Your guests first impression is their last impression. Make it a good one with a table setting presentation that complements the food and decor. Our TCT A-Club privilege concierge is offering you 3 easy creative napkin-folding techniques will blow your guests away. 宾客们的第一印象往往会成为他们的最终印象。所以,合适的餐桌摆盘能与可口的食物和漂亮的装饰相得益彰,会给他们留下一个美好的记忆。让我们在这里再教您3招,尊享《茶非茶》A俱乐部特权礼宾服务。这3个招数简单易行,但却能晚宴即刻变得高大上。 Trick #1: Place Card Holder Napkin Fold 技巧2:摆放名牌折叠法 This fold is not only functional, but it also adds an elegant touch to your holiday table. 这种折法不仅实用,还能让您的节日餐桌平添一份优雅魅力。 Step 1 Fold a napkin in half twice to make a square and place it on a flat surface with the open corners facing you. Fold up each open corner one at a time, placing each corner about 1-in. from the previous one. 步骤1 将餐巾对折两次呈正方形,平放,开口面向您。每个开口再依次向上翻折。每个折起的开口与上一个空出1英寸的距离。 Step 2 Fold up the bottom edge about 1 in. to make a holder for the place card. 步骤2 餐巾底部再向上翻折出1英寸,折出一个位置插名牌。 Step 3 Turn napkin over and fold napkin in thirds, tucking one corner under the other to hold. 步骤3 将餐巾翻过来折成三层,把一边的角塞进另一边的角里固定。 Step 4 Turn napkin over and put place card inside the bottom fold. 步骤4 在将餐巾反过来,将名牌塞在底部的褶子里。 Trick #2: Napkin Bouquet 技巧2:花形折法 Showcase vintage bottles as bud vases and up the relaxed vibe by making two different colors napkins bouquet  to bring your table a  burst of color both in casual and refined. 首先,拿复古的瓶子做花瓶来盛放蓓蕾鲜花,然后再用两种不同颜色的餐巾制作成纸花束餐巾,来提升整体的轻松氛围。这样您的餐桌就会缤纷动人,呈现出一种不矫揉造作的精致美丽。 Selecting blue and yellow for this spring's theme,   finding some matched vases, and picking the most fresh monochromatic blooms directly from garden to nail a bouquet, and then you are all done to embrace such a unique bouquet luncheon. 春天就来挑选蓝色和黄色来应景吧,找些搭配的花瓶,直接到花园里摘些单色盛开的鲜花捆成一束,这样,一个独具个性的鲜花午餐会就大功告成了。 Step 1 Layer one napkin on top of the other so that each corner is offset a bit. 步骤1 将一张餐巾叠在另一张上,每个边角稍错开些。 Step 2 Grab the napkin in the center and pull up. 步骤2 握住餐巾中间,向上拢。 Step 3 With the edges pointing up, place napkins in a water goblet and fluff. 步骤3 边沿朝上,将餐巾插在高脚杯里。 Trick #3: Distinctive Tied Cutlery 技巧3:捆绑餐具 Instead of wrapping utensils in cloth napkins, showcase pretty linens by lying them flat and corralling flatware with ribbon. It will add extra color and texture while highlighting your best silver. 别出心裁,与其将餐具用布餐巾抱起来,不如把这些漂亮的布艺平铺,将扁平的器皿摆放其上,再拿丝带绑起来作为装饰。有了不同颜色和面料的映衬,您的银器更加熠熠生辉。


Angela Bi is an international citizen who has lived both in Shanghai and Vancouver Canada. She’s worked in immigration for over a decade and has experienced first hand the joys of living overseas. Angela Bi 是生活在中国上海及加拿大温哥华两地的世界公民。她从事专业移民行业已有十余载,并掌握着旅居海外的一手乐活体验。

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