxresdefault First, I wanted an Italian brand and a product that was made in Italy. Normally the commercial coffee stores like to have simonelli espresso machine, which guarantees the best coffee. 首先,要选个意大利品牌原装咖啡机。通常咖啡店里都乐意选用simonelli 咖啡机,它是一杯优质纯正咖啡的保障。 41Sm1ACwH0L _DSC8715 By the way, I strongly recommend the Revolver Café which locates at 325 Cambie street Vancouver downtown. My friends all gave me the feedback that Revolver coffee could be the best coffee in Vancouver. Revolver all use Simonelli products. 顺便说一句,我强烈建议各位去品尝一下位于温哥华市中心cambie街325号的Revolver Café 咖啡厅。我的朋友们去了之后都给我反馈,他们一致认为那里的咖啡可能是温哥华最好喝的咖啡。Revolver Café 咖啡厅基本都是Simonelli的产品。 _DSC8714 The two most popular Simonelli are super automatic or semi automatic. Talento and Microbar present the best super automatic machine that is priced around $16000 and $6500, which is the high-end category. This kind of machine is so powerful and designed for commercial use. These machines are also big and require a huge counter space and the machine would need to be plumbed into a waterline. 最受青睐的Simonelli咖啡机有全自动半自动之分。TalentoMicrobar 这两款豪华全自动咖啡机价位分别在16000和6500加元左右,是该品牌的高端系列。这一型号的机器功力强大,基本设计为商业需要。家用也可以,但因为机器体积较大,所以需要一个较大的操作台面,而且这两款咖啡机需要直接连接水管。 11 nuova-simonelli-microbar-super-automatic-commercial-espresso-machine Another semi automatic machines are Musica and Oscar. These are most popular for home espresso machine. The prices are $3000 and $1700. These two machines are useless without a proper grinder and coffee makers need to be properly trained. Simonelli另一种是半自动咖啡机,则有Musica和Oscar为代表。这两款家用更为普遍。定价在3000和1700加元。但是机器必须搭配合适的研磨机使用,或者买现成的已经研磨好的咖啡粉,而且对于调制者有一定的要求,最好须受过一定的咖啡培训才能调制出一杯优质纯正的好咖啡。 IMG_6697 nuova_simonelli_oscar_-_black_2 There is also an Australian brand, Breville, which makes super automatic espresso machine that is a great fit for home and small office. This was the machine that was recommended by my coffee teacher and is priced $3000. 此外澳大利亚品牌Breville也生产全自动咖啡机,很适合家庭和小型办公室用,体积较小、无须连接水管、超做省时方便。我的咖啡培训师就推荐这台机器,价格为3000加元。 Breville coffee 08 You might like one button machine and you must look at super-automatic. On the other hand, if you like to take the time and learn the perfection of making a quality espresso, you should go with semi automatic. I hope this leads you to having that perfect coffee at home and at your office. 倘若您喜欢一键式操作,那您要关注下全自动机器。如果您愿意自己花上点时间研究制作高品质咖啡的精髓,那您肯定得选半自动的。希望借此能让您无论在家里还是工作场所都品尝到咖啡的美妙滋味。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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