"On a drizzly afternoon in Kyoto, sitting by the window, I watch the falling rain, listening to its calming sound. It is here, at Hiragiya, that I wistfully recall that sense of tranquility that belonged to old Japan". “在京都一个蒙蒙细雨的下午,坐在窗边,看着窗外飘雨,听到那细雨平静的声音。正是在这里,在宁静的“柊家旅馆”里,我望眼欲穿想要回忆的那份宁静空灵,那份只属于古老日本旧时代的气息,就扣在我的丝丝呼吸中。” main_03 Hiiragiya Ryokan 01 Although these beautiful words were not written by me, I can relate to its beauty especially when I stay in Hiragiya Kyoto. I would like to recommend this traditional Japanese Zen experience at the Hiragiya Ryokan. 虽然这些如此优美的话语不是我写的,但是我的确也身临其境地感受到我旅居京都“柊加旅馆”时的那份美丽。所以我向大家推荐这家充满传统日本风格的“柊家旅馆”,在这里体验传统日本文化的禅意。 Hiiragiya Ryokan 02 1 Hiragiya was established in 1818 and has gained its reputation as one of the most beloved of Japan’s traditional inns or Ryokan. “柊家旅馆”成立于1818年,直至今日,它已成为最心爱的日本传统客栈或旅馆之一。 exterior TI_343941_20111117114448000 Hiragiya takes its name from a type of holly (hiragi) that is believed to bring good fortune. You would find a symbol of the holly leaf, their trademark, throughout the inn. It is to bring the good luck to its guests, as the owners believe it has brought them much luck. 柊家的名字来源于一种冬青(hiragi),那被认为是会带来好运的植物。你会发现旅馆的商标便是那冬青树的叶子,旅馆的主人用它来给远道而来的客人带来好运,就像他们世代受到的祝福那样。 unspecified hiiragiya-bekkan-ryokan-kyoto-01 There are 28 rooms and each room is uniquely designed with its own special motif. Some rooms feature lacquered bathrooms where others are marble or tile. There are painted folding screens. Some of these screens have either a gold leaf or ink paining in Zen style. All the rooms are traditional Japanese style with tatami mats, papered shoji window and sliding fusuma doors. 那里一共有28间客房,每间客房设计独特,有自己的特殊图案。部分客房设有古老涂漆的浴室,也有的是大理石或瓷砖的浴室。有很多彩绘屏风,这些屏风有的镶有金箔叶子,有的是禅意的水墨画。所有的客房都是传统的日式榻榻米,纸糊的障子窗和襖滑门。 Yuzuya-Ryokan-Kyoto-M main_04 As soon as you arrive you will notice that the stone walkway leading from the main gate to the doorstep has been splashed with water, this is a symbolism of welcome. It is their way to let the guests know that everything has been made ready for their arrival as they come to rest. 一踏入旅馆,你会发现进门的石头走道上已经泼了水,并打扫得如明镜一般,这是日式传统欢迎宾客的象征,用日本人特殊的欢迎方式让客人知道,一切都已经准备就绪,欢迎远道而来的客人在此来歇息。 entrance_01 15 To be captured by so much tradition and culture in such serenity, I was much appreciative that Japan is the place for every global citizen who will always feel familiar at the unfamiliar place. 传统、宁静的日本文化,人们为之而折服。我非常赞赏日本,它的神奇是能让地球公民感觉在陌生的地方却也能倍感熟悉。 angela-signature2-a-moved-out


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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