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After more than a decade working with Visas Consulting Group, helping people emigrate overseas from China, I knew that our company was doing far more than helping our clients with their immigration paperwork. My own family has moved overseas from China, and there are a thousand little details that have made this transition into a wonderful experience. All of us at Visas Group want to lend our expertise and our support to people who dream of living all over the world. It can happen, and it can be the adventure of a lifetime. 在汇加顾问集团服务十余载,致力于帮助那些来自中国的人们移民海外,我意识到我们公司所做的远不止在帮助我们的客户完成移民涉及的书面材料。我本人就是举家移民出国的,我切身体会到其中有数以千计的细枝末节能让这一过程升华为一次奇妙的体验。汇加顾问集团全体员工都希望能将我们的经验及支持传达给那些怀有四海为家梦想的人们。这些梦想可以实现,而且会成为我们持续一生的奇遇征程。 TeaCoffeeTea is a way for us to share all the inspiration and treasures that we’ve discovered in our work and in our lives. We’re breaking down this heap of information into bite sized morsels in hopes that you can stop for a few minutes in your day, have a nice hot tea and learn, step by step, how to make big dreams into your new everyday life. TeaCoffeeTea 是分享所有我们在工作和生活中发现的灵感和珍宝的途径。我们将这些庞杂的信息分化成林林总总的片段,寄望您能在一日停下来小憩片刻,品一杯热茶,一步步将宏阔的梦想编织进崭新的日常生活。 Angela Bi Editor in Chief   主编  

About Angela Bi

Angela Bi 其人

Editor in Chief   主编 Angela Bi’s expertise as an immigration consultant is honed both by her professional accomplishments and by a wealth of personal experiences. Angela was born, raised and formally educated in Shanghai, China. Angela Bi 作为移民顾问的经验不仅源于她的职业成就,也历练自她丰富的个人经历。Angela 出生于中国上海,在这片土地长大,并接受了正规教育。 Angela continues to work as an immigration consultant and is instrumental in assisting families navigate the complex immigration processes of countries all over the world. Angela is passionate about fine food, beautiful gardens, and inspirational friends. She possesses a natural penchant for learning about foreign cultures and a genuine desire to inspire the people around her. 如今,Angela 继续着她作为移民顾问的职业规划,基于自身的经历,她在协助不同家庭探究诸国家繁复的移民程序方面颇有建树。此外,她对精致的食物、漂亮的花园、结交鼓舞人心的朋友也充满热情。学习外国文化对她有自然的吸引力,同样,她亦发自内心地渴望能激发起身边人的乐趣。

About Pauline Chen

Assistant Editor 助理编辑 img-Y05130601-0001When Pauline Chen joined the Tea Coffee Tea team, her personal experiences provided readers with advice on children’s education for new immigrant families. Pauline was born in China, but raised and educated in Canada. Following her family’s footprints, Pauline moved to Canada at the age of 8. She faced many challenges such as being an ELL student, but made friends with peers from diverse ethnical backgrounds, discovering her personal passions in life. Pauline is involved in numerous activities in and out of school, such as her school’s business club and technology club, as well as golf. She has transitioned from a shy Chinese girl who spoke minimal English to a confident young woman who is ready to explore the world. Pauline wants to share her personal growth experiences with TCT clients; she wants to provide guidance and inspiration to kids who have just begun their journey abroad. 当Pauline Chen加入茶非茶团队,她个人的经历即可为读者提供很多有关新移民家庭子女教育的建议。 Pauline Chen出生于中国,在加拿大成长和接受教育。Pauline 在 8岁的时候跟随父母移居加拿大,在成长过程中,难以避免地遇到文化差异的挑战。如初来乍到的英语为第二语言教育经历、与不同族裔背景的同学交朋友、探索内心个人的真实爱好。 Pauline 在学校内外参加了许多活动,如商业俱乐部、科技俱乐部、高尔夫学院等。她已由最初的只会说极少英语的害羞的中国女孩蜕变成自信的女青年,随时准备着探索世界。 Pauline希望与茶非茶的读者分享其个人的成长经历;她希望给那些刚刚开启海外新旅程的孩子提供她自己的建议和激励。   Contact Address: #212, North Tower, 5811 Cooney Road                                     Richmond, BC, V6X 3M1, Canada Contact Tel:          001-604-8210999 Contact Email:     angela@teacoffeetea.com