Fresh catches are among Antigua's gastronomic specialties with lobster, mahi mahi, shrimp and other fishes. However some of the Antigua smoke and grill cuisine are also out of the world. I still remember the first grill pork chops I had when I was at Antigua ....... 新鲜捕获的龙虾、鲯鳅鱼,大虾等等海鲜,理所当然就是安提瓜当地的特色美食。然而,安提瓜的烧烤美食其实也是非常棒的,我还记得第一次在安提瓜当地吃的烧烤猪排。 Pork Chops with Banana and Bacon 烤猪排配香蕉培根 food 01 Ingredients:
  • 4 pork chops, about 1" thick
  • 3/4 tbsp. cumin
  • Salt and pepper (to taste)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 2 tbsp. Softened butter
  • 2 large bananas
  • 6 strips bacon
  • Beer (optional)
  • 4块猪肉,约1英寸厚
  • 3/4汤匙孜然粉
  • 适量盐和胡椒
  • 1颗柠檬取汁
  • 2汤匙黄油软化
  • 2大根香蕉
  • 6片培根
  • 啤酒(可选)
30406927-Close-up-of-raw-pork-chops-on-chopping-board--Stock-Photo-meat-pork-fresh Method/Directions: Combine the butter, salt, pepper and cumin. Rub mixture into both sides of the meat. Sauté the bacon briefly, until some of the fat has rendered. Remove and drain. Peel bananas and cut into 1 1/4" chunks. Place bananas on a dish and sprinkle with lemon juice. Cut the bacon strips into lengths just long enough to wrap around each banana slice. Place on bananas on skewers, threading through where the bacon slice overlaps. 制作方法: 将黄油、盐、胡椒和孜然混合。将混合物涂抹在肉的两面。稍稍煎下培根,直到油分析出。去除油脂沥干。香蕉去皮,切成1 1/4"每段。将香蕉放入盘中淋上柠檬汁。培根切成足够包裹香蕉片的长度。在培根片重叠的地方串起香蕉。 Bacon-Wrapped-Chicken-bacon Screen-Shot-2015-09-08-at-12.42.13-PM 846614596 pic81Htu7 Place the pork chops on a hot grill, for 15 minutes, turning once. Turn grill down to medium, adding the bacon and bananas; grill another 10 minutes, turning both the meat and the bananas. For extra flavor, baste with beer, while the meat cooks. 将猪肉放在热烤架上烤制15分钟翻面。将烤架调到中等温度,放上培根和香蕉;再烤10分钟,肉和香蕉一起翻面。烤肉上刷上啤酒,口感更为丰富。 Stay tune for more Antigua - Barbuda cuisine recipes!! 敬请关注更多的安提瓜菜谱!!


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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